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 Signs of the Times #860 Dark Twin

It seems that all of a sudden this rather large redish-brown planet has emerged, to the right of the sun at sundown. waited until the sun set and the object could be seen by the naked eye. It gets very bright and brown when the sky gets fully dark. At twilight I could measure the 20° angle with the horizon and take the picture. The background was dark by then. [and from another source] This dramatic photo capture of the Dark Twin shows the yellow/blue colors described during naked eye viewing, and is similar to the photo capture last Jan 20, 2004 in China when the twin emerged from behind the Sun and was visible next to and behind the Sun, reflecting the light of the Sun for a few weeks.
Signs of the Times #861 String of Pearls
Unidentified Lights in Sunrise Photograph from Long Island, N. Y. [Apr 23, 2004] It was a year ago when a 63-year-old Nassau County, Long Island, New York resident, who only wants to be known as Marjorie, read on the internet about a possible Planet X headed into our solar system. On Friday, April 23, 2004, around 7:30 AM, Marjorie noticed how beautiful the sun was behind cloud cover and got her camera and a piece of dark welder's glass she uses when she aims straight at the sun. Between normal-looking images, there were two abnormal ones that had a spiral of six lights right in front of the cloud-covered sun and a seventh, dimmer light, to the left.[and from another source] Look at the Complex this morning! Session started at 08.00 AM. Giusmar [and from another source] Captured May 23. Ciao, Alberto [Note: this phenomena of a scorpions tail is new, appearing just lately in photos from Italy taken by Giusmar and Alberto, who regularly contribute to Planet X complex Photos.]
Signs of the Times #957 Debris
Large Meteor Seen Over Several States [Jul 8, 2004] ‘Thousands of reports tonight across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri of a big ball of fire with a tail, flying across the northeast sky.
Signs of the Times #1025 Similar Photos
As we explained, the Dance of the Moons fans behind Planet X, but does not wrap round before it, and as recent crop circles have clearly presented, this 120° span is the width to be expected and most often appearing in photos. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Converging Signs.]
Signs of the Times #1028 Obseratory Photo
The picture came from the webserver at pic du bir observatory. [and from another source] Could the French pic possibly be showing the same stellar phenomenon, the same dust cloud our very own SOHO camera taken on June 24, 2003, some four years later? Inquiring minds want to know. [Note: solar camera showing distinct orb at the 2 o'clock position, outside of the range of the SOHO.]
Signs of the Times #1035 Debris Inbound
Another Dead Astonomer and an Object Passing Close to Earth [Aug 5, 2004] Xing-Ming Zou: On the U.S. Navy´s SOHO discoveries chat page and the German Comet Section news page is word from August 5th that Xing-Ming Zhou of China died at age 39 in a car accident that day “on his way home from an astronomical conference.” [and from another] Wanted you to see this one I took today. 8-5-04 at around noon time. [Note: but the incoming debris has not been a secret. Check the Photos in the Debris and Moon Swirls section. Known for months.]
Signs of the Times #1083 Matching Photos
Today [Aug 27, 2004] I caught this, it seems Planet X and moons, Ben in Italy. Note, Planet X and moons confirmed! [and from another] Certainly the same object were capture by Ben and MLSO! Yet nothing on the media, or the NASA web site, about these anomalies! [Note: confirmation that a coverup exists, and amateur astronomers taking photographs have indeed captured evidence of Planet X and its many moon swirls.]
Signs of the Times #1229 Visible
I saw the Second Sun rise with the Sun at 06:37 hrs, MST [Nov 11, 2004] here in El Paso. It was 5 d South of the Sun as the rise took place. The Secound Sun is red and the Sun is yellow. Second Sun is at least 70% as large as the Sun. Now, anyonw who blocks the sun with a thumb can see the Second Sun spoken of by Nostradamus and Zetas. What is visible to the common man with his naked eyes shielded from the brightness of the Sun cannot be denied. Eyes just tell you what they see without spin. The game is over and God won! [and from another source] I found red dust on my car Tuesday morning [Nov 10] here in Maryland. Last time I saw my car dusted was last spring but it was a grey ash color. This time it was distinctly red. I wet my windows with the squeegee at the gas station to remove the dust and it got red too.
Signs of the Times #1276 Dim Mega-Monster
Do you think the Council cannot control particle flows, the magnetism that is causing the Earth wobble, or cannot bend light to its liking? Think again! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Apparent Precision.]
