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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 18, 2010

Rescuers Search Rubble for Victims of Deadly Gas Explosion Near San Francisco Many mixed reports and confusion on the San Bruno, California 9/9/10 6pm natural gas line explosion. Would it be possible to clear up the confusion and tell us what happened. How many people were killed? Did the line break because of an earthquake or earth rattle. Was a plane or missile involved? [and from another] Was the San Bruno inferno, gas line, due to plate separation in addition the pipes were old (1948 installation)? [and from another] Crews Search Ash-covered Homes after Blast kills 4 [Sep 11] Officials were trying to determine what led up to the conflagration that killed at least four people, injured dozens of others and raised questions about the safety of similar lines that crisscross towns across America. The utility that operates the 30-inch diameter line said it was trying to find out what caused the steel gas pipe to rupture and ignite. Federal pipeline safety inspectors were also on the scene. Transmission lines like the one that burst in San Bruno deliver natural gas from its source to distribution lines, which then carry it into neighborhoods before branching off into homes. [and from another] San Bruno Fire Levels Neighborhood - Gas Explosion [Sep 10] The wind-whipped blaze leaped from structure to structure in the neighborhood near Skyline Boulevard and Sneath Lane, west of Interstate 280.
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Fault lines, when adjusting, do not just rip apart one day during a dramatic earthquake. They most often creep. Laying gas lines along or across a fault line is asking for an accident of this sort. Fault lines are also seldom so clearly delineated that one can go a mile in this or that direction and avoid their action. Where a slip-slide fault such as the San Andreas will often leave a clear line on the surface, this is only the surface action, not what occurs in the rock layers on either side which can fracture for a long way to either side during any movement. The gas company, or the age of the pipes, will be faulted but in truth the finger should be pointed in many directions. The public, who insist on living at such a scenic spot, is to blame. Officials, who zoned for housing are to blame. The public utility company, for allowing gas lines in the area, is to blame. But this will change nothing, while man continues to live on the San Andreas, even as it awakens.

When France and many other countries will be flooded by the Atlantic tsunami well before the PS itself, it will create a great chaos. Nations will be decimated because coasts are very populous, and state structures will fall. What will be the reaction of the French government for example, as France will be one of the most important victims of this cruel event? Will governments around the world declare martial laws or travel restrictions? If yes, must we move before this event to safe places, wait for the tsunami itself, or for other great signs?

The countries of Europe will react to the European tsunami based on their culture and their ability to react to the catastrophe. What will be almost a universal reaction will be to close borders against refuges from other countries and to restrict social services severely. This approach will be possible because most residents in areas afflicted by the tsunami will be washed out to sea, along with all their belongings. The tsunami will leave a fringe of recoverable disaster where the lip of water drops, but where the tsunami is highest, scoured clean. In some cases there will be great confusion about citizenship. Citizens of devastated Denmark will wash up on the shores of Sweden and Germany, which will likewise have its own drowning citizens. Temporarily, they will have a home. Hosting countries will already have gotten strict about immigration, reversing trends and sending what will by now have become unwanted guests home. This will be true of France, Germany, and the UK.

What should be recognized is that by the time the tsunami hits, there will have been so much devastation around the world that each government will be in shock. The first thought is not how to open their borders and relieve suffering but how to meet their obligations to their citizens. Nations, such as Russia, are already stopping their exports when crop shortages hit. The lack of food stores to feed citizens is already a well kept secret for many governments, and taking in refugees only exacerbates the situation. There will be few offers, well publicized for the public relations value, but mostly there will be silence. Some countries, such as in the UK where vast swaths of land will be scoured clean, will see this as a mixed blessing, from a government standpoint. Yes, they have lost citizen and tax base, but they have also lost pensioners, the injured demanding public health care, and mouths to be fed!

Now that we know there will be several "7 of 10-level" events, which may even continue through the "8 of 10-level", and which may stretch out over many months, even years. Is it in fact likely that for many in the cities, we should be preparing to exist for that length of time before the shift itself in our 'safe place'? So that in convincing someone to "head for the hills" following the series of mega-quakes in Japan (speaking now of the folks who will be impacted severely by the New Madrid 'adjustment'), they should have enough supplies to see them through for many months - just 'in case'? I was already aware that there will be a number of smaller EQs leading up to the "7 of 10-level" mega-quake, but without going into asking for a 'date', is it possible that the "7 of 10-level" events could stretch out that long into the future? Some people may now opt not to spend the time and effort preparing a route to safety if they feel they will have to stay at their jobs until they know that the time is close enough at hand they can afford to make the break without jeopardizing putting food on their family's table. The elite will have aircraft at their disposal, so bridges are of little concern to them (in fact it will be a relief to them that the hoi poloi will be trapped in the cities). So there's a very real Catch-22 going on in some quarters, and every little bit of understanding will help in convincing those that are debating with themselves how best to address this dilemna. Obviously it would be best to have a year's worth of food saved up, and to purchase land or re-discover relatives in 'safe areas', but this is for those that aren't that fortunate.

Lately examples of hand wringing have increased. Hand wringing is where the person understands what is about to occur and the limits of what information we can relay to mankind, but is wringing their hands over all this.

