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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 30, 2021

I don't know if you have seen this. I thought you might want to add this to the New Madrid blog. [and from another] TECTONIC ! Bean field collapses and falls 25 feet overnight in rural Minnesota. [and from another] [and from another] Bean Field Collapses in Northwestern Minnesota August 26, 2021 Some consider it a geological wonder. A crack in the soil of a bean field in northwestern Minnesota has caused the ground to collapse 25 feet, creating a quarter-mile-long ravine. [and from another] It looks like the Grand Canyon! Bean Field Collapses and falls 25 Feet Overnight in Rural Minnesota, Baffling Farmers and Experts August 28, 2021 Consequence of the extreme drought in Near Climax, Minnesota, a small crack in the ground has grown, causing a quarter-mile long stretch of bean field to fall 25 feet. Few have ever seen anything like it.

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga we have warned that the St. Lawrence Seaway would split further open. We warned that this would happen during the Pole Shift, but will be in process well ahead of that time. In 2006 when a pipeline carrying oil from Saskatchewan to Chicago ruptured, we explained that this was due to the Seaway expanding underground, all the way from the Seaway exit into the Atlantic to the rumpled Black Hills of S Dakota.

The N American Plate is under extreme stress at present, locked in place at its flat top in the Arctic while the tip of Mexico is pulled toward the West. While the SE Portion of the N American Plate holds tight and refuses to rip from its moorings along the Mississippi River, the tugging on the rock strata finds other weak spots to relieve the tension. It is notable that our suggestion that a line drawn from the Seaway exit to the Black Hills would show the line of tension, and Climax, Minnesota is right on that line.

Various articles inre "Internet Apocalypse" Hmmm.  "By damaging the undersea cable network?" How does the sun affect undersea cables? [and from another] Science, Space, Health & Robotics Internet apocalypse: solar storm could knock internet out for WEEKS August 29, 2021 Planning for an Internet Apocalypse" found that local and regional Internet infrastructure could be hit but they would be fine -- the long undersea cables on the other hand, are at risk. The reason is that there are repeaters under the sea that connect the internet cables, at around 50-150km apart. The repeaters amplify the optical signal, so if there was a Carrington-style solar storm, the electronic internals of the repeaters would have their asses kicked. If enough of the repeaters were affected, it would make the entire undersea cable useless. [and from another] A Bad Solar Storm Could Cause an 'Internet Apocalypse' August 28, 2021 The global internet is built for resilience. If one pathway isn't available, traffic reroutes across other paths, a property that could potentially keep connectivity up, even at reduced speeds, in the event of a solar storm. Foundational data routing systems like the Border Gateway Protocol and Domain Name System could start to malfunction, creating knock-on outages. [and from another] An “Internet Apocalypse” Might Result from a Severe Solar Storm August 29, 2021 For a variety of reasons, undersea Internet cables are vulnerable to solar storm damage. Cables are installed with repeaters at intervals of 50 to 150 kilometers, depending on the cable, to keep data intact while it travels across seas. Like a relay throw in baseball, these devices enhance the optical signal to ensure that nothing is lost in route. While fiber optic cable is not directly affected by geomagnetically induced currents, the electrical internals of repeaters are, and a sufficient number of repeater failures will render an entire undersea cable useless.

Although the warning in the study presented by Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi is focusing on undersea cables as the weak link in Internet Communications, it is land lines and satellite boosts that are in fact more vulnerable. Satellites are being bombarded by debris in the tail of Nibiru, and are subject directly to EMP blasts. Land lines also are as subject to EMP as mankind’s electrical grid, which suffers frequent blackouts. Why the emphasis on undersea cables, and why now?

Undersea cables have proved to be vulnerable during Plate Movements, pulled taut and then torn from their connections deep under the sea or where they emerge on coastlines to connect to land lines. This is of record in 2008 and 2011 for the long cable SMW3 that went through the Mediterranean and around India. In advising our Emissary Nancy when selecting the ZetaTalk Mirror Sites, we stressed that a reach by land lines for every continent was desirable. But Jyothi’s warning is not based on the threat from Plate Movements.

This warning is to provide cover when the establishment wishes to slow down the Internet to control chatter it does not want the public to read. Claiming that the undersea cables are vulnerable to EMP, with scant evidence, the establishment  could easily sabotage these cables by their connections, thus slowing down social media chatter on the Internet. As noted in her analysis, such disruption would affect more than just a single conversation. It would create a domino effect to disrupt the Internet altogether.

Who are these reptilians? [and from another] Ancient Japan, this is the pic from the Horyuji temple, Nara Japan. This temple was completed in 607 AD. The pic shows a statue of a reptilian looking creature sitting in a folded leg position. The temple was made to depict the healing power of Buddha. But why a reptilian? [and from another]  Horyuji is a Buddhist temple that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, in Ikaruga, Nara Prefecture, Japan. [and from another] Believe me, there are very many examples of representations of reptilian beings in the art of our ancestors, this is a result of their experiences, not of their imagination.

