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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 25, 2013

On May 14th, 7 people from countries not particularly friendly to the United States, were caught walking out of an area that surrounds the water supply to Boston at 12:30 at night. This area is posted with no trespassing signs. It was 5 days past the new moon, so essentially no light to see anything.  Their claim was that they were chemical engineer grads and this was part of their education and career interests. Do the Zetas have any comment? [and from another]  They were chemical engineers and recent college graduates--citing their education and career interests as their justification for getting close to the reservoir. State police said the individuals live "in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, Northampton, and New York City." They say the individuals had no warrants and that there was no indication of a crime greater than trespassing being committed.  All seven were released, but will be brought to court over the incident. The FBI is now involved in the investigation as well. [and from another]  State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates.

This is not innocent and not what is claimed. These individuals ostensibly did not know each other, were not from the same school or town, were not on a school assignment, were not employed by the same company, and if you want to go on an educational field trip you go during the day, not at night. They were asked, due to their specialized education, to analyze how easy it would be to poison the water supply, and such endeavors have occurred elsewhere too. Should those in the US be worried? Always. The US has in the past used their large standing military to bully the world for US corporations and politicians, the Bush administration’s foray into Iraq and Afghanistan during an oil grab in 2003 just the latest. They are much hated.

Just finished watching the new Star Trek "Into Darkness" Movie and a few things quickly grabbed my attention: In the opening scene the crew is on a Planet called 'Nibiru' and has mainly 'Red Vegetation' (Is a Red Planet). When discussing the planet Nibiru they refer to cataclysms that would wipe out most of the population of the planet (they want to interfere to save the population). Even though they didn't say Earth is involved with the said cataclysm I definitely saw parallel's! To my suprise they use the term 'Non-Interference'; when describing how not to interact with the population to a certain extent because of rules in place by the federation (VERY SIMILAR TO THE CoW's rules the Zeta's have outlined about not being able to spare Earth from its Cataclysm). Would the Zeta's care to comment on whether the Director JJ Abrams is one of the few directors that is in the 'Know' about the coming changes and whether he may be following Zetatalk / Poleshift Ning himself?Or is this another case of the Puppet Master using Hollywood as a form of education (albeit subliminaly to people unknowing about the pending shift)?  [and from another] I noticed that Nibiru was just tacked on as a planet at the start, for 15 minutes or so, and not involved in the broader plot at all. Primitive people chasing a couple Star Trek folk through the red plants, that’s all! This could have been filmed separate from the rest of the movie, and quickly too within days I would gauge. Like an afterthought.  [and from another]  There was (and still is) no scientific evidence to support the existence of Nibiru, and NASA even released a statement last year refuting the claims, after the agency was accused of a conspiracy to cover up the Nibiru threat to avoid mass panic. A self-described psychic named Nancy Lieder announced that aliens had warned her that Nibiru would collide with Earth in 2003. [and from another]  A preliminary script was rumored to be completed by Christmas 2009 for a 2011 release. By 2010, a release date of June 29, 2012, was set. Abrams admitted in December 2010 that there was still no script. The film was given a revised release date and pushed to a 2013 slot. The film began principal photography on January 12, 2012, with a scheduled release date of May 16, 2013.

What is notable in the new Star Trek’s use of the name Nibiru for a red planet about to experience total destruction is the placement of this portion of the film – right at the start, with the segment utterly separated from the rest of the plot line and scenes. Totally detachable. Filming the Nibiru portion involved primitive people chasing Star Trek people across a red planet with red vegetation. Not an expensive set to redo using another planet. Thus the use of Nibiru could have been popped in at the last minute, or replaced at the last minute. Was it? An alternate version of the start was indeed in the offing, should Obama’s plans to admit the presence of Nibiru change.

It is not unusual for a film to be under production for years, while the cast and producers are lined up and contracts signed. But this whole production has been, notably, while Obama has been president with a “preliminary script” completed in 2009. Release dates were set for 2011, then 2012, and finally 2013. Was there pressure from the cover-up to change the film? If the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X nearby was not in process, this movie would not have the links to ZetaTalk in place. Nibiru would not be the name, for instance, were the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru still firmly in place. Because of Obama’s intentions, Star Trek is leading the charge.

