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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2024

I have a question for the Zetas if they could clarify for us in the images they provide if what we are seeing is the end of the helixed moon swirl tubes or just a segment in the 5 million mile long tail or perhaps something different all together?

Nibiru is normally heavily shrouded by Petrol and Red Dust. Thus it appears as a dark object on photos, blending in with the skyscape. Petrol puts on sky displays when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere and encounters oxygen, and thus burns. But when seen in James’ photos, which are enhanced to capture Nibiru and the elements of the Nibiru complex, what appears to be brightly lit Petrol is in fact light reflecting elements of the shrouding Red Dust and Petrol. The helix tail of Nibiru can be seen in a collage of James’ photos, twisting out behind Nibiru as a DNA strand would twist. Nibiru is in the lead.

We live in Brazil, South America, in the city of Cascavel, in the west of the state of Paraná, close to the border of Argentina and Paraguay. For a week now, every day, five lights have appeared over the Parque do Iguaçu forest reserve, turning on and off. Sometimes five light up, one, two or three. They appear for more than three hours at a time. Are there signs, warnings or messages? Are extraterrestrial ships carrying out studies in the Iguaçu forest reserve? Or what could it be? [and from another] What are these strange lights appearing around the world? More importantly, WHY? Bright light hovered with slight movement, then disappeared in all locations. Seen in Costa Rica, India, Brazil. Gone in a wink, is my take.

The Plate Movement process as the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are coming to an end will include a compressing Pacific and a widening Atlantic. This is already in process. When the S Pacific compresses it presses on the Antarctic Plate, pushing it up between the tip of S America and S Africa. This forces the Atlantic open, allowing the foot of Africa to slide into the void created in the S Atlantic. The S American waggle has also been in process to allow the SE Portion of N America to slide over the hump of the Caribbean Plate.

What this means for the state of Parana and other provinces that lie inland along the coastal mountains of Brazil or within the reach of the Buenos Aires Bay should it be inundated is that the potential for flooding exists. The lifting Antarctic Plate will force water up along these coastal mountains and into the Buenos Aires Bay. Once inland behind the coastal mountains, this water will not have an easy route to drain, but might linger. Similar lights to those in Parana have been seen in Costa Rica and India, which are also predicted to have sudden flooding due to Plate Movements. Suddenly gone.

Nancy, there's something inside this rainbow cloud. Hidden mothership. Real? [and from another] [and from another] Pixel analysis shows shading of the object to be sudden, not gradual as on the cloud and rainbows. Pixel sizes consistent.

This is a genuine video capture of a Mothership taking a measure of the Petrol burning process, the concentration of Petrol vs normal atmosphere presence of chemicals. The swirling and burning combined made it difficult to cover the mothership consistently. The Mothership is slightly tilted in the exposed hole.

This is Northern Virgina outside DC. The Emergency Alert System seems ready to go off. Is the Junta finally ready to roll that Emergency Alert System and declare Martial Law now that 2023 has wrapped up and the New Madrid Rip could happen any day now. Is it finally happening? [and from another] Northern Virginia: "THIS IS ONLY A TEST. THERE IS NO EMERGENCY AT THIS TIME." Dec 30, 2023 Blasting from outdoor speaker for 2 hours. [and from another] Since 4am this morning this has been going on in Northern Virginia outside DC [and from another] BREAKING!!! This is only a Test!

The Junta has a dilemma. They know the N America Plate is splitting along the New Madrid Fault Line with a large portion – the SE Portion – destined to travel with Africa during its roll. This will, according to our predictions and the 1811-1812 history, create devastation in many states along the Mississippi River. Given the ZetaTalk accuracy on predictions, the Junta is also taking our warnings about a 50 foot tsunami rushing against the US East Coast with a tidal bore up against Washington DC.

Given the tinkering the Council of Worlds has inserted into the timing of the New Madrid Rupture - which is now at least 2 years late beyond our original predictions due to the Council slowing the timeline down - the Junta does not want to impose Martial Law preemptively. But the Junta knows from their own geological and oceanography experts that our sequence of events is highly likely to occur. The New Madrid Fault Line separation of the Portions has reached Montreal, where the Seaway has begun to clap. This was another of our predictions.
In the week before Christmas the buoys on the Seaway gave evidence of the Seaway repeatedly being squeezed and then opening wide. The water level rose during a squeeze and then dropped when the Seaway parted. Our prediction, when doing a UFO display interpretation, was that the Seaway would open wide when the SE Portion slides to the East, but then the Azores would rip open allowing the Seaway to return to its previous state. That would be the moment when the tsunamis occur. EBS alerts are occurring, which are later called tests. Tests do not occur at 4:00 am.  

