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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 7, 2013

I read the zeta talk about The Syria situation.  Even though Israel conducted the chemical weapon attack, why was Obama so gung ho about attacking Syria?  And why does he still want to attack Syria?  I know he doesn't like Israel but why does he want to support them now? [and from another] I read in the newspaper yesterday (August 31 2013) that it would take approximately 3 weeks for the UN inspectors to publicize their results on the attack with chemical weapons. The Zetas stated in the latest Zetatalk that the announcement about the passage of Nibiru will happen at the time when the governments will announce that the attack was a false flag, caused by rebels. I was amazed by this hint on the announcement (hoping I interpreted it correctly). So, combining these two messages, I believe we'll have to 'buckle up' either the weekend of the 21 or the 28th of September at the latest. [and from another]  Dale Gavlak is a Middle East correspondent for Mint Press News and has reported from Amman, Jordan, writing for the Associated Press, NPR and BBC. As the machinery for a U.S.-led military intervention in Syria gathers pace following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit. Interviews with people in Damascus and Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital, where the humanitarian agency Doctors Without Borders said at least 355 people had died last week from what it believed to be a neurotoxic agent, appear to indicate as much. Ghouta townspeople said the rebels were using mosques and private houses to sleep while storing their weapons in tunnels. In a recent article for Business Insider, reporter Geoffrey Ingersoll highlighted Saudi Prince Bandar’s role in the two-and-a-half year Syrian civil war.  [and from another]  Russian documentation on rebel chemicals cache. [and from another] June 2013 Turkey

Are Obama and Biden and Kerry playing a game, appearing to be as dumb as an ox about the “evidence” they have that Assad did it?  The US evidence merely shows satellite images of rockets being launched from Assad territory to the rebel held areas, but mortar does not prove the use of chemical weapons. Nor does concern about gas masks for their troops indicate guilt, as Assad’s intel could have told them another rebel chemical attack was likely. Meanwhile a valid AP associated interview where the rebels admit the August 21 incident was caused by materials provided to them and prior evidence garnered by Russia and Turkey is kept from the media. Why?

The UN has determined rebel use of these weapons in the past, and is giving indications that this August 21 incident again was caused by the rebels.  The UN had just arrived to investigate prior chemical attacks when this attack happened, and it is illogical that Assad would do this now as he now has the upper hand in this civil war. The UN car was shot up as it entered the rebel area. The Assad held regions were no problem for the inspectors. All this screams that the rebels did not want inspection. Why is Obama stopping just short of rushing into another Middle East war when he has always been cautious about this and trying to extract the US from these conflicts?

This seeming personality change on the part of Obama, a complete about face on keeping the US out of Middle East conflicts, and complete loss of insight and balance on who might be responsible and what steps to take (such as waiting for the UN inspection results) is puzzling. But it is an act, a chess game of the highest order. There are those who do not want the announcement to happen, the banking industry with close ties to Israel, but they have been stymied by Obama’s moves with Russia and China. They are trying to raise the argument that Obama will create a false flag incident, ie Nibiru, to deflect from his real troubles.

The economy is not recovering. The US is broke, and owes China sums it cannot repay. Endless borrowing, endless debt, and budget wars once again on the horizon with the House Republicans. What better than a distraction like Nibiru, would be their argument. Israel and the bankers would argue that Russia and China are just being led astray by NASA, a pawn of the Obama’s administration. They hoped the Syrian incident would be yet another indication of a weak President whose word cannot be counted upon. By becoming a hawk, in a very safe environment, Obama has stymied their argument that he is a weak president trying to create a distraction with the announcement.

The US will not go to war until Congress approves it, and it will not. Congress must also allocate more funds to the Pentagon for this new military action, which will result in endless arguments. Meanwhile the UN inspectors will present their case, gutting any argument for an attack on Assad. Any argument that Obama has invented Nibiru to get a weak President off the hotseat will have been countered, as Obama appears the strong one. We have described bait and switch techniques being used to catch the cover-up crowd in the US. This is an example of a feign and switch, a maneuver opposite of what is intended or expected while the REAL maneuver is taking place, unnoticed.

Would the zetas care to comment on this? [and from another] Alabama Residents Panic After Radio Station's Joke Alien Invasion  The broadcast's joke about aliens taking over the station was only meant to publicize a programming change. But Star 94.9 got more of a promotional boost than they had bargained for when residents took the aliens' threats seriously. At least Star 94.9 now gets the unique opportunity to join an elite group of media that have carried out alien invasion hoaxes. Their most famous peer? Orson Welles, who orchestrated a joke radio broadcast, entitled "Invasion from Mars," and terrified the country in 1938. Thousands fled their homes in the broadcast's aftermath. Across the globe, Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad's April Fools' joke also failed to amuse when the paper's front page announced a "giant alien landing" in Jafr, according to the BBC. [and from another] April 1, 2010  Al-Ghad's front page piece said the giant aliens had arrived on flying saucers lighting up the Jordanian desert town of Jafr, some 300 kilometres (190 miles) east of Amman. Moussa Barhoumeh, Al Ghad's managing editor, said the newspaper was simply having some good natured fun on April Fools' Day, and had apologized for any inconvenience caused.

