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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 4, 2015

Would the Zetas like to comment on the power outage in the Netherlands today? Was it related to PX or the stretch zone or whatever? [and from another]  Technical fault in city and surrounding area sparks transport chaos at Europe’s fourth-largest airport and across the region. All flights to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport were cancelled after a major power outage hit large parts of the city and the surrounding province of north Holland. Public transport across the Netherlands was affected, with trains cancelled and passengers stuck in lifts, trams and subways. Hospitals were operating on backup power. Broadcasting from the national media centre was sporadic.

As the crash of the Germanwing A 320 into the Alps due to electronic failure and CERN problems due to a magnet short circuit and loss of radar along the Danube River bed show, Europe is subject to electromagnetic arcing from the ground to the charged tail of Planet X. We have described the stretch zone crossing from the UK through to China. Land above and below the Mediterranean are being pulled down, affected by the African Roll. The hum ascribed to mating frogs in the UK and the trumpets of Kiev show the land pulled taut, as does the phenomena at Sleepy Hollow in Kazakhstan.

A relief map of Europe shows high land in Sweden and Scotland and the Alps. In between there is lowland, which means that the crust in those regions is weak and sagging, thin. Thin crust is subject to tearing more readily, so the electromagnetic screech that attracts electromagnetic arcing is stronger from those regions. Amsterdam is in extreme lowlands, in a swath that runs through the English Channel through Denmark and on toward Finland. What was the “technical fault” that disrupted ALL electronics in the Amsterdam region? The arcing incapacitated the grid.  

Here's yet another Emergency Alert notification in the U.S.! Is the announcement about to be allowed? Looks like it targeted East Coast states this time. [and from another]  March 30, 2015. A test of the national ‘Emergency Alert System’ which was seen by television viewers this morning in states across the country prompted panic and confusion, with many taking to Twitter to express their concerns. The test began at around 11am EST and was broadcast in Washington DC, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The emergency alert contained no details and merely listed the states it affected and said the alert would run from 11am until 12 midnight. Viewers in Sacramento, CA also reported seeing the test, which lasted for about 10 minutes before the regular TV broadcast resumed. At no point were viewers advised that the alert was only a test. Some said the alert made them panic. [and from another]  That happen on my TV while I was getting ready this morning. Said it was a test. I am in Sacramento CA [and from another]  March 30, 2015. I had one on my TV in the middle of the night, around six weeks ago here in northwestern Ohio. It wasn't specific, but said it WAS NOT a test. Actually stated that! It noted it was for my area. Never did find out what it was about. [and from another]  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with state and tribal emergency managers and state broadcasting associations, will conduct a test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. The test will begin at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and will last approximately one minute. [and from another]  October 24, 2014 Americans watching television across the country were puzzled earlier today when an alert from the White House interrupted their viewing, told them to stand by for an emergency message and warned them not to use their phones. TV channels automatically changed to local news stations but no White House message ever came, prompting confusion and concern. The message was seen by viewers in Austin, Atlanta, Detroit and across North Carolina, as well as other areas of the country. The Emergency Alert System is mandatory by law – stations have no control or power to block the signal once it is sent out by the federal government. Broadcasters are required to install and maintain FCC-certified EAS decoders and encoders at their control points, meaning the signal cannot be switched off or interrupted.

The Emergency Alert System in the US has been tested recently, all under the auspices of a potential New Madrid emergency. The states tested are within the scope of a New Madrid disruption, which can go through the heartland, under the seaway, and up along the East Coast to the New England region. A quake swarm in Connecticut recently and quake swarms in Oklahoma and Texas provide FEMA with the excuses it might need. Is there more than a New Madrid quake potential behind these tests?

The EAS system, so thoroughly blocked when alerts were coming from the White House, is being exercised. The announcement date had been scheduled for October 20, 2014 but an attempt to initiate the announcement on October 24, 2014 showed that the EAS was being blocked by the cover-up crowd. Since then periodic testing of the system has been done, a sweep to determine who is cooperating with the cover-up crowd and who is allowing the system to operate as intended, as an alert from the White House. Those media outlets not cooperating are being identified and targeted. Thus, by this route, the announcement, when it happens, will be facilitated.