As is known, roof edges turned upward in Asia are intended to turn evil spirits away. They are not allowed to land on the premises. Statues and drawing from the Horyuji temple show reverent snakes, dragons, militaristic dog commanders, and an aggressive human guardian. This was a lively temple! As we stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the evolution of Service-to-Other souls occurs in reptilians just as it does for warm blooded species. The inclusion of these reverent snake reptilians at the Horyuji temple shows that they were regarded as Buddhist masters, and highly Service-to-Other in their orientation.

Could the zeta's quote the origins and what these disk shaped objects are? Many thanks. [and from another] Tungsten is found mainly in the minerals wolframite (iron–manganese tungstate (Fe,Mn)WO4, which is a solid solution of the two minerals
ferberite FeWO4, and hübnerite MnWO4)  and Scheelite (calcium tungstate (CaWO4). "Wolfram" (or "volfram") is used in most European (especially Germanic, Spanish and Slavic) languages and is derived from the mineral wolframite, which is the origin of the chemical symbol W.  Polycrystalline tungsten is an intrinsically brittle and hard material making it difficult to work. However, pure single-crystalline tungsten is more ductile and can be cut with a hard-steel hacksaw.
[and from another] Facts About Tungsten November 18, 2016 Tungsten is known as one of the toughest things found in nature. It is super dense and almost impossible to melt.   In 1783 they isolated the metal oxide from wolframite and then, unlike the others, reduced it to tungsten metal by heating it with carbon. The element naturally occurs in the minerals scheelite, wolframite, huebnertie and ferberite. It is harvested from the minerals by reducing tungsten oxide with hydrogen or carbon. [and from another] Researchers in Russia Find Dozens of Strange Disc-Shaped Objects Containing Tungsten August 30, 2021  Researchers in Volgograd have discovered over a dozen disk-shaped objects, including one which has over four meters in diameter. According to experts, these “Alien” disc-shaped rocks contain tungsten, a high-density metal used in military technology. The shape of the four-meter disc, which is extremely similar to modern-day interpretations of UFO’s has given UFO hunters and Ufologists a lot to talk about.

In its natural form, Tungsten does not form a solid block but is found in various crystalline structures , mixed with other minerals. The 12 foot in diameter disc discovered in Volgograd is thus a smelted block, made pure and molded into a disc. Was it early man or visitors from the stars who mined and smelted these blocks? Aliens afar from their home planets may need to setup manufacturing sites to refurbish their space ships and there is no better metal than Tungsten. This Volgograd site, rich in various minerals, was used as a storage site after a smelting operation.

I have read several times about “public persons” (radio/tv hosts) who have been talking critically about the whole Corona hoax and vaccines to public and then suddenly they have Corona and hospitalized/died. Are these people deliberately infected in order to get them ridiculed/made publicly examples NOT to talk against this agenda? Any comment from Zetas about this? This truly Stinks! [and from another]
 3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid August 29, 2021 A conservative Florida radio host who spoke out against Covid-19 vaccines died after a weekslong fight with the virus, marking the third radio personality to die from coronavirus who publicly rejected vaccines. On Aug. 4, another Florida conservative radio host who had criticized the coronavirus vaccine, Dick Farrel, died from Covid-19 complications.  Last week, Phil Valentine, a 62-year-old conservative radio host in Nashville, Tenn., who had questioned the necessity of vaccines, also died from the virus.
[and from another] I survived! I went in at 77 oxygenation. I’m up to 94. I will not take the vaccination, though I did test positive for whatever they’re calling “COVID” today, but the bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning. [and from another] Sadly Robert David Steele passed away on 28 August 2021 of COVID-19 pneumonia.[and from another] Former CIA Officer and Conspiracy Theorist who called Pandemic a Hoax Dies of Covid August 31, 2021 A former CIA officer who claimed to be the first person to call Covid-19 a hoax, died from the disease after battling for life for nearly a month in a hospital. Robert David Steele, a veteran of the US marine corps and a QAnon supporter, promoted several conspiracy theories, including one that said Covid-19 was a hoax. He also promoted an anti-vaccination campaign. [and from another] Ex-CIA Officer and QAnon Promoter Dies of COVID August 30, 2021 Steele had been hospitalized in Florida while traveling the country as part of his three-month-long Arise USA tour, where he shared conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic and the 2020 presidential election in all 50 states. Steele was also an early and long-time promoter of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump is engaged in a secret battle with a global cabal of child-eating pedophiles. Steele had been “forced” onto a ventilator and was refused access to hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug touted by conspiracy theorists as a cure for COVID.

Robert Steele was a threat to the Satanist Cabal because of his stint in the CIA. Working at a managerial level, doing planning for a False Flag operation at one point, he was aware of a broad range of activities the CIA would like to keep from public view. He had recently become very visible on his ARISE USA tour, and available to the media. The Satanist Cabal wants the illegal Biden Administration to continue and Steele was pro-Trump. Steele also encouraged the use of HCQ and other anti-virals rather than the vax.  

