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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Mar 17, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Nancy, the governor of florida Jeb Bush, I'm sure he knew of the pole shift from his big brother, and you know Florida and Texas are going to be under water, so why would Mr Bush want to be governor if Florida is going to be gone in a few years, does he have a escape plan?

Florida is expected to be euthanized, in the main, to prevent mass migration to the North into areas the elite will want to claim as their territory. It has few major highways leading out, which can be blocked. Even with denial of the extent of the pole shift, those contemplating the result do not hold out hope for Florida. It is low land. It would not take much to wash over, being without highlands of any kind. What is there in Florida to be saved? A favored spot for the retired and beach combers, who are considered worthless eaters by the elite, not candidates for the worker force. Thus, trusted arms of the elite, who certainly include the Bush family, were needed to be in place at the appointed hour. With Jed now out of office, they are still in place, if one looks closely. Martial Law will be imposed, at a state level, and the populace required to 'shelter in place'. In a flood tide, that means certain death.

Halliburton announced that it is shifting its corporate headquarters to Dubai from Texas earlier this week. Halliburton, which was once run by Vice President Dick Cheney, said Sunday it was relocating to the United Arab Emirates to capitalize on the region's booming energy market. It also said its move to the United Arab Emirates was the next step in a strategic plan unveiled in 2006 to boost its business with national oil companies in and around the Gulf region. "It's an example of corporate greed at its worst," Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, said in a statement."This is an insult to the US soldiers and taxpayers who paid the tab for their no-bid contracts and endured their overcharges for all these years," he charged. "At the same time they'll be avoiding US taxes, I'm sure they won't stop insisting on taking their profits in cold hard US cash." Can the Zetas comment on what Halliburton is really up to? Sounds like Dick Cheney might be planning an alternative solution to grab oil, aside from his "friends", now that Iraq is almost guaranteed a lost cause.

This move has a simple answer. We have mentioned repeatedly that the funds allocated to the Iraq War, and to the DOD in the past, have been shuttled aside to pay for bunkers and enclaves for the elite and those by necessity drawn into the cover-up. In particular, the Iraq funds have been so stolen from the taxpayer. Halliburton was a no-bid beneficiary, caught in rip-offs repeatedly, having a casual attitude toward accountability. This is because crooks are put into high places in the company, among them Cheney, who headed this company when it was being shaped for this role. Now the Congress has switched hands, and investigations are under way. How to avoid investigations? Move to where your subpoena does not carry weight! They are not hiding greed, though this is certainly present in this company, they are hiding the mass theft of taxpayer funds. The question would be raised, why, and where have the funds gone? Since the White House is front and center in the cover-up of the pending pole shift, this is the last question they want to respond to. What will happen? Halliburton will have contracts rescinded, but the bottom line is that all the theft will not help the elite or those they have bribed. All will find themselves on an equal footing when the shit hits the fan. Trust us on that.

With all of the fuss this week about the 9/11 confession (torture based I suspect) can the Zetas comment on why 9/11 was allowed to happen? I am wondering why the act itself was allowed when pseudo acts of terror in the US are now blocked? Was it that 9/11 had to happen in order to enable Bush and Co to be so discredited by the mess in Iraq that they could never declare martial law?

In Africa, there are millions of starving children, and this is allowed to happen. Savage rape and hacking to death of innocents, and this is allowed to happen. In the Pacific, islands are being swallowed up by the sea, and this is allowed to happen. In the Midwest of the US, tornadoes tear apart homes and terrify the residents regularly, and this is allowed to happen. Children are born with birth defects, and this is allowed to happen. Why should 911 be any different? The Council of Worlds did not allow an exception until they felt a balance was needed, and this is not the first time this type of maneuver was done. You do not have the Annunaki among you for the same type of reason. The Council stepped in.

Can the Zetas comment on the mindset of Bush and Co on wanting to rule the world and live like kings as they say in the aftertime? Most of them are middle aged men or older and unlikely to be able to live like kings for long even if they were to be able to accomplish their goals. Do they think they will reincarnate into positions of power on Earth? Are they trying to assure top dog positions in Service-t-Self worlds? It seems very puzzling to me.

