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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 27, 2014

What do zetas say about it? [and from another]  The red laser incident marks the third time since mid October that the NASA video feed has captured what UFO watchers believe to be an alien craft in close proximity to the International Space Station. But while in the previous two sightings the supposed UFO appeared to be merely observing the space station in operation, this time, whatever the entity is — or is not — seems to be taking aggressive action toward our planet. But according to NASA, there’s a very Earthly explanation for the leaser beam in space. The laser beam was actually a test firing of the new Optical Payload for Laser Communcation, or OPALS, system run in part by NASA from its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. The purpose of OPALS is to create a new, ultra-high speed communications link between Earth and spacecraft such as the space station. [and from another]  Faster downlinks from space could mean people receive higher-definition video from both satellites orbiting our planet and spacecraft farther into space, including NASA's Mars rovers. Laser communication technology also has the potential to provide faster Internet connections in remote areas on Earth. OPALS launched to the space station aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule in April. The payload was able to establish an optical communications link when its laser locked onto a ground beacon emitted by the Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory's ground station at JPL's Table Mountain Observatory in Wrightwood, California. [and from another]  OPALS successfully demonstrated optical communication by transferring videos and files from the nadir-pointed payload on the International Space Station (ISS) to our primary ground receiver at JPL's Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory (OCTL) in Wrightwood, California, and at times, other international ground stations.

The glowing red orb with laser light pointed toward Earth was not from the OPALS system, as can be quickly ascertained by its location. OPALS is attached to the ISS, on the body of the ISS per NASA’s own documentation on the system. The red orb captured on December 5, 2014 is independent of the ISS, nor is any other human body such as a satellite in view just prior to the red orb’s appearance. NASA has allowed other images of UFO visits to appear on its website recently, an attempt to expedite disclosure on the alien presence. On October 7, 2014 an elongated cigar shaped UFO suddenly appeared, then disappeared.

What is the purpose of a red glow and red ray from a UFO? Does this have something to do with the OPALS system, which uses a red laser ray for rapid communication of data? This display has more than one motive. It is first a means of getting into the news, as once the images had been released they could not be withdrawn, and even casual examination will reveal what we had mentioned – OPALS is attached to the ISS, where this red orb is not. Yet for those needing the Element of Doubt, it is provided as those nervous about the alien presence can just accept NASA’s bluster.

A second motive is to show off alien technology. The Council of Worlds has authorized destroying those launches that assist or promote the elite’s attempts to escape the Earth during the forthcoming Pole Shift. Since the exact reason for an aborted launch, exploding dramatically in front of the cameras, cannot be pinned down and can be argued, there are those among the elite who argue that better expertise or different captains will fix the problem. Press on, is their attitude, and meanwhile keep the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru and the pending passage a secret. This glowing red UFO and its pointed red laser is the Council’s way of saying “we have lasers too, but they’re not for communications”.

It makes no sense to me that the Council of Worlds would go to war and force the hand of the elite, instead of just helping get the announcement made.  Highjacking all broadcast signals would be simple. So, my question is: why war?

Humans, living on a 3rd density world, a schoolhouse for young souls where the spiritual orientations mix and can brutalize or care for each other without hindrance, find the concept of how higher density entities supervise this schoolhouse confusing. Human societies have parents that interfere, police and courts that interfere, and when the strong want a course of action it is forced to happen. But a schoolhouse in 3rd density has the Rule of Non-Interference as rule one, what some call the Prime Directive.

We have explained that in the past humans could have conscious contact with aliens. But just prior to the time of Roswell a vote by Earthlings determined the Earth to be a home for Service-to-Other souls in the future, and thus no direct activity by the visitors that would tip the globe in the other direction would be allowed. UFO displays are done only by visitors in the Service-to-Other. The Chupacabras were allowed as they were only allowed to terrify, not attack, humans.  All visitations were to be recorded only in the subconscious of contactees, to lessen the likelihood that they would be attacked during mankind’s rapid Awakening period by other humans frightened by the concept of intelligent life from outer space.

These edicts are encompassed in the Element of Doubt rule, whereby any discernable action by the visitors must be able to be denied by those who are too frightened. UFO displays are obvious for those embracing the alien presence, but for the frightened they are weather balloons. That said, why would the Council of Worlds not simply make the announcement that Nibiru has arrived and is due for a passage? A booming voice from the skies, a takeover of all TV screens or some such action.

To abide by the rule of Non-Interference, mankind must be taking the actions. What the Council is doing is working through the hands of man. Men take the actions, though they can be provided with information or assistance via manipulation of things. We have explained that the rules allow things but not people to be manipulated. Information such as internal codes for Sony computers is provided. Electronic communications such as stock market buy/sell orders are lost or delayed. This is not interfering with mankind’s self-determination, but will eventually force the elite to acquiesce to allow Obama to make his announcement re Nibiru.

