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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 2, 2012

It would appear that NASA, and it's overlord bosses the Establishment "elite", have cranked up an old campaign i.e. "Something Lurking Outside Neptune". Nothing new, trotted out before by the Coverup minions, and of course addressed by ZT, during the "Tyche" campaign etc. There was also the Sedna campaign. Mere bait-and-switch attempts by the Cover-up et al, trying to re-direct the attention of the Common Man out to the Solar System nether regions when they knew PX was rounding the Sun to come inside Planet Earth's orbit. Not out past Neptune or whatever. Well, they have dragged this story back up, dusted it off and given it a new suit to be presented, nay, trumpeted from every mainstream news publication they can think of. To name but a few:
This is of course not all that new. Establishment Cover-up doing what they do ad nausea. However, talk in some reports of Nemesis, and then concurrent to the above mentioned bells-and-whistles publication of the supposed new planet discovery, stories surface discussing Rogue Planets, that which not so long ago NASA, the universities and others acquiescent to the Cover-up would not even admit exist, before backflipping, lead many of us to suspect that this may all be leading to something. Would the Zetas please revisit this?

NASA’s history of discovery on wandering rogue planets that seem to travel through space independent of a central Sun is not a pretty one. Similar to the Flat Earth theory, they clung to their theories righteously, angrily attacking the facts and any messenger bringing them those facts as though their egos were a holy place and the truth were the enemy. When ZetaTalk presented concepts that explained the behavior of such rogue or traveling planets, their failure to follow a circular orbit around a sun and the speed at which they can move through space, Nancy and ourselves were ridiculed for not understanding “the laws” of nature as purported by their God Newton.

Little by little, inch by inch, they have admitted our facts, always in the context of a human discovery, such is their arrogance. If one revisits the history,  one sees that only since the start of the ZetaTalk saga have humans proposed theories and pursued discovery that remarkably parallel our explanations. Now wandering planets, previously denied entirely as even possible, are readily admitted. Previously NASA’s pet theory of “escape velocity” was asserted as a law, where now traveling planets that can escape the gravity draw of a sun, are admitted.

Since NASA et al were so very busy defending their egos and precious theories, why have we begun to see articles in print wherein astronomers have discovered wandering planets? Why, after the search in the 1980’s for what was called “nemesis”, a gravity body in the direction of the constellation of Orion that was causing perturbations in the outer planets, is this theory now being reactivated? When Planet X was discovered there in 1983, all such talk of a gravity force there was forbidden, as JPL and NASA did indeed find Planet X with their infrared cameras. Is there some benefit to be gained by admitting that traveling planets exist, and encouraging the public to think that such a planet may exist just on the outskirts of the solar system?

When it became obvious that Planet X was zooming into the solar system, at the speed we had predicted, the establishment realized they would likely have to invent an excuse in case the passage was not swift. What if a body were visible, for months or years, so the public became restless and rebellious? While frantically ridiculing Nancy and ourselves, they had their cover-up minions purport that Planet X was “out past Jupiter”, and spread rumors of spots that Google Sky would not display. All the while, of course, Planet X and its Moon Swirls were showing up on SOHO and Stereo images, seen naked eye, and recently made a nice appearance during the May 20-21 lunar eclipse. Should Planet X itself suddenly become visible to all, they will announce that the suspected nemesis body at the fringes of the solar system moved, and will likely use a number of our explanations for the speed of bodies in space to explain its rapid arrival!

I sense this is a big hint towards the establishment being aware of the locations that fare better in the Aftertime through ZetaTalk and would be very interested to read what our brothers and sisters have to add. [and from another] Africa and Australia to share Square Kilometre Array South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will host the biggest radio telescope ever built. [and from another] Conceived more than two decades ago, the Square Kilometre Array aims at bringing together unprecedented size and new technology. It would use a forest of antennae, spread out over remote terrain, to pick up radio signals from cosmic phenomena that cannot be detected by optical telescopes. Stars that flare into life or explode at their death, black holes, mysterious “dark energy,” and relic traces of ancient events that occurred in the dawn of the Universe 14 billion years ago, are among its targets. According to plans that were made for a single-site project, the first phase of the scheme would be completed by 2019 and become operational in 2020. [and from another] A couple of days ago, our local news in the Dallas area reported that a truck loaded with millions of dollars of NASA equipment was missing en route.  The trailer has now been located, and the "seal" has not been opened, so NASA is apparently not wanting a lot of news media over this mystery.  The story is that the "equipment" is part of the new telescope to be used later this year researching the origins of the universe.  There's a lot more involved, so I am including a couple of links I found. Could the Zetas provide some insight into this event?