His voice was silenced less due to his anti-vax stance than for his knowledge of the many crimes the CIA had done in the past. The CIA used sex with young children for blackmail, and toppling Democratically elected leaders around the world was common.  Steele was in Florida where the Delta variant of Covid-19 is currently running rampant so did catch this flu, but this was not what killed him. He was refused his request for HCQ and thus forced into a ventilator to get sufficient oxygen, so adding poison to his oxygen mix was an easy step.

That there is a pattern of conservative talk show hosts hospitalized and dying from Covid-19 is not surprising. The Satanist Cabal has as one of its goals continuing an endless lockdown, with forced vax. This allows them to control migration and increase the death count among what they refer to as useless eaters, a populace that would be demanding social services but being of little use to the elite. Steele’s murderers have already been eliminated, with our help, by the Junta. Being highly telepathic, if evil is in the mind of man, we know where it lies.

Is there something that is triggering the different covid reactions we see? Since our limited ability to study the effects on things would always be in question. But we do know sound frequencies have an effect on many things and could 5G trigger the immune system? Since we all know TPTB would not lie to us. [and from another] Is 5G Harmful to Humans 5G works by producing a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation. It uses higher frequencies than previous wireless networks, making it faster and more efficient. Currently, there’s no solid evidence that 5G causes negative health effects in humans or animals. [and from another] The Dangers of 5G – 11 Reasons to be Concerned Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including: DNA single and double strand breaks, oxidative damage, disruption of cell metabolism, increased blood brain barrier permeability, melatonin reduction, disruption to brain glucose metabolism, and generation of stress proteins. [and from another] Radiation Health Risks 5G Cell Towers are more dangerous than earlier cell tower generations because they expose us to a wider variety of RF Radiation frequencies.

When we addressed the safety of 5G technology in 2019, we stated that it would have a negative effect on human and animal health. That has never stopped mankind from what is called progress. As is known, even high voltage power lines carry dangers, with those living under them having a higher incidence of cancer. Does being subject to 5G radiation weaken the immune system? Without question. But for those who are using Covid-19 and its variants to force lockdowns and control migration, this is incidental. 5G was not invented nor implemented with this juncture in mind.

What's going on in China? Soros is not happy! And what did the Dark Judge mean? China under martial law? Meanwhile, Lehman's moment is drawing near for China. [and from another] George Soros: Investors in Xi’s China Face a Rude Awakening The leader’s crackdown on private enterprise shows he does not understand the market economy. Xi Jinping, China’s leader, has collided with economic reality. His crackdown on private enterprise has been a significant drag on the economy. The most vulnerable sector is real estate, particularly housing. China has enjoyed an extended property boom over the past two decades, but that is now coming to an end. Evergrande, the largest real estate company, is over-indebted and in danger of default. This could cause a crash. [and from another] China's "Lehman Moment" Approaching: Evergrande Warns of Default Risk from Cash Crunch The property boom is coming to an end, and that Evergrande - the largest real estate company which is over $300 billion in debt has been quietly dubbed China's Lehman Moment. [and from another] A new law enacted in November 2019 limits children under 18 to less than 90 minutes of playing video games on weekdays and three hours on weekends, with no video game playing allowed between 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. These are set by requiring game publishers to enforce these limits based on user logins. [and from another] China bans kids from playing online video games during the week August 31, 2021 China has barred online gamers under the age of 18 from playing on weekdays and limited their play to just three hours most weekends, marking a significant escalation of restrictions on the country's massive gaming industry. The move represents a huge tightening of earlier limits set by the agency in 2019, which had restricted play to 90 minutes on weekdays and three hours on weekends for children. Authorities said that the restrictions were put in place to help prevent young people becoming addicted to video games. [and from another] The Evergrande Group is based in southern China's Guangdong Province, and sells apartments mostly to upper and middle-income dwellers. In 2018, it became the world's most valuable real estate company. The firm has developed projects in over 170 cities in China.

What the Soros marketing group and China’s online game makers do not understand is what Xi understands all too well. China may appear to have a currency that is replacing the USD and the Euro, a space program putting a rover on the Moon, and a formidable military. But Xi and his scientists have studied ZetaTalk for years and he is solidly certain of our predictive accuracy. That he built the Ghost Cities inland to house survivors of coastal flooding shows his faith in ZetaTalk, as does the placement of these Ghost Cities well away from the new S Pole at India.

Xi knows that his country will soon be devastated by the coming passage of Nibiru. If the 3 Gorges Dam lasts until 2026, it will surely fail then, destroying the regions below the dam that feed his country. It will likely fail well ahead of 2026, bringing starvation early to China. Despite dealing with a population of over a billion people, China will be faced with immigrant hordes from Asia and India and Korea. Being an astute planner Xi is making moves to toughen its youth and reward responsible citizens with the Social Credit System.

Xi knows that the current banking systems will evaporate, lost in bankruptcies and meaningless spread sheets reflecting worth that no longer exists. What will be of value will be something solid, a thing or a skill that can feed or house people. Is Xi concerned about the Evergrande Group going bankrupt? Since it builds housing in China, the developed real estate will remain in China after Nibiru passes, and at no cost to Xi. Even if the Evergrande Group goes bankrupt well ahead of Nibiru’s passage, the real estate will not be relocated out of China. The stockholders of Evergrande will be the ultimate losers.

