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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 14, 2013

Can the zetas give a comment on this, an old story. Image is sonar of the underwater city near Cuba. [and from another]   Deep in the waters of Cabo de San Antonio, off Cuba's coast, researchers are exploring unusual formations of smooth blocks, crests, and geometric shapes. The Canadian exploration company that discovered the formations, Advanced Digital Communications, has suggested that they could be the buildings and monuments of an early, unknown American civilization. Many scientists are skeptical of any theory that might tempt people to draw a parallel with the fabled lost city of Atlantis. Geologist Manuel Iturralde, however, has stressed the need for an open mind while investigations of the site continue. [and from another]  This article was published on National Geographic in 2002, though many people have never heard of this story. We have decided to republish it as it serves to be a very interesting topic. Deep in the waters of Cabo de San Antonio, off Cuba’s coast, researchers are exploring unusual formations of smooth blocks, crests, and geometric shapes. The structures are buried under 1,900 to 2,500 feet (600 to 750 meters) of water. [and from another]  The Yucatán Channel or Straits of Yucatán is a strait between Mexico and Cuba. It is just over 200 kilometres (120 mi) wide and nearly 2,800 metres (9,200 ft) deep at its deepest point near the coast of Cuba.

Clearly Annunaki structures have been discovered off the western tip of Cuba, deep under the water. That sunken structures exist in the Caribbean should be no surprise as the Caribbean in the past was above water, such that man could walk from Florida to Venezuela. Repeated crustal movements, wherein the Caribbean was the loser, pushed down, have occurred. Where sunken structures are most notable off the Bahamas the Caribbean is rife with them. The Cuba structures are so very deep because they lie in the Yucatán Channel , one of many fault lines and rifts that exist in the region because of the grinding and crunching the Caribbean has sustained.

Scientist have found an exoplanet which is very much like Planet X, very large and it orbits its star at 650 times the distance of Earth and Sun, which the scientists say was thought to be impossible. [and from another]  But this is no "ordinary" alien planet -- it shouldn't exist. To put it bluntly, it's an affront to current planet formation theories. HD 106906b is a gas giant exoplanet with a mass 11 times that of Jupiter.  [and from another]  Astronomers have discovered a super Jupiter in a record-smashing orbit for a sun-like star, far outside the disk of dust and debris that rings the star and that typically gives rise to planets.

This presentation on a planet ranging far from its Sun is yet another pre-announcement effort to ready the public for the truth about Nibiru. The trend, since 1995 when the ZetaTalk saga began, was to first deny that such a thing as a traveling or rogue planet could exist. Then in May, 2012 discussion of a Nemesis body in the direction of the constellation Orion was revived. This had, of course, been the driving debate just prior to the discovery of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in 1983 by JPL’s infrared balloon scope.  Then last March, 2013 the Weather Channel explored what might happen if such a traveling planet were to pass through the solar system. And then in October, 2013 it hit the press that that “free-floating” planets without an apparent sun were being discovered. Now we are being told that such rogue or traveling or free-floating planets can in fact be tied to a sun, which is true of Nibiru which orbits two suns during its sling orbit. The public is being educated, ahead of the announcement.

Did Putin meet with a live alien as claimed?

Absolutely, and it wasn’t a Zeta either. It wasn’t even a hominoid. He’s had many conversations with this entity.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti closed down.  Associated whether closing "RIA Novosti" with annoucment? [and from another]  Russia's President Vladimir Putin has abolished the country's state-owned news agency RIA Novosti. In a surprise decree published on the Kremlin's website on Monday, Mr Putin announced it would be replaced by a news agency called Russia Today. The new agency will be headed by journalist and keen Kremlin supporter Dmitry Kiselev.

Clearly announcement related, the openness and debate formerly allowed on RIA Novosti is being blocked for a more controlled news outlet on Russia Today. Few are confused about the motives, as how can reorganizing a station be a cost saving maneuver? The expenses remain the same. The world is restless at present, with the populace tiring of the economic downturn, which is frankly equivalent to the Great Depression. The weather swings and the trembling ground, neither of which is explained effectively by the establishment, have the populace nervous and suspicious.

