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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 3, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

How do the Zeta's monitor lets say assassination plans against Nancy? Is it done by monitoring those who have the power of calling such a request, meaning that they are always under a Zetan telepathic eye? Or can the Zetas pick up the specific desire to assassinate her automatically, even though they might be engaged and focused on whatever it is that they are doing at the moment in their busy lives. Maybe a specific Zeta takes turn in watching over her at all times.

We read minds, and why do you want to know? To better her protection? Why are you probing?

Greetings from Amursk! Tell, a mark 6 already behind? We move to 7th mark? We will reach 7th point faster than 6th?

At a certain point matters will move more rapidly, but of course we are not allowed to tell you when. It is also true that matters can plateau.

On last chat you have told or have given a hint that shift of poles this year will not occur. Then answer please my question, October, November and December this year, will have extreme quantity of deposits? Describe more in detail weather in Northern hemisphere within these three months this year? Make please weather forecast.

We are assuming that by "deposits" you mean snow. We stated in January of this year that the northern hemisphere could anticipate colder weather all year round due to the Earth wobble, and this would be the case until the last weeks.

Imhotep was considered the first polymath in recorded history. He is thought to be the engineer/designer of the first Egyptian step pyramid - Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara - Did he and the Egyptians design this and build it with the assistance of the Annunaki? Imhotep was one of very few mortals to be depicted as part of a pharaoh's statue, so I assume he was human.

The Great Pyramids were build by the Annunaki, and thereafter man tried to copy their techniques. The Great Pyramids were sighting devices for the arrival of their home planet, Nibiru, though they no longer point in the proper direction.

The Sumerian King List was measured in "sars" every 3,600 years. Coincidence that Nibiru's obit to Earth is roughly 3,600 years?

The ancient Sumerian's got their information from the Annunaki, whose home planet Nibiru makes a passage approximately every 3,657 years, by our count.

Are only poor people STO or there are STO entities under the rich people as well? Can you name any rich celebrity who is a mature STO? You explained STO entities are people who think at least 50% of their time about others. But my question is do STO entities always know what would be the best for others? You have mentioned STS aliens use fear to turn undecided people into STS. But how to help undecided people to become STO? A question about the call. Did I understand it right that the undecided people can't make the call, but only the STO or STS?

All people, rich or poor, can be and are found to be Service-to-Other. It is not a factor of their current incarnation, but a factor of their many incarnations and their spritual maturity. Read the characteristics we have described and determine for yourself who might be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, as your question is an invasion of privacy for those you would point at. The 50% rule is not used to force attentions on those not wanting help from others, but as a guide to those trying to determine whether or not they are Service-to-Other. It is the amount of time thinking of others that is the issue, not whether they are correct in their judgements as to what others may need or want. You also cannot help others become Service-to-Other. This is a personal choice, one that requires action on their part, not intellectual argument. Our advice on this matter is not to give an Service-to-Self individual everything they demand. Force them to take care of themselves, at the very least. In this you are not helping them become Service-to-Other, but are at least not encouraging them to be Service-to-Self. The response to the Call is based on the nature of the Call, regardless of who gives it.

Things seem to be moving in the area of alien disclosure by other countries besides the usa. I assume that this is now one of the areas that can be pursued now that the fear of a heavy handed response by the us military has now been removed with obama in charge, correct? Are there other areas that will soon benefit as well?

Disclosure is indeed on the increase and likely to continue in this direction.

The level of significant quakes is starting to breach the threshold of the mind share of the common man. This is fairly hard to ascribe to "global warming".

The public is already concluding that Global Warming is not causing the current Earth changes, which include quakes, volcanic activity, fireballs screaming in, red dust and skies, and electrical interference.

Is the patriot act likely to be renewed with its more onerous provisions?

What becomes of the leftovers from the Bush administration, and how quickly any of this gets reversed, is in the hands of man and therefore hard to predict. In addition, this is in the hands of Congress, not Obama.