Is this release hand-in-hand with the planned announcement admitting, virtually, that Nancy was right all along? Certainly the production and media have been encouraged to make those associations. News articles such as the Yahoo article are pointing directly to Nancy and ZetaTalk. How many ways is this new Star Trek movie pointing to the ZetaTalk website? Nibiru, the name of the planet, related to planetary destruction. The red color in the soil and vegetation. The rules of a council or federation affecting interplanetary engagements. And where Star Trek has always had the Prime Directive, in this episode it is clear this means Non-Interference, a ZetaTalk term.  All to generate chatter in the media.

Would the Zetas care to comment on this?  Is this just in anticipation of riots and an unruly populace, or is there something else to it? 
[and from another] U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities Without Presidential or Local Approval  Military no longer under civilian control? In a move that makes clear the direction that our country is increasingly heading towards, the Department of Defense has published an update to a US code that outlines military power during civil unrest. The code, ““Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies,”  was slightly altered during a May 13th update which now allows the military to unilaterally declare martial law without presidential approval. Multiple sections of the code outline plans and policies for a martial law scenario and should be considered a must read for any American worried about their freedoms in what has become a hostile American police state. [and from another] DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement  In addition to defining responsibilities for military coordination with local law enforcement, the instruction describes circumstances in which direct participation in civilian law enforcement is permissible.  Under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, U.S military personnel are generally prohibited from assisting in civilian law enforcement functions such as search and seizure, interdiction of vehicles, arrest and interrogation, surveillance or using force except for in self-defense. Though the Posse Comitatus Act originally referred only to the Army, it was extended in 1956 to include the Air Force. Subsequent DoD regulations prevent the use of the Marine Corps or Navy for civilian law enforcement functions.  In 1981, this principle was further codified in 10 USC § 375 which directs the Secretary of Defense to ensure that military activities do “not include or permit direct participation by a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps in a search, seizure, arrest, or other similar activity unless participation in such activity by such member is otherwise authorized by law.” Though the Posse Comitatus Act is the primary restriction on direct DoD involvement in law enforcement functions, it does not prevent military personnel from participating in circumstances “authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress.”  This includes circumstances involving “insurrection, domestic violence, or conspiracy that hinders the execution of State or Federal law” as well as actions “taken under express statutory authority.” 

The Posse Comitatus Act has been tightened under Republican presidents in the past. In 1956 Eisenhower was president and in 1981 Reagan was president. Republicans are deemed by nature to be more aware of the agendas behind power grabs. Bush, eager to install martial law to increase his own power only temporarily convinced Congress after Katrina to loosen the act in 2006. In 2008, the issue of returning troops being used to suppress domestic rioting again raised its head, due to anticipation of the Wall Street and housing bubble collapse.

Why at this current time has the Republican House allowed the rule to be relaxed, handing control to a Democratic President? This statutory change was enacted in anticipation of the admission over the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X in the inner solar system – the announcement by Obama and NASA that has been anticipated for almost a year. It has been clear that Obama made this an open secret, informing key Senators and Representatives and the media. Should widespread rioting occur, during a time when cataclysmic changes make communications difficult, those in governance want the US military to engage.

What is causing the ice flows afflicting N America this year? Is this related to the Earth wobble, and is this something N America should expect to be a regular feature?  [and from another] May 1, 2013  Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency captured stunning footage of a 9-ft wall of ice ploughing for miles across the frozen Codette Reservoir near Nipawin, Saskatchewan. [and from another] May 6, 2013  Surging ice damaged dozens of homes along the shores of Alberta Beach on Lac Sainte Anne, Alberta.
[and from another] May 10, 2013  Powerfully wind-driven ice bank demolished dozens of homes on the shores of Manitoba’s Dauphin Lake. [and from another] May 11, 2013  Ice heaves, some 30 feet high, covered 10 miles of shoreline on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota, pushing into homes.
[and from another] May 17, 2013  Boulders of ice pounded villages along Alaska's Yukon River, destroying outbuildings and knocking homes off their foundations, though not as severe as the rapid thaw in 2009 that buried the region in blocks of river ice.

The ice flows piling up on shorelines in N America are certainly caused in the main by the more violent Earth wobble. This, combined with repeated thawing and freezing which has been a result of the incipient blending of the seasons. Hard frozen lake ice does not move under the wind, but when thin due to the Spring thaw is more mobile. Ice flows that would ordinarily be thick, and thus bump into one another but remain in place, are thawed to a thinness that allows them to fracture as they are thrust against one another, thus in a state that can be carried by waves readily. Is this likely to get worse as the 8 of 10 blending of the seasons progresses? It is likely to be a temporary feature, as when the blending is firmly in place, no significant ice will form on these lakes in the first place!