What are the astronomers hoping to capture, with this massive new radio array in S Africa and Australia and New Zealand? Signals from outer space? Why is it necessary to point this massive array into the southern skies, and what relationship to the original inbound direction of Planet X, from Orion (in the southern skies) does this have? The entire project, supposedly to become operational in 2019 at the earliest but in fact operational immediately, is a front for tracking Planet X during its passage. The sites will set up, move equipment into place, and start scanning Planet X via numerous means – infrared visibility, radio waves, x-rays, and magnetic surge. The Southern Hemisphere arrays are not the only such arrangement being made. We have predicted almost since the start of ZetaTalk that satellites would fail as the time of the passage approached. This is their alternative!

The Pope's butler was arrested, apparently for leaking documents showing cronyism/corruption to the media. Is there more to this story? It seems odd that he would take such a risk over the kind of cronyism that most everyone already assumes is true. [and from another]

What would turn a devote Catholic, assigned a position where daily access to the Pope’s most intimate needs is available, to turn over documents exposing corruption? This is equivalent to high treason in government. In a religion that claims the ability to damn someone to Hell, via excommunication, it is stunning. Corruption in the Vatican bank is nothing new, and does not reflect directly upon the Pope as the bastion of purity the flock expects him to be. Only a personal involvement by the Pope would skewer a devote Catholic’s faith to the degree necessary for an expose.

This current Pope was formerly in charge of ensuring pedophile victims remained oppressed, putting concern about the wealth of the church ahead of the victims. Misbehavior behind a cloak of secrecy is nothing new, thus. What is different is that someone with access had the courage to risk expulsion from the church, the threat of eternal damnation, to expose the Pope’s involvement. What the media will expose will not be the worst of it. As we have stated in the past – organized religion, in all religions, is rule oriented, greedy for wealth and privilege, and appeals to those in the Service-to-Self. This is another case in point.

Recently a video surfaced on the internet, purportedly captured through the window of an aircraft and being touted as a PX-related capture. I was loathe to post this here as there appears to be a connection with a banned disinfo spreader,  but this is going viral and, on reflection, I decided it would be better to get the Zeta input on this if possible, cut through the bunk. Unfortunately no information is included which might identify azimuth, time of day etc, when this capture was made. Interesting also that comparisons are being made to a 2008 Avebury Manor crop circle, addressed at the time by the Z's. Would the Zetas please speak to this? [and from another] Those who say that this represents the precise location of the planets at the presumed Dec 21, 2012 Mayan calendar end date must explain Pluto. The planets line up in their artificially symetrical and perfectly spaced orbits except for Pluto. If there were to be consistency in this diagram, then why not make Pluto's orbit a perfect circle too? It is illogical for all other orbits to be a set space apart and a perfect circle, but for the circle makers to insist that Pluto's orbit be appropriately lopsided and cross over into Neptune's orbit. If you were a circle maker and wished to relay the message that the determination for the end of the Mayan calendar was wrong, how would you go about it? This circle clearly states that there is "something wrong" with the December 21, 2012 date assumption.

Amid the 2012 hype was a 2008 crop circle, legitimate, showing the location of the planets where they would be expected on December 21, 2012, with the exception of Pluto. Pluto was in a position for a much earlier date, as we stated in 2008, the true end of the Mayan Calendar should have already occurred. Now a dramatic capture of Moon Swirls from an airplane above the clouds on May 28, 2012 is being correlated with this crop circle. There is no correlation with this single photo, any more than a correlation with the hundreds of photos being taken almost daily around the globe, using the red filter technique to exclude the glare from the Sun. Moon swirl orbs often go in clusters, as the wafting tail of Planet X blows them all in one direction or another, and when the swirls are lined up and pointing their long tubes toward the Earth, the bright orbs of light coming out the ends of the tubes cluster about one another in the view.

Despite some light distortion on the window of the airplane, caused by water vapor trapped between the panes, this is a legitimate capture of the Moon Swirls. Where in the Northern Hemisphere the swirls are most often seen to the left of the Sun (due to Planet X being on the right side of the Sun and pointing his N Pole somewhat toward the left), in the Southern Hemisphere this is reversed. Thus in the airplane photo we see the Sun is to the left, the Moon Swirls to the right. Whatever spin might be put on this capture, it is merely yet another capture of the Moon Swirls of Planet X.

Humming boxes were placed in key locations on this planet to lessen the severity of earth changes that would occur leading up to the pole shift. Due to the lessening of the 7 of 10 changes by the COW will there be a more severe seven week period leading up to the pole shift? That seven week period is imminent, and if the grid lock has not been significantly broken by the time Planet X shows in the sky what will be the earth changes in comparison with previously stated events leading up to the pole shift?