Are those the earthquakes for Japan that the Zetas have long predicted that will precede the New Madrid fault line adjustment? [and from another] Massive Earthquake hits Western Japan, Triggering Tsunami Warnings January 1, 2024 It was the first major tsunami warning to be issued since 2011. The Japan Meteorological Agency immediately issued a tsunami warning along coastal regions of western Japan, and the first waves were reported hitting the coast just over 10 minutes later. and from another] [and from another] [and from another] 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

In 2010 when we laid out the 10 Steps of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, the Japan quakes were Step 8, the New Madrid was Step 9 and the Azores rip Step 10. Since that prediction in 2010 the Khazarian Mafia under Bibi's direction caused the massive Fukushima disaster on March 11, 2011, altering the course of the sequence of events preceding the New Madrid Rupture. In 2012 the Council of World slowed the New Madrid process down with Humming Boxes and Monoliths. In 2018 there was another Japan quake swarm and indeed the New Madrid unzipping process started on October 19, 2019 in New Orleans.

Now we have another massive quake swarm in Japan on New Years Day, generating tsunami warnings not issued since 2011 during the Fukushima disaster. The magnitude of this swarm meets our original prediction, given that the USGS has now downgraded large quakes by a magnitude 3.2. On this New Years Day China is having quakes ripping up its central China Wudu-Mabian fault line where we predicted the China adjustment would emerge, and Beijing has been ready for this adjustment for months. The triangle of countries in the Asian UFO display are active.  Africa has been rolling with the SE Portion of N America pulling to the SE, and clapping has even begun in the Seaway at Montreal. The stage is set.

Fukushima may have changed the dynamics in the Pacific by easing tensions in the Pacific, and the Council of Worlds certainly deliberately slowed the New Madrid scenarios down, but the factors we used when laying out the 7 of 10 scenario still exist. The Pacific Plates must overlap and compress to the extent that the Mainland Portion shifts to the SW sufficiently to trigger the New Madrid Rupture. This must move in concert with the tenuous hold the SE Portion has on the N Atlantic, where it clings to the Mainland along the ridge between the mouth of the Seaway to the Azores.

Can the Zetas explain what caused the shaking and booms in New York City this morning? Is there a mega disaster awaiting for New York? [and from another] [and from another] Emergency response swings into action after reports of 'three booms and shakes' on New York City's Roosevelt Island January2, 2024 Emergency responders have 'reported feeling vibrations' in both Roosevelt Island, Manhattan and Queens and allegedly requested that energy firm Con Edison 'address power outages at several buildings'.

What were we saying just 7 days ago? “This is a mega disaster waiting for New York City.” The stress at the top of the SE Portion will be intense in the final stretch. The New Madrid Fault Line virtually merges with the Seaway at its exit, so both great rifts in the N American Continent are waggling back and forth at this juncture. Add to that is the effect of several other fault lines that merge in the New York City area - the East Coast fault line, the Ramapo, and the fault line up along the Appalachia Mountain chain. A mega disaster for New York City.

7-10ft creatures can the zetas comment? Airport shut down, power cut to mall and 65k homes nearby, black choppers in sky. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]  [  and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]

With the nearby presence of Nibiru no longer deniable, many in the establishment want to generate a False Flag operation so the truth is not known and the western banks need not fear the loss of their mortgage interest payments. The Nibiru coverup has always had the Rothschild banks at the helm, for this reason. An alien invasion was one of the scenarios to delay the Nibiru announcement. Thus having giants, men on stilts with reptilian face masks, were marched into the Bayside Mall, creating a panic. A short-lived invasion with the fraudsters arrested.