Good news maybe, in Russia started new TV channel. Anatoly Lysenko, the director general of the channel said shortly before the official opening that "the channel would be educational and was supposed to become a new floor for discussing urgent problems that are a source of concern for Russian society. The channel should also be an instrument of direct and open communication between the people and the authorities". It's channel independent organization! Anyone can send a story to the TV channel OTR-Online  Will it help to reveal the truth and spread the truth about the Pole Shift as Ren TV  and TV3  or will spread disinformation? REN TV is so open that it shows about aliens almost every day and a lot of information is a true. Here's an example about Nibiru: “ These strange phenomenon in the evening sky in March 2012 saw the first residents of Orenburg, and after a few months, something like that showed one of the main TV channels in China. Two suns in the sky, it looks like a sci-fi movie shooting. The researchers of all mystic immediately began talking about the mysterious planet Nibiru. “
[and from another]  On April 17 2012, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed decree ?455 on establishing of the station. According to Medvedev's decree, the interests of the public will be represented by the Public Television Council (PTC), which will be appointed on the basis of nominations submitted by an all-purpose oversight body called the Public Chamber of Russia. No members of the Channel management will be allowed to be members of parliament or government officials. On June 2012 a bill that creates a legislative base for a public television was passed in the Russian parliament. On July President Vladimir Putin approved members of the Public Television Supervisory Board and appointed President of the International TV Academy Anatoly Lysenko its director-general. On September 2012 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a resolution establishing the Public Television of Russia, as an independent non-commercial organization. The charter was also approved and added to the resolution. [and from another] Russian President Vladimir Putin's  visit to Kyrgyzstan early next month.  Last visit was /2012/10/09/:  (water quarrels)  Know the presidents of small countries such as Kyrgyzstan (name is Almazbek Atambayev)  - Obama’s  announcement of  Planet X?

That the media is tightly controlled is indisputable. Even obvious signs in the skies like a double sunrise or sunset, or an Earth wobble putting the Sun and Moon out of position do not make the news in the US. There are alternative news sources that discuss these matters, and this includes the Internet which supports email, forums, and blogging. But the broad reach of the media is reserved for those TV stations that are broadcast far and wide, or broadcast free to the public. These stations almost invariably support the official political line and scientific theories, and treat any matter counter to these requisites in a derogatory manner.

Russia is far more open than the US and where officially there is a cover-up over the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X and the alien presence, this is openly discussed on a few TV stations. What is the need then, in Russia, for an independent TV station purporting to carry a dialog from the people to the government? Putin and the Russian government are looking beyond the anticipated announcement by Obama admitting the near presence of Nibiru. Especially in Russia, where ZetaTalk is well known and well respected, there is bound to be concern over the anticipated flooding that Siberia and eastern Russia will experience after the Pole Shift.

What will the Russian government do about this? Mass relocation? Floating cities? Will they argue that ZetaTalk is wrong in its prediction, while simultaneously allowing full access to the ZetaTalk message and the accuracy of its prior predictions? We have stressed that citizens must look to themselves, and not their governments, for assistance during the coming times. Self-sufficiency must be the guideline.  Merely discussing these matters will spur the public to such action, as they sort out their alternatives. These discussions, on this new independent TV station, are expected to be heated and filled with information. A good move by the Russian government. 

