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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 7, 2013

On 11/28/13 during a solar flare, STEREO_A HI1 picked up the hidden object between Earth and the Sun. Can the Zeta's please tell us what this mysterious object is?
And from this youtube video, there is a large round shadow in the Sun. Is this the same object?
[and from another]
NASA hid photos passing comet ISON near to the Sun.
But were found (supposedly in the archives of NASA), the following pictures where you can see strange object whose size is very inspiring!

What is the Stereo Ahead satellite seeing on November 28, 2013 when all eyes were on NASA’s satellite images, looking for comet ISON? To understand the scene, the public must be aware that since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system and blocked the path of the Earth, halting its orbit, NASA has altered its images. At first they were taken by surprise by the blocked orbit, thus comets came early in the Spring of 2004. The halted orbit was denied by NASA, as to admit it would have required a discussion about Planet X and the alien presence, both issues which were being denied by the US government.

NASA first began by airbrushing any evidence of Planet X out of the scene on SOHO and Stereo images. Since Planet X appeared in the same region of the images day after day, this was most often done by a cut and paste. The edit lines caused by this operation can easily be seen. Then NASA found it necessary to paint in background stars and passing planets. What was left? The solar activity and occasional evidence of the Planet X complex that slipped by the intensive editing process were the only real items on this made-for-the-public NASA movie process.

The diagrams provided by NASA showing the location of Earth vs a vs the Stereo satellites are not, thus, correct, as the Earth has been pushed back in her counterclockwise orbit to the August position. Meanwhile, the Stereo satellites have chugged along on to be in the position indicated by NASA. While the Earth is being tipped back and forth to simulate the seasons, to prevent panic on Earth and to also prevent freezing and frying on Earth, and Venus has been pushed back and forth in front of the view from Earth to likewise simulate the orbit expected by Earthlings.

Given this setting, just what is the Stereo Ahead image from November 28, 2013 showing? All eyes were on ISON, and no one, including NASA, knew what to expect. Images were rolled forward to the eager public, escaping the usual scrutiny for signs of Planet X, which have in any case escaped the editing process and given the public dramatic proof of Planet X from time to time. The Stereo Ahead image makes it to public view, perhaps because someone checking the image was confused and thought it might be ISON. Once being circulated on the Internet and in the forums, it was too late to retract it.

Nancy has attempted to draw in the proper location of the planets, which is more or less correct. But what is appearing in the Stereo Ahead image is a monster persona of Planet X itself. The Sun is to the right, so close to the line of view that a CME is showing up at the bottom of the image. The image is a 2D image, and thus one cannot tell from the image the distance between objects, unless they appear in front of one another. A monster persona is one where light rays spread out in all directions, but then are bent back toward a gravity attraction. Thus they appear to come from the outer edges, but the monster does not represent the true size of the object. A rare capture of Planet X by the NASA satellites during the excitement of the ISON watch.

There is a new electronic Internet currency called Bitcoin. Is this an experiment to see if the rich might possibly be able to maintain their wealth through the Pole Shift? The Zetas have said earlier that the Internet will survive the Pole Shift. Would it work?

We have explained that the banking system, the paper money system, will collapse as the time of the Pole Shift approaches, and even if lingering in some regions will disappear in the Aftertime. Why would this be? The currencies issued by various countries have worth today because it is backed by those countries. If I as a country issue a dollar or a bond, then when the bearer comes to collect he will get something of worth, or something of equivalent worth. The currency exchange rate, which fluctuates constantly, indicates differences in the level of confidence in this or that country’s stability. Why would this existing setup falter?

First, the level of bankruptcies creates instability. The entire banking system is a parasite on the flow of goods and services, as bankers collect salaries. The bankers themselves drain the available funds to pay their salaries. Banks also lend out more than they have in savings accounts. They are allowed to do this by law as the assumption is that they will continue to prosper, the economy will prosper, and a core of stability will exist. A rising tide of bankruptcies stops the cash flow, especially when the bankrupt collateral cannot be sold due to damage or economic collapse. Bankers eat the cash paying their salaries, and unless controlled by martial law, rioting and bank failure occurs.

Second, cooperation and friendly extensions between countries and banking entities ceases, as all are desperate to survive. This increases the rate of bank failure, and leads to the collapse of currencies in this or that country -  one pulling down another in a chain reaction until only the strongest survive. Those countries dependent upon the IMF, as many Third-World countries are, will be allowed to falter first. Those countries experiencing great devastation in the lead-up to the Pole Shift, such as Indonesia and even some European countries, will follow. China, Norway, and the US and Russia will stand as they are either on solid ground, literally, or have vast lands and resources.

Third, the barter system, which we have predicted will replace the paper money system, will thrive. This will arise naturally and gradually, as mankind is familiar with the barter system from antiquity and the worth of the item is obvious. Banks become more particular about loaning funds, worried about repayment, so the populace starts to look outside of the banks. A farmer needs a new tractor and swaps for an old truck. In all of this, where does Bitcoin fall? This is a currency without a country to collapse into bankruptcy, a bank with scant banker salaries as an overhead to pay, and a currency capable of adapting to the exchange rate almost instantaneously. As long as the Internet functions, Bitcoin is likely to do so also.

Recently Ukraine very suddenly refused to sign an European Union Association Treaty (just within a week right before summit in Vilnius). Suddenly - because before it official authorities of Ukraine  actively propagandized between Ukraineans such integration in EU. Is there just political and economical reason for that maneuver, or mass media don't tell us hidden stuff (related to PX announcement). Could zetas shed a bit light on this stuff? [and from another] Ukraine protests: it is time to go, opposition leaders tell president A troika of opposition leaders, including the heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, called on President Viktor Yanukovych to resign, as parts of Kiev remained under the control of throngs of anti-government protesters. Police have deserted the centre of the city, while thousands of people blocked entrances to government buildings and gathered again on Independence Square. It is unclear, even to those involved, whether events constitute a temporary gap in the matrix or the cusp of a genuine revolution, but there is anger among those on the streets that will be hard to quell. Yanukovych, blindsided by the ferocity of the protests against his decision to turn away from an integration pact with the EU in favour of improved relations with Russia, has kept a low profile since the protests began. [and from another] What's up with Prime Minister Cameron complaining about an influx of East European migrants, who would be looking for work in the UK, while secretly trying to make arrangements with the northern Scandinavian countries to accept British migrants, not to mention holding onto Gibraltar so that Britons fleeing the floods can get to Africa? Is this just another example of the elite's hypocrisy, or is there something else afoot?

As the Earth changes increase in severity, small countries will cast about for the best partners. Large countries, with vast lands, have more options, but small countries need to choose carefully. China, Russia, the US, Brazil, Australia, and Canada are examples of countries with vast land masses, so they have options. If one part of the country floods, the other will be above the waves. Other countries like S Africa and Norway, though small, have high ground and an optimal location. But what of the UK and the Ukraine? Both are small, and will be drastically afflicted by flooding in the Aftertime.

Clearly the UK is trying to cozy up to Scandinavia, which will be above the waves both before and after the Pole Shift. And Gibraltar is a staging point for the hop to Africa, as we have mentioned. We have likewise explained that the Ukraine is getting offers from Russia, its immediate neighbor to the East. The Ukraine is currently rioting, with half the populace wanting closer ties to Russia and the other half leaning to western alliances. These types of divisions, and swaying allegiances, will become increasingly common as the Earth changes wreck devastation.