Rioting can be controlled by the military or police. But more than rioting can erupt if the public feels their needs are not being taken into consideration. For Russia, which expects a press of migrants from Europe as flooding from tidal sloshing and storms afflicts European lowlands, this will likely involve more than blocking migration at the border. Rebellion, within Russia, can be fomented, and to distract the Kremlin rebellion from the South can be added to the chorus. An open forum such as RIA Novosti had been would support debate where both sides could be heard. Russia Today will speak with a single voice.

Here is a link to the index of the NASA SOHO site that has all the images they have on their site for 2013:
Normally when you go to the SOHO gallery page here:
You can then click on the "Search and Download Images" link above the SOHO images on the page. That link takes you here:
You can then do a query for images. That link stopped working for a few days late last week but is now working but the query works but doesn't pull any images for the LASCO C2 and LASCO C3 SOHO images for the date range between 12/5/2013 after 13:25 till 12/9/2013 12:22. Put a date in between that range and right now it will only give you the most recent image. Direct index link for LASCO C2 images:
And direct index link for LASCO C3 images:
It doesn't pull them because they are not on the server. Clearly nothing happened to the SOHO satellites and are still operating.  I pose my question to the Zeta's since they will be quick and tell the truth. Where and or what happened to the missing SOHO LASCO C2 and C3 images for that date range? [Note: the images appear to be provided now, but what about the times when they were missing?]

Following the embarrassing Monster Persona of Planet X provided by the Stereo Ahead images on November 28, 2013 during the ISON perihelion focus, NASA has gotten more cautious about what images to release. Clearly, during the period in question – December 5-9, 2013 – there was some evidence of the Planet X complex that NASA felt needed to be airbrushed out. This evidence can be seen in the days prior. Moving moons in a Moon Swirl are apparent at the location in question on December 3, 2013. Then on December 4, 2013 one can see a Monster Persona, this time of a Moon Swirl. Then the image scrubbing began. 

Was the failed launch (an explosion) of the China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite an accident or a message? Purportedly its earth imagery was available to the public for use, so not classified per se.  Was its intended mission something other than what was publicly stated? [and from another]  Chinese Rocket Failure Destroys Earth-Observation Satellite.  CBERS 3 was the fourth China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite launched since 1999. Its three predecessors are no longer functioning, forcing Brazil to purchase Earth observation data from other countries. China and Brazil started cooperating in Earth observation programs in 1988. Brazil uses CBERS data to monitor wildfires and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, observe crop yields and trends in land use, manage water resources, and study urban development. Like its Landsat counterpart in the United States, the CBERS project distributes imagery for free on the Internet.

China is historically expert at launching satellites, even successfully launching a lunar probe. Nor is China secretive about their resistance to migrants swarming over their southern borders. Their Ghost Cities, prepared for the time when flooding afflicts their coastline, are openly viewed via satellite. Was the failure of the CBERS3 satellite due to technical malfunction, or did it fail as some kind of message to the elite? Though touted as an Earth observing satellite, with images available to the public, as with Russia’s failed launches in the past the main use of CBERS3 was to serve the elite.  

The elite in both China and Brazil planned to use the CBERS3 imaging to protect their assets. The public was to be misled, if necessary, with older images being provided so that current changes were disguised. Thus if drowning migrants from the Caribbean were trying to pass through the Amazon basin to southern Brazil, extensive flooding of the Amazon would be disguised to mislead migration. Similar static images would be used to fool migrants hoping to pass from India through China to lands in the North. Both participants in this conspiracy had to be involved, thus both countries share the blame. 