Everyone watching that is trying to ascertain the true events unfolding before our eyes in this critical time in our transformation. Over the last few weeks I have noticed an increase in chemtrails, (for want of a better word), being sprayed over our region, (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia), in the early afternoon, which is clearly designed to block out the sun and surrounds as the sun sets. Today, May 20, 2013 was particularly peculiar as the trail appeared not to be laid down horizontally by a plane, rather it appeared to start out to sea, climbed steeply into the sky, (impossible for a commercial plane), and descend in a relatively short arc over the horizon inland from my viewing position. Around an hour later the sky was full of “clouds/haze” that were swirling around in all directions, unlike anything I’ve seen in my fifty odd years observing the sky. They were almost transparent however sufficient to “haze” the sky completely. Having played around with a few filters on my modest camera I decided to take a few shots from my backyard at 4.10pm as before that the sky was completely obscured. The shot is taken with a Shade 9 welder’s lens and I have more shots with a shade 8 and 11, however this is the best of the bunch. After comparing these with sky views from Stellarium software I would like to submit this shot for the Zeta’s to comment on. I have read the advice on lens flares and this shot clearly shows my  neighbor’s antenna in front of the object which rules out lens flare. I can state that this photo has not been edited in any way and I have the original file. You can see from the Stellarium screen shot that although Mars is visible, (when the landscape is deleted in the second shot), it is clearly below the horizon from my perspective, not to mention the obvious conflict in the scale of Mars/Sun to the object captured. Would the Zeta’s care to comment on the capture?

You have nicely proven to yourself and hopefully others that this is not Mars in your Welder’s Lens photo. This type of analysis is admirable, and helps bolster the argument that there is something in the inner solar system that can be seen when the glare of the Sun is reduced. Those who are startled and frightened by this information may continue to argue with you, but they will have registered the facts. You have done your part in attempting to warn them.

A most interesting development has emerged recently, regarding the famous uncovering in the 1920’s, by Howard Carter et al, digging at Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, of the intact tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamen. A blogger on the poleshift.ning has postulated a hypothesis which is un-aired anywhere else, appears to carry much merit and bears close inspection. The post proffers the notion that there may have been early moves by the establishment elite, i.e. back in the 1920’s when Carter first cracked a hole in Tut’s burial chamber, to hide from the Common Man the fact and reality that planet Earth is subject to a) an ongoing extra-terrestrial presence, and/or b) regular and predictable cataclysms wrought by a passing wandering planet who goes by many names and Passes every three-and-a-half millennia, give or take, i.e. PX aka Nibiru. The issue at hand is not surrounding Tutankhamen’s time of death, allegedly c 1323 BCE, but the identity and time-lines etc regarding Tut’s ancestors, and facts surrounding the upheaval which appears to have occurred in the Egyptian royal dynastic history around what they call the “Second Intermediate Period”, around 1650-1700 BCE the numbers are rubbery, or, the Time of the Last Passage. Search engines and all are nice but one can not trust the numbers and next to ZT they are most limited. Would the Z cast their revealing light, back into that dusty tomb of the boy king? Was their purported “Mummy’s Curse”, which allegedly befell and supposedly claimed the lives of so many people involved in the Tut’s Tomb events, something more sinister? [and from another]  The Second Intermediate Period marks a period when Ancient Egypt fell into disarray. Middle Kingdom 2055–1650 BCE; 2nd Intermediate Period 1650–1550 BCE; New Kingdom 1550–1069 BCE  [and from another]  [and from another]  Deaths popularly attributed to Tutankhamun’s “curse”. The tomb was opened on November 29, 1922. Lord Carnarvon, financial backer of the excavation team who was present at the tomb’s opening, died on April 5, 1923 after a mosquito bite became infected; he died 4 months, and 7 days after the opening of the tomb.  George Jay Gould I, a visitor to the tomb, died in the French Riviera on May 16, 1923 after he developed a fever following his visit. Egypt’s Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey died July 10, 1923: shot dead by his wife. Colonel The Hon. Aubrey Herbert, MP, Carnarvon’s half-brother, became completely blind and died 26 September 1923 from blood poisoning related to a dental procedure intended to restore his eyesight. Woolf Joel, a South African millionaire and visitor to the tomb, died November 13, 1923: shot dead in Johannesburg by blackmailer Baron Kurt von Veltheim whose real name was Karl Frederic Moritz Kurtze. Sir Archibald Douglas-Reid, a radiologist who x-rayed Tutankhamun’s mummy, died January 15, 1924 from a mysterious illness. Sir Lee Stack, Governor-General of Sudan, died November 19, 1924: assassinated while driving through Cairo. A. C. Mace, a member of Carter’s excavation team, died in 1928 from arsenic poisoning.   The Hon. Mervyn Herbert, Carnarvon’s half brother and the aforementioned Aubrey Herbert’s full brother, died May 26, 1929, reportedly from “malarial pneumonia”. Captain The Hon. Richard Bethell, Carter’s personal secretary, died November 15, 1929: found smothered in his bed. Richard Luttrell Pilkington Bethell, 3rd Baron Westbury, father of the above, died February 20, 1930; he supposedly threw himself off his seventh floor apartment. Howard Carter opened the tomb on February 16, 1923, and died well over a decade later on March 2, 1939; however, some have still attributed his death by lymphoma to the "curse". [and from another]  Hidden from the world for 3,000 years, the true face of Tutankhamun was revealed.