Lust for power does not have a limit, it tends to feed on itself. It become insatiable. They think of this life time, revealing in their power, yes, but there is a future worth in such gain. Those who have given the Call to the Service-to-Self have been told that their accomplishments on Earth will gain them a better setting in the future, in future lives. Being able to create a sense of helplessness, powerlessness, a sense of abandonment, all this moves souls toward the Service-to-Self philosophy. They hope to create these settings, to help the Service-to-Self reap more souls for their orientation, and be rewarded. This may not be a conscious agenda in these individuals, but at a soul level, this is operant.

Was the Secretary of the Treasury's trip to Asia in part motivated by a desire to teach Asian countries how to rig their markets as the markets in the US are rigged?

There are multiple reasons for a Treasury Secretary to visit Asia, but since this is the source of instability lately, this is the primary reason. China created a panic a couple weeks ago. India has a very immature stock market. This is the weak leg. The US had their markets well controlled, but being slammed from the side can occur, and is occurring. They hope to force these countries to enact controls that will prevent this. Fat chance, as the learning curve and cultures will prevent this.

Wayne Madsen has been reporting on a Bush crony and billionaire Houston businessman who has been buying up land in Antigua and attempting to take over Leeward Islands Air Transport. In earlier articles, Madsen claimed Sir R. Allen Stanford was attempting "to lay claim over the independent island nation of Antigua and Barbuda." Madsen reports the U.S. ambassador to the region is a friend of Laura Bush's and is looking the other way as Stanford makes his move. Local authorities are smelling a rat. Perhaps making an ill advised assumption, I would expect Stanford would know of Planet X and the future of the islands. If so, why would he be attempting to acquire them? Is this related to your recent answer about Florida?

The Caribbean islands have long been a staging point for drug running, gun running, and money laundering. When the last weeks approach, they will be considered a staging point for the elite as they migrate to their safe locations. Land based locations can be overrun by hoards, seeking to climb onto planes and escape what they see as a desperate situation, rising water, a quake ravaged city, or looting gangs. Planes in the air need to land someplace, to establish whether their destination is safe. In addition, a landing strip controlled by the elite would allow the elite to go to their safe locations without being traced! Essentially, this type of situation is anticipated, and islands that can be utterly controlled seen in that light.

The confessions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is such a farce! Why come out now on these issues after so many years imprisoned? [and from another] The Voice of the White House Washington, D.C., March 15, 2007: For some comic relief, let's consider the breathless statement carried by an awed American media about the alleged "terrorist leader" who had "confessed" to every terrorist action since the bombing of the USS Maine. Not even the True Believers in the White House have gone for this whopper. This is a typical Karl Rove ploy to take the heat off of him, his precious Georgie and Alberto the Wetback that is now erupting. Like the "liquid bombs," the "bombing of the Sears Tower " (in Chicago) and the hilarious "duct tape" follies, our Spiritually Inspired leaders are rapidly descending into slapstick. Oh, and let's not forget the periodic "bin Laden tapes" that the CIA people make up in Texas and have a shelf-life of about ten minutes. These thieves have been stealing billions of dollars of American taxpayer's money and one might think they could be a little more adult in their hysterical fabrications.

The Voice of the White House says it well. Confessions after years of torture, in isolation, sensory deprivation, all the while being told there is no hope of challenge in court or escape, will break anyone. The confession is utterly useless, would convince no one, and is absurd on its face for the wide inclusion of every crime still outstanding. What is the point of this? Indeed, it is a card in the terrorism deck, to be played now and then when things are not going well in the media. Will this forshadow the Plame investigations by Congress, the tanking Stock Market, and the calls for resignation of Attorney General Gonzales for the political firing of Attorney Generals who were not loyal enough to Bush? These other issues are roaring flames where the faked confessions was a spark that died almost as soon as it was lit.

With Libby guilty, clamorings are going on about Karl "Marx" Rove. Do the Zetas see him becoming the next target in decapitating Bush and his cronies?

