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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 16, 2015

Can the Zetas comment on the UK election results?  Was there fraud? The result differs from the polls by a surprising margin and the Guardian website is jumping the gun by saying the Conservatives have secured a majority when they are still 1 seat short.  After 5 years of the most ultra-right wing government in living memory, it seems odd that they get back in and with an increase of MPs. [and from another]  Pollsters need you to believe that Britain is a nation of liars or else admit they were wildly wrong. The average of the polls going into election day suggested that the Conservatives and Labour were effectively neck-and-neck. The release of the exit poll after voting closed was the first time people in Britain realised that things might not go as expected with the Conservatives forecast to win 316 seats, way ahead of what the polls had been suggesting, and Labour on 239, way behind what it was being projected to get. [and from another]  It's extraordinary that 11 polls on the eve of the election should get it so wrong. For months, the main survey-takers had the two parties neck-and-neck, flatlining at around 35 percent each. Only one day before the elections, YouGov, ICM and Survation called it a tie and three other polls published by TNS, Opinium and ComRes gave the Conservatives the narrowest of leads. Panelbase gave the Tories a two-point lead while all the newspapers wrote that a hung parliament was a certainty. [and from another]  David Cameron will use the Conservative Party’s first majority in the House of Commons for nearly 20 years to “deliver” on a radical agenda to cut welfare, shrink the size of the state and re-define Britain’s relationship with Europe. Among Mr Cameron’s first legislative priorities will be to enshrine an EU referendum into law, bring in the so-called ‘snoopers charter’ to give police greater powers to monitor internet communications and give English MPs a veto over legislation only affecting England.  The Tories also intend to publish plans to scrap the Human Rights Act within their first 100 days. All proposals had been previously blocked by the Lib Dems. [and from another]  Police and election officials in Scotland have issued warnings to polling stations and local commanders after radical nationalists urged voters to photograph their ballot papers and follow ballot boxes to count centres. In an online campaign dubbed #OperationScallop, shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter, activists have urged voters to wait until the final hour of polling so they can track their ballot papers from polling stations to count centres, in an attempt to prevent them being tampered with. But after taking advice from the Electoral Commission, polling station staff and police have also been told to ban voters from taking selfies or using cameras or smartphones in polling stations because it could be illegal. The commission said there is no law explicitly banning photography in polling stations but it believes that sharing photographs of ballot papers is illegal, breaching the legal principle that voting must be secret. The commission did not concede that images of a ballot paper could be shared after polling closes. [and from another]  Cameron, having achieved a smashing and unexpected outright victory in Britain’s general election, heads into his second term facing severe challenges to his nation’s identity and place in the world: how to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union and Scotland in the United Kingdom. In vanquishing the opposition Labour Party and winning an absolute majority in Parliament, Mr. Cameron gained the right to govern without a coalition partner, allowing him to claim a mandate on Friday to pursue his own agenda. But his majority is so narrow that it will force him to tread carefully with his own fractious legislators to pass legislation and address issues that could fundamentally redefine 21st-century Britain.

Clearly the recent elections in the UK were fixed, as can be seen by the long running polls showing the tight race, virtually even between Labor and the Tories. This was the case in Scotland during their independence fight, where the polls showed a squeaky tight race yet the Queen won by a large majority. There it was clear that the ballots were switched between the polling stations and the counting rooms, and suspicion runs deep in Scotland. So now scrutiny is being blocked, now even made illegal in Scotland where the right to photograph one’s own ballot is now considered a crime.

The election fraud in the UK took a page from Nethanyahu’s election fraud, where the race was likewise a dead heat. There exit polls showed that Netanyahu had not won, so Cameron took pains to ensure his exit polls matched the fraudulent result. How is this accomplished when the pollsters are running about like mice in a grainery on election night? If there are many pollsters, the point where the exit polls are consolidated is a single point, usually at a computer, usually with a single person at the controls, and the threat of a painful maiming or the offer of a substantial bribe seals the deal.