Dutchsinse. What is your opinion on Dutchsinse? Is his earthquake prediction methodology valid? My understanding from his youtube videos is that he studies plate movement patterns and has been reasonably accurate. The USGS has tried to ban him (with some success), so I suspect he is on to something or they wouldn't bother. This is his explanation. I have not seen this methodology anywhere else and it is not condoned by USGS, who we know downgrades earthquakes to fit their narrative. [and from another] [and from another] How To Forecast in 4 Easy Steps Dutchsinse has been monitoring earthquakes daily and globally since 2010 and went public on YouTube in 2011. For years he is has been battling through media, skeptic public opinion and even professional seismologists.
1. Look up your fault lines
2. Look up the last 48 hours of earthquakes in EMSC
3. Look for 2 dots where earthquakes are on the same line and find the point in the middle
4. Look for another 2 dots etc etc

Dutchsinse developed his technique in 2010, the year our 7 of 10 Plate Movement prediction was published. His technique for predicting earthquakes starts with examining a map of the Earth plates and locating where recent earthquakes have occurred. He has clearly copied our Plate Movement predictions as he shows identical Plate Movements to our prediction. He has also included our prediction on New Land rising between the tip of S America and S Africa. Note the correlation of his arrows on his Plate Movement map to our 2010 diagram.

He has the [1] Indo-Australian Plate plunging under the Himalayas with [2] Indonesia subduction, [3] the Philippine Plate tilt allowing the Pacific to compress, [4] S American Roll to the West creating Andes quakes and [5] tearing open the S Atlantic to create a void for [6] the foot of Africa to drop on its NE corner, allowing the Africa Roll and [7] ripping open the Mediterranean, while [8] Japan quakes create distress in Beijing and [9] N America reacts by splitting into portions on either side of the New Madrid Fault Line, thus and causing [10] a tsunami at the Azores rupture.

Why can't Dutchsinse give us credit for our prediction? He was an unknown trying to become famous. After using Plate movements as outlined in 2010 by the Zetas, he followed the Zeta question queue where activity would next be expected, and created a web of associated activity [D, X] to hide his use of our Scripted Drama predictions. The active areas he identified always have a number of quakes so he is never without a claim of success. A true plagiarist claims no association with his sources, feigning ignorance. But Dutchsinse clearly has plagiarized ZetaTalk.

I found the shadow of Ezra feed which seems to claim he is being taken out. He is hospitalized, he never told the DOD he was going to the hospital, and everything seems to be secret on what is happening. He has been in the hospital a week. There is a claim he was in severe pain. They claim he went in on Dec 22nd. It is claimed he went in for elective surgery. And the media list goes on, many more excuses and many different narratives. Where does the truth sit on this man? Is it possible that this man who poisoned our military, which I believe was borderline on purpose, is being taken out by our White Hats, and these excuses are being used while they get his replacement in line? [and from another] [and from another] Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin remains Hospitalized after Mystery Procedure; DoD remains Mum on Release January 7, 2024 U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin has been hospitalized since the first day of 2024, and while Pentagon officials have not said when he will be released, they continue to avoid saying why he went to the hospital in the first place. [and from another] Austin Remains Hospitalized nearly a Week after Admittance to Walter Reed ICU January 7, 2024 Austin, 70, had an undisclosed elective procedure on Dec. 22, and he returned from the hospital one day later. He then, on Jan. 1, "began experiencing severe pain and was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit." [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] The Pentagon's 2nd in Command was Not Informed of Defense Secretary's Hospitalization January 7, 2024 Austin was hospitalized on Jan. 1 for complications from elective surgery. Austin was hospitalized on Jan. 1 for complications from elective surgery. The secrecy surrounding Austin's hospitalization is highly unusual. Not even his boss, the president, knew of it; nor was Congress informed. The Pentagon and Austin have not specified the nature of his medical procedure.

If anything, the lack of urgency over SoD Austin being absent for days and Biden being altogether unaware says that both are irrelevant. They are not in charge. The US has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to announce the presence of Nibiru. This is not the type of Martial law where troops are marching down city streets, but it does put the Junta in control of the federal government. The Biden Double takes orders from the Junta, and the Marines are in charge of the US Military, Little by little the truth is being told, but in the meantime the public is watching a Movie.

That said, why can’t Austin’s elective surgery or relapse be known? He was confirmed, supposedly, by the Senate thus Congress has a right to know. Austin went in for elective surgery on December 2 ahead of the Christmas holidays, hoping his absence would not be noted. Aging and overweight, like many men his age he wanted an implant to counter erectile disfunction. This will never be publicly admitted. This explains the severe pain that emerged, which will likewise never be publicly admitted.

A cigar-shaped yellow object hovered over Moscow. There are no buildings there that could create such a strip of light! The object is hidden in a cloud of steam from a factory chimney. Is this a message? If so, what is it? [and from another]

In 2007 during the Moscow UFO display that year we detailed the telepathic message Muscovites received. We explained that as a result of the Africa Roll and the effect it will have on the Black Sea and Istanbul, there will be a backwash of rivers up into their headlands near Moscow. This will result in unexpected flooding with few highlands nearby for Muscovites to use. The pending New Madrid Rupture will be assisted by Africa Roll episodes, and thus this time may be upon Moscow.