I searched about this on zetatalk but did not find anything.  I want to ask zetas who are Jinn?  Are they real? [and from another] In an Islamic context, the term jinn is used for both a collective designation for any supernatural creature and also to refer to a specific type of supernatural creature. Therefore, jinn are often mentioned together with devils. Both devils and jinn feature in folklore and are held responsible for misfortune, possession and diseases. However, the jinn are sometimes supportive and benevolent. They are mentioned frequently in magical works throughout the Islamic world, to be summoned and bound to a sorcerer, but also in zoological treatises as animals with a subtle body. [and from another] Jinn (often al-jinn or djinn) are shape-shifting spirits made of fire and air with origins in pre-Islamic Arabia. They are the inspiration for Aladdin’s genie, and have held space in Arab culture for almost as long as Arab culture itself.

Prior to the time of Roswell (when the Council of Worlds decreed that all visitations should be recorded in the subconscious) visitations were in the conscious and well remembered. The Vedas, a book from ancient India, describes these times and the variation of alien life forms that were in contact with man. Did they appear as different animal species? Of course, as the Universe has many intelligent species and very few are hominoid. Being above 3rd Density, these visitors could go in and out of dimensions, just as those responding to The Call do today.

Just as mankind today will encounter visitors in both the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other, depending upon the nature of their Call, those in ancient Arabia giving The Call found this variance. Did Magicians use the Jinn to cast their spells and gather human converts? This is a common practice today for those strongly in the Service-to-Self to seek power via an alliance with visitors from the Service-to-Self. Creating fear in mankind, subservience to the dictates of an entity more powerful than the self, is the means used today during Moloch worship. Different times, different names, same agenda.

I live in the Texas Hill Country, west of Austin, and had a question about the current quake swarm happening around the El Past area.  There have been over 150 earthquakes in past 2 weeks.  Are they related to the New Madrid adjustment or is it just N American plate stress.

After Wave#1 of the New Madrid unzipping occurred in May, we stated that the SE Portion that will rip away from the mainland of the N American Continent was hanging on by a “tenuous strip of land” from Ohio to the Seaway exit. The main portion of the N American Continent - which includes Mexico and the SW United States and all of Canada – has been bent into a bow because the SE Portion is hooked behind the Caribbean Plate and cannot move. Thus the pending rip along the New Madrid Fault Line, which has now been loosened in all places except for that “tenuous strip of land”.  

The main portion of the N American Continent wants to slide into the Pacific so that the bow stress is relieved. This slide has resulted in many quakes and tears along minor fault lines in West Texas and Oklahoma and Mexico and quakes in Canada above the Seaway. The San Andreas likewise will have more quakes during this period when the slide is in process, but as we predicted, the West Coast will have the majority of its New Madrid related quakes and volcanic activity after the big unzipping along the New Madrid Fault Line. The bow tension will be released and the SE Portion free to move independently.  

Big Monster! [and from another]

This dramatic photo capture by Alberto shows what the people of Earth will soon be seeing regularly. We have referred to Nibiru as the Nibiru Complex because it presents many parts, all of them visible in this photo shot. There is the corpus of Nibiru in the center, a distinct orb that casts a shadow on the shade side. Then there is the Double Helix of the dominant moons on either side, twisting in this photo into a dark swirl of Petrol. A long String of Pearls is on the outer side of this complex, enclosed in burning Petrol so it casts a light down on Nibiru. Nibiru can no longer be denied.

The Z’s assisted to prevent election fraud in 2016.  Now here we are in 2021 with the earth changes ramping up because of the approach of Nibiru, and instead of having a strong leader at the helm in the White House, we have a corrupt and illegitimate person who belongs in a nursing home or jail. I did a search of your site which I follow every day, but I can’t find a reason why our friends didn’t assist this time around. [and from another] Scott McKay the Entire Trump Presidency Has Been a Military Sting Operation? September 5, 2021 Scott McKay provides a fantastic summary of the operation that has been going on since the JFK assassination. [and from another]

Leading into the 2020 election in November, the Junta was aware that a Black Hat Biden had been installed by the New World Order Cabal. This Globalist Cabal is controlled by Satanists, and the US Junta and associated White Hats in Europe and other countries around the world rose up to fight them. The Satanists supported child sacrifice - rape and torture to increase the production of adrenochrome - which is an addictive drug that ensures loyalty among the Satanist lackeys.

It is rumored that President Trump was recruited by the Junta, as they needed someone of impeccable integrity and known to law enforcement as a proven team member to challenge the Globalists for control of the White House. President Trump worked with the DOJ to bring down the five Mafia families that operated in New York City, and as a self-made billionaire was unlikely to be bribed by the Cabal. This rumor is true. The Junta had been in charge of the US since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to make the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, so heading into the 2016 election against Hillary, the team had been assembled.

As we stated in 2006 when the election that was assumed to be rigged went in the direction that the will of the people wanted, we assisted in this effort. This type of assistance was in place in early 2020 too, during the Iowa Caucus primaries. Then in August, 2020 the Biden Black Hat Double was replaced by a White Hat Double, and the Biden campaign officially became a sting operation. Then the 2021 election was stolen by massive election fraud, which is now under audit in the swing states. What changed?