After Bush and Cheney stole the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections via the paperless Diebold voting machines, they were able to arrange the 911 debacle and invade Iraq on false pretenses, thus the Puppet Master stepped in to ensure a fair US election in 2006 and 2008 as the US was making a mess of the world. But the US, which at the time had the largest military in the world, larger than all other countries combined, was an exception. Election fraud, which had always been a factor throughout the ages, is increasing around the world because of the increased polarization of the orientations. Those in control, the elite, fear being displaced during the coming Earth changes.

When does a democracy become a dictatorship, and how does it function afterwards? A dictatorship has a cleaner process. The dictator can simply execute anyone who opposes him. The man who steals an election in a supposedly democratic country has a more muddled mess as he must find allies, negotiate with them, and make concessions.  Nethanyahu anticipated an ultra-right coalition when he called for early elections, but what has he really secured? We predicted he would move to martial law eventually, to assuage his hunger for complete control of Israel. He now has such a narrow majority, just one vote above what is needed, that he is subject to blackmail on every imaginable issue by his coalition partners. He is ruled now by those more highly Service-to-Self than he!

Cameron is faced with the same situation, having to squabble with other ultra-right parliamentarians at every step. Concessions with liberal groups is easier, as they are usually only asking for basic rights and are eager for any gains at all. Concessions with the ultra-right, especially when they see they have control, becomes very polarized, where there is no end to the vicious demands, no end to the greed, and in particular no end to the demands for more control. It is a view into the Hell awaiting these souls when they end this incarnation and move onto the prison planets that await them. In the meantime, the public, watching this drama, is less and less likely to ever follow their lead.

The celebration of Victory Day in Moscow was attended by about 30 leaders from different countries. Obviously a great occasion to discuss the expected announcement.  And just yesterday, the US State Department actually began to insist on a meeting John Kerry with Vladimir Putin. While commonly used "format" (Lavrov - Kerry). The Kremlin said it was open to question, this meeting seems pretty spontaneous. What caused such a spontaneous meeting and what was discussed at the Day of victory? [and from another]  The US State Department announced that Secretary of State John Kerry, who on May 12 will pay a working visit to Sochi, expects to hold talks not only with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian President.  US Secretary of State John Kerry on May 12 will arrive on a working visit to Sochi, where he will hold talks with Lavrov "on current issues of bilateral relations and topical international issues." Kerry trip to Russia was named part of "an ongoing effort to maintain direct contacts with senior Russian officials. [and from another]  On May 13 in Washington planned summit with the participation of US President Barack Obama and the leaders of the six GCC countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia). The next day, the debate will continue in the country residence of the US president at Camp David. [and from another]  In blow to Obama, Saudi king and other leaders to skip Gulf summit. Only two heads of state will attend high-level meeting meant to assuage Arab fears over nuclear deal with Iran. [and from another]  This is the “new Russia” – one literally flanked by her two allies, China and Kazakhstan.  It is hard to over-estimate the importance of this event: for the first time in 400 years Russia has finally fully turned her face to her natural ecosphere – the East. Today’s Victory Day parade in Moscow marks a turning point in Russian history: now, for the first time ever, there is a consensus in Russia that instead of looking West, Russia must look North (Siberia, the Arctic), East (Asia) and South (Latin America, Africa).  [and from another]  Presidents including China's Xi Jinping, India's Pranab Mukherjee and Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro joined their Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow's Red Square for the parade. Many Western leaders have chosen to miss the event, however, in protest of Russia's alleged military involvement in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Also absent was North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Putin met with 30 Heads of State on May 9 in Moscow, and will meet with Kerry in Sochi on May 12 while Obama is meeting with Gulf Coast Heads of State on May 13. In addition to publicly admitted topics of discussion, will the announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru also be discussed? This is a given, but the question begging to be answered is why the sudden rush for high level meetings now? We mentioned a month ago that Obama was looking past the announcement phase to the post-announcement phase, with the war to allow the announcement essentially a fate accompli.  