What's with the illegal tunnel under Jewish Chabad HQ in Brooklyn, NY? All over Social Media, not much on mainstream media. Why are there soiled mattresses in tunnel-temple? Is this a sacrifice chamber? Seems nefarious. Much speculation, but no children found. Seems to be only men hiding in tunnel. I don't see any women in the melee. [and from another] Yes! and they were trying to stop it being filled in. Child trafficking/sacrifice is the most common suggestion re this. [and from another] I though that spoiiled mattress looked like a pee stain someone sitting down and could not hold it, but that does not make sense. [and from another] [and from another] Hundreds of Israeli immigrants found at Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York City under an illegal tunnel found in a Synagogue. [and from another] Two theories on the various twitter threads. 1) Child rape and abduction operation. 2) Simple access to "the 770 building". Not sure closing down a simple access tunnel would cause hundreds of guys to go full on civil disturbance. [and from another] 770 Bochurim Breach Wall to Prevent Tunnel Closure January 8, 2024 The iconic wooden panels in the main shul of 770 Eastern Parkway were torn off by aggressive bochurim on Monday in response to a cement truck being ordered to seal off their unsanctioned tunnel. The Shul was closed after the Gaboim and Merkos both agreed to ask the NYPD to shut the Shul due to the immediate danger.

The tunnels under the 770 Eastern Parkway synagogue in Brooklyn have resulted in numerous theories from immigrant smuggling to child sacrifice. These tunnels are not new, but decades old and led from the men’s sector of the synagogue to the women’s sector, for unsanctioned trysts. In that Israel is being condemned worldwide for their genocide and unwarranted attacks against Gaza, many conservative Jews in Israel are seeking to immigrate to the US fearing that Israel will be slaughtered. This accounts for the tunnels being filled with books and perhaps undocumented immigrants.

What of the spoiled mattress? During a tryst the woman would often bring her baby with her, and changing diapers can get messy. Has there been child sacrifice in the tunnels? In that they are open to the men, night and day, this activity would not have escaped notice. The legality of the tunnels, which run under several connected buildings owned by the same individual, is under discussion but nothing more should be made of this.

The Zetas have stated with the upcoming Earth Changes Social Media and Email would stop. Does that include Cell Phones would be hindered or unable to work also? [and from another] Newsletter for 4/26/220 re Q’s enigmatic reference to 10 Days of Darnkness re child trafficing [and from another] Newsletter for August 29, 2021 re Covid lockdowns

The concept of Lockdowns and 10 Days of Darkness has been confused from the start. Q started the discussion and implied the Satanic sex abuse and torture of children for the Adrenochrome in their blood was connected, so some people assumed that a blackout or lockdown would assist those rescuing children. Then there were the lockdowns due to the flu called Covid-19, which was designed to keep the public in their homes when Nibiru became obvious.Now that Putin is threatening to reveal Nibiru, and Nibiru is increasingly mentioned in the press, these terms are increasingly in the mix, implying the grid will be down.

The elite fear the public becoming aware and rioting so that the elite have to rush to their bunkers, leaving society to ruins. Lockdowns are rumored because they hope to keep people from hearing the truth about Nibiru - that it exists and will make a passage causing devastation worldwide. This depends on who is in charge. The elite hope to limit riots and even the flow of information. If the elite are in charge, darkness from power outages and limiting social media and phone calls would occur. If full blown Martial Law is in effect then riots could be suppressed while the economy continues – people at their jobs and children at school.

The swell around the Azores is between 25 - 30ft.  I note significant height water going into the Seaway too. Strange how it's divided between the Seaway and the Azores - sea current is going one way at the Azores and complete opposite into the Seaway. [and from another]

Why is the Gulf Stream dividing at the Azores? This divide of the Gulf Stream continues up along the N Atlantic, as though there were a force influencing the waters.  The Eurasian Plate is under a ripping action at its SW corner, as can be seen in the Methane burn maps, where the Seaway side of the N Atlantic is relatively quiescent. This is a prelude for the finale where a void will be opened at the Azores. The Eurasian Plate will be the anchor, not moving, while the SE Portion will pull to the East with Africa.