Signs of the Times #1405 Sunset Photo, Spain
From Rinaldo in Spain: this photo was taken [Apr 27, 2005] from the home roof, in Ibiza, Balearic Islands at 19:30. I took several pictures with a Digital Camera Minolta 5.0 Megapixels, without filters and in several positions and I found this images above the sun. This picture is the most clear. One is the original and the second is changing the light spectrum. I really can't believe what my eyes see. [and from another source] When I face South [May 2] using Welders No:10 glass, there is a spot like a Magic Pen dot between 3 and 4 o'clock position just away from the center focal point of the Sun? It looks as if it is not moving. [Note: not a webcam photo. A distinct moon swirl of Planet X showing up at the 10:30 o'clock postion, visible also by naked eye.]
Signs of the Times #1483 Moons Visible on SOHO
I have no astronomy background so I am not sure what I am looking at when I see the very dark, round object at the 3 o'clock position of the sun on the SOHO EIT 304 latest image for 01:19 on 7/18/2005. I don't believe it is an artifact in the photo. When viewing the enlarged version, the spot is quite pronounced. [and from another source] Using expert techniques used by NASA scientists I can finally say for definite that it isn´t an artifact! Using Photoshop and its numerous filters I have ascertained that the following is true: 1. The object is in front of the sun 2. Other stationary artifacts that can be seen in numerous previous pictures do not show up in colour and saturation analysis. 3. The object appears to have some form of lower extension. Below you will find a link to the analysis. Colour legend (variants of colour define extremes in stronger emphasis) : Cyan - Closer to us such as minor ejections and artifacts are present apart from the object. Green - Sun level Red/orange/yellow - Activity from minor and major sunspots [and from another source] I've heard that if the Sun is as large as an orange, the Earth is as large as a peppercorn. So this would make this object much smaller than Earth, more moon sized. Since the object is not reflecting light, it is standing in front of the Sun. How close is it? Size is relative to distance.
Signs of the Times #1527 Double Reflection (photo with #1542)
Two Suns over North Carolina [Dec 24, 2005] Two Suns: weekend sailor Chris Ware was anchored in Banks Channel at Wrightsville Beach, NC, when he witnessed a very strange sight: two suns setting. "What planet are we on?" wondered an onlooker in a neighboring boat. [Note: not a sun dog, as there is no halo effect, no rainbow effect, and there is a reflection on the water from the second sun!]
Signs of the Times #1549 Moscow Capture
It's Russia, Moscow, 17, 2006 February,1:00 am. I just was coming home with a friend and noticed one strange thing. It's some clouds on the sky, and something strange with Sun made me curious. I saw some disk and it was visible! From the clouds exactly like disk, but not like it usually happens with Sun with lots of light fragments on clouds. Here is exactly a disk with visible size approximately like Moon, but I have no info about solar eclipses at this moment, and I see this thing not the first day. So I had a mobile with camera and made a photo shoot and captured two little videos. Look at this, please, as I have no idea, what is it, if not Planet X?!. Reasons - it shouldn't be solar eclipse, as is visible every days, when there are clouds on the sky and second one - it's a disk, that looks in front of the Sun! [and from another] This is of course Planet X which is seen lately as it is slightly to the right of the Sun from our view in the northern hemisphere. This is because it is turning in place, moving its N Pole to the right in a clockwise manner during its slow 270° roll. We, the Earth, are scrunched to the left as far as possible during this drama as our N Pole is trying to escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from Planet X. This creates a slight zag in the line of sight, so Planet X is not directly in front of the Sun, in our view, but slightly to the right! Many are observing this, and some good photos as proof also, lately.  
Signs of the Times #1559 Tail Wafting
These photos were taken in Fort Lauderdale, FL on March 4, 2006. She used a Kodak digital camera CX7530 5.0MP. [and from another] Using always my digital cam REVIA KD-220Z in Italy on March 7, 2006. The corpus seems smaller than the previous image and on the left side of the Sun. [and from another] I wonder if these are moon swirls in the tail? [and from another] When far away from the Earth, the tail appears as an adjunct to the corpus, wafting off to one side or surrounding and somewhat behind the corpus. But as Planet X comes closer to the Earth, and the tail is blown more toward Earth than away, the view of the tail from Earth changes. The tail, as we have mentioned many times, is charged, and this is the reason it clings to and follows Planet X, which is an immense planetary magnet. The tail blows away from the N Pole of Planet X, which is the outbound port of the magnetic particle flow that is the magnetic field of a planet. But being charged, due to the iron oxide dust that is the primary component of the tail, it wants to stay aligned with the magnetic field of Planet X. Thus, the tail wraps around toward the S Pole of Planet X, along the magnetic field lines surrounding Planet X. In the past, when Planet X was at a distance, it and the tail could be seen on this or that side of the Sun. But when Planet X is coming close, as it is now, and standing between the Earth and the Sun, as it is now, with the tail flowing along the magnetic field lines of Planet X, it can appear on both sides of the Sun. Does this mean that mankind will shortly have more of the tail effects, here on Earth? The Earth cannot escape this, and folklore speaks to this, but just what the timing of these assaults will be, we will not say, as the establishment is still not sharing what they know about this monster and its certain passage with the common man. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Tail Wafting.]
