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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 13, 2016

Is the Porter Ranch gas leak natural gas, as they state, or methane? And will this blow and spew more radioactive elements? [and from another]  The well, one of 115 at the sprawling storage facility, has been leaking since Oct. 23, sending methane into the atmosphere above the Los Angeles Basin. The gas has a noxious additive that has also entered the air, prompting residents' complaints of a rotten egg-like smell. The company has tried several times to plug the well, but those efforts were unsuccessful. Since early December, the utility has been drilling a relief well to intercept gas from the damaged one and seal it. [and from another]  In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material. This rogue well is spewing huge amounts of natural gas and about 1.91 curies an hour of natural radioactive material in the natural gas. [and from another]  So there is an enormous gas leak at the Southern California Gas Company's Aliso Canyon storage site near the San Fernando Valley community of Porter Ranch that has gone unplugged for nearly three months now. In the first month alone, it accounted for a quarter of all of California's methane emissions. Every attempt to fix the problem so far has caused more problems. And apparently it can still get way, way worse. There could be a blowout. The safety valve on the well has been missing since 1979 and SoCal Gas knew the entire site was at risk from age and corrosion. [and from another]  Methane makes up the largest component of natural gas, which is both invisible and odorless. alarmists have claimed the leak is far more serious than health officials are letting on, citing the radioactive material such as uranium and radon in the natural gas. Ongoing efforts to plug the well have been unsuccessful. Southern California Gas crews are in the process of drilling a relief well to seal off the damaged one. Work is expected to be completed by late February. In January, the gas company abandoned a plan to capture and burn the leaking methane after regulators raised concerns about safety and explosion risk.

We have described the destruction that awaits Iraq at some point during the 8 of 10 phase, wherein the pointed tip of the Arabian Plate turns during the African Roll, ripping open the oil and gas fields there, creating a holocaust. This is of course not the only part of the globe to foster such a holocaust.  California is in the center of the bow that the N American continent is being forced to assume, prior to the rip along the great New Madrid Fault Line in the center of the continent. We have described this center as being at San Diego, but Los Angeles is just nearby.

During prior Pole Shifts, the compressing Pacific forced California to push up while rock layers subducted beneath the coastal mountains. This trapped vegetation, included kelp and seaweed from the Pacific Ocean, which when rotting became vast pools of methane and natural gas. The natural beauty of the Los Angeles basin and beaches and the temperate climate have allowed Los Angeles to attract a huge population, now put at risk. Will the increasing tension of the N American bow and the near proximity of the San Andreas Fault Line incite a blowout?

When earthquakes strike a large city, there are invariably fires, especially in a city serviced by natural gas. Electrical wires, snapped during the quake, can start fires but when all is in motion, sparks are everywhere. It is inevitable that a vented pool of methane and gas will spew, during the pressure of the moving San Andreas, and even if capped, this will be forced open by the pressure of the plate movement. Fortunately for the residents of Porter Ranch, they will have moved out of the area by this time, to escape the smell!

The war in Syria has reached the boiling point against the Rebel forces and ISIS. The Russian airstrikes have enabled Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah ground forces to advance and now they have surrounded Aleppo. Since both Saudi Arabia and Turkey have invested so much in this conflict and they can't afford to lose the battle ground in Aleppo, they are effectively threatening to send ground troops invading Syria possibly in late February or early March under the disguise of fighting the terrorists. And now Russia is calling for a cease fire! This war in middle east is getting dirtier - potentially with more countries involved and all have different agendas. What can we expect from all of these?
[and from another] As we speak, the most decisive battle in the Syrian Civil War is being waged, and it’s a make or break moment for the Assad regime, and for Putin. Forces allied with the Syrian Army such as Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, have surrounded Aleppo, a hotly contested rebel stronghold and previously the largest city in the country. Thousands of civilians are fleeing the city en masse as these forces close in, while the Russian Air Force pummels the area day and night. If the Syrian government takes the city back, it will be a devastating blow for any rebel forces in the country, ISIS or otherwise. It will be marked in history as a major turning point for Assad and the Kremlin, and a massive rebuke to the demands of the United States and her allies. As for those allies, they may not be willing to take this defeat sitting down. Under the guise of fighting ISIS, Saudi Arabia has announced that they intend to put boots on the ground in Syria, if the US agrees to it.  But Saudi Arabia may not be the only anti-Assad country to join the fray, at least if the Russians can be believed. They claim that Turkey, which has long been accused of supporting ISIS, may be preparing to invade the country. [and from another] An ambitious plan to end hostilities in Syria with verifiable results within a week, revive the Geneva-3 peace talks, and immediately begin delivering humanitarian aid to civilians has been unveiled in Munich, Germany after talks including the US, Russia, and the UN. Russia is counting on the US and other ISSG countries to put pressure on the Syrian opposition to cooperate with the UN, Lavrov said. The main objective that everyone agrees on is to destroy Islamic State. He also called the notion that the situation in Syria would improve if Assad’s regime was to abdicate an “illusion.” Talk about the need to prepare ground troops for an invasion of Syria will only add fire to the conflict. Lavrov made clear that an end in hostilities in Syria would not mean a halt in anti-terrorist activities in the region. Operations against all groups designated by the UN as terrorists will continue, including the fight against Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front. Lavrov added that militants are the only ones fleeing from the Syrian city of Aleppo, stressing that they have been receiving support from Turkey. Meanwhile, Kerry argued that the Syrian government’s military advances would not be enough to win the war and urged for a peaceful resolution to conflict.

