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ZetaTalk: Sharper Axis
Note: added during the Feb 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

During any pole shift, just what the tilt will be, what the length of the day will be, and whether the magnetic and geographic alignment line up is subject to change and chance. However, there are static influences in the solar system, in the environment that surrounds and influences the solar system, that are not subject to change simply because Planet X decides to pass through. The magnetic alignment is one. This is dominated, set, by the alignment of the Sun, which has its alignment due to outside influences, and the Earth lines up with this. Thus, one can expect their compasses to point north, but just where north is re the lay of the land may vary. When rotation returns, it is subject to pulls on the liquid parts of the core that are set, as far as where these pulls are located.

The core, however, is not set, and as has been reported by Plato, in the history of man, it has been noted that at times the Earth rotates in the opposite direction, if the swirling core starts to move in this direction after the shift, and momentum continuing the direction. During these times, the day was much longer, as there was a tug backwards as well as in the normal direction the liquid core moves. Should the Earth start to rotate early, due to a close passage, as happened last, the North/South may not be quite set before rotation starts, and there may be some pull to continue due to momentum, in spite of the actual tug on the core being otherwise. So, is the tilt of the Earth now, wrong, and what is the likely tilt in future, after the coming shift? During the last shift, the passage of Planet X was much closer than the coming shift, and thus as we have stated the jerk to align with an upside-down shift was closely followed by a jerk to align back to be the same due to the quick passage, and thus only a slight crustal shift occurred. In that the shift, and shift back, was so quick, the core was able to reinstitute rotation quickly, and did so before the Earth was aligned with its magnetic alignment, which then followed.

However, normally, rotation is much more aligned with the magnetic alignment than at present. A tilt does occur, so seasons such as winter and summer do occur, in fact, a bit more extreme than at present. But as those humans incarnated, alive at present, will find the Earth cooling down for some time, due to the friction of the core and heated land masses, they will not find the winters extreme to the point of freezing in colder climes. And due to the increasing ocean surface, where the moderating effect of ocean currents can condition the air above land, they will likewise not find themselves frying. The future, for the hybrids and the new cities of the future, will take into account the changed seasons, so not to worry.

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