If Area 51 and Element 115 can hit the news without public panic, UFO lore admitted as a reality, is it time for disclosure on the alien presence? The elements within the CIA and DIA who want the cover-up to continue certainly hope not. They hope to avoid facing their years of lying to the public. Hope to continue the mystique that UFOs are somehow secret government air craft. And hoping to prove that the public was not yet ready for disclosure, arranged yet another test.

We have explained that the very reason a mass landing would never be allowed to occur is because it would tend to create panic and anxiety. Thus in addition to scary Hollywood movies about alien invasions, the cover-up utilizes fake mass landings, ie Orson Welles in 1938, to “prove” their point. The Awakening has been slow and steady, with individual contact established first, then building up to group contact. Unfortunately for those clinging to the cover-up, at least half the world’s population is now getting the truth directly from the source – the aliens themselves. 

Would you be able to give greater clarity to changes in Water levels around Wales and Scotland please? In particular, will the remaining land masses be in Wales or Scotland which have the highest land in the UK? The future maps of the UK indicate that the whole of England will go under after the melting ice caps. If this is the case, it'd be very useful to know.

Detailed flood maps showing what remains above the waves show most of Scotland and Wales with a substantial land mass. The UK must deal with potential tsunami as the North Atlantic pulls apart, though the massive European tsunami predicted during the 7 of 10 plate movements has been essentially nullified by the Council of Worlds decision to soften the 7 of 10 plate movements. The UK will also be pulled down, more on the west side than the east, due to lack of support from drooping Atlantic plates. Then there is the global rise in sea level by 675 feet, worldwide, within two years after the Pole Shift.

We have detailed the effect of the rising seas and dropping Atlantic on the UK, specifying that the drop on the west side, up to 150 foot loss in elevation, should be graduated to the east side of the UK where only a 25 foot loos of elevation will occur. The maps Nancy has prepared, which the general public can do by following the 7 Steps blog on the Pole Shift ning, show the worst case scenario for the combined effect of both the sea level rise and the dropping Atlantic. Since Scotland and Wales will have land mass above the waves, while most of Britain and Ireland are flooded, they should prepare to offer rescue to their countrymen.

Is Syria being used to keep Obama from making the announcement about Planet X?

We have stated that the date of the announcement is set in concrete. It was agreed among the major players – US and Russia and China – that it would not change no matter what emerged as a potential distraction. If Obama were kidnapped and held hostage, a look-alike relaying that the announcement is off, this is to be ignored, such are the precautions against sabotage. Syria may appear to be distancing Putin and Obama, but this is just show. Putin can see what Obama is up to, with his feign and switch to counter Israel’s attempt to make him seem weak, and thus by inference to imply that Obama is inventing Planet X and the passage to distract the populace. Israel may have wanted to negate the announcement in this way, but they have already lost this gambit.

Can you comment on a couple new CC? These seem legitimate.

Both these designs are legitimate, which can be seen by the woven grain laid in directions and in a manner that human frauds cannot accomplish. Westkennett was laid on August 13, a day after the August trimester reached its peak on August 12. This is shown by the dial just past the touch point at the bottom of the design. It has no other meaning than to emphasize the magnetic trimesters, which is a ZetaTalk concept and found only in ZetaTalk lore. During this past trimester change, earthquakes notably increased to the extent that LISS was taken down for weeks.

Etchilhampton has a clear retrograde orbit flow pattern from the center - clockwise. This is the orbit direction of Planet X, aka Nibiru. But if viewed from the periphery, the counterclockwise direction of flow for the other planets in the solar system and the Sun itself is detected. What then are the three small planets clustered on the periphery? The Earth, Dark Twin, and Venus all normally sweep counterclockwise, propelled by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun. They are now all being pushed back by Planet X, and crowded together.

The Sun itself is shown as centered on a vortex to its side, out of view of the Earth. The grain swirl pattern of the Sun is centered on this vortex.  The lopsided coronal hole that appeared in 2013, lopsided compared to other years, is explained by the magnetic influence of Planet X pushing components in the inner Sun to the side and away from the magnetic presence of Planet X.  Though overall the size of the coronal hole is no larger than in other years, the manner in which it is clustered to one side is different.