Hand wringing includes complaints that we and our Emissary Nancy have not provided undeniable signs of the presence of Planet X, so that skeptical friends can be convinced. Of course, there are signs, including an Earth wobble where the Sun and Moon are out of place, which can be accurately demonstrated! The Moon is way out of place, so far out of place that if traced for a month with a friend, using free planetarium software on the web, that friend would either be in total denial, refusing to see what is before them, or convinced. Here the complaint ignores the fact that most of mankind will deny until the end, and then only harden their denial while going insane over the matter.

Hand wringing also includes the fact that we, the Zetas, as all visitors to Earth at this time, are required to keep the date of the pole shift secret and are not here to rescue mankind. This results in insults, where we or Nancy are told we are hardly Service-to-Other. The facts, that most of mankind today lives in desperate circumstances and are not rescued, falls on deaf ears as those demanding to be rescued do not care about others, just the self whose lifestyle is suddenly threatened by the pending pole shift. That the date must be kept secret, for many reasons, also is challenged, usually by those who see themselves as well enough off to be able to take advantage of such information. Those less able are not considered in this equation.

Hand wringing also includes the decision of just when to leave for a safe location - that awful decision of just when to leave loved ones and a more comfortable setting and bolt for the hills. This of course is an utterly personal matter, with different variables for each individual, and we don't do personal counseling in any case. This is your decision. There are some people who will wait until rotation stoppage before considering an exit from a city, despite all odds. There are others who early made the move to rural areas, forsaking the comfort of an extended family and job opportunities to do so. Those who go early are better situated for the Aftertime, and those who wait to make the dash with a few high calorie bars in their back pack are thinking short term and will suffer the consequences. Even should the date be given, this would not change, as man has free will!

I was so interested in your statement that Swaziland and South Africa will still have electricity after the pole shift. I assume their present grid and generators will survive intact. But for how long if replacement parts are not available I wonder. Would the Zetas be willing to give a specific or general list of areas of the world which can expect the electric grid to survive, and for how long?

Our statement regarding South Africa should not come as a surprise as we stated in the Safe Location information that South Africa would do well during the pole shift. Their main problem will be the sloshing expected along their coastlines and the scouring of water rushing to and fro between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It also is more than 100 miles from any volcano, and will not be directly downwind from ash after the pole shift. South Africa does not sink or mountain build, nor is it riddled with fault lines. It is, rather, on solid rock, and not the type of rock subject to sinkholes or the type of soil subject to landslides. It is also primarily a rural country, so that agriculture can continue and the greater damage restricted to cities. Thus, beyond the damage that magnitude 9 quakes and hurricane force winds will do, its infrastructure will hold. Electrical grids are poles and wires and substations. Where all are likely to be damaged, they are repairable from inventory items at hand. Thus, our prediction that the grid will be operational, at least to some degree, after the pole shift in South Africa. If you want to know where on the Earth a similar situation might present, do your own analysis. Nancy and I are busy.

There is a mound in France, Mount Bugarach, Aude, which is today a great center of attraction for alternative communities. More and more people searching for spirituality come in the region, the Razès. Almost all the community leaders are speaking about a great ascencion in 2012 that will take place here. Mound Bugarach has become a pilgrimage spot and the number of persons travelling here has dramatically increase these past 5 years. People are attracted by the legends that surrounds the mountain. Many myths say that Mount Bugarach is the enter of an underground world, legends that have inspired Jules Vernes for example ("A Journey to the Interior of the Earth"). Some say there is a sea under the region, because a salted river, the sals, springs out of the mound. There are strange ruins which participate to the myth like Isis Throne, a giant sculpted chair next to a sacred celtic source, which faces the mound and is considered by these communities as a holy place. Furthermore, in 1891, the priest of the nearest town next to the mount became billionnaire in "one day" just after he discovered parchments in his church, where merovingian artifacts were discovered to. This very complicated affair is considered by many in France to be linked with Mary of Magdala (see Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code"), corroborated by other historic facts that Jesus Spouse refuged in the region. What is strange is that priest's town is officially recognized as Wisigoth former Capital City to, and that President Mitterand used to come here personnaly to visit strange archeologic researches protected by military personnels. So rumors, old legends, artifacts, and a great UFO activity have focused people attention on the mountain, searching for more spirituality and now, searching for a way to escape "2012 end of time". I suspect some local prophets to exploit people, some of them telling their believers that Mount Bugarach is a rendez vous point for an holy ascension or that ETs will come from their underground base under Mount Bugarach to save them. The problem is that it has a greater success each year and that more and more people come in the region, so I wonder if there is a part of truth. Some friends consider it is true that Mount Bugarach is the holy place where we must go to escape "apocalypse". I am not convinced even if many things about that place question me a lot. Please can Zetas clear the doubts and advise us ? Are myths and rumors founded?
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Clearly this area of France will be well above the waves after the rise in sea level to 675 feet and will survive all pole shift tides. As the highest mount in the area, and within the borders of France, the people of France could seek shelter there and because of the many myths associated with Bugarach undoubtedly will do so. Beyond that, there is nothing special about the spot as a pole shift refuge. There are spots on Earth known as UFO haunts, such as Mount Shasta in California but this does not make the spot special for humans as the visitors are under restrictions on whom they can assist and to what degree. The Ascension, or Rapture as it is also called, will not happen, as we have explained, as the Lift is only offered to those who are highly Service-to-Other. The presence of the visitors is sensed, however, and in their hunger for contact many humans presume that lingering in such spots will facilitate contact or perhaps force an offer of assistance. All that is required, of course, is for a human to give The Call and being in the vicinity is irrelevant. Mountain building in Europe is no longer occurring but in the past for one rock layer to be shoved atop another was not uncommon. This often created caverns and caves. As the highest mountain in the range, Bugarach also came to the attention of the Annunaki when they roved the Earth, thus the unusual giant-sized chair.