The Junta had all the evidence they needed in the Kraken documentation, but our participation to prevent election fraud is always in concert with a request from those trying to prevent it. Thus, there was no Zeta intervention.  But the Biden campaign sting operation had opened so many leads and exposed so much corruption that the Junta was loathe to end it. The Tribunals had been ongoing since the start of 2019 due to President Trump’s EO.  Gitmo was filling up, but ending the sting operation would alert the rest of the Cabal and stop the gathering of evidence required to prosecute and execute the participants.

An alternate plan was developed, whereby the election fraud would be allowed to proceed, and be corrected at some point in the future.  As is public record, President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act on January 11, just ahead of the planned inauguration of Biden on January 21. This in effect neutered any actions by Congress or the courts, so Biden did not get inaugurated, despite appearances. Just as the sting operation was about to close down, the Junta was presented with more challenges in the form of a CCP invasion of the US. They were under the White House, in tunnels, and coming across from Canada into Maine and Michigan.

The Junta and the White Hats have been presented with multiple fronts, deliberately so as the Satanists have literally been fighting for their lives. Faced with the potential of a Soros funded civil war and an invasion by the CCP, educating the public about the 2020 election fraud was delayed, repeatedly. Congress is controlled by numerous Doubles under the control of the Junta, as is the Biden administration – Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Biden, and Harris.  How will this be resolved? This will likely end over the next few months due to the New Madrid unzipping. This is due to happen by the end of 2021 or shortly thereafter, and would force a full Martial Law situation. The Military will casually announce that Trump is and has always been the President, and no one will care. 

Can the Zetas explain what is causing the huge swarm of earthquakes happening right now on LaPalma island? Surely, this is related to the African roll. There's a large thread on GLP on it. [and from another]  [and from another] A strong earthquake swarm started under the area of La Cumbre Vieja volcano in the southern part of La Palma Island yesterday. Today, the Yellow alert for has been issued for La Palma volcano. So far, more than 400 tremors have been detected, including 14 quakes of magnitudes above 3.0 and 226 quakes between 2.0 and 2.9. The seismic series is still ongoing.

The Canary Islands are volcanic because of the mountains and valleys on the underside of the African Plate. These are not seen on mankind’s relief maps which only show the exterior. During the African Roll, which has been happening during each passage of Nibiru in the past, this weak spot gets squeezed and La Palma erupts. During this current passage of Nibiru, the squeeze has only started and will get much worse. As we explained a decade ago, the tsunami resulting from the collapse of a tenuous shelf jutting out into the ocean will not be as many expect. It will only be local swirling water.

Will Milley be removed? [and from another] Book Describes General Milley as Hero who saved US from Trump, but Actually Shows him Colluding with CIA, NSA, Pelosi & China September 14, 2021 The riot on January 6 saw several hundred pro-Trump demonstrators break into the US Capitol just as the joint session of Congress was hearing objections to the electoral college vote count. The session was interrupted, and when the Congress reconvened later that night, those objecting were overruled by the outrage over what the Democrats and the media dubbed the ‘insurrection’. [and from another] Investigate General Milley Now September 15, 2021 According to the book, General Milley went to the head of the Chinese military to tell him, in effect, that Trump was bluffing. He reportedly ordered naval exercises canceled to avoid offending the Chinese.  Generals don’t get to have their own personal foreign policies. Period. They answer to the elected branches, and they must carry out every lawful directive and policy set by the people’s representatives. [and from another] Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be ‘Arrested’ for ‘Treason’
September 15, 2021 According to two people familiar with the matter, the twice-impeached former president was sounding testy and had a simple request:  He wanted his prominent supporters to go on television and in public this week to declare that Gen. Mark Milley should be “arrested” for “treason.”

One of the dramas in the 2020 election fraud is that internal to the US Military. General Milley inherited the top slot among the Joint Chiefs because it was his turn in the rotating leadership the Chiefs maintain. General Dunford retired, and General Milley stepped in. This caused conflict from the start as Milley has never been pro-Trump. Thus as early as April there were signs of conflict when those supporting a Biden Presidency were rebuffed by the Pentagon. The US Military has not accepted Biden as the President, nor do they accept General Milley as the Joint Chiefs Chairman.

Meanwhile the public deals with confusion. Part of the delay in straightening this situation out is the delay in straightening out the issue of who won the 2020 Presidential election. The Biden in the White House is under Junta control but this does not extend to the rest of the Biden Administration which is filled with eager Democrats hoping to make a Biden Administration permanent. This includes the Secretary of Defense, a Biden appointee. Thus, wrangling and argument ensue. Soon, due to the New Madrid disasters about to descend, a full Martial Law will be called by the Junta and they will sort it all out.