Would the Zetas like to comment on the massive power outage in Turkey? [and from another]  Officials are inspecting all possible causes, including a terror attack, for the electricity cut across Turkey, as power blackouts continue in several provinces including Istanbul and Ankara. A technical problem in the system of the Turkish Electricity Conduction Company (TE?A?), which operates energy transmission lines, led to the massive outage. At least 44 provinces throughout Turkey are affected by the outage. Energy Minister Taner Y?ld?z has said teams are working to determine the cause of the blackout, ruling out claims that the country is suffering an energy shortage. Local reports of a “huge explosion” in Kocaeli have not been confirmed. [and from another]  Around 25 cities reported a power outage including Ankara, ?zmir, Antalya and Adana. There have been reports of power outages in various malls, too. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, also ground to a halt on March 27, with rail and tram transport severely disrupted, stranding thousands of commuters.  [and from another]  Officials confirmed that a glitch in Turkey's electricity power transmission network caused the power cut. Power cuts were reported in more than 40 of Turkey's 81 provinces. It was Turkey's biggest blackout in 15 years.

Turkey is crunched during the African Roll, as the African Plate turns eastward it strikes Turkey from the side. The African Roll also causes the Arabian Plate to turn in place, moving its top part toward the East, causing the tip of the Arabian Plate to slice through the landscape of eastern Turkey like a blade. This trauma has occurred before, thus the rumpled appearance and many fault lines in Turkey. Recently the fact that the Eurasian Plate is under stretch has been in the news, with the simultaneous electromagnetic failure on the Germanwings flight, Netherlands blackout, and CERN magnetic failure.

Turkey is under this stretch too, but also is under a crunch. It has dual reasons to have its rock in an electromagnetic screech, arcing to the charged tail of Planet X wafting over it. Turkey’s blackout will be blamed on mechanical parts, as during a blackout some part always fails, but these increasing blackouts and crashing planes will stress the cover-up explanations. Why is this on the increase, suddenly, just when a planet near the Sun has become visible? If the establishment is lying about the blackouts and plane crashes, then what else are they lying about? Honesty is the best policy, but honesty is not what the public will get from the elite, who increasingly are isolating themselves. 

Could you or zetas tell are these results of earth wobble or EMP kind? In local newspaper was article where they say "because they are widening up new 4G network the television broadcasts could have some difficulties". I don't buy that excuse. And if customers buy some kind of filter the disturbance disappears. Why do not they look at the time. Daily the same time when disturbance occur? Wake up Finland! Nowdays the weather has been very odd, and blending of seasons come familiar to Finnish people. But almost everybody take it like "recurring wintry weather in spring".  Temperatures were +12,1 celsius highest, -8,1 celsius lowest in last week. Winds are getting seriously strong and wobble effect are strong especially night times. Wobble are so strong at 00.30-00.45 and 03.30-03.45 that my home made "Wobble detector" are almost swinging around. Even when the Sun is behaving very odd but Finnish don't get it.

When electro-magnetic pulse strikes a region it is almost invariably because the electro-magnetic rock screech attracts arcing to the charged tail of Planet X. The rock is squeezed, the water pockets in the rock no longer get insulated by trapped air, and thus the rock becomes an excellent conduit for electricity. Since the tail wraps around the entire globe, even to the dark side of the Earth, such electro-magnetic arcing is not dependent upon time of day. Stretch zones, where the crust is being pulled taut, or severe compression such as the Sunda Plate suffers continuously, are vulnerable.

Note where large and obvious electro-magnetic pulse problems have occurred – the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam explosion above Kazakhstan (where the Eurasian Plate is being torn apart for a new seaway), the Itaipu dam in Brazil along the Parana River (where a new seaway is being torn in S America), Air France 447 (above the spreading Atlantic Rift), MH 370 (above the sinking Sunda Plate), and now the  Germanwings crash (above the ripping Mediterranean).

