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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 31, 2018

Any earth change images from these ‘newly discovered’ ancient petroglyphs in India? [and from another] The discovery of rock carvings believed to be tens of thousands of years old in India's western state of Maharashtra has greatly excited archaeologists who believe they hold clues to a previously unknown civilization. The rock carvings - known as petroglyphs - have been discovered in their thousands atop hillocks in the Konkan region of western Maharashtra. Mostly discovered in the Ratnagiri and Rajapur areas, a majority of the images etched on the rocky, flat hilltops remained unnoticed for thousands of years.

What is instantly obvious is that these petroglyphs were meant to be seen from above, from the skies. Unlike drawings that would be made by man, essentially blind on the ground and not able to plot the dimensions or create a 3D impression, they are drawn as though by an artist. Motion is captured. Unlike the landing guides laid by the Annunaki, these glyphs were engineered by benign aliens leaving communications for others who would be visiting. Burned into the rock in the same manner that visitors are creating crop circle designs – by computer control. The message: here is the plethora of wildlife you will find.

Could the Zetas say what is going on here, is it like a final struggle. Intimidation. With those Baal 'temples'? [and from another] The Palmyra Arch, an iconic piece of Syrian heritage, is coming to The Hague this October. The original 1800-year-old Roman arch was blown up by Islamic State militants in 2015. As an act of resistance, a team of archeologists from the Department of Digital Archaeology at Oxford University set about recreating it with photography, 3D-printing techniques and exact carving. The new marble arch has yet been exposed in London, Florence, Dubai, New York and Arona and will be unveiled in The Hague with a festive event this October. [and from another] Is it just a coincidence that the “Arch of Baal” has been erected in Washington D.C. on the exact same week that Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford are testifying before Congress?  The future of the U.S. Supreme Court is literally hanging in the balance, and many believe that it is quite odd that this ancient pagan symbol has been put up at this precise moment in time.  According to the official website of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, the Arch of Palmyra was unveiled on the National Mall on September 26th, and it will remain there until September 29th.  You can view a photograph of the arch standing directly in front of the U.S. Capitol building.  Just one day after this arch was put up, Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testified before Congress.  Perhaps this is all just a “giant coincidence”, but things of this importance usually don’t happen by accident. The elite deeply understand that symbols have power, and the fact that the Arch of Baal has been placed directly across from the U.S. Capitol is highly significant. [and from another] [and from another] Baal was a title and honorific meaning "lord" in the Northwest Semitic languages. The name Ba?al was particularly associated with the storm and fertility god Hadad and his local manifestations.  The Hebrew Bible, compiled and curated over a span of centuries, includes generic use of the term in reference to various Levantine deities, and finally pointed application towards Hadad, who was decried as a false god. That use was taken over into Christianity and Islam, sometimes under the opprobrious form Beelzebub in demonology. [and from another] [and from another] The reproductions of the 50-foot arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, that will be erected in New York City and London next month will only be the first of many. The organization behind this is the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which is a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai's Museum of the Future. The initial arches from the Temple of Baal that will be erected in New York and London as part of UNESCO's World Heritage Week in April are intended "as a gesture of defiance", but ultimately the plan is to share this "cultural treasure" with as many cities around the planet as possible. Child sacrifice was a central feature of Baal worship. This is what Jeremiah 19:4-6 says.

Where promoted under the flag of cultural heritage, thus promoted by the UN and others as archeology preservation, this is intended to be a reminder to the Moloch worshipers that their power persists. The Hillary crowd is barely hanging on these days, with military tribunals retrieving laundered funds from the Clinton Foundation and the Queen’s accounts and openly removing McCain. Forced resignations in Congress have occurred due to sealed indictments. Sessions investigations are openly cleaning out the DOJ and FBI. And what has occurred to date is less than half that this crowd can expect. They are running scared.