Can the Zetas please comment on this. Is EU about to drop vaccines and use Ivermectine? Why the shift? Silent war ending? [and from another] The EU has granted conditional approval for the emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines, with a six-week review of post-vaccination safety data. To date, EUDRAVIGILANCE has received around 20 000 reports of deaths probably related to the vaccines and some 700 000 adverse reactions, 9% of which severe. These data are, however, underestimated when it comes to the true magnitude of adverse effects, given that there is no active surveillance. The EMA has recently updated the list of adverse reactions to vaccines, adding new diseases. Moreover, the trend in infections among vaccinated people in countries such as Israel and the UK shows that the vaccines themselves are not effective against the variants that are currently predominant. The possible long-term reactions to mRNA vaccines, which have never before been authorised for humans, remain unknown. In view of this, will the Commission: 1. withdraw or suspend authorisation for the use of those vaccines owing to the lack of safety and efficacy requirements in terms of preventing infection and contagion with the SARS-CoV2 virus; 2. authorise the use of medicines that have proven to be effective in treating COVID-19, such as Ivermectin, and large-scale early home treatment protocols; 3. put in place an active surveillance system for vaccinated people, providing them with support and facilitating the necessary treatment for adverse effects? [and from another] In one day the active cases of coronavirus in Argentina fell from 189,980 to 43,779 due to an algorithm change September 9, 2021 The health part of this Thursday included a surprising figure: there are 43,779 active cases of coronavirus in Argentina . This figure marked a priori a "boom in recoveries" in just 24 hours: on Wednesday there were  189,980 infected. In other words, the system continued to show people who contracted the virus and recovered as infected, but they continued to wear the "active case" corset because the province that uploaded the positive test never notified the discharge. [and from another] 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh are now Covid-free September 10, 2021   Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while the positivity rate came down to less than 0.01 per cent. [and from another] Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of “Deworming Drug” IVERMECTIN September 15, 2021 The Gateway Pundit previously reported that COVID cases are plummeting in India thanks to new rules that promote Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to its massive population. The 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India have now become free from COVID-19 government informed on Friday. The recovery rate has increased up to 98.7% proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model.” Of course, the media won’t mention that Ivermectin is being used for the treatment of COVID-19. [and from another] NBA players not required to get COVID-19 vaccine September 14, 2021 The National Basketball Association will not require its players to be vaccinated. The proposed protocols include having unvaccinated players' lockers far away from their vaccinated teammates and players having to eat and travel in different sections. [and from another] Overview of Dutch coronavirus policy changes from Sept. 25 September 14, 2021 From September 25, fewer coronavirus measures will apply than in the past period. The obligation to keep 1.5 meters away is no more, the catering industry can open again to maximum capacity and all events are allowed under certain conditions. [and from another] Toronto Police officers, firefighters and paramedics protest against mandatory vaccines and NYC wakes up! [and from another] California Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Vax Mandate, Says Gov’t Lacks ‘Authority,’ Won’t Be ‘Blackmailed, Bullied’ September 15, 2021  “The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department will not be blackmailed, bullied or used as muscle against Riverside County residents in the enforcement of the governor’s order,” he added. [and from another] England cancels plans for COVID-19 vaccine passports: health official September 12, 2021 England has scrapped plans to make COVID-19 vaccine passports mandatory for nightclubs and other crowded spaces, a top health official said Sunday. Health Minister Sajid Javid confirmed that the country won’t go forward with its plans to begin requiring proof of vaccination later this month at the venues.

While the lockdown push by the elite is still ramping up, there is simultaneously a counter trend to back away from this stance. Japan announced it was going to halt the vaccine program until the safety of the vaccines could be assured, and now the EU is debating this subject. False statistics have been rampant during the supposed Pandemic, to bolster lockdowns which are frankly used as crowd control during the elite panic over the visibility of Nibiru in the skies. The annual flu and any death for any reason was claimed to be due to Covid-19. Meanwhile, the valid statistics on death or harm due to vaccines out-paced that from Covid-19 itself.

India survived the Delta variant which was designed to resist HCQ but used Ivermectine instead of HCQ and foiled the lockdown tyrants and those wanting to see the citizens of India rejected as emigrees. Seeing the trends, Argentina became honest and adjusted their Covid-19 deaths, showing the shocking extent that the lies about Covid deaths had reached. The Netherlands and UK are suddenly relaxing their rules, and in the US rebellion is palpable. What caused this change of events?  

The establishment assumes that what the media relays to the public will not be questioned. The reach of the alternative media is assumed to be minimal, and when the major media counters anything revealed or relayed in the alternative media, the assumption is that the public, like a herd of sheep, will stick with the establishment lies. Over half the population of the world are now contactees, and hear the truth from their visitations. What has changed is an undercurrent of facts that the common man can use to verify his subconscious awareness.  

The Internet is a powerful avenue of truth too, with personal stories and forum postings. Information spreads via email or phone conversations when social media suppression tries to block the facts from being available. That the major media reports are averse to what the common man perceives is taken to be proof of establishment lies. Each person has been subconsciously evaluating the situation, but now matters have broken out into the conscious arena. The establishment is in horror, faced with this mass rebellion of the sheep. They are reversing course, hoping to escape the consequences of their lies and tyranny. 