There are certain key elements needed in the White House for this group to blunder on without faltering. Rove is a mastermind, but can give his input from afar. However, he would be much less effective, not be able to read body language, not be able to attend meetings, and himself would falter. As a political appointee not requiring the approval of Congress, he can escape such a demand. Unless actually found guilty of a crime, and even then, he cannot be forced out of the White House. Thus, he will remain until Bush feels so pressed against the wall that he will push him away into a periferal position. The same occurred with Rumsfeld, who still has not left the Pentagon! The end will come for this crowd when the Earth changes increase to the point that no one is listening to them anymore, and it is clear they have no clout, and what is coming, the passage, is the monster to be feared, not whatever the White House can threaten.

With the Bush trip to South and Central America, it became very clear that Chavez is now the bogeyman of the Americas. What really has Chavez done negatively to the USA? He is now the new Bin Laden - a very bad guy.

It is only the Bush crowd, and anyone in the media they can pummel, who state Chavez is a problem. He also gets good press in the US. Why does Bush hate him? Because the Bush family expected to be kings of the Americas, not only Canada and Mexico, but S America as well, in the Aftertime. They in fact expected a world kingship, but felt they might be pushed back to the Americas only, temporarily. Now there are democracies, true democracies popping up all over S American. The leadership caring for the people, changing the laws, kicking out American corporation who were taking advantage. What a horror! So they try to demonize him, in hopes that the US Military might agree to invade Venezuela, which is hardly likely in light of the mess in Iraq. The military has been asked, and has long ago refused.

I have spoken with a few friends and they told me their retirement funds are being wiped out. Many are having to find work again and they report that many of their friends are in the same boat.

The US stock market is controlled, such that stock cannot be sold until a buyer is lined up. Since they want the price to remain high, someone has to take a loss so another can gain. The game is stacked against the little guy, as has been long known. Insider trading is done all the time, among the elite, those crooks in the White House and their Wall Street cronies. Regulatory agencies are told to look the other way, in certain trades. Previously, the Plunge Protection Team relied on the portfolios of corporations in the military industrial complex, allowing them to raise the price of their products which the DOD would buy. At a certain point, bankruptcies and the uncertainty of getting Congress to just rubber stamp increased DOD funding makes people nervous, and they start to decline. It is this point where we are today, so another fall guy must be found. Mutual funds, intimidated unless they want investigations into the illegal games all traders have in their past, cooperate by offering up the little guy, who cannot say nay, for sacrifice. These are the stocks that go down in value so another can rise, or stay above water. We have long ago advised the little guy to liquidate and buy seed and fish hooks and land and boats and gardening tools. Now the time is approaching when money will be worthless, but still those owning stocks will find they cannot sell them as there is no buyer. Worthless paper!

I was not trolling with my anxiety question. Mine is increased as several others, and I wondered if emotional changes are in store.

This type of thing has been on the increase for years. People being distracted, not knowing why, a vague sense that they are being lied to. The media chips away and supposed employment statistics show all is on the rise, yet their friends and neighbors are out of work and cannot find replacement jobs. Companies go bankrupt but all is well in the US. Inflation is low but the cost of food seems to be doubling. At first, this is treated as irritability, as unless the media is admitting to the facts, the person feels they are perhaps wrong. If they have noticed the Moon or Sun out of place, then this sense of unease increases. If your anxiety is increasing, you are sensing more signs that our words are correct, and fear being shorted with little time to prepare. The answer to this is to prepare, and stop spending funds on things that will not last. Gain skills, buy books on how to live life as it was lived 100 years ago, like the Amish live today. Garden. Practice! Hand tools, etc. This will turn your anxiety into action.

Please ask the Zeta's how long has the hybrid program been going on ( years back )? Has it ended? And where are they now ?

The hybrid program was started hundreds of years ago, as practice, but did not start into what might be called the production phase until about the time of Roswell. We reported previously, the 90's model, with exacting descriptions of where we were at - hairless, small but functional breasts, sexuality, etc. Nothing has changed except that we are incorporating souls ready for their next incarnation into hybrid bodies, and housing them in the solar system in cities in 4th density. We remain ready to step up the pace to meet the needs after the pole shift, too.