If the pole shift occurs roughly 3,657 years, which puts the last shift around: 1648BC. All the events occurred around then - The Minoan eruption, the end of the Indus Valley Civilization, mammoth became extinct, Asian tribes called Hykos invade Egypt. The oldest surviving astronomical documents, written by the Babylonians describing the appearance of Venus was written [which is trapped by Nibiru]. Next the previous shift: 5305BC. Events -The begining of the Egyptian calendar, Mount Mazama creates Oregon's Crater Lake, desertification of North Africa, which ultimately lead to the creation of the Sahara desert. Volcano Hekla eruption. Temples founded in South Mesopotamia. Is this all evidence of past pole shifts?

Yes. Velikovsky presents the evidence well in his Earth in Upheaval book.

Why are some people obsessed with names? They will spell your name out for you as if the spelling was really important or mattered. I go by different variations of my name and like to mix it up, however some people think it is strange I just don't tell everyone the same exact name. I just think names aren't that important because it is what is behind the name what matters. Not the name itself. Why are some people rigid about names and others could care less?

They fear being confused with others, to their detriment. Those who feel the force of their personality is their calling card have no such worries. Those who have little to bring and who are generally overlooked worry about being misplaced or confused with others who would sully them.

What's the real reason behind choosing where the Olympics is held? Was there an agenda in not choosing Chicago?

The Olympics are international. Look back at what countries have been represented in the past. The US has not been neglected in the past, and Brazil has not been included in the past.

At any given time, there are always many conflicts and wars on planet Earth. What is it about humans that leads them to think that war is an answer?

It is not just the human animal which engages in violence. Territoriality is natural to most species. With humans, it is beyond the need for territory, however, and into greed and power. The ability of a member of a species to be conscious of itself as independent from others gives rise to the desire for power, etc.

I understand that the violent, warlike tendencies of humans will not be present in the Zeta/human hybrids. I also understand that the hybrids will be significantly more intelligent than humans. What other changes will be present in the hybrids, and will these changes help the hybrids be a peaceful, loving species?

Have you read in detail the Hybrids section? It is not our goal to make a peaceful, loving species, as these matters are a quality of the soul, and the hybrids will only be incarnated by Service-to-Other souls. We mentioned eliminating blind rage as this and this alone is incompatible with a Service-to-Other incarnation.

Earthquake to Indonesia and earthquake in Pacific ocean which has caused a tsunami on Samoa. I believe that this region the worst times because of compression of Pacific ocean wait and the situation will worsen only. The Zetas will assist those people who live in the given region? They will be warned to be in time in time to be evacuated?

We are warning all peoples of the Earth now. The issue is not whether they will be warned, but what they do with the warning. Most ignore, and the governments are certainly not telling their subjects the truth about what is happening nor the truth about what is coming. Yes, the brake point holding plate movement back is the Indo-Australia plate, which is being driven under the Himalayas. When these move, then other plates are more free to adjust, a domino effect, as we have repeatedly explained.

These pictures were taken by the stereo satellite on Sept 19. It has it's own thread and got alot of attention. There were other photos as well but I don't have those links at the moment. [and from another], Date: 24.09

This got a lot of attention but in past images, when Mercury was near the Sun, this same light orb appeared. This is a broad scope image, taking in more than just what is close to the Sun. Planet X is too close to the Sun in the line of view, thus is behind the Sun blocking circle along with the Sun.

Will Obama be re-elected in 2012?

This question cannot be answered without giving clues as to a timeline for the passage. Thus, declined.

I thought I understood that the 4th density is for beings who are more spiritually aware and highly evolved than 3rd density beings. So, why do Service-to-Self entities exist in the 4th density?

They are allowed to mature on many fronts, but are not allowed the freedom to interfere with other 4th Density cultures, the Service-to-Other cultures. Why are they not punished and left in 3rd Density? Because many finally learn their lesson and lean to the Service-to-Other. Do you take books away from prison inmates just because they are in prison?