The N Atlantic Rift is under distress at that time, being pulled in different directions. Where assumed to be composed of independent segments, the N Atlantic Rift is torn open and solidified from lava during periodic Plate Movements, and thus operates as a whole when being tugged apart. Magnetic connections exist as the hardening lava forms into a magnet, aligning with the Earth’s magnetic field. The waters of the N Atlantic now reflect this tearing of the giant magnet that is the N Atlantic Rift.

Electro-magnetic particle flows have an affinity for water, which is a super conductor. Thus the waters of the N Atlantic along the N Atlantic Rift are charged, clashing with the normal Gulf Stream charge. Since the N Atlantic Rift was formed during prior crustal shifts, when the Earth encountered Nibiru with its retrograde rotation, the N Atlantic Rift magnetism adopted a counter clockwise direction. The Earth settled down into her current magnetic alignment, but the N Atlantic Rift had already been hardened to reflect the clash with Nibiru during the Passage.

I came across this link and was curious what and or the zetas you think. Are they just tall humans? Is this another fraud like the Bayside mall? [and from another] 10-foot-tall ‘strange beings’ seen traversing Brazilian island as alien rumors swirl Jamuary11, 2024 New video shows two giant, humanlike creatures strolling along the foothills of a small Brazilian island in what some believe is proof aliens are visiting Earth. One of the 10-foot tall beings appears to take in the sights of Ilha do Mel, an island two miles off the coast of Southeast Brazil, as another stands closely behind, the footage shows. They stand confidently on the top of the hill, which locals say is difficult to reach, with the shrubbery barely reaching their knees. [and from another] The Ilha do Mel State Park is a state park in the state of Paraná, Brazil, located in the municipality of Paranaguá. It is a very small island, with a lot of fauna and flora, due to its small index of urbanization. Inside the island, the use of vehicles and traction animals are not allowed, in order to avoid damaging it and preserve its natural beauties, and also the number of visitors on the island can't exceed 5.000 people. When visiting the island, the walking through it is made on foot by trails of land, for better appreciation of nature and also don't damaging. The island is not all available to visit, there are limited areas that are for preservation.

As we detailed in 2012 when the issue of giants in Paraguay was addressed, this is a group of Annunaki/Human hybrids who fear the anger of their former slaves who had rebelled against being forced into Gold mines. They were known to the earlier explorers, as the development of modern day technology in the hands of their fully human neighbors only convinced them to remain hidden. That said, why are these hybrids on this particular island along the S Atlantic coast making an appearance at this time?

The Brazil province of Parana is one of the spots getting UFO displays warning of future flooding. If the Antarctica Plate lifts as we have predicted between the tip of S America and S Africa, then displaced water will rush up along the southern coastline of Brazil. These Annunaki/Human hybrids have lived in seclusion in this area for thousands of years, and are debating where to go to escape the flood tide. Thus they sent out their scouts. They are likely to move inland into the highlands but will continue to seek seclusion.

In 2010 while laying out the Plate Movement prediction the Zetas stated that Ohio along the Lake Erie shores would have a rough time during the New Madrid. There is even a Northeast Ohio Seismic Zone similar to the Wabash in Indiana. For the Lake Erie islands to heave to the extent that rocks rise 6-7 feet above the former water level must therefore have meaning. Has the New Madrid Fault Line released its hold there, and moreover is the SE Portion on the move! This seems to be the silent stretch, the silent slide, predicted by the Zetas. It iseems to be more than just a clapping Seaway at Montreal. [and from another] Photos Show ‘Rare’ Phenomenon on Lake Erie January 14, 2023 As a powerful winter storm battered northern Ohio Saturday, 65 mph wind gusts caused a rare scene along Lake Erie. The near hurricane-force winds from the southwest pushed the more shallow water out further into the lake in the western basin of Lake Erie near Port Clinton and the Lake Erie Islands, especially at Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island in Ottawa County Saturday. Koehler said the boulders are usually under 6 to 9 feet of water, with just their tops exposed, and at times on Saturday, people were walking on the lake bed.

As we have recently stated, the New Madrid Fault Line has separated between the Mainland and SE Portions all the way to the Seaway exit. Now only a small distance from the Exit to the Azores remains. There have been significant quakes at St Johns at the Seaway exit and also at the Azores – all within the past couple days. Meanwhile the Africa Roll has continued to pull both Africa and the SE Portion to the East and down. This latest evidence from the Lake Erie islands where the New Madrid Fault Line runs shows that the SE Portion is indeed on the move, and the Montreal clapping can be expected to accelerate.

