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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 19, 2015

A SOHO-Image of Planet X was posted on Wednesday with the title "is there an alien-mothership flying?" Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another]  A space probe of NASA sent this inexplicable recording to Earth. UFO researchers are unsure: Here we see an alien mothership with Angel Wings. The theory: The visitor parking next to our sun to recharge your cosmic energy. The photographs were taken by the space probe SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) - a joint project of ESA and NASA. Since 1995, the probe is used in numerous experiments research on the sun. Apparently it's not the first time that the spacecraft visited our solar system. Again and again the pictures on the SOHO solar probe this anomaly on: UFO bloggers describe the object as a "gigantic structure in sun near". For others, the mysterious phenomenon is just "angelic". [and from another]  [and from another] Check out Second Sun visible in Indonesia – A harbinger that Nibiru is nearing. This seems a real nice photo to publish on your site. (If it is a true photo.) [and from another]  Reports of a Second Sun continue. The latest report came from a witness who took a picture of a second sun from the 6th floor of the Silver Radar Tarakan building in Kalimantan, Indonesie on December 4, 2015. [and from another]  This strange, otherworldly sight could just be a hoax, but similar optical illusions have been seen before. [and from another]

As with the Florida video in late October, 2015, showing a monster Moon Swirl persona visible both naked eye and in the video, the Indonesia photo is undeniable. The Indonesia capture is again a monster Moon Swirl on the left hand side of the Sun, not a flare as it stands behind the clouds and not a ghost of the Sun as it has a different cloud pattern before it. Significantly, this was covered by the Indonesia press, where the subject of Nibiru is severely repressed. The pace of such media coverage is picking up, with a popular German publication discussing the Moon Swirls evident in SOHO images. With or without the announcement admitting Nibiru, the public is being educated.

Scientists claimed they found elusive ‘Planet X.’ Doubting astronomers are in an uproar. [and from another]  It’s a big, dark presence at the farthest reaches of our solar system, a mysterious force powerful enough to skew the paths of planets in orbit and yet so subtle that it slips undetected past even the most powerful telescopes on Earth. It’s known as Planet X. And a group of astronomers said they’d found not just one such presence, but two of them.   [and from another]  Using data from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in Chile, astronomers found a faint object in the Alpha Centauri star system that's closest to Earth, reported. After analyzing the data, the astronomers ruled out that it may be another star. Instead they posit that the object is orbiting our own sun in the outer realm of our solar system – meaning it could be the much sought-after "Planet X." [and from another]  Astronomers believe they have discovered two of the most distant objects ever found in our solar system. Using the Alma telescope, researchers from Sweden and Mexico noticed mysterious objects crossing their field of view as part of separate studies. It's difficult to tell exactly how far away these objects are, but their speed and brightness suggest that they are unlikely to be stars. One of the objects, they say, could be a 'Super Earth' located six times farther away than Pluto. The studies have already drawn scepticism from other astronomers who say they are likely to be something known as super-cool brown dwarfs. Brown dwarfs are cosmic bodies that never burn fusion at their core. Scientists sometimes refer to them as 'failed stars.' While the latest studies do not rule out this possibility, they add that both objects may be a good candidate for 'Planet X'. [and from another]  The recent discovery of Sedna, a small planet like object first detected by Cal Tech astronomer Dr. Michael Brown, provides what could be indirect physical evidence of a solar companion. Matching the recent findings by Dr. Brown, showing that Sedna moves in a highly unusual elliptical orbit, Cruttenden has determined that Sedna moves in resonance with previously published orbital data for a hypothetical companion star.

What are these objects found by the ALMA array in Chile? We have stated that the Sun’s dark unlit twin, its binary, is some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away, and that these two binaries are in a static dance with each other, no motion toward or away from each other. One of the objects is described as being 6 times the Earth-Pluto distance away, much closer at hand. The ALMA objects were discovered in the direction of the constellation Centauri. Nibiru comes in from its second foci, the dark unlit binary of the Sun, from the direction of Orion, but these two constellations are in the same general vicinity.