Signs of the Times #1581 Second Sun Reflection
Although the webcam at Katkam is subject to lens flares, these photos are not among those. Notice the reflection on the water from the Second Sun captured on Apr 10, 2006. Lens flares are reflections of light on the lens of the camera, thus standing in front of object the camera is capturing, and do not manage to go out on the bay to cast a reflection on the water! Notice that Planet X is palpably moving closer to the Earth, compared to the Mar 31, 2004 capture at a time when Planet X was being viewed to the left of the Sun. In 2004, it is dimmer, farther from Earth, and not casting a shadow though captured on film with a couple moon swirls as the detail indicates. This is the second time in months that a strong reflection has been captured, the last Dec 21, 2005 in North Carolina. See Signs of the Times #1527 re that.
Signs of the Times #1589 Planet X to the Right of the Sun
This photo was taken on Apr 27, 2006, at 10:59am with a CASIO EX-M2 in Japan. [and from another] An excellent example of what it takes to capture Planet X in a photo. Cloudy day, with the clouds reducing the glare of the Sun, and an opening in the clouds in front of Planet X sufficient to let its light as an orb through. Planet X is currently to the right of the Sun, when viewed from the northern hemisphere.
Signs of the Times #1627 No Lens Flare!
The katkam webcam in Vancouver is also showing an orb to the right of the Sun, at sundown. Note at 20:36 the clouds are in front of this orb, but not in front of the Sun. Thus, this is not a lens flare. At 20:38 the cloud is heavily over the orb, and through the middle of the Sun, showing a different cloud obscuring pattern also.
Signs of the Times #1639 PX to the Right of the Sun, Netherlands
Took the original picture September 10th, 2006 and modified it with gamma and red. Note the dot at r/h-side just below the sun. Not certain if this is a lens/UV error. Dot shows same colour and tinge as katkam. Camera: Canon EOS 300D, manual focus. Location: Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands - during sunset. Weather condition: dry, sunny, approx 18 deg C. [and from another] To the right of the Sun and on the Ecliptic as the Ecliptic at sunset is diagonal from upper left to lower right. Not a lens flare as it is behind the poles, not in front. Note that a slight reflection on the water is evident, down from this second orb. Not a ghost of the Sun as it is too small and dropped below the level of the Sun. With great consistency, shows up to the right of the Sun and on the Ecliptic these days.
Signs of the Times #1667 Moon Swirl to Right of Sun
Is this Planet X? I have been very hesitant to send this in, but a friend told me that I had to. So, here it is. I was walking the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware early one morning. I was there for a work-retreat. It was cold outside on November 16, 2006 and there wasn't anyone out. I was just randomly taking pictures of the early morning sky when I saw this red ball, or what looked to me like fire. I took this picture. I'm not sure what it is, if it is anything at all. [and from another] This remarkable photo, taken at a moment when the rising Sun had not yet filled the skies with a glaring light, taken on a cold clear day when there were no clouds or haze to cloud the view, shows what they have been trying to prevent! If the establishment does not want you to see this monster approaching, coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit most often placing it to the right of the Sun, out near the orbit of Venus but four times the diameter of Venus, then look! [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Mar 17, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1681 Planet X to the Right of the Sun
An object with a tail was captured on a C2 image by the LASCO satellite on target="_top">December 23, 2007, just where one would expect Planet X to be if the Earth had moved to the left a bit, in the view from Earth, to escape Planet X which was now appearing on the right. [and from another] Now Earth has moved back, been pushed back itself in fact by the force of magnetic particles coming from Planet X, and has scuttled back as far as she can go. This places Planet X to the right of the Sun, in the view from Earth, where the angle is optimal for sunlight to reflect off the imposing Planet X complex - the corpus of Planet X surrounded by its close hugging dust cloud and moon swirls. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GLP Live Chat written Dec 27, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1682 Moon Swirl to the Left of the Sun
I am writing from San Juan Puerto Rico. Today [Jan 12] a major newspaper in San Juan published the enclosed photo related to an article that describe the nearest point of the sun in January 2008. At 7 o'clock of the sun it is visible a round object with a tail. Enhanced it seems reddish. [and from another] This is a genuine shot, but is not the corpus of Planet X but a moon swirl seen from the end of the swirl tube. Formerly, these swirls were located to the right of the Sun, but now with the N Pole of Planet X swung to point more directly at Earth, they can be seen to the left of the Sun. [Note: new ZetaTalk GLP Live Chat, written Jan 19, 2008]
Signs of the Times #1683 Planet X during Eclipse
Was Planet X captured during the January 26, 2009 eclipse? Often there is some capture of Planet X on film during an eclipse. The photos on official NASA related sites such as SpaceWeather never show any evidence of this, but filters can affect what is captured and what is screened out. Note that the official photo displayed has been using a darker lens, which screens out more sunlight so screens out the light from Planet X. SOHO images do not show any solar plumes or flares on that day.