Zetas right again! [and from another] Indian Tectonic Plate Is Splitting in Two Beneath Tibet, Latest Analysis Finds January 17, 2024 Presenting at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco last December, researchers from institutions in the US and China described a disintegration of the Indian continental plate as it grinds along the basement of the Eurasian tectonic plate that sits atop it. It's a surprising compromise on two models currently favored as explanations for the lifting of the Tibetan plateau and the colossal Himalayan mountain range. In both cases, a collision between the chunks of crust belonging to India and Eurasia is responsible. They determined the Indian slab wasn't merely bobbing along smoothly below the Eurasian plate, nor was it bunching up like a rug on a slippery floor. Instead it is delaminating, with its dense base peeling free and sinking into the mantle as its lighter top-half continued its journey just beneath the surface. Bit by bit, the Eurasian land mass has been lifted skyward on the shoulders of a drowned giant, giving us Earth's highest elevations. Studies of the density of the mantle and the crust suggest the rather buoyant Indian continental plate shouldn't sink so easily, however, meaning it's likely the submerged sections of the crust should still be grinding along under the belly of the Eurasian plate rather than being plunged into the mantle's depths. Another possibility is the Indian plate is distorting in a way that causes some parts to wrinkle and fold, and others to dip and dive. Different perspectives emerge depending on which kinds of evidence are favored and how data is processed.

What emerged from this Geophysical Union Conference was that the theories on why the Himalayan Mountains have been pushed high do not match the evidence collected and provided. Nor does either theory explain the ongoing process where Tibet is covered in quakes while India sinks. Of course, given the ongoing coverup over Nibiru and the Daily Earth Wobble it incites, there would be no explanation that would suffice. We, the Zetas, explained how the wobble would affect the crust in 2004, and this has only increased. Thus Zetas RIGHT Again.

I have a question for the Zetas and would ask them if they can verify in Mario's captures that what we are seeing is Nibiru itself shrouded in dust and debris?

Nibiru has moved closer to the Earth, and this can be seen by the Petrol blobs and fog increasingly filling the skies. Moon Swirl Tubes will also appear larger as they come closer. But Nibiru continues to be shrouded by Petrol, only very occasionally without its Petrol shroud.  The assisted photos displayed on the Pole Shift Ning site, where the Petrol was blown away by benign aliens, are exceptions. Nibiru is directly below the Sun in this photo taken at noon in Florida by Mario, but is not within the large Petrol mass circled but above, closer to the Sun. This can be seen by the shadow cast on the top of this Petrol mass, which shows sunlight from both the Sun and reflected sunlight from Nibiru.

Something strange descends, splits and lingers [and from another] Recorded in Homestead, Florida [and from another] Asteroid exploding in the sky above Germany. [and from another] Mysterious object in the sky was seen descending over downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.

As Nibiru and its vast debris and Petrol ridden tail come closer to the Earth, the drama played out in the skies becomes more varied. We have had Neon clouds and Rainbow smears on clouds, and on occasion Ground Fires lit by flaming Petrol. These recent incidents are caused by debris coated by Petrol, so friction during entry sets them afire. The heat of the fire, in addition to the friction caused by encountering the atmosphere, shatters large debris so a fireworks effect occurs. More drama will occur as the time of the Passage approaches.

Strong Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Remote Western China January 22, 2024 The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake occurred in the Tian Shan mountain range, “a seismically active region, though earthquakes of this size occur somewhat infrequently.” It said the largest quake in the area in the past century was a 7.1-magnitude one in 1978 about 200 kilometers to the north of one early Tuesday. There were 14 aftershocks since the main quake, with two registering above 5 magnitude. [and from another] At least 50 injured in major earthquake on China-Kyrgyzstan border January 23, 2024 The major quake was registered just after 2:00 am (1800 GMT Monday) at a depth of 13 kilometres in China’s Xinjiang region, about 140 kilometres (85 miles) west of the city of Aksu.

The entirety of China was shifting during this massive quake swarm in the Tian Shan mountains along one of the main fault lines in China. Like an accordion, opening and closing, China has been ripping open along its numerous fault lines and its borders with the Philippine and Pacific Plates. The Tian Shan mountains are solid rock so resist this accordion process, until tension builds to the point where it must relent and stretch. The historical swarm in 1978 and this recent swarm are such stretch incidents.