Since they are failing on the political front in the US and in Europe, what to do? The Democrats do not have a figurehead to replace Obama, who seems to be in hiding, or Hillary, whose hypocrisy on the #MeToo front is blatant. Shall we pretend that Bill Clinton is pure while decrying the supposed mischief  of a teenage Kavanaugh? By erecting the Baal arch in DC, New York, and London – key cities where the Moloch cult is strong among politicians – they hope to speak to the subconscious of many. We are legion, and we are strong, is the intended message, but what the cult senses is that they are being eradicated!

Biblical prophecy? [and from another] Biblical End of Days Prophecy Comes True as Fish Swim again in Dead Sea. October 5, 2018 Ezekiel is a key figure in the Bible and in his end-of-days prophecy, he foresees the Dead Sea flourishing into life – something that is considered to be impossible due to its high salt content. Israeli photojournalist Noam Bedein has reported sightings of marine life in small sinkholes around the Dead Sea, as well as vegetation growing. Photos released by the Dead Sea Revival Project show tiny fish swimming in water that is reportedly from the highly-salinated body of water. The Bible states that after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the land was turned into a barren wasteland – the same area the Dead Sea is now. But it was prophesied that life would once again return to the land, with fish in abundance in the water, fulfilling prophecies from Ezekiel who talked about the land flourishing and blooming when the Jews return. [and from another] The prophet Ezekiel is a prophet recognised across all three Abrahamic religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, as well as in the Bahai faith. In the Old Testament, Ezekiel is the central protagonist in ‘the book of Ezekiel’, and prophecies about what he considers to be the approaching of the end times. Included within these is one messianic prophecy that water will flow from Jerusalem into the Dead Sea, and that these waters will fill with fish, spilling life into the surrounding desert. “These waters issue forth toward the eastern region and shall go down into the Arabah; and when they shall enter into the sea into the sea of the putrid waters the waters shall be healed. And it shall come to pass that every living creature wherewith it swarmeth whithersoever the rivers shall come shall live; and there shall be a very great multitude of fish; for these waters are come thither that all things be healed and may live whithersoever the river cometh.” Ezekiel 47:8-9. [and from another] Fulfillment of the Dead Sea Prophecy Has Begun. “And it shall come to pass in that day that living waters shall go out from Yerushalayim: half of them toward the eastern sea and half of them toward the western sea; in summer and in winter shall it be.” Zechariah 14:8. Almost ten times saltier than the ocean, nothing can live in the Dead Sea’s hypersaline environment – Or so scientists thought until recently. Scientific research has proved the existence of life at the bottom of the sea, but due to a unique set of circumstances, signs of life have begun appearing on its very shores, precisely as it is written in the Book of Prophets. The researchers discovered huge craters on the seafloor, 15 meters across and 20 meters deep. Fresh water was flowing from these craters, which were carpeted with mats of microorganisms, showing that the Dead sea was not entirely dead. [and from another] In 2015 researchers from Ben Gurion University sent divers to the floor of the Dead Sea.  Among other things, they found craters up to 15 meters across with fresh water coming into the sea. Not only is fresh water coming from beside the shores.  Fresh water is also coming from below.

Just as ZetaTalk exists today because we, the Zetas, share our knowledge with the world via Nancy, in the olden days there were helpful visitors sharing their knowledge with mankind.  Some prophecy is also based on history, reading the past and anticipating the future. Given that the African Roll has occurred, to some degree, during past Pole Shifts and could be expected to return for this current passage of Nibiru, what does that imply? We have pointed to the rumpled mountains of northern Iraq and Syria, pushed up against what is now Turkey, and stated that the turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot, caused this.

As the boot turns under pressure from the rolling African Plate, the mountains are rumpled, and this was predictable for the future plate movements during the current passage of Nibiru. There is an aquifer under this region of Iraq and Syria, and such pressure squeezed the water in that aquifer to the south, so it oozes out of deep underground tunnels leading into the Dead Sea. Thus the fresh water, and life returning to the Dead Sea. Is this an End Times sign? Absolutely.