There was a thread on GLP, posted on 3-14-2007, about a video that was released on Google Video. Stephen M. Greer announces that a G-7 nation has apparently agreed to help in ET disclosure. "There is a major country in the world - G7 Country - that has decided to do this with us and has invited us to become the primary contactee to precipitate an event with these extraterrestrial vehicles with the full support of their air force, space command, everything, land and meet the leadership of this country with us facilitating this so that this can than be proximally disclosed to the world, and that what we are doing eminent - what we are working on eminently." - Dr. Steven M. Greer I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on whether this can happen or not. Whether it's likely?

Greer is someone who alternately wants to tell the truth and allows himself to be manipulated. He was given cancer some years ago, recovered, but his female assistant who was likewise inoculated with cancer died. This left him very eager to cooperate. The CIA, whose hand can be sensed in this game, have always wanted to assert that humans are at least equal to the visitors, if not superior. They likewise have wanted to assert that the citizenry should cling to their government, their organized religions, their military, and not get cozy with the visitors. Thus, they would like to control the awakening process, which they are cut out of utterly. Any such announcement in coordination with Greer, at this time, is unlikely to have the ring of truth, but be disinformation. For the truth, give the Call and learn first hand what it is all about.

I have heard that some people have an ability to extinguish street lights when walking under them. This happens to me sometimes where the street lights will go out as I walk past them. Could the Zetas explain what causes this to occur? I don't mean this as a personal question, but as one of interest to all people that this happens to.

The human body has capacities that seldom manifest, but lie dormant. Poltergeist activity, caused by intense and unexpressed rage, can move objects. The ability by certain Yoga to suppress the bodies need for oxygen or to react to heat in a blistering burn is another. The human body obviously has electrical impulses, as nerves use this as one of the means for communication. This electricity does not burn nor destroy the body. We have stated that there are many more particles involved in the flow of electricity than man realized. You say one particle, we are aware of over 200. It thus does not take the primary particle you think of as electricity to wreck a light, trigger an outage. It is a more benign particle, which nonetheless interfers with the flow the light requires.

I made this question few weeks ago and I'll do it again: Does the Aries symbol in people's foreheads mean something not-ordinary?


The news reported today that Iraqi Insurgents set off three chlorine bombs, weeks after two similar attacks sparked fears of a new campaign to use unconventional weapons in Iraq. Hundreds were poisoned. I am curious to know whether it is really insurgents responsible for these new chemical attacks? Could it be Bush's boys doing the dirty work?

The mix of attacks, now that Civil War has broken out, includes both legit sectarian violence and proding by the Bush/Blair contingent. Once a fire has been started, it gets out of control, and that is the point we are at now. This particular attack was not faked. The rage that is felt by almost everyone in Iraq is forcing any type of weapon when conventional ones are not handy. A power keg, waiting to explode.

UFO above Moscow [Feb 18] At about 18:00 I glanced through my window and saw a bright unmoving spot of light (object) in the sky above Maryino district. The object stood in one place for some time, than disappeared and reappeared in other place, not far from the original. Soon, another object appeared not far from the first one, and approached it. Two objects merged and disappeared. Soon after, three objects appeared one by one. They repeatedly appear, hang in place, move, merge, spread apart and disappear. All that actions happened slowly, on a relatively small area, about 10-15 degrees above the horizon. At about 19:00 two objects approached each other, merged, than continued their movement in opposite directions. The third similar object appeared beside them. Three objects formed a triangle. Slowly, triangle started to spin. Original photos taken in 2304?1728 resolution, video clips recorded in 320?200, 30 fps.

The UFO blitz of recent months included more reports than reached the media in the US. As can be shown by this excellent report, Moscow was given a light show and telepathic warning too. If UFO's were seen across the US and in Istambul and London, as warnings, what is in store in Moscow, in the coming months? Moscow is in the center of an extreme stretch of lowlands. Where above sea level now, after the pole shift, when the big melt has raised the sea level some 675 feet worldwide, Moscow residents will have hundreds of miles to traverse in order to be above the waves. There are no foot hills, no mountains, no plateaus, in any direction. To the East, the Urals. To the Southeast, the Caucasus. To the Southwest, the Carpacians. And to the Northwest, beyond Finland, the mountains of Sweden. We have described the UFO blitz in Istanbul, Turkey as a warning that the entry to the Black Sea will lower as Africa twists during pre-shift quakes and plate movements. Where does this water go? There are several rivers that drain these lowlands, many ending in the vicinity of Moscow. The waters go up river, pushed back, a backwash. Moscow will be reminded early that it lies in lowlands, with unexpected flooding a result of plate adjustments.