Signs of the Times #1684 Winged Globe
Planet X was captured on March 27, 2009 on SOHO. It appeared briefly as the Winged Globe of legend. The 3:18 image captured the Winged Globe, the prior and later images did not have this rare capture. Per Skymap, only the planet Mercury should be in the four o'clock position on that day, to the right of the Sun. Per the Zetas, this is where Planet X can currently be seen, to the right of the Sun.

Signs of the Times #1685 Winged Globe
Following the appearance of Planet X as a Winged Globe on March 27, 2009, it appeared a second time on April 19, 2009 at 23:42. This time it was a bit further from the Sun. By moving further to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth, the angle is optimum for Second Sun sightings, and these likewise appeared. Both images of the Winged Globe showed the immense tail of Planet X drifting down below.

Signs of the Times #1686 Second Sun
The Second Sun has made an appearance. On April 16, 2009 it was captured on film in Alberta, Canada, and other reports are coming in too. [and from another] While driving to work the other morning I saw something strange with the Sun. It was just coming up and a small portion visible. As I drove the Sun dipped back below the horizon and then after a bit came back up again. It did this twice. It this a sign that Planet X is close? [and from another] I was out early this morning, April 16, 2009 to pick up the papers from the press. When leaving it was about 5 past seven in the morning and I viewed the sun like it had another separate mass (round and wide) above it. The two round Suns were not separated by an a distance cloud mass. It is in the East in Leduc near the International Airport. Canada. Province of Alberta. Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network.
Signs of the Times #1687 Monster Sun
A Triple Sunrise Over Gdansk Bay [Aug 4] Explanation: How can the same Sun rise three times? Last month on Friday, 2009 July 10, a spectacular triple sunrise was photographed at about 4:30 am over Gdansk Bay in Gdansk, Poland. Clearly, our Sun rises only once. Some optical effect is creating at least two mirages of the Sun -- but which effect? In the vast majority of similarly reported cases, mirages of the brightest object in the frame can be traced to reflections internal to the camera taking the images. Still, the above image is intriguing because a sincere photographer claims the effect was visible to the unaided eye, and because the photographer took several other frames that show variants of the same effect. [Note: the Zeta explanation is a Monster Sun persona.]
Signs of the Times #1688 Moon Swirl
A Video made in Padua, Italy, on August 24, 2009, at dusk. [and from another] Hello everyone fom Fabrizio creator of the video in Padua! I've said previously for my other videos and I repeat once again: to me to be here mingling with Photoshop or anything like that plus I do not even know what they are and how to use them, losing hours to make fake videos to put on You Tube does not interest me at all! I was coming home from work, intrigued by the Sun which was slightly elongated on the right side and I stopped focusing with the camera on the elongation which turned out to be a second small circle! It is a video made in 2 minutes, downloaded to PC via Blue Tooth and on the internet, there are no fake trees made of cardboard or just pixeled Sun or anything else, maybe on a photo I could do it but not on a video for sure, plus I wanted to put music but I didn't even managed to do that! So, if what I filmed is Nibiru, Planet X, the Sun, Mercury, Venus or Mars I don't know. The fact is that the video is true, not modified or anything like that!! [and from another] Other moon swirl examples from the past, 2003-2005, from target="_top">China, target="_top">Italy, and target="_top">New York [Note: the Zeta explanation is a Moon Swirl persona.]
Signs of the Times Second Sun and Moon Swirls
Second Sun sightings are exploding. From a North Carolina sunrise on April 27, 2010;
to a Arkansas late dawn at 9:12 am on April 30, 2010 casting a dual reflection on the water;
to light orbs around the Sun at sunset in the Philippines on April 30, 2010.
Signs of the Times Dark Twin
The Dark Twin is ranging close to the Earth lately. Photo captures taken at 9:20 pm in Illinois on May 2, 2010 are of the Dark Twin in the NW sky, coming behind the Earth and pushed back in its orbit. It has the blue tone characteristic of the Dark Twin, as seen by naked eye in early 2004 when it was coming round the Sun.