My question is about a strange incident in Arkansas where a hole that had been in the ground for years suddenly belched fire up to 12 feet high for 2 hours then extinguished itself. [and from another] We've "Ruled Out" Satan: Officials Baffled By Mysterious Flaming Hole In Arkansas October 5, 2018 The flames initially reached 12 feet high. The fire burned red-orange, at about two feet in diameter. Apparently, the mysterious fire somehow extinguished itself. Before the fire retreated into the hole, it shrunk to a flame about waist high for a few minutes. The volleyball-sized hole has been there for at least 10 years, according to a man who used to mow the grass on the private property along Arkansas 5. So far, the following possible causes of the fire have been ruled out: meteorite, lighting strike, natural gas, utility-related problem, leaking gasoline or propane tanks, the Devil.

Midway, Arkansas is subject to a number of geological pressures, including the diagonal pull that the pending New Madrid adjustment will force on the region and the bowing stress placed upon the entire N  American continent. In addition, Midway lies within a sagging and thin crust, which has resulted in lakes and rivers clustering near Midway. Thus with the triple whammy that this geology imposes, the rock strata under Midway shifts, releasing long trapped methane gas. Such gas normally rises into the atmosphere and there is set alit by lightning or a spark. But shifting and grinding rock strata can also generate a spark, setting the methane alight closer to the ground.

The person who has discovered the return of this C/2017 E1 comet in our solar system and he has visually depicted how this comet exits the constellation Leo from his loins and heads towards the constellation Virgo. Three days after the Conception Comet enters the constellation Virgo from between her legs is when Jupiter (Tzediq) enters Virgo’s womb. The point of insemination occurred on November 17, 2016. Then we have the astronomical alignment on 09/23/2017, commonly referred to as The Revelation 12 Sign, was seen as matching a literal description of Rev. 12:1-2. Combining the two together, it literally suggests the return / reborn of Jesus Christ. Can zetas confirm if this theory is correct? If so, how significant is this finding means to the people on Earth? Also, the timing of this comet entering constellation Virgo was when Donald Trump got elected as the 45th President of United State. Does it signify that he was chosen by God to clean up the mess on earth for the end times? [and from another] [and from another],_2016 [and from another] Revelation 12 Virgo Inseminated!  Conception Comet! This video does not set a date for the rapture, nor for the tribution!! It does however confirm we are undoubtedly the generation to witness the return of our lord! [and from another] The Message of the Conception Comet of November, 2016. The comet exits the constellation Leo from his loins and heads towards the constellation Virgo. Three days after the Conception Comet enters the constellation Virgo from between her legs is when Jupiter (Tzediq) enters Virgo’s womb. The point of ‘insemination’ occurred on November 17, 2016. Jupiter enters Virgo’s womb three days later on November 20, 2016. [and from another] [and from another] Revelation 12:1-16: A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The great dragon was hurled down.


The flurry of attention that David Meade’s predictions for the Apocalypse on September 23, 2017 was based on an analysis of Revelations 12:1-2 and a lineup of planets that included the Moon at Virgo’s feet. Thus, the theory had some basis. The Comet C/2017 E1 analogy is based on Jupiter aligning with Virgo’s womb 9 months after the comet C/2017 E1 entered the loins of Virgo. Thus it is the “Conception Comet”.  But these astronomical happenings have no real connection to the election of Trump beyond the date of the 2016 Presidential election in November, 2016. Facts can be arranged like pieces of a puzzle to show all kinds of conclusions, but this does not make it so.

