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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 13, 2015

This booklet, reflecting official Vatican theology, was published in 2005 but then quickly withdrawn. It reappeared in 2014, in step with Pope Francis coming out with his statements on ET life, joking about baptizing Green Men and the like. If this type of disclosure continues, will it make a different in the Element of Doubt rule? At present, if the Element of Doubt rule requires that a dirty nuke go off so that ET interference not be obvious, this would be allowed. But could this type of disclosure make it easier for benign alien to openly interfere? [and from another] Intelligent Life in the Universe: Catholic belief and the search for extraterrestrial life,  Br. Guy Consolmagno, SJ  Originally published by the Catholic Truth Society in London, and long out of print, this pamphlet outlines what we know about the search for intelligent life, both how we search and why we search, and what it can mean for Catholics and our understanding of our faith. [and from another] Pope Francis “We Are Not Alone in the Universe” April 14, 2014  Pope Francis with great ease and amazement among the faithful present reveals: “Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made so much progress and will most likely soon will know our new brothers and sisters with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day there will be wonder and remember that God is one and watching over us all.”

Clearly Pope Francis wants his flock to be comfortable with the idea of extra-terrestrial intelligent life, that such creatures have souls and should not be cause for alarm. The prior Pope Benedict was of the opposite opinion, and buried such discussion in committee within the Vatican. Thus it should be no surprise that a Vatican booklet published in 2005 on the matter would be withdrawn quickly by Benedict but republished in 2014 under Francis. Public opinion polls showed that the populace was not waiting to be led to these conclusions by the church. Instead, the church was being left behind.

World leaders have been pressing for disclosure for over a decade, in part because UFO sightings, glimpses and photos of alien bodies, and evidence of past and present life on Mars were pushing the discourse. But in part because leaders like Putin (who has his own alien advisor) and Obama (who is a Star Child) know that the populace of the world will be so much better off with open admission on the alien presence. Assistance from the alien presence would no longer need to be modulated by the Element of Doubt, potentially, thus allowing aliens to openly assist mankind if the Rule of Non-Interference allowed.

The Element of Doubt rule is in place primarily to prevent mass slaughter of contactees during the Awakening period. The establishment – the powerful and wealthy and religious leaders – wanted mankind to continue to fear them, to respect the power they had over their lives and their afterlives, and feared that awareness of the alien presence would diminish that. Therefore, the public was encouraged to either think that aliens did not exist or to fear contact with them. This conundrum meant that obvious assistance from aliens had to be denied or camouflaged.

This situation is gradually changing, as the number of contactees worldwide has surpassed the 50% point, with over half the population giving the Call and receiving contact. This increasing awareness and lack of anxiety is allowing the Element of Doubt rule to ease back, so that the rules of how aliens can interact with mankind is covered by the Rule of Non-interference with mankind’s right to make and express his orientation decision and other pertinent edicts the Council of Worlds may issue. For instance, the 7 of 10 pace was slowed to allow Obama time to effect the announcement re Nibiru, and the Council of Worlds went to war with the cover-up crowd.

How would a relaxed Element of Doubt rule help the world avoid nuclear accidents? At the start of the ZetaTalk saga, in 1995, we stated that preventing nuclear accidents was firmly in the hands of humans giving the Call. This was not entirely true as the Council of Worlds had already negated most nukes in the hands of the world’s superpowers, but the Element of Doubt rule could and would still force a dirty bomb explosion. But Fukushima in 2011 was modulated, and the future could bring further assists if the strength of the Collective Call were such that the elite are negated. This is one reason the elite often continue to resist disclosure.