Did King Tut’s tomb have information on the nature and timing of the last Pole Shift, and is this related to the Mummy’s Curse? Were those who threatened to publish, or use, this timeline information killed by the elite, those with knowledge of same, to silence them? It is no secret that the elite, including the Vatican, have been aware of the approaching cataclysms to be caused by the next passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X. The Book of Enoch was removed from the official Bible because of such information. The Swiss franc brazenly states this. These elite were certainly alive and well in 1922 when the tomb was opened.

The subject of books and movies, the Mummy’s Curse seemed very real as participants in exploring the newly opened tomb died in rapid succession of an infected mosquito bite, a mysterious fever, malarial pneumonia, arsenic poisoning, or blood poisoning after going blind. All this can be ascribed to some type of assassination by poison or germs. Then there are the more overt and direct instances of being smothered in bed, shot by a family member, killed by a black mailer, shot by an assassin, or jumping to one’s death. Clearly, this was not chance and was as a result of an effort to wipe out those with knowledge or those who indicated they would seek to use this knowledge.

Why do the elite fear this knowledge falling into public hands? Knowledge is power, in that knowledge allows one to be positioned to take advantage of others. If I know the date, where you do not, I can secure control or ownership of vital resources, can locate to high ground, can control migration routes so that you must pay me a toll or indenture yourself to me. These same issues exist today with the struggle to end the cover-up over the near presence and pending passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X. The argument is often framed as avoiding panic and rioting in the public, but the deeper reason for the fight is that many enjoy the power they have over others.

Another face-to-face meeting of power and wealthy elites was held in mid-May 2013.  Attendees at the two-day conference organized by Bill Gates included wealthy Americans Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Bloomberg; of particular interest was the presence of Jeb Bush.  Planet X/Nibiru and the pending announcement were almost certainly on the agenda. Could the Zetas, once again, be a fly on the wall and disclose what was discussed and any conclusions or consensus reached? [and from another] Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah and Warren Buffett meeting at SC island  Other big names such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, TV host Oprah Winfrey and Billionaire Warren Buffet flew into the Charleston Executive airport. Other prominent people said to also be staying there this weekend are Jeb Bush and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The famous guests were attending a two day long conference led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Officials say the meeting was about the foundation Gates and his wife Linda run.

Where Gates will discuss his foundation with the attendees, this is not the primary purpose of the Sea Island meetings. Politicians such as Bloomberg and Jed Bush, media personalities such as Oprah and Dan Gilbert show this was not strictly a meeting of the wealthy. They are laying plans to promote their agenda after the announcement. The very wealthy are resigned to the pending announcement by Obama and NASA. They can also see that any plans to race to Mars or the Moon will not succeed. Statistics on satellite damage, and inside information on the struggle to keep the ISS operational have shown where this race is going.

If the wealthy must survive on Earth, and hope to prosper after the Pole Shift, what is the plan? They want to be seen as leaders, presenting solutions and financing survival sites. Of course, our warnings about enslavement will apply, as these sites will be populated with the equivalent of indentured servants, not free to leave and not empowered with the ability to be self-sufficient. Entertainment with sports and familiar personalities like Oprah are part of the plan, so the public lured into virtual slavery at these sites will foolishly  think their current lifestyles will be continued.

Obama received the letter from Vladimir Putin as the answer to his April letter to Putin. What Putin answered? Would the Zetas care to comment?  [and from another]  Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev brought to Barack Obama the response message of the president of Russia. He transferred Vladimir Putin's letter during a meeting with the American president in the White house.

If in this letter Obama asked Putin to promote the ZetaTalk message from Russia after the announcement, what was Putin’s reply?  This is to his liking and Obama can consider the matter a done deed. We stated a month ago on April 20 that the cover-up over the alien presence is expected to crack at the same time the cover-up over Nibiru, aka Planet X cracks, due to ZetaTalk Accuracy. Why is Obama concerned that ZetaTalk get the spotlight after the announcement? There are several reasons.