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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 2, 2016

Why are there UN SWAT trucks doing in Virginia??? [and from another]  June 27, 2016. Military U.N. vehicles have been spotted in Virginia, shocking motorists and sparking conspiracy theories. The white trucks, equipped with large off-road tires, were seen being transported on Interstate 81 on Friday. They appear to be Alpine Armoring's Pit-Bull VX SWAT Truck models. [and from another]  June 17, 2016. Dunford: I truly believe in the utility of the United Nations peacekeeping. I’m particularly enthusiastic about our collective efforts to enhance the capability and capacity of the United Nations to respond to the growing demand for peacekeeping operations. [and from another]  On June 17th, in an unprecedented move, US Supreme Commander General Joseph Dunford addressed the United Nations peacekeeping summit to discuss transitioning the US military into a global force for peace. [and from another]  We contacted Alpine Armoring, the manufacturer named in their article, to inquire about the images. According to an individual with whom we spoke at Alpine, the vehicles seen in these photographs were purchased by the United Nations for use outside the United States. A number of defense industry manufacturers are based in and around Washington, D.C. (a region that includes Virginia) for obvious logistical reasons, and the representative confirmed that the trucks were ordered by the UN for use in locations abroad.

This is yet another example of panic over nothing. These trucks are manufactured in the US, being a Ford truck, and armor plated by a facility in Virginia. They are clearly not on the road to institute a UN takeover, but are rather being transported. The reason the public immediately assumes some sort of nefarious takeover of the US by the UN is due to past plans by the Bush administration wherein they indeed planned to use UN soldiers within the US, as they would more readily turn their guns on US citizens. This was a piece of their martial law plan, but never implemented by the Bush Administration. This was more than a rumor, as foreign speaking soldiers were encountered in national forests within the US. Thus, the public is jumpy.

Who is responsible for this attack? [and from another]  At least 36 people are dead and 150 wounded after three suicide bombers attacked the airport. The attackers did not make it through the security gate before detonating their explosives. Ataturk, Turkey’s largest airport, is the main international airport serving Istanbul.  Turkey has been reeling from months of attacks targeting both tourists and security forces. Self-described Islamic State militants have claimed credit for some of the bombings, while Kurdish militant groups, which the Turkish government is fighting in the country’s south, took responsibility for others. [and from another]  In shocking footage that captured the moment, the gunman can be seen running through the international arrivals terminal before falling to the ground - apparently felled by a police bullet - and sending his AK-47 skidding across the floor. The police officer then approaches the gunman before realising he is about to detonate his suicide vest and running for his life. Moments later, as the gunman writhes in pain on the floor, he detonates his bomb and the screen goes blank. [and from another]  Turkish Prime Miniser Binali Yildirim said in a statement that air traffic had returned to normal  following the terror attack at an Istanbul airport that left 41 dead and 239 injured.

Terrorism at the hand of ISIS has increased in Turkey in step with Turkey’s reluctance to continue to support ISIS. As Russia has pointed out, in fact proven, Erodogan’s son was brokering oil for ISIS, by this funding ISIS terrorism elsewhere while enriching the Erdogan family. This was the reason Turkey shot down a Russian jet near the Turkey border. Now, six months later, Turkey has belatedly apologized to Russia.  Last April, the US evacuated their military dependents from Turkey, signaling that they did not intend to defend Turkey, who was still formally a NATO member.

Meanwhile, the coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, led primarily by Russia, are pushing back the gains ISIS make in 2014, taking one city after another away from their control. Russia is in charge, assisted by the Kurds, Iraq, Syrian forces under Assad, Iran, and US and French forces during bombing runs. The Kurds, fighting for their independence from Turkey, are some of the most effective fighters against ISIS. ISIS allies in the region, which included Israel and Saudi Arabia as well as Turkey, have lost their stake in the battle. ISIS is furious at Turkey for turning its back on them, and is punishing Turkey as a result.

Erdogan suddenly apologized for downed aircraft and realized that it is necessary to negotiate. The same applies to many ETC. eg to Japan. They are beginning to understand that it is necessary to negotiate to prepare for the migration issue? Or were forced? What changed? Since the problem of migration is becoming increasingly important and almost problem number 1, it is appropriate to ask what hope elite? [and from another]  June 29, 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayip Erdogan, discussed the possibility of meeting in person during a phone conversation, the Kremlin said. The meeting would be their first since Moscow-Ankara relations soured after the downing of a Russian jet over Syria. On [June 27], Erdogan sent a letter to Putin to offer “his deep sympathy and condolences to the relatives of the deceased Russian pilot and said ‘sorry,’ ” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. In his letter, the Turkish leader called Russia Ankara’s “friend and a strategic partner,” with which Turkey would not want to spoil relations. [and from another]  June 26, 2016. Israel and Turkey reach deal to restore relations. Deal comes six years after an Israeli raid killed Turkish activists on a flotilla seeking to deliver aid to Gaza. [and from another]  Refugees at highest ever level, reaching 65m, says UN. Turkey is the biggest host country for refugees worldwide, with 2.5m people, followed by Pakistan and Lebanon.