Billion-Dollar U.S. Sub Disappears Overnight for Several Hours [Mar 14] The Navy mobilized a search-and-rescue operation Tuesday night after it believed one of its submarines, the USS San Juan, had gone missing off the coast of Florida with 140 crew members aboard. The concern was so high that Defense Secretary Robert Gates was notified of the situation overnight, as was White House national security adviser Stephen Hadley, who was preparing to brief President Bush with the news when communications were re-established with the missing submarine. The Navy had also begun notifying the families of the 140 crew members that the submarine was missing. The incident is under investigation with the focus being on why the ship missed a pre-established communications period with surface ships. No mechanical problems were found aboard the submarine and officials were looking at why the submarine had missed its communication period. Navy officials say the search was launched after surface ships spotted what appeared to be a red flare in the vicinity of where the submarine had been operating. A red flare is an indicator that a ship is in distress. With the loss of communications, a search-and-rescue effort was immediately launched.

What was the cause of this submarine's inability to communicate with the surface? Submarines, when under water, must use low frequency communications, which include vibrating the water around them in order to send their messages in a coherent manner. The message, in short, rides on the waves, which are always present in an area and predictably moving in one direction or another. If the message is moving in the opposite direction of the wave, it likewise encounters predictable motion in the waves, regular and steady. Wave action is taken into consideration by the communication software, so these slow undulations are factored in, the wave rate sensed as a separate thing, like noise, and then omitted from the message. This is the science of noise reduction in audio transmissions, to sense the noise, isolate it, and then eliminate it. What if the wave action changes? Wave action is a result of equalizing pressure in the ocean. The press of water from the Equator round toward the poles and back again, the swirling Coriolis effect caused by the rotation of the globe. The streams of water that run along coastlines during this process, blocked by the coast. Has something changed? Nancy and a crew of what she calls the Trusted 12 observed a very errant lurch of the Earth to the West in the predawn hours in the US, such that constellations were out of place by as much as 50° for a brief time. What would such a lurch do to the ocean currents? The normal currents along the East Coast would be accelerated as the land moved under the water, and current would be forced on Europe with excessive pressure. The point being that the wave action rhythm, encoded into the encryption software decoding the communication pulses, would be wrong for this temporary new wave rhythm. What does this mean for submarines in the future, during the increasing Earth changes and through the pole shift? If any in the elite were expecting to be able to use submarines, to ride out the pole shift or as intimidation in any power play to take over the world after the shift, this is a message. Submarines will not survive. Not because their communications will not function, but for dozens of other reasons the elite have not even taken into consideration.

Q: Is this Planet X? I have been very hesitant to send this in, but a friend told me that I had to. So, here it is. I was walking the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware early one morning. I was there for a work-retreat. It was cold outside on November 16, 2006 and there wasn't anyone out. I was just randomly taking pictures of the early morning sky when I saw this red ball, or what looked to me like fire. I took this picture. I'm not sure what it is, if it is anything at all.

We have stated that the common man should look to the skies, particularly at dawn and dusk, for a return of the Second Sun. We have stated that chemtrails are being used to fog up the view, this pace increasing, so the common man does not see what the elite have no explanation for, the presence of Planet X in their view as they gaze toward the Sun. We have stated that the switch in daylight savings time, to start 3 weeks earlier this year, was designed to keep the common man from gazing at the rising and setting sun when they had idle time on their hands, commuters standing about waiting for a train or sitting in cars, caught in traffic. This remarkable photo, taken at a moment when the rising Sun had not yet filled the skies with a glaring light, taken on a cold clear day when there were no clouds or haze to cloud the view, shows what they have been trying to prevent! If the establishment does not want you to see this monster approaching, coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit most often placing it to the right of the Sun, out near the orbit of Venus but four times the diameter of Venus, then look!