Clif High (of web bots) sent out an urgent email to everyone on his board this afternoon at 3:00 PM about the coming death of the dollar. Seems to feel that the US will be among the poorest nations in just thirty or so days from now. "in running our MOM (model of modelspace) cleanup of the lexicon prior to tuning, it became apparent that October 25 turn in emotions globally will be dominated by a [lock down/implosion] of the [planetary financial/banking system]. The data suggests that such things a [currency trading] and [commodities trading] as well as many other [digital trading forms] will be [suspended]. Some will never resume, or if they do, they will be in entirely different forms," per the Clif High email. It gets worse from there...and he feels in about ten days the dollar will have lost most of it's value in the world." What do the Zeta's think of this? He says to watch October 10th through the 15th for the trigger that will go off on the 25th and last ten days sending gov't people all over the world looking for help.

The web bots have been warning of this for some time, over a year in fact. Cliff High and George Ure are more than reading word association, they are connected to the financial sector and hearing the rumors. George is an astute analyst, earning his living at this. The fact that the dollar would no longer be used as the international currency has been known and the trend for several years, one oil producing country after another moving to include other currencies for the purchase of oil, for instance. Once there is no reason to be holding US dollars, then countries and individuals will dump these dollars, which will of course cause a drop in value due to the glut on the market.

Can the Zetas please explain in more detail why the indo-australian tectonic plate is the "keystone" plate? Will we notice the most geological activity at the margins of this plate before other tectonic plate activity commences ?

This plate is the brake because it is difficult to drive a plate under the massive Himalayas. It is the weight of the rock which must be raised, or the bulk of the plate which must be driven down and under, that are the telling factors. This part of the world will always lead with massive earthquakes, followed by adjustments elsewhere around the world.

How's the switch of earth to 4th density done? Is it a natural or artifical event or both? It can not be a natural event because you have mentioned selected things will not move to 4th density. Will Earth move in a portal or will you teleport it by increasing its vibration?

The shift mechanism and other specifics are detailed in the Density section which you should read.

If the human race evolved essentially from a mammalian species , what was the original root race the Zetas evolved from? Was it insectoid, reptilian, aquatic or mammalian like us?

The human race of course did not evolve from a mammalian species. It was first a worm, then something aquatic, then reptilian, then mammalian, and finally hominoid. We evolved along similar paths. Insects branch off early, though also have the common ancestor of a worm, so you were also an insect at some point.

Any thought on the UFO seen in spain? real or not?

Where legitimate UFO sightings have occurred in Space recently, this capture is not of UFO's but of fighter jets and a chopper sent to rescue a crash. More than the public is watching the UFO displays, and getting confused enough to crash their planes in the process.

Is it a possibility that the PS might happen in 2012?

This is possible, but as to the probability we cannot say as this gives clues to a timeline.

Recently I have noticed many birds flying into and out of clouds. I am 43 years old and do not recall ever seeing this happen before. Often when I recognize these birds, one will swoop down close to my position, seemingly acknowledging my awareness of them. Can you comment on this phenomenon and help me understand the significance?

It is not that the birds are becoming aware of you, it is that you are becoming aware of them.

Recently I've been feeling an unprecendented sense of nervousness and anxiety, regarding our future. Is something coming up soon? The other day when I was thinking about it, I felt like I saw some blurred images appear in front of me. Active imagination or something is up?

You have had contact and learned detail of what is coming, per your request. The conscious is turned off during contact, and returned when the visit is ended, but this is not always a smooth transition.

Temp was 6 deg below normal in Chicago on August 31. What gives? Growing season was terrible.

We predicted the current weather in 1995, with increasing drought and deluge, temperature swings, storms appearing where least expected, crop shortages as a result, snow in summer, and eventually the seasons blending into one another. Why is this a surprise? See these topics as Nancy has detailed them in the ZetaTalk Accuracy section.

When the three days of darkness occurs in the northern hemisphere, what exactly happens in the southern hemisphere?