Sometime around September 10, a satellite detected a huge methane plume over southwest Wisconsin.  They estimate it was venting at the rate of 30 tons/hour.  They also say no planned or unplanned releases happened in the region.  This seems like rock strain is reaching the very top of the Mississippi River in a big way.  Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another] Wisconsin Launches Probe into Methane Plume Spotted from Space September 17, 2021 Wisconsin is investigating a methane plume that was spotted by a satellite last week. The state launched a probe after being contacted by Bloomberg News about a plume of methane detected in southwest Wisconsin by Kayrros SAS, which relied on a Sept. 10 satellite observation from the European Space Agency. The geoanalytics company estimated an emissions rate of 30 tons of methane an hour was needed to generate the release.

If the Wisconsin DNR knew the responsible party for this methane plume, the party would have been mentioned in the articles. At most, the general location to the West of Madison can be gauged by the satellite image which has an overlay of roadways, and indicates the plume happened in lowlands between ridges. This aligns with the Wisconsin River coming down from the Dells to join with the Mississippi. This was a stretch zone release. The fact that it was aflame is yet another indication that Nature and not man was responsible.

Though southern Wisconsin is entirely within the mainland N American Continent, the tugging that occurs as the SE Portion seeks to separate causes ripping and even sinking land in the near vicinity to the West and North of the New Madrid Fault Line. The I-35 bridge  that snapped at Minneapolis in 2007 was a similar adjustment in the upper Mississippi. These types of adjustments will occur until the big unzipping happens, estimated by us to be the end of 2021 or very early in 2022.  

A rare earthquake has struck Australia, northeast of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. This earthquake was officially measured at magnitude 6.0 and was felt as far away as the neighbouring states of South Australia and New South Wales. Do the Zetas have any comment on this rare earthquake and what it may portend for plate movements elsewhere in the world? [and from another] Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Melbourne, tremors rattle southeast Australia A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Melbourne on Wednesday, Geoscience Australia said, one of the country's biggest quakes on record, causing damage to buildings in the country's second-largest city and sending tremors throughout neighbouring states. The quake's epicentre was near the rural town of Mansfield in the state of Victoria, about 200 km (124 miles) northeast of Melbourne, and was at a depth of 10 km (six miles). An aftershock was rated 4.0. [and from another] M 5.9 - 38 km S of Mount Buller, Australia

As we detailed earlier, Australia will lift as the Indo-Australia Plate plunges under the Himalayas, thus Australia will rise on the eastern edge while it sinks on the western side. Due to the steep rise expected across Australia, the weight of the land mass of Australia will force this continent to bend in the middle. Western Australia at Perth, for instance, will be under water but Melbourne will gain 125 feet in elevation during the Pole Shift. Australia will bend along a line under the Central Lowlands, which are a thin place in the crust and approximately 2/3 of the way across the continent.  

This recent quake at Melbourne is not this bending of the Indo-Australia Plate, but a precursor. The many quakes during the rise of the eastern edge of the Indo-Australia Plate are clustered along New Zealand and Indonesia. The Pacific Plate plunges under the plate at New Zealand and Indonesia plunges under the plate at Sumatra and New Guinea. But the connection to the Antarctic Plate has not shown quake swarms because the Antarctic Plate is pushing up into the space between the tip of S America and S Africa, where the New Land we predicted will arise.

Thus the Continent of Australia is in fact put under a torque, with the eastern side lifting and the southeastern point at Tasmania being able to drop due to the void along the border with Antarctica. This torque will not snap the land, but will challenge the rock such that large jolts are occurring. After the Pole Shift, eastern Australia will find itself above the waves, as will New Zealand, but both these land masses must account for the anticipated 675 foot rise in sea level that will occur within 2 year after the Pole Shift.

Sept 24th 2021 SE Idaho - I captured a rash of moon swirl tube light. We will ask the Zetas if they could explain to us this phenomena of these wonders in the sky? [and from another] Hi Nancy is there any chance you know what this orb thing is? [and from another] [and from another] 1968 Apollo space blob [and from another] Ufo Manchester, Salford uk 18th July 2020

As we explained when addressing the Apollo space blob captured on film in 1968, a blob can form from chemicals that congeal into a gummy substance. In 1968 these chemicals might have been by products from rocket launches propelling the Apollo flights, or tossing satellites into space. These gummy or jell like blobs have also formed on Earth in her atmosphere from natural products such as volcanic eruptions or from mankind’s chemical emissions. These are variously called Angel Hair or Star Jelly. These recent space blobs are forming from the remnants of Petrol burns in space.

