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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 25, 2015

What is causing the worldwide increase in these immense dust storms. Sometimes, as in China and London, they have a red color and are blamed on the Sahara.  [and from another]  April 17, 2015.  Experts cannot pinpoint the reason behind the spate. The footage of the dust storm in Belarus, filmed from a high rise apartment, shows traffic moving along a busy street. The storm was caused by a cold front moving in from the Ukrainian-Belorusian border. A raging sand storm sweeps in on the city of Golmud in north west China, where 200,000 people live. China's Meteorlogical Centre issued a blue alert as the sandstorms swept across the north of the country. Golmud was left covered in a remarkable red haze when the sand cloud blew across the city.  The Shard, one of London's most iconic buildings, is pictured shrouded in 'blood rain' earlier this month. In December a small town in Queensland, Australia, experienced a dust storm (pictured) that residents said was unprecedented in magnitude.  

Other than the wobble worsening, what is causing the massive dust storms which are undeniably on the increase around the globe? Some of this is caused by the red dust being increasingly delivered by the wafting tail of Planet X. This dust is a stealth dust storm in the main, as it can be seen at dawn or dusk or when the Sun’s glare is diminished in some way, but otherwise is perceived as merely a haze in the air. In regions where humidity or rain pull the red dust from the air and attach it to the soil or vegetation, the dust in the air is temporary. But in dry or desert regions, such as central China or Australia, the dust can be lifted during wind storms. The red dust from the tail of Planet X thus compounds the dust normally found in these regions.

Soda spill or Council of Worlds operation?  [and from another]  April 17, 2015. The more than two-hour blackout of a “significant” number of Bloomberg data terminals in Europe and Asia wasn’t caused by terrorism or a natural disaster — but possibly by soda spilled by a clumsy IT worker. The blackout of the terminals, used by more than 300,000 people around the world, likely sent thousands of bankers and traders into a tizzy as it came at the close of Asian markets and just as Europe’s trading day got under way. Some bond trades were canceled as a result of the tech snafu. The cause of the blackout is under investigation, Bloomberg said.

When we announced that the Council of Worlds would be going to war with the elite over their blockage of the announcement, the tools available to the Council were not immediately apparent. Early in the campaign the Sony hack showed one such mechanism, whereby an anonymous hacker revealed embarrassing information about Sony executives. The perpetrator was not N Korea, though the hack was encoded to imply this. The hack was done by existing anonymous hacking networks, who were encouraged during routine contact with benign aliens and assisted in their endeavors by having their electronic fingerprints removed by these same benign aliens.

We have explained that things, not people, can be manipulated while operating under the Council’s rule of Non-Interference. Thus, for electronic fingerprints to disappear is only manipulating a thing. Similarly exposing pedophile activities by Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton and blatant lies by self-promoting media talking heads such as Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly required nothing more than encouraging contactees to step forward.  This was likewise the case for a stepped up prosecution of off-shore tax havens and Swiss bank accounts. New information in the hands of contactees, threatening to go public, pushed prosecutors to act.

But what of financial loss, like the loss those hoping for the Swiss franc support for the Euro to continue, or during trades that might be delayed because of electronic problems. The Swiss franc unpegged from the Euro as a result of a complicated script, whereby the financial interests of many parties clashed and ultimately resulted in the unpegging. In many, many cases a financial loss sufficient to trigger a clash among the elite is a result of an electronic delay during trades. Would things to be manipulated include tipping over a can of coke that had been placed casually on a server? Absolutely. 

Landslide occurred on April 1, in the south of the Kemerovo region.
[and from another]

We have described a type of land movement whereby a top layer of soil and rock is pushed over an underlying layer, such that rumpling occurs. This is to be anticipated along the N American Continental Divide in Colorado, for instance. But the Kemerovo region is in a stretch zone, not a mountain building zone. Why then would this obvious episode of rumpling, on a virtually flat plain, occur? Kemerovo is amidst a line of lakes, from Lake Baikal through Lake Teletskoye in Kemerovo to Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan. As in many parts of the globe, such as the Finger Lakes in New York State, these represent areas where a pulling apart has occurred, which is befitting the stretch zones of the Eurasian Plate.

Stretch zones anticipate crevasses, sink holes, and twisting rail lines and roads. They do not anticipate a layer of ground being pushed overland atop another layer. The answer lies in the direction of stretch, which is seldom even from one side to the other. Kemerovo lies on the border where lowlands are rising into mountains, and thus there is nothing even about the rock and soil layers beneath Kemerovo. If the stretch is essentially side to side but the pulling apart encounters resistance in a deep rock strata, the rip point will jump above or below the resistance, thus having a diagonal pull.

A diagonal pull will result in a sudden release of tension in places of least resistance, which can jolt or jump as they rip. The episode captured on video, in process in southern Kemerovo, was such an instance, where a sudden release of tension caused the land all around the resistance point to lurch this way or that. Can such episodes be anticipated? The common man does not have the resources to map what lies beneath them, but one can see from the line of minor earthquakes that run through this region that such tremors are one clue that the stretch is not going to be gentle.