Can Zeta confirm if Trump it was targeted for an assassination while he was on the board of US Air Force One by an Israel submarine missile ? Benjamin Fulford mention it in is weekly video from October 1 2018. Is that true, it was an Israeli submarine? Q wrote on the chats "Red October?" on 27 Sept 2018 (picture). I check the schedule of President Trump and he was using the Air force One that day being on UN headquarters,  departure from NY at 10:50 and arriving at Joint Base Andrew at 11: 45! I know that Zeta comment before in many occasion regarding US President assassination attempts! Israel also is not the first time that they try to do that to an US President and they have a good reason in previous day:  For the first time since taking office, President Donald Trump endorsed a two-state solution as the best way to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as he met Wednesday at the U.N. with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Note (Yitzhak Rabin it was an two state solution promoter too and got assassinated when it was close to make peace back in 1995) [and from another] The Khazarian mafia is planning a fake alien invasion after their most recent attempt to assassinate U.S. President Donald Trump failed, say Pentagon and CIA sources.  The assassination attempt came in the form of a missile that was shot at Air Force One by an Israeli submarine, Pentagon sources say. “Life imitates art, as the hunt for red October may mean Israeli and cabal submarines are sunk.  The October surprise may be bloody,” the sources add. [and from another]  [and from another] Missile launch? Lens flare? Mysterious object spotted over Washington Navy base raises questions June 12, 2018 A mysterious object was spotted by a local photographer over the skies of Whidbey Island, leading to lots of speculation and questions, but no solid answers. It appears to be a missile launched from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. A spokesperson for NAS Whidbey Island, said it wasn't a missile launch from the facility. There are no missile launch capabilities on the Navy base at Whidbey Island. [and from another] Mystery of object spotted over Whidbey Island apparently solved June 11, 2018 A helicopter pilot with the Airlift Northwest ambulance service said that his chopper has a searchlight that was pointing straight down when he took off -- and that's what left that vertical light streak in the sky. [and from another] A secret missile launch? Mystery streak of light spotted over Whidbey Island leaves locals baffled June 12, 2018 A weather camera has captured a mystery object streaking across the sky over Washington's Whidbey Island. American Meteor Society who said it was definitely not a meteor. There was an air ambulance helicopter flying in the vicinity of Skunk Bay when the image was taken.

On June 10, 2018 when President Trump was on his way to a summit with N Korea’s President Kim, a missile was launched from an Israeli submarine lurking in Skunk Bay near Seattle. This assassination attempt was anticipated, so instead of taking the expected route overhead from Washington DC to the Asian summit, Trump flew east over Europe. The plane that flew over Skunk Bay carried the Air Force One codes, so as anticipated a missile was fired skyward. This was promptly shot down and the Israeli submarine confiscated, but the Cabal controlled media chose to ignore this incident.

Any comments? While SpaceX has succeeded. [and from another] Soyuz rocket carrying crew to ISS malfunctions during launch October 11, 2018 Expedition 57 was due to transport Roscosmos’ Aleksey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague to the International Space Station in the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft. [and from another] Astronauts made Emergency Landing after Rocket Failure October 11, 2018 Two astronauts from the U.S. and Russia are in good condition after an emergency landing following booster rocket failure minutes after the launch. They were to dock at the orbiting outpost six hours later, but the booster suffered a failure minutes after the launch. The two made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan. [and from another]  Astronauts Crash Land to Earth October 11, 2018 The astronauts conducted an emergency landing by separating from the booster and switching into ballistic descent mode. That means the rocket comes in at a much sharper angle than normal, allowing the craft to head as quickly as possible to the ground. [and from another] SpaceX successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket on the California coast for the first time October 7, 2018 SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 this evening, marking the 62nd flight of the vehicle. It was also the 12th ground landing for the company, and the first one on the California coast. [and from another] Four fully operational orbiters were initially built: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis.  Two were lost in mission accidents: Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003, with a total of fourteen astronauts killed. A fifth operational (and sixth in total) orbiter, Endeavour, was built in 1991 to replace Challenger. The Space Shuttle was retired from service upon the conclusion of Atlantis's final flight on July 21, 2011. The U.S. has since relied primarily on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to transport supplies and astronauts to the International Space Station. Challenger disintegrated 73 seconds after launch due to the failure of the right SRB, killing all seven astronauts on board. The disaster was caused by low-temperature impairment of an O-ring. Columbia disintegrated during re-entry, killing its crew of seven, because of damage to the carbon-carbon leading edge of the wing caused during launch. [and from another] The Soyuz spacecraft is launched on a Soyuz rocket, the most reliable launch vehicle in the world to date. The Soyuz rocket design is based on the Vostok launcher, which in turn was based on the 8K74 or R-7A Semyorka, a Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile. All Soyuz spacecraft are launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The Soyuz is considered the most stable rocket system in the world, and has enjoyed that reputation for years, the drill hole sabotage of a Soyuz capsule launched from Kazakhstan notwithstanding. The US shuttle system has been sidelined since 2011, due to lack of cash and downtime. Certainly Space X has been trying to compete, but despite successes has had a poor track record, including disasters as recent as 2015, 2016, and in 2017. Space X thus is used for material payload, but not human payload to the ISS.