Who is meeting with whom, among the Heads of State, is also post-announcement posturing, and very revealing in this regard. We have often mentioned that Russia and China have each other’s backs, and one can include Kazakhstan in this arrangement. This is a solid block, Kazakhstan providing arable land with Russia and China providing military protection during the Aftertime. N Korea refuses to cooperate and will thus be left on its own to be devastated during the Pole Shift. BRICS partners in Brazil and S Africa provide a good foothold in S America and Africa. India, also a BRICS member and attending Russia’s Victory Day, is continuing to seek immigration arrangements, promoting itself as a technology partner.  

The Middle East is in turmoil, in a war with itself as Sunni and Shia elements savage each other. This is a religious war. Obama is seeking to stabilize the Middle East prior to the announcement while simultaneously keeping the US out of another war. He has ended the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as promised, with a minimal US presence remaining. In that Saudi Arabia is Sunni, as is ISIS, and in that the US is seeking to end the embargo against Iran, which is Shia, and is fighting ISIS, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are pouting. During an era of cheap oil, this is irrelevant to the US. China gets their oil from Iran, Russia has their own, and due to fracking the US is now independent.

The European Observatory is building the largest ever based on ground telescope. It is an optical and infrared instrument. The stated reason for this new telescope is to have a much better imaging of exoplanets, dark matter, etc. I would think this is to have a better sight of PX. But then, the key governments of the world already knowing that PX is near, why to try to get a better view? It´like trying to put new glasses on while someone is just about to punch in the eye. And then there is the issue of the time table. I would think these guys may not have time enough to get this project to a successful ending before the big Earth Changes hit. Are they planning to use this new telescope to better figure out a time table regarding PX? What are they trying to achieve? Would the Zetas like to comment? [and from another]  According to the European Southern Observatory, this revolutionary new ground-based telescope is going to be ‘Earth’s biggest eye on the sky’: it will have a 39-meter main mirror and will gather 13 times more light than the largest optical telescopes existing today. Moreover, the E-ELT will gather 100 million times more light than the human eye, 8 million times more than Galileo’s telescope, and 26 times more than a single Very Large Telescope Unit. The E-ELT will gather more light than all of the existing 8–10-metre class telescopes on the planet combined. The E-ELT program was approved in 2012 and the construction was started at the end of 2014. As an integrated part of the Paranal Observatory, first E-ELT light is targeted for 2024.

The key in understanding why this giant scope is being placed in the high mountains of Chile is its infra-red capability. As we stated in explaining why Mauna Kea was considered so important and expected to be in great demand after the announcement admitting Nibiru, infra-red allows Nibiru and its dominant Moon Swirls to be distinctly outlined. Where normally shrouded in red dust, if the size can be determined mankind’s scientists feel they will be able to give precise advanced warnings on the timing of the passage.

More than the 2 months we, the Zetas, have detailed is required for the elite to retreat to their bunkers and for the support staff required by the elite to relocate there also. Will this new extremely large scope only be operational in 2024, as press reports indicate? Construction has already started, and will be sufficiently operational to view the Nibiru complex, which is quite close at hand, almost immediately. The far ranging date of 2024 is a put-off, to keep the public from seeking access or demanding that the  information garnered be shared. The elite intend to continue to keep the common man in the dark. 

The Amtrac disaster in Philly, the bursting water mains in LA, and a landslide in a Fiord in Norway all occurring at the same time. The water mains began bursting this past weekend (May 9-10) as did the Norway slide. Then the train derailment on May 11, then another water main break on May 12. Are these stretch zone accidents related? [and from another]  The derailment occurred at approximately 9:30 pm. Initial reports indicated that the train derailed as it entered a turn. [and from another]  The front of the train was going into a turn when it shook and tipped over, mangling the front of it, tearing the cars apart and killing at least six people. The train started to decelerate, like someone had slammed the brake. [and from another]  The cause of the derailment was unknown. Train 188, a Northeast Regional, had left Washington, D.C. The front of the train was going into a turn when it started to shake before coming to a sudden stop. The area where the derailment occurred is known as Frankford Junction and has a big curve. It's not far from where one of the nation's deadliest train accidents occurred: the 1943 derailment of The Congressional Limited, from Washington to New York, which killed 79 people. [and from another]  A water main described as "colossal" break flooded streets in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles Tuesday morning [May 12]. The pipe ruptured about 5 am. Tuesday morning's incident follows a West Hollywood water main break over the weekend, described as a "Poseidon adventure," that sent "massive" amounts of water into streets and parking garages. [and from another]  This past weekend, a rare underwater landslide in the town of Sørkjosen, Norway, resulted in extensive damage to a wharf, some buildings, and a sea wall. Local authorities have shut down a major road for fear it too could be sucked into the sea, resulting in a 435-mile (700-km) detour. [and from another] A transformer failure and fire at Indian Point Energy nuclear power plant in Buchanan, New York sent smoke into the air and prompted the plant operator to shut down the impacted unit on Saturday evening [May 9]. The operator did not provide any information on what caused the failure and fire, [and from another] A transformer exploded at the Indian Point nuclear power plant Saturday night, briefly sending witnesses into a panic as a massive ball of smoke rose over the Hudson River.