I learned that after Roswell the Zetas gave the same generators the Zetas said they would provide to unselfish communities after the shift (which are quartz batteries with a potential power density of one megawatt per cubic inch) to the government hoping that virtually free electricity would change the world. But the selfish elements in the US government kept the devices to power weapons and never let anyone know. So, is my source correct? And will the batteries distributed be capable of that much power? One megawatt would power 140,000 7 watt LED strings of 50 christmas lights or quite an electric heater, or saws for sawmills. Would you care to expand on what the Zetas will be distributing to unselfish survival communities? If as you said, it would be sources of electricity will it be in 12voltDC and 115volt ac with differences for different parts of the world, or will the Zetas distribute the devices to run on them as well? I was told that the power density was possible in the same way a Zeta ship seems one size from the exterior, and when inside it is 100 or more times larger. Thus a small battery may have more power than a huge industrial generating facility of the present time.

Of course we declined to confirm what you call your "sources" as we have since 2002 as almost all such sources are merely information generated by humans who are either spreading disinformation or making it up for some reason. We have stated that no alien technology was given to humans, despite the many assertions by humans wanting to aggrandize themselves or wanting to intimidate the common man. We have also declined to be specific about how our perpetual battery might be used when human grids require either AC or DC and community sizes can vary. The reason we decline such questions is that if one finds themselves in a Service-to-Other community that has complicated electrical needs, then aid would be extended if need be beyond securing a battery. The assist would rise to the level of need! There is nothing magical about transforming DC to AC! An ordinary electrician knows how to do this, and books explain the matter simply. Nor is fretting about the amount of power a fruitful effort, as clearly our batteries could come in power ranges or in multiples! This is simple logic! First, become a Service-to-Other community, and the rest follows.

In the last week the Zetas said that before, during and after the shift, Zetas may or will have face to face contact with those unselfish people who can handle it just fine without anxieties, etc. I was raised by my mother with Emily Post's Book of Etiquette. I try to use what I learned, although there have been some occasions in which I should have but didn't. So are there rules of etiquette for meeting Zetas face to face? I am Sicilian and we hug is that permissible? Is touching permissible like shaking hands etc., and should beverages be offered? Should food be offered? Do Zetas plan on sharing meals with humans or just hybrids? Should seating be offered? Clothing or heat? I know it seems funny to talk about social events, but is there an etiquette which would let the Zetas know how warmly they will be received and appreciated? Do they expect a certain level of politeness and generosity as the Japanese do? Is it wrong to cross the arms or legs or not look at the face? Do the Zetas receive training in how to approach humans and learn etiquette themselves? I for one look forward to the day of social contact with great hope and joy. Or are the Zetas all business, as in coming for a purpose and leaving upon completion? I will admit that stories abound about Zetas being cold and other groups such as Pleiadians and Andromedians being far more social. So would you mind expanding on the concept of the face to face meetings in the social context with Zetas?

Conscious contact will be made between contactees and their familiar visitors, not among strangers, although the hybrids are interacting with visitors from elsewhere in many social settings. It is not true that our contactees consider us cold and the Peiadeans warm, as one is either a contactee of one group or the other, so there is no basis of comparison! Nor do those who are visited by greasy toads or reptilians with many legs consider their visitors cold. It is the vibes from the soul and empathy from the creature for the wellbeing of a human who is struggling with their 3rd density existence that is sensed. Bad PR against the Zetas has been attempted for many years, because of our dominant stance against the establishment on Earth, who wished to discredit us as soon as possible. The success of ZetaTalk is one such piece of evidence as to why we were targeted. Many claim to be conduits for the Pleiadeans when in fact they are merely working for the establishment.

So what, if any, would the etiquette be among intelligent species in different shapes and sizes from different parts of the Universe? It is not based on body language, but rather the voice from the soul, and as telepathy or its equivalent is used there are no misunderstandings. The needs of the guests is foreseen, arranged, and offered in a non-demanding way, such as a buffet at the side or a pool for bathing or a sunroom for basking. Available, but not part of the schedule, so the visitor can take care of his own needs at will.

The question I have is about Europe and how it will look like after the PS. I have studied the 6 step place pick and the Zeta report and the EU tsunami and the maps. I ask Nancy if she can remember how Spain look like in the Holographic presentation where the Mediterean sea was shown to here. She could not see. The info I have is not clear to me one saying it will slosh up north the orther is saying go the north is it safe. Also there is a line about islands who will be left but I put this map where you see what is left after water rise by 200M. I can not see islands but Spain is a known now as the Iberian peninsula and only connected on France after the shift as you can see it will be one island no longer connected. So I hope you can give us some more info how Europe will look like after the shift. I have to run out of my country. Nothing will be left of it having a passport of a country no longer exist is a terrible feeling. I feel double homeless for me it is very important to know where I can run to and I pick Spain and for preparing my survive kit do I need more rescue stuff boats and so on.
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This is a clear example of what we often describe as the human tendency to chop a matter into pieces so as not to see the overall. This is done for two reasons, neither excusable. The first is to avoid the conclusion, a stance many scientists take when they cannot reconcile the facts with their theories. The second is lazy thinking, where the person dealing with pieces while not taking into consideration the overall is demanding that others do their thinking for them. This is inconsiderate. Here, in this question, lazy thinking is done at least twice.