Is the mysterious light on the I74 Bridge a sign for our area, the Mississippi River bridge crossing from Illinois into Iowa, like the lights over San Diego? This is a link to the local TV station that aired the mysterious light, as it appeared on the bridge web-cam early in the morning today June 8th. Davenport, Iowa is in the background. There appeared an unexplained light on the surface of the bridge this morning, and the light moved, but there was no current traffic to reflect off of, so it is mysterious. My first thoughts upon seeing the light, with no other cars or activity around, was a sign to warn us, who live here along the Mississippi River. I have three choices to cross the river and I will no longer be using this bridge(LOL), but rather the Government bride at Rock Island Arsenal Island, with the locks and dam, as in my simple mind it appears to be the more solid structure. Zeta Talk has great info about the Mississippi River but it is mostly above and below this Quad Cities area, covering St. Louis to the Gulf and Wisconsin to Minnestoa. Here the Mississippi river runs east and west, a few hours below Wisconsin. [and from another]

Evidence of the Planet X complex does not show up merely in the sky, as the Moon Swirls are extremely bright, rivaling the Sun in brightness, though hardly as large and thus overall lost in the glare of the Sun. But when the Sun is still rising at dawn, its heat and light are not as intense. The vast tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, wafts to the left and then up and over the Sun, when this is viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. Thus the Moon Swirls are more overhead, over the bridge, and caused a reflection. These lights were noted on video, after the fact, so no one could go outside and verify that a lit area if the sky was overhead until the tail has wafted on its way.

Can the zetas comment on what was discussed behind closed doors at G7 summit today and what is on the agenda for the Bilberberg meeting? [and from another]  Barring Russian President Vladimir Putin for a third time, the G7 leaders invited others beyond the club of rich nations, including Iraq's premier and Nigeria's president, both battling Islamist violence. [and from another]  Chancellor George Osborne is the most senior politician from the UK due to attend the Bilderberg Conference in Austria this week. [and from another]  The influential Bilderberg policy conference, which this year is being held in Austria, just 16 miles south of the G7 summit. No fewer than three serving European prime ministers will be attending, from the Netherlands, Finland and Belgium. They will be discussing “European strategy” with the head of NATO. Europe’s hottest financial potato, Greece, is on the conference agenda. The scandal-hit HSBC and everyone’s favourite vampire squid, Goldman Sachs, are both extremely well represented at this year’s conference. From the worlds of industry and manufacturing are some eye-wateringly big names. Finally, it’s worth noting the growing presence of Google at Bilderberg.

What has changed since Bilderberg 2014? In 2014 the elite were agonizing over their inability to stop the announcement admitting Nibiru, and now the Council’s war on the media is succeeding. Now the obvious visibility of Nibiru, seen increasingly by the common man, will prevent them from claiming this is a lie. Their plans to counter the announcement with disinformation seem to be melting away. Still confident that they have control of assets that can be used to leverage their safety and continued high perch, they are focused on bolstering their defenses and making alliances. Such discussions include who to cut lose and abandon, and as this group is solidly Service-to-Self in the main, back stabbing and hypocrisy are in abundance.  

It is clear that the banking system is increasingly shaky, and with Russia and their partners in BRICS rivaling the west’s IMF their ability to strangle the world via debt is also disappearing. Retracting into smaller groups, less territory, and retrenching with different and hopefully more solid partners is the trend. Frank discussions during the day migrate to heavy drinking at night - on whether one should continue with bankrupt entities or cut them lose, on whether one should begin to barter food for labor and bypass the monetary system or simply tighten the controls in the bank. And with increased electromagnetic pulse affecting planes and trains and the ferocity of storms increasing, will such steps be enough?

One can hardly separate the G7 from the Bilderberg meetings, as they are going on simultaneously and only 16 miles apart. It is not only the Middle East that is exploding. These are Sunni and Shia battles, which all can see will not abate as the religious aspects dominate. The G7 see their homelands exploding also - with rioting and immigration threats.  Just as the elite at the Bilderberg meeting are retrenching, the countries at the G7 are shrinking their virtual borders, more concerned about protecting their core homeland than control of regions at a distance. Energy independence is mentioned often, home grown food and control of rioting and secure borders – these are the focus.

Could the Zetas say something about these 2 crop circles that appeared in the Tuscany region of Italy?
[and from another]

What is notable in the circle designs in Europe (Italy and Germany) during the first week of June, 2015 is that they have a single focus – a circle most often with sun-like radiation arms emitting from the center. Crop circle designs most often have complexity, indicating Nibiru’s passage through the solar system or the interaction between various planets like Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin. They tell a story. But these single focus designs are making a statement. The Earth is no longer on the periphery of the drama, but center stage, squeezed between the two sister planets – Venus and the Dark Twin – with Nibiru coming at the Earth full bore.