Russia acknowledged that the drill hole sabotage on Expedition 56 was done in Kazakhstan, though it was not intended to harm astronauts but to force an early return to Earth. Was this latest disaster, the failure to launch and forced return to Earth for Expedition 57, done by human hand with the same agenda? The perpetrator was the Council of Worlds, who per the rule of Things vs People allowed interference to force the long-overdue exodus from the ISS. Human egos at NASA puff and strut while Nibiru is denied. It is unconscionable.

Can the Zetas give insight as to the real reason(s) behind the apparent death of Khashoogi, a Washington Post columnist?  The MSM calls this an international crisis and defining moment for POTUS. What seemed unusual was the amount of media attention just hours after his disappearance, almost 2 weeks ago. [and from another] What We Know About The Disappearance Of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Saudi Arabia denies any wrongdoing and maintains that he left its consulate in Turkey on foot shortly after obtaining a document he needed to wed his fiancée. [and from another] Saudis Reportedly Plan To Announce Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed Accidentally. President Donald Trump said that “rogue killers” may be responsible for his disappearance, adding that Saudi Arabia’s King Salman “firmly denied” knowing anything about what happened. While he’s expressed concern about Khashoggi’s disappearance, he said he refused to halt arms sales to the country. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a hasty trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Salman. [and from another] New figures from UNESCO show, from 2012 to 2016, there were a total of 530 killed globally. The country seeing the most deaths was Syria. [and from another] Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi is a Saudi Arabian journalist, author, and the former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab News Channel. He also served as editor for the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Watan, turning it into a platform for Saudi Arabian progressives. Khashoggi fled Saudi Arabia in September 2017. He said that the Saudi Arabian government had banned him from Twitter and later wrote newspaper articles critical of the government. Khashoggi has been sharply critical of Saudi Arabia's crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, and the country's king, Salman of Saudi Arabia. He also opposed the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen. [and from another] It took seven minutes for Jamal Khashoggi to die, a Turkish source who has listened in full to an audio recording of the Saudi journalist's last moments told Middle East Eye. Khashoggi was dragged from the Consul General’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and onto the table of his study next door. Horrendous screams were then heard by a witness downstairs. The screaming stopped when Khashoggi - who was last seen entering the Saudi consulate on 2 October - was injected with an as yet unknown substance. [and from another] One of the suspects identified by Turkey in the disappearance of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi was a frequent companion of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Three others are linked to the Saudi crown prince’s security detail. A fifth is a forensic doctor who holds senior positions in the Saudi Interior Ministry and medical establishment, a figure of such stature that he could be directed only by a high-ranking Saudi authority. The royal court was expected to acknowledge that Mr. Khashoggi was killed in the consulate, and to blame an intelligence agent for botching an operation to interrogate Mr. Khashoggi that ended up killing him.

That journalists are assassinated is not a surprise, especially those who do not speak well about those in power. The reason is obvious. They are informing the public about truths those in power want buried. What might Khashoggi know that was not already known? Khashoggi was a Saudi citizen, from a well-connected and wealthy Saudi family. The wealth came from brokering arms, and thus as insiders the Khashoggi family was privy to many secrets. As is known, 911 was arranged in part with cooperation from the Saudis, the country of origin for most of the hijackers.