Our statements have been that those in northern Spain will find water between themselves and the Alps - "They will find themselves perched on islands, staring across an expanse of water to toward the Alps". Spain itself will become an island, which in fact is obvious if one merely applies the 675 foot rule. But our statement, taken out of context, was for the mountains of northern Spain which will seem like an island to those perched there because they will have water on almost all sides due to the swollen Ebro River to the south. This description should be put into context with our additional ZetaTalk on Spain and Portugal, where we detail a 50 foot drop in elevation overall for Spain and state that only land above 725 feet will be above the waves.

The second instance of taking something out of context in the above question is a case of the context of time. The questioner is assuming that the holographic presentation Nancy received as part of the 7 of 10 presentation could possibly present Europe as it would be 2 years after the pole shift! Do the 7 of 10 scenarios include the pole shift and the rise in sea level to 675 feet? No! So how could the mountains of Spain represent the scene after the pole shift when they are viewed during a presentation of the 7 of 10 scenarios? Think!

After the pole shift some people may need to relocate for many reasons. How well will a compass work in the weeks after the pole shift? Will the new magnetic north be the true north pole or will a magnetic declination be used to offset the new true north pole to any degree?
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We have stated that the magnetic and geographic poles will be more closely aligned after the pole shift. This has been depicted in graphics on the Pole Shift ning. Given the complicated scene and the number of steps that take place before the Earth settles down, a slight magnetic declination can still occur. The crust will have been ripped from the core, so that both operate independently. The core rights itself in the semi-liquid magma, and will eventually point to magnetic north regardless of what the rest of the globe might be doing. The rotation restarts, quickly, and rotation involves many factors including components of the magma and alliances of the crust to its surroundings. Once rotation starts again, this is likely to simply continue, via momentum, and not change. Thus, in a perfect setting the core rights itself and dominates the rotation direction, but due to the many factors, differences can arise. Because of the severity of this pole shift, we have predicted that a rotation restart will be slightly delayed, thus allowing for a close magnetic and geographic N Pole.

What is the cause of the wandering stones in some places in the world? They move around like ghosts.
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Earthquakes toss boulders and stones, as is known, and in those areas where stones have fallen on clay and the clay can become wet periodically, it is possible for these stones to be moved readily. Water on clay is what causes landslides, as the soil layer above the clay slides on a thin layer of water atop the clay. However, during landslides, there is a slope involved, and the sailing or race track stones are supposedly on flat ground. Theories about the presence of high wind or ice has been put forth, but none seem to explain the movement, which can include right angle turns. The real explanation for what affects the rocks has not been considered. The rock strata is thin in this location, in Death Valley, being per reports some 282 feet below sea level. Thus the surging magma runs close to the surface and literally grabs and drags these rocks when the soil is slippery enough. The rocks, or course, have some property that allows them to be attached to the magma, but as man understands so very little and we weary of trying to get him to think past his rigid scientific precepts, we decline to elaborate.

align="right" hspace="0" width=537 height=423>I have a question concerning mountain building. Will the Rocky Mountains in Colorado experience this and what would be considered a safe distance east from this situation?

We have stated that mountain building will not occur in Colorado, as it has in the past, but rather that the mountains will push over the plains to the east. Mountain building occurs when a rock layer pushes under another, tumbling and shattering the top layer. The current Continental Divide in Colorado has so many layers of rock beneath it that what is pushing under can no longer jumble the top layer. Instead, the whole mass pushes east over the plains. Colorado rapidly drops in elevation to the east of the high mountains, and it is the land in lower elevations for a 50 mile swath that will find itself rumpled and tossed before what appears to be mountains on the move. As surprising as it may seem, this process does not kill all life before it, but is rather a rough ride where roads rumple, cars are tossed to their sides, and housing collapses. This is expected in any case during great quakes. Afterwards, the rumpled area will find itself looking down upon lands that were formerly on the same level, and survivors will realize what has happened. This process has likewise occurred during prior pole shifts. Thus, safety in Colorado might entail being to the west of the Continental Divide, rather than to the east.

The Annunaki are doing Gold mining on a moon of Mars. Now their homeland Nibiru is back again. As we all know that it's the last time that Nibiru enter the Solar System. Because it will shock our Sun in the next time. So I want to know if all the Annunaki will return to their home from the moon, when will they return.

Yes, the Annunaki are on a moon of Mars, Phobus, mining for gold. This has already been transferred to their home planet and a new mining crew established for the next stint on the ore rich Phobus. As the interior of the moon is being mined, and their living quarters situated in the interior also, they have little contact with the outside world but do visit it for the entertainment value. On their home planet, the stars cannot be seen due to the heavy shrouding with dust, so being able to explore the heavens with a telescope is a treat. We have mentioned that the Annunaki are unaware that the Earth transformation is in process and will likewise be unaware that much of the solar system has taken the leap to 4th density. They are in quarantine from mankind and thus from the Earth. Thus one day this mining crew, coming to the surface of Phobus for an excursion, will notice that the Sun has dimmed. Earth, a spec in the sky, will show shards of cities and lots of what looks like volcanic dust on an Earth no longer supporting the vegetation it formerly did. This will be assumed to be the result of the pole shift, which this mining crew understands affects the Earth, and the dimmer Sun. All just another opportunity for a history lesson for the youngsters in their living quarters, and many tales of days gone by when they ruled the Earth!