Ben Fulford predicted, based on his extensive and highly accurate contacts throughout the world, that the outcome of Russia’s involvement in the Middle East would be that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia would be carved up and decimated. Both insist they are US allies and are demanding the US stand by them. But both these supposed allies have been supporting ISIS, and there can be no doubt about it. The Saudi connection in the San Bernardino mass shooting is also obvious. Turkey has been deliberately trying to flood Syrian migrants into Europe, to destabilize Europe.

Where Obama is constrained by various treaty obligations, with Turkey being a NATO member and both the Saudis and Israel being considered allies, Putin is not so constrained. Thus to avoid another Middle East war, with US blood and treasure being spilled with boots on the ground, Obama has stepped back to allow Putin to do the dirty work. He has done so with allies that would not be sympathetic to ISIS and have not been supportive of ISIS – the Kurds, Iran, Assad, and Hezbola. Turkey, the Saudis, and Israel are thus frantic and seeking to engage the US in their defense. Thus Nethanyahu literally came begging to the White House in November.

The ceasefire proposed jointly by Russia, the US and the UN will succeed, in parallel with the mopping up operation which will result in the defeat of ISIS and the Middle East reconfigured as Ben Fulford has predicted. Turkey and the Saudis may indeed try to engage, sending troops into Syria, but this will not be to defeat ISIS but to protect their interests and maintain ISIS. Thus putting themselves at risk to being engaged by Russia, they will find themselves carved up and defeated as Fulford has predicted. The Syrian migrant flood will turn around and return to their homeland, a key goal of the ceasefire, and Israel will finally be forced to return land to the Palestinians.

Any comments please: Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory [and from another] Scientists are claiming a stunning discovery in their quest to fully understand gravity. They have observed the warping of space-time generated by the collision of two black holes more than a billion light-years from Earth. The international team says the first detection of these gravitational waves will usher in a new era for astronomy. It is the culmination of decades of searching and could ultimately offer a window on the Big Bang. The research, by the LIGO Collaboration, has been published today in the journal Physical Review Letters. The collaboration operates a number of labs around the world that fire lasers through long tunnels, trying to sense ripples in the fabric of space-time. The black hole merger was picked up by two widely separated LIGO facilities in the US. The merger radiated three times the mass of the sun in pure gravitational energy. Gravitational waves are prediction of the Theory of General Relativity.

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga we have been asked to explain gravity, which man tends to describe as a “force” as his lack of understanding about this phenomena is so great. Gravity is a particle flow, and as with most particle flows the gravity particles are both attracted to each other and explode apart from each other when crowding occurs. Why God so structured his Universe in this manner is not known, but what it causes is constant motion. Electrons chase each other and run away from each other, for instance, as do magnetons. Gravitons are a mystery to mankind as where the attraction part is clear, the blowing apart, ie the Repulsion Force, has only been explained by ourselves, the Zetas. Man is still floundering and groping toward this understanding.

During the sci.astro debates, Nancy presented our description of the Repulsion Force to astronomers on the sci.astro Usenet to much ridicule. She proved this to them with a simple exercise – computing why the Moon remains up in the sky using two of mankind’s favored math theorems – Newton’s Centrifugal Force and the Inverse Square Law of gravity attraction. To quote the result “These figures showed a massive Moon, per the Inverse Square law, of millions of trillions of metric tons of equivalent weight if on the surface of the Earth, moving at a rate of only 1023 m/s.” Would an object of this weight be able to stay above the surface of the Earth due to Centrifugal Force, moving barely faster than a Concord Jet?

Faced with this demonstration that the Repulsion Force of gravity exists, the arrogant astronomers of sci.astro increased their ridicule of ZetaTalk. Now, with the capture on film of two black holes colliding, proof of two concepts is at hand – Gravitational waves predicted in Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and proof of the ZetaTalk Repulsion Force. Of course the intense gravity particle clumping at the center of black holes would be increased during a collision. Of course this would result in the particles blowing out to escape this crowding. Thus, what are being called gravity waves, each escape of particles creating a void behind the wave, thus encouraging the next wave to follow.