Why is Turkey suddenly being cozy with Israel and Russia? Previously, they had been allied with ISIS, the Erdogan family brokering oil for ISIS, and shooting down a Russian jet that was trying to stop delivery of this oil to Turkey. Previously, they had been supplying arms and giving medical assistance to ISIS. Previously, they had done everything possible to attack the Kurds, the most effective force against ISIS. Suddenly there are apologies in all directions. That the Istanbul bombing happened on the same day that Putin and Erdogan spoke on the phone, Erdogan delivering his apology, is not a surprise.

What relationship does all this have with the Brexit vote? Turkey is a NATO member, but enthusiasm for one NATO country defending another, a staunch rule in NATO, has lost favor. Trump, favored to win in the US general election, has stated he would pare back the US involvement with NATO. Now with Brexit the European Union has lost funds for their common defense. Previously Erdogan seemed to be blackmailing Europe, threatening to release migrant hordes unless the EU paid him exorbitant funds. Now an EU bankruptcy seems imminent. Erdogan has switched his allegiances, hoping now that Russia will defend it against ISIS, and hoping that Israel, with their connection to the banking spheres, will be a source of funds.

Looks fishy. Any insight or anything of significance to announcement/indictment? [and from another] Lynch told reporters Tuesday that her conversation with Clinton “was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social and about our travels; he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix.” [and from another] Lynch had just arrived in Phoenix for a community policing event when Bill Clinton, who was on his way out of the airport, found out the two were in the same place and asked to visit with her. [and from another] Judicial Watch today requested that the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General investigate the meeting yesterday between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. President Clinton is the spouse of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former Secretary of State, who is purportedly the subject of a national security crime investigation pertaining to the mishandling of national defense information processed by Mrs. Clinton’s personal server during her tenure as secretary. There are press reports that a federal public corruption investigation is on-going concerning conflicts of interest and abuse of official government office involving the financial “commitments” to the Clinton Foundation, speaking fees for President Clinton and former Secretary Clinton’s official acts. President Clinton may be a target of that investigation.

Lynch did not invite Bill Clinton, he jumped her. Her schedule was known, her landing time easily determined, and he set about boarding her plane to deliberately smear her integrity. It was not by accident that Bill Clinton was there at that time. Could Lynch have rebuffed him? This is essentially what she did, telling a reluctant Bill that he had to leave immediately, but Bill does not end a conversation quickly. What was his purpose during this invasion? He hoped to force the DOJ to assign an Independent Prosecutor, a move which would delay any indictment by months.

Meanwhile, under Dunford’s direction, the indictment is proceeding. On June 22, when Hillary was briefly in Washington DC supposedly to talk to Congress folk, she was meeting with the DOJ to accept or reject a plea deal. It was notable that she was not on the stairs of the Capitol Building with Pelosi during the gun sit-in. This was an ideal photo op, carried on major media, yet no Hillary. Later that day, on a campaign stop, she looked teary and distressed. This week her health problems have returned, another  coughing fit, and in LA on June 29 her eyes were bloodshot and she looked exhausted and worried.

What is the cause of Hillary’s mysterious cough, her reported fatigue, and on-and-off bloat and edema?  She has heart failure, a result of her almost constant anger over the years. The major symptoms of heart failure are edema, a cough as the failing heart puts fluid into the lungs, and fatigue. We have previously stated that Hillary also has MS, the reason for her occasional use of Fensel lenses for double vision. She takes steroids to counteract the MS, a move that aggravates her heart failure as steroids cause the body to hold water. Where is this heading, as her health and the looming indictment collide? Potentially hospitalization, or a sudden death from a fibrillating heart.

Could the Zetas say something about his latest news about the jet stream. The news now even reached RT news and other news sources while the Washington post is discrediting. It's clear that this is about the blending of the seasons, as in the RT news article I read "A “death of winter” scenario could occur according to Scribbler, where summer heat occurs in winter and vice versa. " The jet stream is acting strange for some time now, so why did they came out with this news now? [and from another] Scientists have observed an “unprecedented” event that could lead to an end of seasons as we know them, after Northern Hemisphere jet streams crossed the equator and linked with others in the south. Usually separated entirely from each other by the equator where warm air acts as a barrier, both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere consist of jet streams made up of either warm moist air or cold dry air. A “death of winter” scenario could occur, where summer heat occurs in winter and vice versa. [and from another] Unprecedented weather chaos has been predicted by climate change campaigners who warn that the northern hemisphere jet stream has crossed the equator into the southern hemisphere, threatening global food supplies and an "end to winter". [and from another] These shrill claims have no validity — air flow between the hemispheres occurs routinely. The claims are unsupported and unscientific, and they demonstrate the danger of wild assertions made by non-experts reaching and misleading the masses.

Of course the daily Earth wobble has reached the Jet Stream. This fact is just reaching the media because the wobble has become so obvious, observed by the common man as a rising or setting set out of place, or parts of the Arctic seeing the Sun in Winter when this is not supposed to be possible. We have predicted that the “seasons would blend into one another”, and of course, as with all our predictions, this has begun. Snow in Summer, something we predicted from the start of the ZetaTalk saga, is increasingly common. Of course this will affect crops, especially fruit trees which have their tender blossoms emerge and quickly freeze. The grasping cover-up over the presence of Nibiru is frantic to deny all, as usual.