We knew when we revealed that the humming boxes were there to slow the pace of the 7 of 10 plate movements that Pandora’s Box had been opened and endless questions would emerge as to what effect this would have down the road. We have repeatedly stated that the end result, the hour of the Pole Shift, would not be delayed. Nor can it be amended - the quakes lessened or the volcanoes placated. How could all the plates on Earth, moving at once and smashing into one another, be tugged back? The slowing of the 7 of 10 pace was an exception to the rule of not interfering with Mother Nature in mankind’s schoolhouse.

We have already stated that the New Madrid adjustment should have already occurred, that the great quakes predicted during the 7 of 10 compression of the Pacific have been ameliorated so that subduction by the Pacific Plate is occurring without jolting quakes, and that a slower pace for the New Madrid adjustment would likely mean a much lessened tsunami striking Europe. The S American  rolls is proceeding likewise without the great quakes along the spine of the Andes we originally predicted, though the eventual tilting of the Caribbean Plate cannot be avoided. Where the slowing of the 7 of 10 pace means that death is less likely to occur, the spiritual choices and eventual result of the cataclysms during the hour of the Pole Shift will not go away.

What can change is what mankind will do in response to the realization that this is coming to their dear planet Earth, and all the life that lives on her surface. Will they open their borders and accept immigrants? Will they pour out the wealth they have greedily accumulated and use it to help others establish survival camps on safe lands? Will they turn against Monsanto, with their terminator gene in seeds, and insist that the common man be given the tools by which he can sustain himself? Or will they cling to hopes of martial law, and cooperate with those in the establishment who insist that only the elite can know the truth, and the common man denied knowledge of the presence and pending passage of Planet X that their tax dollars have provided for the elite?

Can the Zetas comment on this anomaly we find on Venus that are on this blog? The blog is in Portuguese (my mother tongue), but I think this information might be interesting for everyone. [and from another] [May 12] Since there is currently a research group coordinated by an independent Association of Astronomy, we consider it appropriate to communicate to all those who wish to participate in direct observation of the phenomenon on the Intranet and share data and research to further disseminate the research results. In the past 1 May 2012 and in a haphazard way, we find "something" close to Venus. The next day repeat the same procedure with similar results. First Venus, we see the anomaly, we observe Mars and Saturn without any reflection, and went back to Venus and the anomaly appears again. During three days over the same observations performed with the same results. 05/05/2012 The day we decided to try to photograph what we saw and we got the first picture, focusing on the anomaly.  As the 10th, Venus and the anomaly has different point of focus which indicates that the anomaly is closer or farther away than Venus. As we know, Venus has no satellites orbiting around them. So what is this? On 07/05/2012, dedicate about 90 minutes chasing Venus, and photograph it again, and here we have pictures that show more clearly the anomaly again.  Image captured the day 05/05/2012 22:22 by 50X telescope, focusing on the anomaly.

The Dark Twin has been captured on film by the public, on the Magnetic Simulator, on the Neumayer Station webcam at the S Pole, and by amateur astronomers when it first came out from behind the Sun in early 2004, after the Earth halted in her orbit at the end of 2003. This was also seen naked eye by many, as a blue/yellow orb in the evening sky. Astronomers of the world, however, have remained silent, primarily because the Dark Twin is a black hunk of rock and is continually moving in the dance between the Earth and her siblings - the Dark Twin and Venus – all three planets caught in the cup in front of Planet X at present.

The truth about the Dark Twin is, however, subject to the same suppression that blankets Planet X. Planet X is to be denied, even when astronomers record a shrouded planet in the inner solar system between the Earth and Sun. The fact that the Earth stopped in her orbit in December, 2003, when encountering Planet X in her path, is to be denied, as this fact points to the presence of Planet X. The reality of the Earth’s Dark Twin is to be denied because this was information gleaned by MJ12 from aliens, and the alien presence is currently being denied. Thus the establishment tangles itself in more and more lies, all of them dragging the liars down like dead weights they dare not shed. What caused this Portuguese astronomical society to publish their photo copies of the Dark Twin so boldly? Primarily ignorance of the cover-up, as not every astronomer is considered a threat to the truth.

Why, in the photos, is the Dark Twin seen illuminated by only a sliver of light, while Venus is obviously illuminated without being eclipsed? The photos are only 2D, not 3D, and thus distance cannot be surmised from a single photo. The Dark Twin is much closer to the telescope camera than Venus, and lies behind the Earth in dark space, so is eclipsed by the Earth. Where Venus appears larger, this is due to sunlight reflected from the surface of Venus expanding outward. In fact, both planets are a similar size. Will this careful documentation by an astronomy group erode the cover-up over the nearby presence of the Dark Twin? This has already happened, gone viral on the Internet, and will raise many questions. Why is NASA hiding this?