The low price of oil product of the production increase by Saudi Arabia, new policy which they have stated they will not step back from, has several different impacts. First, it favors the oil non-producing countries, which have to import and pay the price for it, Europe and China included. Secondly it is detrimental to other oil producing countries, which have less reserves and/or higher production costs. They´ll get less money for the oil they export. Among them, of course, Venezuela, Russia and Iran. Russia and Iran are supporters of the Assad´s regime in Syria, which both the US and Saudi Arabia want to see gone. It is also detrimental to the recently developing shale oil producers in the US, just because their cost of production is higher. The same applies to the UK oil producers in the North Sea (Scotland), which will no more seek its independence from the UK because Scotlande is now more dependent on the Union to finance itself. So, it helps the UK and the English royalty, in a certain sense. Other result of this move, is that it propels the US Dollar upwards, while making the Russian Ruble value go dramatically down. Even though an important portion of Russia´s exports is still paid in US Dollars, with contracts signed, so that Russia is still making money, the low value of the Ruble will generate problems on the internal demand in Russia. And yes, Saudi Arabia will make much less money by selling its crude at a lower price, but they just don´t care about it (yet). They can afford it. Finally, in a certain extent it encourages the use of oil instead of gas, just because oil is now cheaper, even though gas will probably never be totally replaced by oil since gas is a much ¨greener¨ fuel than oil. In summary, the ¨oil weapon¨ has been used to attack Russia, Iran and Venezuela, while coming in support of the US policies and the US Dollar. Many questions may arise from this development: Will this commercial war extend until the hour of the PS? How deep down will the low cost of oil take the Russian economy? Is Saudi Arabia going to be punished by this policy anyhow? In what extent is Saudi Arabia in the know about the PS? If they are, how does this cheap oil policy relate to their plans for the pending passage? Are they just trying to sell as much oil as they can, before the passage? Is the Saudi elite just going to grab the money and flee to Australia, leaving their people back on their own in the Saudi country, future next door neighbor of the new South Pole (a future Siberia?) How is it related to the pending Announcement? For sure all of these little wars, political and power moves, attacks on the economies, terrorism, etc., do not precisely help in any way to prepare for the PS, but are rather distractions of valuable time, energy and resources. Would the Zetas like to comment? [and from another]  Saudi Arabia has two options: They can cut their own production and therefore lose revenue and market share, or they can just let the price fall, thinking that the higher cost of production leads to a drop in supply on its own. Saudi Arabia is signaling that if OPEC needs to cut production levels, they want other exporters who are not members of OPEC to cut their production as well. What’s changed fundamentally in the market in the last few years is the dramatic increase in U.S. oil production. There are few other instances in history when oil production has grown so quickly. I think we’re still learning a lot about U.S. oil production. Other oil producers are opting to wait and see what happens, and then take a decision. [and from another]  1973 During the OPEC oil embargo oil prices were increased fourfold. Japan experienced its first oil crises with the Middle East war. The US experienced a gasoline shortage. 1973 Oct 20 Arab oil-producing nations banned oil exports to the United States, following the outbreak of Arab-Israeli war. 2000 Sep 10 In Austria OPEC ministers planned to call for a 2% raise in oil output. Ministers approved a 3% hike of 800,000 barrels of oil. 2001 Mar 17 OPEC decided to curtail its official output by 4 percent, or 1 million barrels of oil a day, in an effort to halt a recent slide in oil prices, a decision the Bush administration called "disappointing." 2001 Dec 5 Russia agreed to cut its oil exports by 150,000 barrels a day to satisfy OPEC demands. 2013 Dec 4 OPEC leaders meeting in Austria agreed to hold its crude production ceiling at 30 million barrels per day despite oversupply concerns and competition from cheaper shale oil. 2014 Nov 27 Saudi Arabia led the 12-member OPEC oil ministers meeting in Austria. OPEC opted to keep their production target at 30 million barrels a day, despite an oversupply of crude and plunging prices. [and from another]  OPEC is now engaged in a price war with oil producers in the United States. The cartel will let prices keep falling in the hopes that many of the newest drilling projects in the US will prove unprofitable and shut down. It's also a sign that OPEC's influence over global oil markets may be waning. In the United States, companies began using techniques like fracking and horizontal drilling to extract oil from shale formations.

Why is OPEC, and primarily Saudi Arabia, engaged in an oil price war that is driving prices below where OPEC countries can make a profit? This is a standard business practice to eliminate competitors, as oil production is currently exceeding demand. But it also is striving to give OPEC countries, predominantly in the Middle East, more clout. 40 years ago, OPEC could terrorize the world by limiting their oil production, driving prices to an exorbitant level, and did so between 1973-1975 to protest the Arab-Israeli war. At that time OPEC was comprised of Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

It was Israel that was seen as the enemy in 1973, the aggressor, engaged in land grabs, a practice it continues today in its rapacious treatment of Palestinians. In response to this OPEC leverage, western countries increased their own oil production, and a decade ago an oil glut was apparent. Controlling output to keep prices up has been in place, with all oil producing countries cooperating until very recently in 2013. What changed? Saudi Arabia can afford this price war, while other members of OPEC cannot and are hurting. It is theorized that the Saudis are trying to drive US shale production out of business, but is there more to the picture?