We have endlessly described the tightening bow in the N American continent and the center of this bow near San Diego. Of course the bursting water mains there are related. We have likewise described the stretch zone accidents in the wide arc of the East Coast of the N American continent, and Philadelphia is centered there. We have explained that river bottoms are where the crust is weak and thus more readily pulled apart during stretch zone accidents. The recent Amtrak derailment  was a classic case of what a speeding train will do when the tracks are not where expected.

Lowlands, such as the Philadelphia Amtrak curve, are also where electro-magnetic pulse is most likely to occur, as the recent blackouts in Washington DC show. The thin crust is pulled apart more than neighboring rock strata, and thus the electro-magnetic screech is intensified. Lowlands are also soggy, full of water which is a superb conduit for electricity. We predicted that the East Coast would be subject to more electro-magnetic pulse, and this has occurred. Pulse causes brownouts but also surge, as occurred in the Amtrak train and in the transformer explosion at the Indian Point power plant near New York City.

As N America tightens, it affects the North Atlantic Rift, which is pulling apart as anyone observing the volcanic activity in Iceland can determine. Thus support for the continental shelf off-shore from Norway and Europe is weakened, and droops. That these stretch zone accidents are occurring almost simultaneously shows the inter-relationship of these plate movements. To those who have been following ZetaTalk these stretch zone accidents are not a surprise, nor will they be surprised at what is to follow shortly. The New Madrid zone in N America is awakening. 

The Laguna del Maule volcano complex in Chile is comprised by a lake in the center and dozens of rather large secondary volcanoes or smaller vents around. For some time it has been studied by local and international teams who suspect it is a huge caldera or a mega volcano. Well, since in recent times several volcanoes have been waking up in Chile, it is being monitored on a 24 hours base. It is supposed to be sitting on a fault line. The news is that, as of today, it has been registering hundreds of tremors, at different positions and depths, every day. And very recently it has been observed that the water in the lake is now showing gas vents which create bubbles in the surface of the water at the northern part of the lake. The ONEMI (local for FEMA) has declared yellow alert for surrounding towns. Is the Laguna del Maule position the exact fault line which on the Pacific side will react to the opening of the Atlantic at Buenos Aires? Is the lake itself the crater product of an eruption of old? Could it explode altogether at several places just as a caldera? What is the likely behavior of the volcano complex during the current 7/10 stage and up to the PS itself? Any comments by the Zetas would be appreciated. [and from another]  [and from another]

That the Laguna del Maule caldera is becoming active during the 7 of 10 S American roll should not be surprising, as it lies in the region of the Andes being pulled over the Nazca Plate and is an active volcano. Calderas make people nervous as seeing the lake, the large hole that has at some point in history been produced, they imagine the potential of horrific explosions. Calderas represent just another volcano, one that is situated where it can capture and hold rain water.

S America will rip open at Buenos Aires during the Pole Shift, and due to the bending of the S American Plate during its roll will start this ripping process before the Pole Shift. Just as the Calbuco volcano in Chile erupted suddenly in April, 2015 at a point where the Nazca Plate jabs into the Andes, the Laguna del Maule volcano is restless in May, 2015 because it is opposite the point where the S American continent will tend to bend as the top part is pulled West while the bottom portion remains firmly anchored.