I live in Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada. We are about 20 min. from Montreal. Chateauguay is 70 feet above sea level. In Zeta talk safe locations they say that Montreal should be o.k. But then you state that we must be 200 feet above sea level. Since Chateauguay is not next to a coastline and 20 min. from Montreal I would assume that this is a safe place. Can someone help me with this please. I'm a little confused. Thanks... Is Montreal and the places near it on the coastline of the St. Laurence Seaway going to be elevated?
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We have stated that the tearing of the Seaway during the pole shift will allow the New England area to bounce up by 450 feet. The New England area will no longer be bonded to land to the north of the Seaway so the natural floatation characteristic of the rock is allowed to express itself. How far back along the Seaway does this bounce travel, and does it affect the northern side of the Seaway? As is known, the rock strata north of the Seaway is a target="_top">different composition than that to the south of the Seaway. The ripping of the Seaway has occurred along this boundary because differing rock strata do not bond tightly. Where this is the general description, the pulling apart of the Seaway is not exactly along the rock strata boundaries, and thus a portion of the lighter rock to the south of the Seaway is found along its northern edge, and this portion includes Montreal.

Where the Seaway opens into Lake Ontario, it is passing through a pinch of rock that is cohesive both north and south and does not want to rip open. Thus the finger lakes in New York State, just beyond this pinch, are attempting to rip open where the pinch itself has not yet ripped. Montreal is just prior to this pinch, oceanside of the pinch. This pole shift, the pinch will rip, and rip deeply. This allows Montreal to be relatively unaffected by the tidal sloshing that would otherwise roar up the Seaway, as the water can drop into the deeper crevasse at the bottom of the Seaway.

However, the rock strata along the northern side of the Seaway, though cohesive with the rock strata in the New England region, will not experience a bounce because of the deep Seaway rip. The bounce that New England will experience stops on the southern side of the Seaway across from Montreal and should be prorated along this southern shoreline from this point to the Seaway outlet to determine the degree of bounce for any given area. Where residents of Montreal will survive the pole shift tidal sloshing, they will be forced to move during the following two years to higher ground when the sea level rises to 675 feet.

As we know, Planet X is very difficult to be seen until now, many people, especially those who have some astronomical knowledge don't believe the existence of Planet X at all, always laughing at or ridiculing it. Because they will not believe that until observing it by themselves. But it seems that almost nobody has watched it with the astronomical instruments. Zetas have very high technology, intended to give a helping hand to the people on earth during the impending poleshift, I think it is not difficult for them to observe the Planet X, and take photos of it, even make some videos about it. Why don't they do so, giving the photos or videos of the Planet X to Nancy to show us, in order to convince those who don't believe in the existence of Planet X and save more people?

Of course, providing photos taken by aliens to be presented to the world as proof of the presence of Planet X would be violating the Element of Doubt but beyond that would not change a thing. Today there are images of the Planet X complex on SOHO and the Stereo Ahead and Behind that put the question to rest, utterly - the String of Pearls, the Moon Swirls with their drifting tails, the Red Cross and the like. The magnetosphere simulation also leaves no doubt, as the hole and deforming in the bowshock and unexplained twisting have no other explanation. Does that mean that Planet X is being discussed in the media? Earthquakes are increasing so that even those who live in regions not experiencing quakes in the past now get them, and volcanic activity shows volcanoes awakening and not going back to sleep. The Sun and Moon are not in the right place, yet questions to the experts get the brushoff. None of this is presented on the media, because of the firm cover-up.

A photo presented as one provided by aliens would be ridiculed, as valid photos of the Planet X complex today are. Claims it was PhotoShop'd, or a hoax, would clamor forth, and that would be the end of it. It is not lack of proof that holds back public awareness, it is the determination of the establishment to keep the cover-up in place. It is their anxiety and potential reactions that forced the Council of Worlds to continue to simulate normalcy, so that the public does not suddenly start to make demands and get mowed down in the streets by panic in the establishment. This is gradually being changed as the establishment leaves their posts and shrinks back to their enclaves, so the time has come for more truth and honesty in the media. But there stand those who have participated in the cover-up all those years, afraid of repercussions against themselves personally. There is the constipation, the clog, holding things back.

Can Zetas say anything about this formations? Trentbarrow, UK.
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This is clearly not a symmetrical design, and this is its message. The whole design curves as though on the end of a pendulum. There is movement at a greater angle within the overlapping circles too, implying that the overall pendulum swing is a composite of forces. This irregularity has been a frequent component during the 2010 season, because the rattled wobble has begun. Those who have noticed the weather, the position of the rising Sun, and the erratic orbit of the Moon sense in this design what they are feeling. something is affecting the Earth, which like the end of a pendulum is not in control of the motion.

If the awakening to the alien presence is to coincide with massive earth changes and quakes, won't that steer people into fearing aliens because they will think they are causing them and trying to destroy Earth or something? And if they suspected a contactee looking not scared they think they are behind it as well.

