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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 4, 2017

There is building buzz around the newly discovered asteroid labeled 2016 WF9. NASA is saying it will not come near the earth yet there are other Astronomers from around the world that are saying this is a piece of Nibiru’s tail and it is headed for a close call or full on impact. It is different than other asteroids in it’s make up and actions. It does not have a characteristic tail and does not reflect light as other asteroids do. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] This one details the Russian astronomer and his thoughts. The object, known as 2016 WF9, is hurtling towards Earth and is being tracked by NASA. NASA says the object, which could be a comet or an asteroid, will safely pass Earth at a distance of nearly 32 million miles on February 25. But Russian astronomer Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich has said the space agency is wrong. Dr Zakharovich believes the object could hit on February 16 sparking catastrophic tsunamis and causing the planet’s seas to boil. The Russian says the mysterious object comes from the rogue planet Niburu, also called Planet X, on the edge of the solar system.  The object they call WF9 left the Nibiru system in October when Nibiru began spinning counter clockwise around the sun.

We stated early in the ZetaTalk saga, even before Nibiru became visible in observatory sightings in 2001, that it has assumed a retrograde orbit. It did so to evade what we have called the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, which reaches out from the Sun as it rotates in a counterclockwise motion. The Sun rotates in this direction, and forces all the planets in the inner Solar System to orbit in this direction. Thus asteroids from the Asteroid Belt are likewise impelled to travel in a counterclockwise manner. Debris in the tail of Nibiru is on the increase, and after struggling to claim it is space junk returning to Earth or annual meteor showers or perhaps an asteroid, the media fell silent.

Why would a Russian astronomer state that a passing asteroid is an escapee from the tail of Nibiru? By whatever means, the awakening of the public to the existence of Nibiru and thus the pending passage of Nibiru will not be blunt and direct. There will more than likely be an increasing awareness of the signs that Nibiru has arrived. One of these signs, of course, is the plethora of bolides and fireballs screaming to Earth since 2004. As in the case of the Chelyabinsk bolide, which came from the direction of the Sun, vs Asteroid 2012 DA14, which tracked in on the Earth’s orbit just behind the Earth, both in their counterclockwise orbits, this discussion will tend to prove Nibiru’s presence near the Sun.

As can be seen by photos of the Nibiru system, this tail curves out from Nibiru in a clockwise manner, a retrograde manner, curling under the Sun and thence up to the left. Nibiru itself also has a retrograde rotation. What will be the result of this Russian astronomer’s claims? More headlines with Nibiru in the title. More discussion on just what rotates in a retrograde manner in the Solar System. More awareness that the rash of fireballs and bolides afflicting the Earth are retrograde at their arrival. More examination of the history of asteroid WF9 in October to the present, and more “discoveries” in the news.

Why do so many people criticize to Trump's immigration policy? Dozens of CEOs and many countries and Hillary. It begins to seem that its Trump immigration policy is not so simple at first sight! We already know about the plans of Merkel to use migrants as slaves from previous ZetaTalk. It seems that the open-door policy is done on purpose, the Bush clique (destabilize the countries to impose martial law).  And they use the situation (with refugees). Of course it's clear that many factors implicated but maybe this is the main (or one of main).  And it looks like the situation with Mexico is not so simple. [and from another] Google, Apple, Netflix, More Tech Companies Protest Trump's Immigration Order  [and from another] Judge blocks deportations as Trump order sparks global outrage  [and from another] Merkel says Trump immigration ban 'not justified'  [and from another] Iran retaliates, Canada opens arms after Trump immigration ban  [and from another] 'This is not who we are': Hillary Clinton's reaction to Trump's immigration ban [and from another]

After ISIS attacks in France, Denmark, and Germany and gang rapes by immigrant men in Sweden and Germany, it is clear what an open border policy would mean for the US. ISIS has begun attacks in Turkey now too. Even after death, Soros funds continue to fund these attacks and riots such as Black Lives Matter within the US. Soros even attempted to inflame Muslims by funding a Mohammad cartoon contest. Have these threats gone away? Given her covert plans for a takeover of Europe with Erdogan, with the assist of ISIS soldiers, Merkel’s comments should be expected and ignored.  

Trump is moving aggressively on many campaign promises, so there has been little time for travelers and airports and federal agencies to adjust ahead of time. Suddenly, there are people retained at airports or blocked in the middle of their journey. Change is always traumatic to some swept up in the process. Employers find their anticipated cheap labor is missing, while American workers get employed. Families separated by miles may find a loved one unable to return, but families in the process of emigrating always have these issues. Why is there all this uproar now? In the main, it is the anti-Trump pro-Hillary sentiment. But it is also the lingering grip of the Soros agenda, trying to manipulate the world even after death.

Many of the links do seem to be related to disinfo sites or rely entirely on reports from Corey Goode, though Ben Fulford has made mention also from his sources.  The question basically is “what is going on here” and “is any of this true?”  [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] The source, who is a direct relative of a famous World War 2 Admiral, also had some X-files stuff to say namely that: “Two timelines are converging now and when that convergence is finished we will have full disclosure. This is why all of the major world leaders went to Antarctica, and continue to arrive every day. The ancient lost city is already in view. This is what I have been calling ‘The Base’ in earlier transmissions and discussions. Everything is there and the elites have been arriving by their special craft not only to seek protection from being arrested, but also to try and make a deal with the Galactics who are in control of the entire area now. There are those in the top ranks of the elite who are in ‘The City’ now and attempting to make a deal to get into the healing chambers. Kissinger included.”

We stated in the past, in 2012, when asked about a Google Earth spaceport image, that alien entities had used Antarctica in the past. We stressed that this was not mankind’s port, but alien, and did not exclude the Annunaki from that group. We also stated in the past, in 1997, that the Piri Reis map was showing Antarctica from days when it was not covered in ice. That said, are the reports of a city under the ice true, and was this an Annunaki base? There are many discoveries waiting to be uncovered in Antarctica, and obviously where there are space port entries, there is more than an entry to be discovered.

Despite disinformation being spread by Corey Goode and his cohorts under the influence of Service-to-Self liars, there will be no alien technology made available to mankind by any such discoveries. Treat this like Egyptian tombs, or Tibetan artifacts – revealing of past civilizations but not technology waiting to have a switch thrown. For the Service-to-Self to leave technology lying about, even abandoned on an ice covered continent, would be against the Council of Worlds rules, as we have stated on many occasions. Do the artifacts include Annunaki bodies? Awaiting cremation, yes, and abandoned during a past Pole Shift when evacuation became an emergency.

Ben Fulford reported what a source told him, and Ben has on occasion failed colossally in his reports from various sources. He had Hillary Clinton dead, Neil Keenan dead, MH 370 found in Japan, and now reports about the Antarctica find. It is true we could not formerly comment on these finds, as to do so would be to engage the Service-to-Self. They have since abandoned the scam, which was to entice many humans such as Kissinger and the Clintons, operating in the Service-to-Self, into close consulting relationships with the aliens conducting the scam. Since Hillary lost the election and is under house arrest, and Kissinger is unwelcome everywhere, no more time is being devoted to them.