Several days ago the head of Russian Emergency Ministry Zinichev was lost. Then the retired general, the former representative of the President of Russia in one of federal districts of Russia Kazantsev has died. Then President Putin has cancelled his trips on the international forums ostensibly due to Covid among his staff and participated at these forums in a videoconference mode. In addition to it, Putin's wristwatch showed a wrong date during two actions (during military exercise and during voting online on elections - it is probable, it was his Double). And on September, 23rd the high-ranking officer of Investigative Committee at the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation Sarapultsev was ostensibly hung up. A plot? Or coincidence? Or something else? Maybe, Zetas will explain? [and from another] Russia's Vladimir Putin Self-Isolates after COVID-19 Infects Inner Circle September 15, 2021 Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday he was self-isolating after several members of his entourage fell ill with COVID-19. [and from another] Putin to Self-Isolate due to COVID Cases among Inner Circle September 14, 2021 Putin has been fully vaccinated with the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, receiving his second shot in April. Putin tested negative for the virus. [and from another] Russia's Vladimir Putin Quarantining after Several COVID-19 Cases in his Entourage September 14, 2021 Russia has developed several COVID-19 vaccines, but it is battling persistently low vaccination rates -- a problem caused by high levels of hesitancy among its population. Just over a quarter of Russians have received the shot, compared to more than a half in the United States and two thirds in the United Kingdom, according Our World in Data. [and from another] Russian Emergencies Minister Zinichev Dies on Arctic Drill September 8, 2021 Zinichev, 55, had died in the Norilsk area while trying to save someone's life. A cameraman had fallen off a cliff during an interview. He and the cameraman were on the edge of a cliff. The cameraman slipped and fell into the water. Zinichev rushed after the fallen man and died after hitting a protruding rock. [and from another] General of the Army Viktor Kazantsev Passed Away September 14, 2021 Hero of Russia, General of the Army Viktor Kazantsev died on the morning of September 14 in Krasnodar. He was 75 years old. The cause of death is not named. [and from another] Senior Russian Investigator Dies by Suicide After Campus Shooting September 24, 2021 A senior investigator in Russia's Perm region died by suicide days after a rare campus shooting claimed six lives and left dozens injured. The body of Sergei Sarapultsev, who headed the Russian Investigative Committee's Perm region branch, was found dead in his home. Sarapultsev took his own life after a briefing in which several Perm-based investigators were allegedly taken off the mass shooting case.

As is known, the Putin who is President of Russia has several Doubles, as do several world leaders who are in constant danger from assassination attempts. Though the Russian Covid-19 vaccine is highly effective, all flu virus mutates and there are several variants, so Putin could be considered circumspect to self-quarantine.  What is the nexus between an Emergencies Minister (Zinichev) and a respected retired General of the Army (Kazantsev) and the head of the Investigative Committee (Sarapultsev) dying within days of each other under peculiar circumstances?

When a coup attempt is discovered, the perpetrators are usually executed promptly. When the perpetrators are well known or well regarded as Kazantsev was, excuses are proffered to the media. Putin is using Covid variants as an excuse during this process. What was the basis of the coup? Putin is focused on the forthcoming Earth changes long predicted by ourselves and other prophecies considered valid. He has his own alien counselor, as we have confirmed. There are conservative elements in the Russian establishment who feel his preparations in the Far East of Russia are premature.

Why is Greece getting so many quakes lately? [and from another] Powerful 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Crete, Greece [and from another] Earthquake Strikes Crete, Killing Man and Damaging Buildings September 27, 2021 The Greek island of Crete has been hit by an earthquake, killing one man and injuring 20, while damaging homes and churches and causing rock slides near the country’s fourth-largest city. [and from another] Uh Oh! La Palma - Flatlined! September 27, 2021 This sudden and almost inexplicable silencing of an erupting volcano on LaPalma seems to coincide almost to the minute, with a Magnitude 6.0 earthquake that took place very far away on the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea!

We noted when commenting on the wildfires in Turkey and Greece last August that the Africa Plate has a hook that is part of the problem. The Africa Plate wants to roll, such that it sinks toward the Indian Ocean. To do this it must scrape past Syria and Israel, but the hook on the NE part of the Africa Plate is preventing this. The eastern Mediterranean near Greece has fractured into the Aegean Sea Plate and Anatolian Plate due to the pressure of African Rolls in the past. During the passage of Nibiru, this region will have additional fractures. But in the meantime the press for the Africa Plate to move EAST is causing a continuous hammering on Greece and pressure on the Canary Islands.

May I know if he's already dead and was replaced by the double? Where's the supreme leader? [and from another] Thinner, more Energetic Kim Jong Un Appears at North Korea Parade September 11, 2021 North Korea held a parade showcasing military dogs and virus workers in orange hazmat suits, but leader Kim Jong Un still managed to seize the spotlight by looking thinner and more energetic than he has in years. It was a stark change from 2018, when TV footage showed him struggling to catch his breath while accompanying South Korean President Moon Jae-in on a short hike to North Korea's Mount Paektu during a period of diplomatic engagement. [and from another] North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attending party meetings in February 2021, at left, and June 2021 at right, after he lost a significant amount of weight for reasons that remain unclear. [and from another] Coma rumors

In April 2020 Kim was reportedly clinging to life, rumored to need heart surgery. Then he appeared at a fertilizer factory opening in May 2020, back on his feet. Then in August 2020 more rumors that a very obese Kim was in a coma or perhaps dead. Kim had multiple health problems and did not survive the year but the N Korea Junta did not want the unrest his death would bring. Seeking a perfect Double, the N Korea Junta at first chose an obese Double but chose a younger man in good health and an optimistic outlook instead. The teeth are the tell.