Turkey is not exempt in this assassination of Khashoggi. His fiancee, a younger woman whom he met just months ago, was from Turkey. He was lured from the US to Istanbul to get paperwork required for their marriage. Who stands to gain? Erdogan has had many setbacks, his plan to invade Europe with Merkel’s assistance stymied of late. The immigration of ISIS sleeper cells no longer welcome in Europe.  Erdogan’s desire to be a member state of the European Union has been stalled. Turkey’s economy is in shambles, going bankrupt and needing cash.

What does Turkey stand to gain by dashing the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia? The coup that installed the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as de facto King was applauded by the west. The Saudi treasury was being looted by various princes, and the Prince started many reforms. Meanwhile Erdogan spirals downward. Turkey arranged and facilitated this brutal murder of Khashoggi, and arranged to record it. Rogue Saudi elements were indeed involved, but just as the US and Russia have their Deep State elements, so do the Saudi.

There was a tragedy in the Russian city of Kerch in Crimea. Mass shooting with explosion. "Modus operandi" resembles a fire in a shopping center Winter Cherry. This is rather unprecedented for Russia. Officially, the culprit was a college student who committed suicide. In Russia, you cannot walk freely with weapons. You need permission for it. It was reported that the student was able to obtain a weapon permit shortly before the tragedy. Moreover, he managed to lay improvised explosive devices (two?) (or they already were), one of which was detonated. The strangest thing is that earlier an eyewitness reported that there were several attackers (although it is not confirmed).  It is worth noting that after the tragedy in the Winter Cherry in March, the police took from all the witnesses a non-disclosure agreement (at least the media reported about it). [and from another] [and from another] At first, there was an explosion in the dining room, and immediately after it, people with automatic weapons began to run out of the toilets. They had masks on their faces. It was impossible to understand what their nationality was. There were a lot of them, but how much I can’t say for sure. They shot at students and teachers - at all who came across their path. I do not think that many people suffered from the shooting, I saw only one or two. In addition, these people threw explosive packages. [and from another] [and from another] 17 October, 2018. Bastrykin: someone could have a negative impact on the Kerch shooter [and from another] In the initial confusion, reports suggested there had been a gas explosion inside the building. An“unidentified explosive device” had gone off inside the canteen on the first floor of the college. People were hearing gunfire. Some would later describe seeing men with their faces covered burst into the building, armed with assault rifles and firecrackers, opening fire indiscriminately, terrorizing students and teachers. Only one man responsible for the shooting was found. It turned out that little more than one month ago, on September 8, Roslyakov had received a permit for a 12 caliber rifle. He bought 150 rounds of ammunition for the weapon just a few days before he would walk onto his college campus and murder 19 people. Then came the reports about this man and the kind of person he was. Quiet, closed-off, uncommunicative and interested in maniacs and serial killers, his classmates said. [and from another] Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, stalked his college halls with a shotgun before killing himself in the school library. Set off a homemade 'nail-bomb' in the canteen which blew out windows and he carried several more bombs. More than 50 injured with 12 in critical condition and three are in comas after mass murder at noon yesterday. The shooter, who is thought to have obtained shotguns and rifles with a hunting licence for which he passed a psychological assessment, set off a homemade nail-bomb in the canteen which blew out the windows but did not kill anyone.

This bears the hand of the Soros group, which incited the unrest in the Ukraine in 2013 and has been responsible for almost all of the riots and anti-establishment activity in the US. It is no secret that the Soros group sought to invade the oil and gas fields of Russia, and thus has been trying to spark a war between NATO and Russia. Immensely wealthy, the Soros group has followed the founder’s goals since his death in 2016, which we have stated is a God obsession. George Soros considered himself akin to God. If he was not in charge, then he created chaos, as in chaos there is opportunity.  

Efforts during the Ukraine coup included shooting down MH 017 via a fighter jet sent from Kiev by those allied with Soros. Putin proceeded to annex the Crimea and adopt Russian speaking citizens from eastern Ukraine. Having failed to snatch the Ukraine from any Russian influence, or to start a war there that would result in the invasion of the Russian oil and gas fields, the Soros group has resorted to creating chaos. The Kerch shooting was to be blamed on a student, who had been groomed for this role, but was assisted by gunmen.