Wobble phenomena is characterized by timing, things that happens on a daily basis, regularly, at the same approximate time of day. Radio and TV interference at regular times of day can indicate that satellites have temporarily moved out of position, the globe moving under the atmosphere. The most obvious signature of the wobble is the sunrise and sunset being out of place. This can be ascertained by checking against the published azimuth and time of such for one’s location, and checking this against the actual location. Those who resist such verification are clinging to denial for the comfort it brings.

Chile is a very narrow country, lying between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. Just facing the subduction process and the Nazca Plate. During the past few weeks the country has been seriously tested, due to some 50+ wildfires in the south ( ) under very unusual drought conditions, accompanied of unusual rains up north, whose result has been like a real tsunami coming down from the mountains (, the Villarrica volcano which erupted some time ago but still keeps warning about a possible new eruption ( and the Copahue volcano which seems to be going into an eruption any time from now ( and is on yellow alert. Besides, we are having tremors every day, involving almost the whole of the territory, north, center and south. And, we may add, some blackouts of the power grids at several points of the country. You see, up north is supposed to be dry and warm, whereas it has been very rainy, and down south it is supposed to be quite rainy and slightly cold, while there is a drought. Everything is happening at once, or in a very short sequence. Of course, the country is next door neighbor of the subduction zone, which may explain most of it. But the wildfires have been just too many, as to be blamed on mere humane intervention. The country has been tested in several ways, having shown a preview of broken link situations, the rescue teams being exhausted to the point that some international help is being accepted, martial law partially applied at a couple of spots, the people demanding that the government should come to rescue and help them, and the government doing whatever possible to help the situation and keep the country running. And, for several months now, some politicians have come on the stage under trial, because they used some undercover and illegal corporate financing on their campaigns in order to get elected. And then, other politicians have chosen to use the opportunity to criticize the government and try to get selfish gains out of a very dramatic situation. The situation has been no joke. It has all been quite a show, quite a preview. I do not exactly know what my specific question this time would be, but perhaps the Zetas would like to comment.  [and from another] I think, if I may interject, that the question is "slow creep" of the Transformation, the Polarization.

The Transformation and polarization process, which we described at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, will both take upwards of 100 years to complete. This is in process now, and has been for decades, but as those alive on Earth now are allowed to live out their lifetime before being moved to their next incarnation, this is a gradual process. This process is not lineal, but starts out slowly, then becomes obvious, and then becomes the dominant characteristic. What are some of the trends?

Polarization is where like-minded individuals group together, such that those in the Service-to-Other literally move to countries or regions in sympathy with their attitude. They find each other in social circles, hire or befriend each other, and begin to push away those with a Service-to-Self attitude. The orientations tend to marry each other. One can see increased polarization in the sharp distinctions developing in political parties – this one more mean spirited, that more concerned about the poor.

The Transformation proceeds because souls are taken away to their next incarnation, the Service-to-Self not allowed to incarnate on Earth, while the Service-to-Other allowed to remain in the vicinity as hybrids or can even incarnate as young humans. Star Children, who were so instrumental during the Arab Spring, can incarnate in droves into bodies not claimed by sparked souls, and can thus make sudden and significant change in a region. Thus during the Transformation, one might find a survival encampment sharing all their resources, operating much as society today does, or aligned in a master-slave arrangement.    

Each family, town, province, or country might have any or all of these characteristics. Increasingly, the orientations will sort into pockets and avoid each other. But in that a 3rd density world has a mix, and the polarization has only started within the past few decades, this mix will not be eliminated overnight. Thus as the Earth changes pick up and governments get nervous about public panic, there will be plans for martial law to some degree. That increased control might be used to assist the populace, to repress them, or both, and likely will be the latter depending upon who is conducting an individual operation.