Is this sabotage? [and from another] NYC-Bound Flight Canceled when Passenger Notices Missing Bolts on Plane Wing January 22, 2024 A New York-bound Virgin Atlantic flight was canceled just moments before takeoff last week when an alarmed passenger said he spotted several screws missing from the plane’s wing. Engineers were promptly called out to carry out maintenance checks on the Airbus A330 aircraft before its scheduled takeoff to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. [and from another] ‘I Don’t Want to Die’: Alaska Airlines Passenger Sent ‘Final Text’ to Parents when Door Hub Blew Out at 16,000 Feet January 8, 2024 Harrowing accounts have emerged from passengers aboard the Alaska Airlines plane that lost its door plug mid-flight.  The Boeing 737-9 MAX with 171 passengers and six crew suddenly dropped after a chunk of its fuselage blew off at about 16,000 feet and left a gaping hole. [and from another] Alaska Airlines Plane’s Missing Door Plug found in Portland Teacher’s Backyard January 8, 2024 The crucial discovery was announced by the National Transportation Safety Board two days after the Boeing 737 MAX 9 was forced to make an emergency landing when the missing piece left a gaping hole in the aircraft — threatening the safety of the more than 170 people aboard.

Due to the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru and the effect it has on the Earth, the common man is very distracted. They see the Sun rising and setting in the wrong place, flaming Petrol in the skies, the erratic weather and increase in explosions in the infrastructure, and giving the Call to consult with benign aliens they learn the truth. Over half of mankind has done so, and is subconsciously aware of the truth. Caught in the Twilight Zone, in the Land of Oz, they are uncertain of their options and constantly distracted.

Beyond being served with the wrong meal at restaurants or having the wrong package delivered to the door, being constantly distracted and worried can cause deadly accidents as these two incidents where airplane maintenance was faulty. Admitting Nibiru is resisted for several reasons. The public is expected to panic and demand answers. Is everyone to be raptured? Can Nibiru be stopped during its relentless approach for a Passage? Are there safe areas and when will supper be served? Martial Law will surely be called worldwide to keep order.

We have stated that the Rothschild banks are most at fault in keeping the truth about Nibiru from the public. The first casualty upon the admission that Nibiru is real and heading for a Passage will be the Rothschild banks as mortgages will not be paid. The Rothschild empire has been in control of the western media, though this is gradually being cleaned up as the Movie President Trump referred to plays out. Meanwhile, while waiting for the firm hand of Martial Law, expect a distracted public.

A number of group members [in the large group] are reporting fog in their respective states.  Some are also reporting a metallic smell:  Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Connecticut, and Tennessee so far.  During the time that the SO2 and CO levels were in the red and very dark red, this phenomena had not been reported. Why is there such a dense fog and a metallic smell in certain locations? [and from another] Kentucky Weather Today: Another Wet Day with some Dense Fog in Spots January 25, 2024 A cold front finally sweeps the widespread rain out of here overnight, but areas of drizzle will still be possible. We will also likely see dense fog in some spots. [and from another] Michigan’s Weekend Weather: Fog still to Contend with, but Storm Misses us January 25, 2024  The weather will be very quiet on precipitation, but still we will contend with a period of fog. Let’s start with fog. It’s a pretty easy story. Temperatures above freezing will melt snow and continue to put moisture in the air. [and from another] Dense Fog Blankets Northern Michigan ahead of Light Rain, Wintry Mix in Evening January 25, 2024 We will wake up to dense fog across northern Michigan with chances for some light mist or freezing drizzle. [and from another] Dense Fog Advisory extended for All of Northeast Ohio until late Thursday Night January 25, 2024 This is incredible. We’ve got 1,300 miles of Dense Fog Advisories from Canada all the way down to the Gulf Coast. It also stretches from Colorado out toward Pennsylvania. [and from another] Methane You can smell leaking methane only when it mixes naturally with hydrogen sulfide, causing a "rotten egg" smell. If you can smell it, the level may be too high to be safe. [and from another] What Causes Metallic Smell in Farts? There are several potential causes for a metallic smell in farts. Some common factors include:
Certain foods, such as sulfur-rich vegetables, can contribute to a metallic odor in farts.