There is conflict between the Sunni and Shia religious sects. Saudi Arabia is 95% Sunni, while Iran is 90% Shia. Thus Iran is willing to fight the newly emerged ISIS movement, which is also Sunni, while the Saudis are reluctant to do so. While the US was in Iraq, having removed the Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein and his Republican Guard, Saudi Arabia felt that the Shia in the region would be held in check. Now Obama has ended the Iraq war and made it quite clear that boots on the ground will not be re-established. What is this price war about? The Saudis want to return to the days when they could dictate policy.

Why is NASA trying to create Havoc on Venus? [and from another] NASA Wants To Establish A Floating Cloud City To Study Venus December 18, 2014  While Mars may be all the rage right now, a team of NASA scientists has dreamed up an innovative concept that could eventually see humans permanently occupying Venus’ atmosphere, in a floating cloud city. Everybody is keen to get humans to Mars; it’s been seen as the next logical step for some time now, mostly because of its Earth-like qualities. But what about Venus, our closest neighbor?  It’s the hottest planet in the solar system, with surface temperatures reaching (870oF)—plenty hot enough to melt lead. It’s also shrouded in a very dense atmosphere with clouds of toxic sulphuric acid, and its crushing surface pressure is around 90 times that of ours.  Named the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC), the evolutionary program comprises a series of ventures that would kick off by sending a robot into the atmosphere to test the waters, followed by a 30 day crewed, orbital mission. If successful, the next mission would be a crewed, 30-day venture in Venus’ atmosphere, ultimately leading up to humans spending a year in the atmosphere, or maybe even the establishment of a permanent presence in a floating “city.” [and from another]  SpaceX was originally expected to launch its Falcon 9 rocket carrying an uncrewed Dragon cargo ship to the station for NASA today (Dec. 19), but the launch was delayed partly due to a problem with the rocket. SpaceX is now expected to launch its fifth official mission to the orbiting outpost under a contract with NASA on Jan. 6.

This plan, to send humans to live in floating cities above the atmosphere on Venus, is not what it seems or is claimed. At a time of budget shortfalls, it is preposterous to even entertain such a plan.  Creating floating cities above a poisonous planet is positively silly. This is an attempt to evade the Council of Worlds admonitions against sending the elite to Mars or the Moon to escape the Pole Shift. The December 4 Orion launch was originally to test life support systems, which had to be removed for the launch to evade Council interference.  SpaceX is repeatedly pushing their launch test dates into the future, now pushed into 2015.

The elite cannot conceive of a situation where their thoughts, their agenda, can be so easily read by higher entities, and then blocked so effectively. Like naughty children trying to evade their parent’s rules, they are trying evasive maneuvers. While the Council is blocking or blowing up shuttles designed to carry man to Mars or the Moon, this group assumes that by claiming a shuttle with floating cities will be for venus that the Council will be fooled. Such is the arrogance within the Service-to-Self elite on Earth, who assume themselves the equal of those on the Council.

I was shown a video depicting the sun from perspective of a camera on the surface of earth. This is one of the three such videos I have come across in the past 72 hours. In the video, it seems that the poles of sol have recently been emitting large, erratic 'lightning' Phenomenon. Assuming that this particular event has coincidence with the coming polar shift, what is the significance of the phenomenon? [and from another] LIVE ASTRONOMY DSW OBSERVATORY KINGMAN AZ  [and from another] DarkSkyWatcher74 channel.

What it this new phenomena, appearing to come from the center of the Sun? It is the middle of the Solar Minimum, and solar emissions on NOAA charts appear normal. These flashes of light, what some call akin to lightning in appearance, fade into smoke in the upper atmosphere and disburse, like contrails. They emerge both top and bottom from the sunball, where the magnetic poles of the Sun are located. It is as though something is coming directly from the center of the Sun and creating a type of lightning when it hits the upper atmosphere.  

We have described lightning traveling in space as dark, as there can be no flash and crackle without water vapor or oxygen. We have described the Thunderbolts of the Gods, the trumpeting that will be heard during these lightning storms leaving the Earth to head toward Planet X. These Last Weeks trumpets caused by static electricity from the wafting tail of Planet X will be accompanied by dancing figures in the sky, like the petroglyphs found on cave walls. This trumpeting can also occur when intense rock stress creates electrical discharge from the rock, such as the stress on the N American Plate due to bowing at present.  The Arizona observatory is under such stress.  

Is this electrical discharge coming from the Sun? No, it is coming from the Earth’s crust. Where the discharge appears to align with the Sun’s poles, the Earth’s poles align with the Sun. Solar emissions are most intense in a direct line from the sunball, and thus when static electricity is accumulating in the upper atmosphere, it is attracted to this point.  The static electricity rises, aligns with the magnetic field lines of Earth, intensifies at the spot in front of the sunball, and discharges. Solar emissions coming from the sunball do have a magnetic spread, reflecting the N/S poles of the Sun. Thus the discharge jumps toward those point.