He's a schizophrenic with a history of violence. He also claims that he heard voices in his head and saw angels during the event. He was only three feet away from the world leaders that spoke. [and from another] The guy doesn’t seem like he’s all there, considering that he thinks he did a good job, but given that he has mental health issues yet somehow made it to a position to be next to world leaders, despite all the vetting. Was this another attempt at Obama’s life using remote viewing? [and from another]  The man who allegedly faked sign language interpretation during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service said he’s fully qualified to do his work, but he was distracted by hallucinations while performing on stage. Thamsanqa Jantjie said he suffered a schizophrenic episode and feared turning violent during the event at FNB stadium in Johannesburg — where he stood alongside several world leaders, including President Obama. [and from another]  The man accused of faking sign interpretation while standing alongside world leaders such as President Obama at Nelson Mandela's memorial service said he hallucinated that angels were entering the stadium, suffers from schizophrenia and has been violent in the past. Thamsanqa Jantjie said in a 45-minute interview with the Associated Press that his hallucinations began while he was interpreting. The statements by Jantjie raise serious security issues for Obama, other heads of state and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Many of them, including Obama, stood one yard away from Jantjie. AP journalists who visited the address of the company that Jantjie provided found a different company there, whose managers said they knew nothing about SA Interpreters. A woman answered the phone at a number that Jantjie provided and said it was not for the company, and another phone number went to a voicemail that did not identify the person or company with the number.  [and from another]  The government was looking into the vetting of Jantjie's security clearance at the memorial. The government tracked down the company Jantjie worked for, but the owners seemed to have vanished.  Jantjie named his employer as a company called SA Interpreters. As outrage over his interpretation skills have grown, so have questions about who hired him. The deaf community is in outrage. He is not known by the Deaf Community in South Africa nor by the South African Sign Language interpreters working in the field. [and from another] The government was looking into the vetting of Jantjie's security clearance at the memorial. The government tracked down the company Jantjie worked for, but the owners seemed to have vanished.  Jantjie named his employer as a company called SA Interpreters. As outrage over his interpretation skills have grown, so have questions about who hired him. The deaf community is in outrage. He is not known by the Deaf Community in South Africa nor by the South African Sign Language interpreters working in the field.

How is it possible for a translator known to have violent schizophrenic episodes to be positioned mere feet from Obama and other world leaders, during Mendela’s memorial? Was this another assassination attempt? The clues are screaming that this was the case. Jantjie was not a legitimate translator for the deaf. He received a phone call from an unknown person for the assignment from a company apparently no longer in business. Who would have to be bribed for this to happen? Someone on the memorial team. And someone would have to alter Jantjie’s medications to reduce the effect or create the episode, an easy matter for black ops to arrange.

Those in the know will be quickly killed to break the trail, so the truth will not come out. What was the goal? To create violent thrashing about by Jantjie, during which Obama might get his neck broken or to create so much confusion that some of the guards nearby shot Obama by mistake, supposedly aiming at Jantjie. This is certainly not the first assassination attempt altering medication in the mentally ill. The Santa Monica shooting in June, 2013 was one. The Navy Yard shooting in September, 2013 was another. And now S Africa in December, 2013.

Any comments on the death of the woman who confirmed Obama's birth certificate? Any shenanigans behind it in order to get people suspicious of Obama, or was it simply an unfortunate accident. [and from another]  Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii official who confirmed the authenticity of President Obama's birth record in Hawaii, died Wednesday night in a small-plane crash. The aircraft, with nine passengers on board, crashed into the ocean about a mile off Kalaupapa, Molokai. The other eight people survived. In April 2011, Fuddy confirmed Obama's "long form" birth certificate as part of the state's effort to put to rest questions about whether he was really born in the United States.

The birther movement, wherein Obama is accused of falsifying his birth certificate to claim he was born in the US, thereby becoming eligible to be President. This was loudly proclaimed during the 2012 presidential election campaign, with lawsuits brought in many venues. Obama’s mother returned to Hawaii from Kenya ahead of his birth. She was a citizen of the US, born in Kansas, but his father was a citizen of Kenya, and they had been visiting ahead of the birth of their first born. During the flap, a long-form of Obama’s birth certificate was provided by Hawaii, which should have dispelled all doubts but the birthers continue to wail.

Was this plane crash an accident, or an assassination with some goal of pursuing the birther issue without a friend in the Hawaii Health Department to support Obama’s claims? Loretta Fuddy was not the type of person to lie, or to take bribes, or to be intimidated into cooperation with the birther campaign. Thus the accident was arranged, as the birthers hoped to either kill her so they could lean on her replacement or frighten her into cooperation. Neither will bring success to the birther movement, but their fervent attempts will continue. Control of the White House, installing Romney as the true electoral winner, is the goal.