There are two issues here, to be examined. One is the story of a gravity pull out in the general direction of Orion, causing the outer planets to perturb, pull toward this mystery gravity draw. This was much in the news in the early 1980’s when the gravity draw was known as Nemesis. The subject was stricken from the press after 1983 when the approaching Nibiru was discovered via the NASA/JPL infrared balloon and the cover-up began. This subject has reared its head on occasion, in 2006 when a group of scientists argued that long-period comets all come in and exit from this direction, and Sedna pulls in this direction. But this gravity draw has never been explained. Now the subject of Planet X is being revived.

The second issue to be examined is these two recently discovered objects. It is speculated there is only one object, a moving object, but there are two. If they were found 6 Sun-Pluto distances away, Sedna, which orbits the Earth, was found to move 3 Sun-Pluto distances away during its orbit. Are these new objects in orbit around Earth? They are not, but rather in a static dither. We mentioned Nibiru spent most of its life midway between its foci, in a dither, only drifting close enough to Earth to make a pass every 3,600 years or so.

We mentioned that Nibiru began its sling orbit coming out of the Big Bang, and thus must forever remain in this sling orbit, but other objects in the vicinity were not trapped in this manner. Planets orbit their sun’s because they are close enough to be affected by the rotation of matter within their suns, the sweeping arms we have described. If the distance is sufficient, and if the planetary mass has more than one gravity draw calling to it, it will dither. These two new discoveries are proof of a second gravity draw in the direction of the constellation Orion. Meanwhile, the subject of Planet X, aka Nibiru, is again in the news!

The news may fuel rumours by conspiracy theorists that a mysterious Planet X four times the size of Jupiter will pass the Earth this month. Does the establishment think the announcement will happen during the Holidays? [and from another] December 16, 2015. A colossal asteroid so big some claim its gravitational pull could cause earthquakes and volcanoes on Earth is set to skim past the planet on Christmas Eve. The 1.5 mile wide slab of space rock - known as 2003 SD220 - is so large it could potentially wipe out a continent in the case of a direct hit. This monster asteroid is one of 17 being closely monitored by Nasa and other astronomy experts due to its proximity to earth. Scientists now believe this asteroid, and some others, could be even bigger than calculated as it is thought part of their mass may have been shrouded in darkness. The news may fuel rumours by conspiracy theorists that a mysterious Planet X four times the size of Jupiter will pass the Earth this month. [and from another]

What is the point of raising apocalyptic warnings about yet another Near Earth Asteroid - 2003 SD220.  We had Apocalypse rumors ahead of September 23, 2015 when the Pope was scheduled to speak at the UN, and on Halloween, 2015 when Asteroid TB145 was making a pass, and on November 10, 2015 when space junk named WT1190F was scheduled to drop into the Indian Ocean.  All of these instances attempted to raise a warning about the Apocalypse, to weary the public, desensitize it to the terms being used. The theme of the hype is that the threat has passed, so go back to shopping as usual. The hope of those behind these efforts is that when a real announcement about the real Nibiru is made, no one will take it seriously.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens? This is the first Star Wars movie to be released since George Lucas sold Lucasfilm ( to Disney. New director JJ Abrams has previously helmed Star Trek: Into Darkness which featured overt references to the ZetaTalk message including a red planet named Nibiru ( and the Rule of Non-Interference. The Zetas have stated that the out-of-sequence release of the Star Wars trilogies was not an accident. If the original trilogy depicted spiritual decision making ( and victory through courage, and the prequel trilogy depicted the crumbling of democracy ( and evil entrenched in government, what is the message conveyed by the latest Star Wars movie? Is the title itself an allusion to the ZetaTalk message of the Awakening? [and from another]  [and from another]  Three decades after the second Death Star's destruction, Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, has vanished. The First Order, successor to the Galactic Empire, is scouring the galaxy for Luke, as is the Resistance, an offshoot of the New Republic led by General Leia Organa.