Northern Italy now has two serious earthquakes in nine days, collapsing many buildings and killed close to two dozen people. Is this a sign of rolling Africa and hence destabilizing Mediterranean?

There is a plate border running down the center of Italy, as it straddles more than one plate - the Eurasian Plate and a platelet called the Adriatic Plate which lies under the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Plate is actually an extension of the African Plate, pushing up like a finger between Italy and the Balkans, just as the Sunda Plate in Indonesia is actually an extension of the great Eurasian Plate, lobbing down from the Eurasian Plate like a tongue. Platelets have borders, which are sometimes called fault lines, but overall act as one with the plate they are attached to, as the underlying rock is a firm layer which will not sever, though can bend. The Adriatic finger thus moves whenever the African Plate moves, and the 7 of 10 African roll has set this in motion.

The Adriatic Sea is surrounded by motion, not just from the African Plate which is dropping and shifting eastward during the 7 of 10 plate movements, as we have explained. Europe has a large swath in the stretch zone above the Adriatic. And as the African roll progresses, the Arabian Plate will likewise move its heel back into the void of the expanding Red Sea, pushing the tip of the boot eastward through the oil fields of Iraq. This motion in the Arabian Plate will allow the stretch zone east of the Adriatic Sea more room to adjust. All of this translates into plate border movement up through the center of Italy.

What does this mean for Italy, which is already experiencing unending quake swarms and increased devastation from the repeated hammering of larger quakes. We hinted in May of 2010 that the 8 of 10 scenarios would include plate movement that seemed almost continuous, for some areas.  This warning was repeated in September of 2010 and in November of 2010 we hinted that something devastating was in store for Italy during the 8 of 10 scenarios. Italy will not find peace during the 7 of 10 plate movements, nor afterwards, because the rock finger that lies under the Adriatic Sea will move during the Earth wobble on a daily basis. The land on either side of the Adriatic Sea will be alternately compressed and then pulled apart, a continuous hell for those living on these lands.

Everyone is talking about the disgusting Zombie like attach on a homeless man in Florida.  Police are saying the motive is as psychosis from the ingestion of a drug referred to as "Bath Salts".  This does not jell with me, however anything is possible.  I have heard another person in law enforcement say that more is probably on the way.  I am curious if the Zeta's can respond to whether this is related to use of dangerous drugs or is there something else going on.   They did mention that as the pole shift came nearer, people may start going nuts.  Although it may not be related at all, if you add to this the guy that stabbed himself and threw his intestines at cops, the guy who ate a cat's face and the lady that ate her baby, the news is full of weirdness lately.  Is mental illness on the rise or is it something else? [and from another] Eugene exhibited signs he was high on LSD, as well as symptoms for "excited delirium," a controversial syndrome that supposedly turns drug users (primarily cocaine enthusiasts) into raging and almost unstoppable incredible Hulks. First diagnosed in Miami in the 1980s, excited delirium's symptoms include high body temperature, agitation, paranoia, aggression, great strength, numbness to pain, and, in some cases, sudden death. A Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room doctor theorized Eugene's gruesome behavior may have been induced by bath salts, a methamphetamine-like drug. [and from another] Eugene’s girlfriend said she believes he was drugged unknowingly. The only other explanation, she said, was supernatural, that someone put a Vodou curse on him. The girlfriend, who unlike Eugene is not Haitian, said she has never believed in Vodou, until now.

We have described the rash of school and mall shootings as being in essence an application for a position on the Prison Planets that will be the home of highly Service-to-Self souls during their next incarnation. And we have described some horrific acts such as a mother eating her newborn baby as an act done during possession - a Service-to-Self soul in the mother giving the body to another more vicious Service-to-Self soul, temporarily. Though the Miami zombie incident was certainly fueled by drugs, others in the grip of such a delirium did not become cannibals. What one does during a psychosis, under the influence of a delusion, is a choice. Even if feeling threatened, due to a delusion, one would not chew a prone man’s face off, particularly with the victim being smaller and older than the attacker. What emerged was incited by something other than a delusion or fear.

Starvation is on the increase around the world, though the establishment keeps this out of the media. It is one thing to envision eating the dead, as does happen during starvation, but eating someone while they are still alive is unthinkable. And where chewing on an arm or leg would bring nightmares, chewing off the face of another person, while they are alive, including eating the eyes and chewing off the nose, is a vision that only the Service-to-Self would want survivors of the coming Pole Shift to have on their minds. Fear drives one in the direction of being Service-to-Self, and they hope to reap a good harvest for their prison planets.