The Awakening is accompanied by telepathic messages explaining the Earth changes, so that those seeing UFO displays understand the true cause of the Earth changes. Why would aliens suddenly decide to create earthquakes and irregular weather? This does not compute, as you say. The establishment has gone to great efforts to make the populace fearful of the alien presence, of requesting contact, to no avail. This is because our message, our explanations make sense, and those the establishment relays do not. They see that the establishment lies! The Moon and Sun are out of place often, but no mention on the media! Sinkholes and exploding gas and water mains and shaking and booming, all without an adequate explanation as to why these incidences are suddenly happening. So it is a combination of factors that convinces the populace of the sincerity and good intent of the visitors - logic, explanations that connect the dots, and the obvious cover-up being conducted by the establishment.

Will the flood water in Californian inland valley be salt water or sweet water?

It is known that the fertile inland valleys of California were once flooded with salt water, as the commercial corporations farming there know. The fresh water they use to irrigate their fields is on the surface, but drains into salt soaked soil beneath. When the coming pole shift once again compresses the Pacific, forcing water up through the river valleys and into these valleys, they will once again be filled with salt water, draining slowly over weeks.

Given how biased and egregious the (western) news networks are in substance, I have noticed for some time how MSNBC has within the frameworks of what they are allowed to report, are making an attempt to cover the more substantive matters; whether it be foreign policy or domestic affairs (i.e the fallacies in the health care reform, wall sreet being held unaccountable, sorting out the constant bickering from right wing commentators). Notably in my eyes is the anchor, "Dylan Ratigan", who was noted for his coverage over the Enron scandal, and was let go from his last job, after reporting the scam Goldman Sachs was pulling off (something no news anchor in the media today would do). He has also arranged for "Cenk Uygur" (host of the online political talk show, "The Young Turks", covering all sorts of issues that go unreported in the media), to be a regular substitute host at MSNBC. Anywho, my question is, why would a mainstream media outlet arrange for such courageous and conscientious ppl to show up on tv, as anchors. They are constantly pushing the envelopes within which the mainstream media operates in, and openly advertise Cenk's online show, in essence leading ppl to more substantive news and away from the more tightly controlled propaganda machine the mainstream media is. Sure it bring in ratings, but is the logic here attempting to distract ppl with these social issues, so that when ppl think that just when the media is opening up to the public, there is a bigger lie being hidden--which is PX. To add to that, can the Z's comment on just how much the media is cooperating with the Puppet Master and others who want the truth about PX out, at the moment?. I'm seeing tv shows here and there. But none nowhere close to what is sufficient to reach the "average joe". [and from another] This theory was popularized by Nancy Lieder who learned of it from -- wait for it -- extraterrestrials. Here's a little more on Lieder's theory. Nibiru is believed to be a planet-like object fated to play a deadly game of pinball with Earth. No need to poke fun at this mode of thought; that's already been covered.
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Where it is true that the media is controlled from the top down, this does not translate into chain of command type behavior. Even the military has problems with orders from the top translating into the actions those at the top expected. Each link in the chain has their own agenda, their own interpretation, and their own way of stalling when it suits them. Thus, to understand the media's reactions when they are asked, from the top, to promote understanding of the Earth changes from the standpoint of history and various theories that include the passage of Nibiru, the outcome is unpredictable. Fox News has so many filters resenting Nancy and our message that it never reaches the screen. CNN has been anxious to promote this message, particularly the message of hope and survival in the face of all odds, but has been held back by upper management waiting for a clue that they are not breaking national security. Formerly, under Bush, this was the case - no mention of Planet X was to be inferred. That History Channel has been actively talking about extraterrestrials, and end-of-the-world theories, for years with no repercussions shows that it can be done, but in that the executive order blocking promotion of Nancy or the ZetaTalk message was only rescinded when Obama took office, many are still nervous. The times, however, are changing!

Less than 2 weeks ago, I was involved in a near-fatal car accident while driving on the expressway. A confused driver was heading the wrong way toward oncoming traffic and we ended up in a 130mph head on collision. My car flipped over and started on fire, but I was able to walk away with only a few cracked ribs. Luckily no one in the other car was badly injured. It seems that without seatbelt and air bag, I would be in a body bag right now. Question about interventions: When people survive terrible accidents such as car crashes, do entities ever step in and affect the outcome to save lives or prevent injuries? If so, why? Or is it always sheer luck for the survivors?

When intervention is done to protect someone from injury there are several techniques that can be used, but the most common is to suddenly remove the person from the scene. How is it possible for aliens to, for instance, anticipate a head-on crash between two cars each going 65 mph? If our space ships can disappear into another density in the wink of an eye, or travel in man's density at speeds man cannot even fathom, then they can respond to an alert a protected human can give just as quickly. In this instance, the human being protected was not involved in the accident, but the pending accident, seen through her eyes, brought intervention. all humans in danger were removed to another dimension, in fact all human DNA was removed from the vicinity, as there was no time to be more specific as the slight injuries sustained show. The accident happened, the scene was frozen, and the humans were returned to their vehicles.

Who are the Zetas referring to when they say at the 7/10 event "We will have your attention"? Dont you already have the full attention of your followers? It implies that there are a number of people out there that for one believe in aliens, two, have seen zetatalk, three, have actually read it, and four, said "Im not so sure about that. If something big happens then maybe I'll pay attention". Or do you mean subconsciously or something?