In light of recent fish kills measured by the ton and the clear evidence of land stretch occurring in southern China, will the Zetas please clarify if the astonishing volume (100 tons) of dead fish in the Fuhe River in Hubei province was caused by toxic spillage/dumping as claimed by the Chinese media, or is the result of methane poisoning released by the shifting rock layers below?  Recent stretch zone incidents: 
[and from another] Greece  Ten tonnes of dead fish have been found in a lake in the north of the country due to an inexplicably absence of oxygen in the water. [and from another] China  Chinese authorities have recovered about 100 tonnes (220,000lb) of poisoned fish from a river in central Hubei province. The fish died after a chemical factory discharged ammonia into the Fuhe river. Environmental officials blamed a nearby local firm for the incident. This latest industrial incident comes after more than 16,000 dead pigs were recovered earlier this year from a river that runs through Shanghai. [and from another]  Rio  Massive amounts of dead fish were found in a Rio de Janeiro lake next to the 2016 Olympic park, five months after thousands of dead fish were found at the site of 2016 Olympic rowing events. Biologists said the 10 tons of fish were probably killed due to raw sewage

What do an enclosed lake in Greece, an enclosed lake near Rio, and a river in China have in common?  Though blamed on “an inexplicable absence of oxygen” in Greece, on raw sewage in Rio, and on ammonia in the water in China, these disparate cases have the same cause – methane released due to being in a stretch zone.  The Eurasian Plate is stretched from Europe to China. The S American Plate is bowing such that the area near Rio is stretched. And in China the Hubei province is rift with deep rivers, which is a sign of thin crust at that point, the crust drooping from lack of support. Rock strata that is stretched to release methane trapped between rock layers, or drooping crust that tugs on surrounding rock are the cause.

I am wondering whether the last United Kingdom's"political" moves in Gibraltar, with the construction of a great sea wall which is a barrier to our fishermen in that Spanish area, could maybe also related to the passage. [and from another]  The Gibraltar peninsula, located at the far southern end of Iberia, has great strategic importance as a result of its position by the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It has repeatedly been contested between European and North African powers and has endured fourteen sieges since it was first settled in the 11th century. The peninsula's occupants – Moors, Spanish, and British – have built successive layers of fortifications and defenses including walls, bastions, casemates, gun batteries, magazines, tunnels and galleries. [and from another]  Gibraltarians rejected proposals for Spanish sovereignty in a 1967 referendum and again in 2002. Under the Gibraltar constitution of 2006, Gibraltar governs its own affairs, though some powers, such as defence and foreign relations, remain the responsibility of the UK Government. Gibraltar maintains regular flight connections to London and Manchester. Budget airline easyJet also flies to Liverpool.

Gibraltar historically has been land contested by the Moors, Spaniards, and Brits because if affords military control over the Straits of Gibraltar, the narrow opening between Spain and Africa at the point where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet. Currently under the control of the UK, Gibraltar has been in the news due to planned sea wall repair, supposedly to encourage tourism. Is there a larger agenda? It is notable that Britain has airline service from the UK to Gibraltar, under the auspices of tourism. This well established route will be used extensively when the realization of the flooding in the UK’s future grows. Brits, especially those with funds, will be looking to avoid passport issues and the crowded water ways by a direct flight to Gibraltar, then on to Africa if not by boat, then by air. Thus, they are literally on the African coast, or so they assume.

These days in Russia began the G20 Summit. Without a doubt, the leaders will discuss the world problems. But also possible, that this will be their last meeting before the expected announcement. And although the date of announcement appointed, most likely there are still many unresolved questions about the future after the announcement. Could our friends to answer - that discussing now heads of states at G20 summit on the eve of announcement?

The US has always been the source of the cover-ups over the alien presence and the pending passage by Planet X. Where other countries have allowed discussion about Nibiru and the alien presence, the US has stonewalled and refused to provide the evidence they had in their hands. Reagan’s 1983 Executive Order requiring silence as a National Security matter stood firm, until Obama reversed this just over a year ago. Nevertheless, without the participation of the US, an admission by another country was viewed as too contentious, most wanting their populace to know preferring to wait until the evidence was undeniable rather than risk ridicule by US agents of the cover-up.

G20 has twenty countries in attendance, including the known announcement partners - Russia and China. More than a dozen other countries also participating are in attendance too. The date is not an issue, as those few key countries, like Russia and China, who are privy to the date know it is set in concrete. The others know they must wait to be informed at the last minute. The issue of what to expect was hashed out long ago, during initial discussions.  The public is expected to react with resignation and disbelief, in the main, with a subset rushing to what they perceive as safe areas or making positive plans for survival.  

All countries participating in the announcement, and other who have heard it is coming, by rumor, are prepared in some manner for rioting and panic. Limiting banking hours so the public cannot withdraw all their savings, closing or limiting stock market activity to prevent panic selling, and closing or guarding retail stores that might be rushed by mobs trying to purchase or loot survival supplies. Selectively guarding borders to prevent a flood of migrants is also planned. If the public remains calm, contemplating the announcement, then these preparations would not go into effect. If the public reacts with panic, these safeguards would prevail for however long a time needed.