Any comment on this new Executive Order? [and from another]  Obama announces hacker sanctions amid cyber-security ‘national emergency’. An executive order signed by President Barack Obama gives the United States government the go-ahead to sanction suspected cyber-criminals with financial and travel restrictions amid a wave of high-profile hacks. Citing the surge of assaults against the computer networks of US entities in recent months, Pres. Obama said Wednesday that he has declared a “national emergency” and accordingly authorized the US Treasury Department to sanction suspected hackers operating abroad in an effort to discourage future cyber-assaults. The language included in this week’s directive is already raising concerns, however, and could be broad enough to give the federal government unmatched new powers in the digital realm. [and from another]  The National Emergencies Act enacted September 14, 1976 is a United States federal law passed to stop open-ended states of national emergency and formalize the power of Congress to provide certain checks and balances on the emergency powers of the President. It imposes certain "procedural formalities" on the President when invoking such powers. This act requires the President to declare formally a national emergency and to specify the statutory authorities to be used under such a declaration. There were 32 declared national emergencies between 1976 and 2001. Several states of emergency have been extended multiple times, effectively creating indefinite states of emergency in particular areas. For example, a state of emergency with respect to Iran, originally declared by Jimmy Carter on November 14, 1979 during the Iranian hostage crisis, has been continuously renewed for over thirty years, most recently by Barack Obama in November 2012. [and from another]  Citing the surge of assaults against the computer networks of US entities in recent months, Pres. Obama said that he has declared a “national emergency” and accordingly authorized the US Treasury Department to sanction suspected hackers operating abroad in an effort to discourage future cyber-assaults. [and from another] Jade Helm seems rather unusual. Would the Zetas care to comment on this? [and from another]  Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise. Operation Jade Helm will see 1,200 service members including Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines in July. Soldiers armed with blank rounds will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado for 8 weeks. The so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law. [and from another]  Beginning in July and lasting for eight weeks, Operation Jade Helm will take place in cities and small towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. For the purpose of training, residents in the entire states of Utah and Texas will be deemed “hostiles.” Some of the Army Special Forces teams will reportedly drop to the ground from airplanes while carrying traditional military weapons which will be loaded with blanks, for the realistic military training exercise. Some Americans and Second Amendment activist groups have expressed concerns that the realistic military training exercises designed for Operation Jade Helm are merely thinly veiled drills to practice for future martial law orders.

Alarms have gone up among those in the US concerned about an erosion of their rights under Obama. Where Martial Law was the goal of the Bush administration, to install Bush as a dictator for life, to the extent that the Bush administration even tried to create a bird flu pandemic, Obama has no such ambitions. However, he must be concerned about the possibility of rioting after the announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru, as must all governments around the globe. To date, Obama has been surreptitious in this regard, for instance issuing EO 13575 to allow refugees within the US to be relocated to rural areas after a disaster.

The words “national emergency” are trigger words as the law within the US requires that a national emergency exist before Martial Law can be called. However, the US has been under a state of national emergency in some form or another since 1933. The Defense Production Act of 1950, which authorizes  commandeering civilian labor and assets, has thus been renewed by each President of the US. Those in the US who would have been happy to see Martial Law under Bush but resent the possibility under Obama are alarmed at the Jade Helm exercises to take place in the US in last Summer, 2015.

What is the intent of Jade Helm and the most recent Executive Order declaring a potential national emergency upon the event of cyber-security breaches? Jade Helm has been planned for many months and as can be seen by the swath of states involved, is concerned about a mass of immigrants coming from Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico in the event of devastating Earth changes in those regions. The exodus from Central America is already a flood tide. But more than immigration is a concern, as Texas and other red states are likely to try to secede during times of crisis. Obama wants the DoD and other federal agencies familiar with the terrain, thus.

Why would an Executive Order on cyber-security be necessary at this time? Hacking of government websites and databases has long been an issue. Where Obama and his announcement team have had to work to get access to the Emergency Alert System, long blocked by the cover-up crowd to prevent him from making his announcement, the war in this regard will shortly be over. The worry will shift to use of the Internet and various fuming media outlets with a vested interest in the status quo that will try to control the information the public gets in order to arrange their private kingdoms. It is this that will result in a heavy handed federal response.