The dense fog maps match the Methane burn maps along the New Madrid Fault Line from the Bridge up past the Chicago Bend and thence along the Seaway through Ohio. These regions have already separated, the SE Portion pulling East and the Mainland Portion pulling West, but continue to pull apart, thus releasing more Methane and CO. Methane is reported to be odor free unless it is accompanied by Sulfur, which the Methane SO2 maps show is present. Dense Fog is being reported in these regions too, a factor of the sudden warming trend, but is not a factor in the Methane metallic smell.

Can the Zetas comment on this situation at the southern border? [and from another] Texas Gov. Abbott insists courts will side with state over feds in border battle: 'We can win' January 25, 2024 The U.S. Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration on Monday in a case involving a razor wire fence along Texas’ border with Mexico, allowing Border Patrol agents to cut concertina wire that Texas had installed while litigation continues. [and from another] How To Survive A Civil War In America January 25, 2024 Civil unrest can erupt without warning due to large volatile groups. In this situation, random mobs burn police stations, damage properties, loot businesses, and torch people. Staying prepared for civil unrest, natural disasters, and other emergencies is crucial for everyone nowadays. In case of civil unrest, staying inside your home can be the safest option for staying safe. [and from another] [and from another] Tucker gives a very short reason for this open border issue and all these illegals coming in. Apparently, the Dem idea behind the Fake Biden president is to have permanent voters for the democratic party, especially for this next election. Tucker claims by studies that we have approx. 22M illegals that allegedly get citizenships and/or voting rights for this next election. [and from another] Understanding the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Razor Wire at the Texas-Mexico Border January 25, 2024 Monday's ruling by the Supreme Court doesn't end this case. It just means that while the case goes forward, the injunction that the federal appeals court had entered that blocked federal officials from removing the concertina wire is going to be on hold. The Fifth Circuit is still going to hear oral arguments on February 7th. They're still going to presumably issue a decision at some point later this spring. And one way or the other, it's a good bet that that case will end up back in the Supreme Court sometime in the fall.

Republican governors, fed up with the Biden Administration’s policy toward the leaky southern border where migrants are virtually ushered in rather than stopped, are taking steps to guard the southern border. At present this has become a States Rights issue before SCOTUS, which temporarily issued an injunction aligning with the Biden Administration. Meanwhile, the issue proceeds in the lower courts. The Texas National Guard is under the direction of the Governor first, and will not rebuff Operation Lone Star likewise loyal to Texas first. This will not result in Civil War but will result in another embarrassment for the Biden Administration.

Has the Trump reinstatement become open knowledge? [and from another] And Trump shows that he is the sitting Pres. The General says "The General BREAKING: Trump in Las Vegas promises to send reinforcements to Texas to secure border." [and from another] [and from another] Joe Biden Called Donald Trump the Sitting President [and from another] @GeneralMCNews BREAKING: Trump in Las Vegas promises to send reinforcements to Texas to secure border. [and from another] Border Patrol Turns on Joe Biden, Proclaims Support for Texas National Guard January 26, 2024 Furthering the division between the Border Patrol and the White House was a senior CBP official who said they have no plans to follow through on removing the razor wire put up by Texas. Biden has completely lost whatever leverage he had. This is an incredible turn of events. I don't know if "mutiny" is the right word here, but clearly, Biden has no way to enforce his threats at this point. Border Patrol agents are not going to go along with it.

How will President Trump’s Movie end – in one big bang or by a thousand inferences? The public has been told by the Main Stream Media that Biden won the 2020 election, but the reality of the Memorial Day special Senate session inferred the opposite. Another constant inference that President Trump is the Commander in Chief is the way the Military reacts to him, while ignoring the imposter Biden. Now we have outright statements by President Trump that HE is going to send National Guard reinforcements to Texas. Note that the federal Border Patrol has likewise refused to honor Biden’s command.

The Movie has maintained many secrets, each of which is considered to be so traumatic to the public that heart attacks and civil disobedience might result. Beyond the massive 2020 election fraud there are the Gitmo trials and executions for treason of those who perpetrated this fraud.  To maintain the Movie actors wearing rubber masks have been put in place, and this alone will be another shock for the public, though allowing masks to slip is giving the public a solid inference about this practice.

One of the major battles President Trump and the Junta and White Hat Alliance in Europe have fought was to stop the Moloch practice where children are sexually tortured and then killed for their Adrenochrome blood. This part of the Movie is unlikely to be revealed, though inferences are being made during media coverage of the New York City Chabad tunnels where blood stained items certainly implied this. The blackmail intrinsic to pedophilia and Moloch practices used by Israel will die as their western banks implode in insolvency and their interest funds dry up.