The battle goes on, and is not over simply because some top leadership has been eliminated. We have stated that the trilogy of 4, 5, and 6 in the series was released first, to show that the good guys win and even a small band of determined fighters can make a difference. Later the trilogy of 1, 2, and 3 in the series was released to show how democracy crumbed so that the Emperor could gain control. The logical order of the timeline was reversed so that the public could more readily relate the Star Wars story to current events.

Star Wars was first released in 1977, when Carter had just been sworn in as President. It was a time of feel-good, do-good, when one could sleep soundly as the good guys were in charge. Thus, the happy ending resonated. The second trilogy was released between 1999-2005 when a handoff from Clinton to Bush occurred. Election fraud, an invasion of Iraq on false claims of weapons of mass destruction, and an insider job reaching all the way into the Bush White House bringing down the World Trade Centers on 911 as the trigger.  The subterfuge shown in the earlier timeline, where evil lurked at the heart of the senate, fit this era, and thus resonated.

What does the current era relay? The Council of Worlds is at war with the cover-up over the approach of Nibiru, and as a result many secrets are being revealed. Recent revelations are Turkey, a NATO member, funding ISIS by brokering their stolen oil, and Saudi Arabia, a long-standing ally of the US, fomenting terrorism in the US.  The elite – politically powerful and wealthy – are being exposed, and toppled from their perch. Meanwhile, the Earth changes caused by Nibiru are on the increase, and even if informed, the public will find itself devastated, alone, and confused. Who leads in this situation, when so many assumed leaders have been stripped of their masks, their true agenda exposed?

The third Star Wars trilogy steps into such a void. Polarization is increasing, even within families, and the disparate path taken by Rey and Ren represents this, as does the decision by Finn to switch sides. Lies and propaganda are pushed by those wanting to control the public. The Jedi have been essentially wiped out and Luke has disappeared into exile as Yoda did in the past, to preserve his knowledge until the time is right. The power hungry Empire is now being run by new masters, a never ending line of those eager to assume control. We have stated that natural leaders will step forward in such times, and Rey and Finn exemplify this. There are role models aplenty in Star Wars, the Awakening, which resonates with the times.

I just happen to have run into this story of Brice Taylor, and it has called my attention and triggered my curiosity.  I have also seen some comments on Internet regarding that Angela Merkel would be the daughter of Adolf Hitler, and also that Barbara Bush would be the daughter of Aleister Crowley! I know that before WWII Crowley was a close friend of Winston Churchill and a well known character in Germany, too. It is quite possible that, by the level of his contacts, Crowley may have met Prescott Bush, too.  And then, I have recalled that the Zetas said that Jr. Bush was the product of some genetic engineering. Of course, none of these rumors have any chance to be confirmed. But I smell that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than we all think. Are there inside the British royalty any individuals who are not natural sons of the Royal House, but rather product of some special breeding with external individuals? (to me, Charles is not precisely a stallion) Is there any truth in any of these stories? If yes, are these secret practices current among the elite? If the so called satanic rituals were true, would this mean they were talking to STS entities who may have guided them to do some ritualistic practices? I don´t know, I feel very curious about these matters, and I would think many people would like to hear what the Zetas have to say about it, as/if they are allowed to comment on this, if they think this is of interest. [and from another]  [and from another]  [and from another]

There is endless fascination about the Illuminati, and any Service-to-Self influence over the NAZI. As we have endlessly stated, the Service-to-Self lie, and one of the lies they pushed to make those they wished to control feel special, chosen, was that a blood line mattered. These stories were pushed, rumors spread, even if untrue, to further political agendas, or to further control over the individuals that might be affected. We decline to validate or confirm any of the stories, most of which are untrue, because, as we have stated, it is the soul incarnate that matters. The soul determines the path taken, the agenda, the actions, and the DNA therefore irrelevant.