Even those who listen to our words and take them seriously are not connecting the dots to be able to envision what these disasters will mean. All intelligent creatures use these types of denial techniques, so we are not just criticizing mankind here. If one hears that they can no longer use their car, because the roads will be torn up, they don't register that all distribution of goods will be stopped or trips to the clinic for injuries will be blocked. They imagine the car, sitting idle while the roads are repaired. It does not sink in, that the use of the car will forever be prevented, or that the car may be flipped on its side with no means of righting it, ever, and will rust into uselessness while the tires rot. If we say that travel restrictions will be imposed, they imagine themselves approaching a counter and pleading their case, as is the situation today, or bribing someone, or finding an alternate road to evade checkpoints. That the counter will be closed, and the applicant facing a loaded rifle and told to leave, is not considered. That bridges will be collapsed, rivers above flood tide souring the banks and washing away boats, and side roads filled with looting thieves is not taken into consideration. When the 7 of 10 occurs, these situations, from some part of the globe, will be evident, and hopefully those who are capable of envisioning the pending pole shift will fully "get it" at that time.

I read the ZetaTalk safe location info for Iraq, but I'd like more details for the northern part (the Kurdish area). My Husband is from a village an hour west of Mosul and all his family still lives in that area. I know it is in/just south of the foot hills of the Mountains in SE. Turkey. I tried to warn them a bit last year before we left, but I don't think they really believed it will happen soon as Islam has a "checklist" of stuff predicted to happen before the end of the world. I worry about them some, what can they/I expect for that area in Northern Iraq? Will they have a chance to get somewhere safe (in the mountains to the north or something)? The good news is they haven't had modern conveniences for very long and know how to do many things First World Country people don't know (digging wells by hand, hauling water with donkeys, building/digging an outhouse, living without electricity or indoor plumbing).
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We have described the churning that will afflict Iraq as a turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot. As the African Plate rolls, and drops its rounded top toward the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea pulls apart, the Afar Triangle in Africa pulls apart, and the boot rolls. This turns the pointed top of the Arabian Plate so it pushes through Iraq, which is what is building the mountains that separate Iraq and Iran. This takes Jordan and Syria for a ride, as they are in the rear seat and not where compression is occurring. But all of Iraq is crushed into the mountains along its border with Iran. This will explode the oil fields in northern Iraq, heave and split the ground, and make survival in this portion of Iraq very risky. The hills of western Iraq will be safe, and above sea level when the seas have risen 675 feet above today's sea level. Turkey evades the turning of the boot, except as living along a fault line affects those along its southern border.

I know this is what had been written about Denver in a previous chat. ../info/tinfo24x.htm I also am very leery of Denver International Airport in that I met one of the architects while it was being built and was told of the underground facilities that may be used in a way similar to the FEMA detention camps. Anyone who has ridden the concourse shuttle will have seen that it would be very easy to simply whisk a trainload of unsuspecting people down one of the mysterious tunnels that veer off here and there on your way to the concourses. I am worried about the fact that I may not be able to leave my location which is just over 20 miles from Denver and just over 30 miles from DIA. Are people like me foolish to stay so close? Or will infrastructure be so torn up that traveling even that distance becomes undesirable/impossible thus keeping the STS who are in Denver closer to their enclaves? I have other friends who wish to stay in the same general vicinity as I do so this is not an entirely personal question. The city of Boulder is full of very good people and many healers. I would say that a very strong STO community will develop here. However, Boulder itself is not a small city. Even so - there are many local organic farms and an ongoing concerted effort to become self sustaining. Will we be safe where we are, or should we get the heck out of here? I ask these details of you only because you specifically mentioned Denver. If I decide to stay and find myself playing some role helping those who are confused or traveling here seeking refuge, I would like to know for myself, my friends, my loved ones and for those I encounter whether or not we really should leave even though in many ways this appears to be an ideal place to stay. How wide a berth should we give Denver and DIA? 20 miles? 50 miles? 100 miles? What seems safe?
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Boulder, CO has no prayer of being out of the grip of the arrogant politicians who see themselves as the leaders of the world in the Aftertime. Even a casual glance at a map of the area shows a superhighway directly from Denver to Boulder. Military installation are nearby - Fort Collins, Fort Lupton, and Fort Morgan. Are you suggesting that the arm of the US government intent upon self perpetuation will sit by idly until the pole shift has destroyed roads before securing the area? The area to be secured is not, of course, merely the Denver airport and any tunnels to other locations from that airport. They will pack the area with military personnel and equipment. This equipment includes rugged vehicles designed to go overland, and they will certainly seek out and commandeer any functioning farms nearby. Boulder is in the heavy traffic lane between Fort Collins and Denver, and as long as fuel for choppers holds out is likely to have overflights there that would assist in the seek and commandeer campaign. We have warned that those who do not want to be virtual slaves of the self-appointed overloads of the Aftertime not be near such locations. To think that your future would hold anything but this scenario is naïve.

14.09.2010 in Vladivostok was massive UFO sighting. Can Zetas tell what it was? Warning or atmospherical effect? It was warning, about what?
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Vladivostok is in a highly vulnerable position. It sits on a peninsula close to the ocean on both sides. Its elevation is so low that it will surely be swamped during the pole shift tidal waves, the peninsula run over completely with water roaring back and forth. The pulsing UFO display, formed into in a twisting point, was to focus the citizens of Vladivostok to consider their position on a pointed peninsula. The good citizens of Vladivostok were of course being warned to leave, if intending to survive the pole shift at all.