Three days of light, from dusk to dawn without nightfall.

Are the isoceles black gigantic triangular UFOs that are totally silent and capable of incredible speed but also able to halt and hover without a sound though they are as huge as like 10 aircraft carriers. Are they ours or are the Zetas or are they some other species?

NASA and the US military have developed a stealth aircraft that can hover as it has jets pointed to the ground. On occasion, UFO's will form a triangle in the sky, as part of a formation to point in a particular direction, for instance. This is not the same as a giant triangular mothership, which does not exist.

With the earth spinning to the east. Why does the jet stream come from the west? Is this harp? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

This is explained by human science well. As the Earth moves under its blanket of atmosphere, moving East, the atmosphere is pushed west, but curls round to the poles as the path of least resistance. At high latitudes then, it moves east, curling round, following the path of least resistance. So while you are on land, you are feeling the breeze coming from the west, escaping higher pressure to the west.

Now if people in life will want to become a ghost after death, he becomes a ghost and will from time to time appear somewhere?

A ghost is a restless spirit allowed to linger in order to resolve some issues. The Spirit Guides are in attendance. Basically, this is more in the hands of the restless spirit than the Spirit Guides, who feel these issues should be resolved before taking on a new incarnation. So the answer to your questions is "yes".

I read last week here that when you die you can be reincarnated as an octopus on another planet. Is there any way I can come back as another animal, like a chicken for example? And I also want to be reincarnated on Earth. What types of creatures on Earth can I be reincarnated as?

This is not your call. Can you demand to be incarnated into a beautiful body? Into a rich family? With a high IQ and talent? This does not occur now so why would you get your demands met in the future?

Will this PS be the last that Earth will experience, and with the shift to 4D and 5D, will 3D be even exist in the future for Earth?

This will be the last pole shift that Earth experiences. The Earth will move to 4th Density with the Moon and much of the bulk of the Sun. Part of the Earth will remain behind to house the Men-in-Black, which live in caverns on Earth. When Planet X makes future passages, the Annunaki will assume that the Sun has died, and the surface of the Earth with it.

I'm asking about the Voynich manuscript. It is written 500 years ago in some unknown language. What is the purpose of the book? What information does it contain? What is the language it is written in?,,,

This is a channeled writing and thus is intended to be understood only by those individuals being visited by the aliens who channeled the book in the first place. They know who they are, and are guided to find the book in libraries. It describes the relationship of all life, the cycle of life, and what we call the sweeping arms of the Sun, which is the reason for all the planets moving in the same direction around the Sun.

Is there already a second Earth existing in 6D? Has the transition already happened for Earth but we have not gotten there yet?

Earth has a twin which normally rides exactly opposite, sharing the orbit, so is never seen. It has moved to join the Earth, trapped in her orbit, but as it is a black hunk of rock not reflecting light cannot be seen. However, when the angle was right in early 2004, just after Earth stopped her orbit, a blue and yellow lighted orb was seen in the sky, and even photographed.

Can you comment on Time seeming to collapse in on itself, as most would agree with Time seeming to be "speeding up"? Time as an illusion of 3D.

Time is not speeding up, but your anxieties are making you feel you are running out of time.

The economy is in dire straights now with unemployment numbers climbing almost daily. More banks are failing too, and the poor becoming poorer. To what extent will this increase before the pole shift? Many will die before the chance for a new future even presents itself.

The economy will not improve, as we have repeatedly stated.

We have been seeing the increase of quakes and weather abnormalities. Can the Zetas tell us anything about what is currently occurring with the volcanoes in the world?

Volcanoes will of course continue to be more active, as the quakes become of greater magnitude.

Will India dive under the Himilayas before the great quakes occur or shortly thereafter? Will the rest of the world have time/opportunity to move move India's people out of there when the disaster begins?

India suffers from a depressed sea level steadily, occurring already in some parts of the country. No one in the world's community is planning to rescue the people of India, nor is this likely to come about. India will drown.