This was another case of possession, with the attacker, Eugene, encouraged to take the drugs that would create a fearless attack. Both Eugene and the spirit taking charge during the possession knew that death might result, so in essence this was an application for a Prison Planet position also.  Will there be more such instances? Not every Service-to-Self person is willing to live with the potential consequences of such a drama, in prison on Earth where they would be subject to control by others. The possessing soul can leave, but the original soul must stick with the body until death. Possession thus requires that the incarnated soul cooperate and want the outcome. Few in the Service-to-Self are willing to take that risk.

This is deemed a Main Establishment Lie, as it is making claims about the Sun, and implying that changes in the Sun will/have affected the Earth in ways previously not considered. All of this of course something the common man cannot determine - the Sun developing quad poles, for instance. NASA has always claimed that the Sun reverses polarity every 11 years, N/S switching places, though their own Ulysses probe showed them this is not the case, polarity remained the same. In these articles, suddenly released, the claim is that the Sun is now colder, and this chill should affect the Earth. What's the game plan here? [and from another] The following article appeared in Mainich Shinbune, a major newspaper in Japan, on April 20, 2012 The article suggests the Sun's magnetic structure is changing from a dipole (N. Pole – S. Pole) to a "quadrupole structure" where the arctic and antarctic poles each contain two poles, all with North Pole characteristics, while the Sun's equator region contains the associated South Pole characteristics, as illustrated above.  The article further suggests this phenomena may result in cooling of the Earth, or "temporary suppression of global warming".

The cover-up over the presence of Planet X struggles with several phenomena that point directly to the monster planet riding just inside the orbit of Venus. It is visible on their SOHO and Stereo images, in personal photos taken by the public using the Red Filter technique, and the complex is seen naked eye on occasion when the Moon Swirl tubes turn to focus their funneled light directly toward the Earth. On this, NASA falls silent or makes inane claims such as dust on the lens or lens flares or atmospheric effects. Until the complex becomes visible to all, worldwide, in an undeniable fashion, the cover-up will continue to stonewall. Their ultimate defense will be to claim that a newly discovered planet has zoomed in from space, and they have already begun laying the groundwork for this.   

Earthquakes and volcanic activity are on the increase, due to Earth’s core roiling and the Earth wobble slamming the globe back and forth daily. This has been handled, or so the cover-up hopes, by suppressing media chatter and by dropping quakes from the databases and most particularly by radically reducing the official magnitude of quakes. Attempts to relate the increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity to Global Warming (weight of the seas) or solar activity have not succeeded, in the public eye. Fracking, as an excuse, is being pushed in the media, but likewise lacks a firm nexus with quake location and timing. Since great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have occurred in the Earth’s past, pointing to such instances will continue to be used to explain the current increase. That our 7 of 10 predictions are unfolding as predicted will be ignored, as the cover-up hopes for continued media suppression on ZetaTalk.

The Earth’s magnetosphere has been greatly disturbed by the near presence of Planet X, as Planet X is a bully magnet and is pointing its N Pole increasingly in the direction of Earth. At first this registered as a drift in the N Pole of Earth, with occasional blackouts or brownouts in the electrical grid. But the magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X was most dramatically displayed on the Magnetic Simulator, which was finally taken down by the cover-up, an embarrassment they could not explain. Attempts to relate this to solar activity failed as the Sun refused to cooperate. What the cover-up wants is a way to explain the magnetic twisting, as too many examples of the Magnetic Simulator graphs are alive on the Internet, raising questions that refuse to go away.

The Earth wobble is the most troubling aspect of the near presence of Planet X. The public notices the Sun rising and setting in the wrong place, even when they have never heard of Planet X or the Pole Shift warnings. As the wobble gets worse, these questions become more pressing, and where stone walling may avoid a confrontation, it tends to suggest that NASA and other scientists are hiding something. What to do? The cover-up artists have decided to invent a reason the Earth’s magnetosphere was so twisted, and a reason for the Earth wobble, in one imaginary aspect of the Sun – the quad poles. Ah, it is the Sun, as they have so long claimed, that is creating magnetic confusion, and when one of the Sun’s N Poles points toward Earth, voile it creates a wobble by pushing the Earth’s N Pole away!

Will this succeed? Only those members of the public so emotionally dependent upon a parent figure that they will cling to anything the establishment tells them will believe the Frankenstein Monster the cover-up is producing.