The Safe Zone Docs mentions Mexico City and Chihuahua, along with the usual coastal and volcano warnings. People in Mexico tend to live in close proximity in large cities, but there are very mountainous rural areas in central Mexico where primitive living conditions still reign. These people are used to growing their corn, beans, and squash and capturing or hauling their water. Will these mountainous areas be an area to survive the earth's crust movements? With Mexico lands moving northward and volcanic dust, we are assuming that will we not be able to grow our staple, corn. I just read about Moses wandering around due to the lack of food or ability to grow food. If we are to migrate, as mentioned, large masses from Mexico City to migrate north, is that the best option? Wouldn't the now western coastline provide a regular food source to which to migrate after the PS?

After the pole shift, the venting volcanoes along what is now the edge of the N American Plate where it crosses Mexico will vent away from Mexico. Volcanic ash, via what will be the new prevailing westerlies, will be carried out past what is now Central America, and thence out over the Pacific ocean. Today, this ash blows toward the Yucatan. Those survivors in what is now southern Mexico should migrate to what is now the north of their country, into formerly hostile desert country. The new geography will have Mexico stretched out along the new Equator, in a very temperate climate not unlike it enjoys today. The Mississippi Valley and the Yucatan will flood within two years after the pole shift, and this will change the weather for the desert regions of Mexico. Fronts will push down from the flooded Mississippi Valley as well as in from the Pacific, and both fronts will be water laden. Thus, when these fronts clash and form rain, the desert will bloom.

What's up with this? Saudis, U.S. near $60 billion arms deal. The deal would apparently represent the largest single U.S. arms sale ever approved. It would allow Saudi Arabia, the most militarily advanced of the Arab Gulf states and one of the richest countries in the world, to buy top-line U.S.-made helicopters and fighter jets with ranges that would span the Middle East and beyond. The U.S. is realigning its defense policies in the Gulf as Iran improves the range and accuracy of missiles and other weapons that could threaten Israel or U.S. allies in Europe. Besides the Saudi deal, the U.S. has pending or proposed arms sales to Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates, and has repositioned some U.S. forces and military assets around the Gulf.

We have mentioned that the US military intends to bring its troops home prior to the pole shift, leaving only a skeleton crew on foreign bases. Obama has kept his promise to end US participation in combat in Iraq. This move, to arm the Arab states, is more than just an intention to substitute US involvement in peace keeping with Saudi involvement. This move blunts Israeli ambitions. Obama has had problems getting the Israelis to honor their prior peace agreements and to temper their ambitions for future land grabs. Iran has armed itself against Israel, and now the balance has been weighed further against Israel, though the rhetoric from Washington DC will not reflect that.

Can you say if it´ll be possible for us in Denmark to leave what´s left of the country, once the Tsunami has hit Europe? I plan to head to Norway, and have found a small place between Elverum and Trysil, and it seems that inundation post-shift will reach as far as Elverum. I plan to avoid Oslo, knowing that there are pipes with natural oil and gas in the streets, un-insulaated, as they´ve been made in order to keep sidewalks frost-free. I have some concern that they may blow up and cause Oslo to stop being Oslo. Our "normal escape-routes", thus are ferries from the north of the peninsula of Jylland in Hirtshals for Larvik on Norway´s south coast. From Grenå, also on the peninsula to Varberg in Sweden. Varberg seems to be just south of the safe zone in Sweden. Then we have a sail-route from Rødby, Denmark to northern Germany. (Of course, sofar, we can also sail to England and Scotland, but that doesn´t seem so safe!). The tunnels between Sweden-Denmark and England and France, I don´t even dare think of, though I do. Will we possibly be able to fly out? If you care to expand on this, I´ll be much obliged!

As we have stated, Denmark will be devastated by a 100 foot tall tsunami that will roll over this flat country. Whatever was the case prior to this point in time, escape to other countries has now changed. After the tsunami, escape will be either as someone with assets in another country, perhaps an existing Visa or a second home there, or as a drowning rat hoping for refuge. We have often warned that as the Earth changes increase, travel restrictions may be put into place. One should not assume the freedom to move during the last weeks, and in many parts of the world, one should not assume the freedom to move after major catastrophes have occurred. Emergency teams will respond by putting refugees into tents and treating injuries, but they will not allow the refugees to roam about at will, nor travel without the proper paperwork, and this paperwork includes a welcome from the destination.

A characteristic of humans trying to envision a great catastrophe is that they cannot envision the totality. If we have stated that a 100 foot tall tsunami will "wash over, around, and through almost everything in Denmark" then the likelihood of infrastructure surviving is nill. Bridges require firm footings which can be undercut by the force of immense tides, and sections of these bridges will be simply washed away. Have they been built with 100 foot tall tsunami in mind? To even ponder tunnels from Denmark being functional is fantasy. Ferries require a dock to be in place, and ships will hesitate approaching the remains of Denmark because of underwater dangers that could tear their bottoms out. Where helicopters might land to pluck those not drown from rooftops, normal air traffic is a fantasy. The runways will have trenches where soft soil has washed away and be littered, and the fuel deposits polluted with sea water. Consider the totality of the disaster.