Would the Zetas care to comment on this announcement? Seems like more prep from the Coverup. [and from another] Is An Asteroid Coming? NASA's 'Planetary Defense Coordination Office' Budget Suddenly Spikes To $150 Million October 17, 2018 In recent years NASA has assured the public that there are no imminent threats.  Has that now changed? Something doesn’t smell right about all of this. According to NASA, there are more than 25,000 asteroids lurking out there that are 140 meters in size or greater. And overall, there are approximately a million near-Earth objects that could pose a potential threat. NASA established the ‘Planetary Defense Coordination Office’ back in early 2016. At that time, it was being reported that one of the primary tasks of this new agency was to find a way to “redirect” potentially dangerous asteroids. But once again, why all the fuss if NASA is confident that there are no major threats on the horizon? Or could it be possible that they are not being entirely truthful with us? [and from another] Killer asteroids 2013 [and from another] Bolide Blitz 2013 (Chelyabinsk) [and from another] Asteroid Watch 2013 (flybys) [and from another] Asteroid Threat 2012 (sci.astro debate with Space Guard) [and from another] Asteroid Defense 2010 (sci.astro debates with Space Guard) [and from another] Asteroid Blitz 2009 (Debris vs Asteroids)

That mankind has been concerned about deflecting the minor moons and debris in the tail of Nibiru during the passage is not news. This is an issue that came up during the sci.astro debates between the UK’s Space Guard and the Zetas in 2001. Except for the success at Chelyabinsk in 2013, where the Russians shot down an approaching bolide and neutralized it, there are no effective means of deflecting the potential bombardment. We have stated that the Council of Worlds will not allow an extinction level event to occur, as Earth is a spiritual schoolhouse that must be preserved.

The establishment has been calling this traffic Asteroids or Near Earth Asteroids since 2009, but the uptick in the numbers is obvious. Are Asteroids suddenly propagating out there in space? Certainly funds could be spent on an early warning system, or more armories such as Chelyabinsk deployed to guard key facilities. But all such efforts will only increase the suspicion that there is a cover-up over a larger danger hidden from the public, and no amount of fast talking by the elite insisting that the cover-up stay in place will be able to shoot that suspicion down. 

Can the Zetas solve this mystery? [and from another] The Mysterious Ancient Spheres of Costa Rica October 16, 2018 The first serious study done on the mysterious stone spheres was carried out in the 1940s by the researcher Doris Stone. Stone’s findings were then published in 1943 in the esteemed archeological journal American Antiquity, and this caught the attention of other researchers. One of these was Samuel Lothrop, of the Peabody Museum at Harvard University, who went about a major excavation and study of the remaining spheres, carefully measuring them and mapping their positions and alignments. They are comprised of an indigenous hard stone known as granodiorite. But the spheres largely remain as mysterious as they ever were.

These carefully rounded and polished stones are a mystery only because the indigenous people who created them have disappeared. No written record exists, and the survivors of what was an infectious plague all died out or these stones were the least of their concerns after migrating elsewhere. Where there are no antibiotics and the members of a tribe are in close contact with one another, disease can spread like wildfire, with disbursing or running away the only recourse.  

These stones were intended to be replicas of what the natives saw in the skies during what today would be termed UFO encounters. Awe struck, and sensing power beyond what they possessed, the orbs in the skies became gods to these natives, to be worshiped by the round polished stones. Each stone took many years to produce, but the natives considered this a sacred duty as no harm had come to them during this process. Thus, they concluded that the gods had been placated.

We are in Reno. All of a sudden [October 20] in the last few days all the chemtrail planes are now spitting out their normal double or quadruple streams but they are disappearing. So the sky is clear. We are in Reno. [and from another] I'm in the desert near Palm Springs, CA. There has been a dramatic reduction in ChemTrail activity here for us in the last 6 months. It is amazing, honestly. Still some activity, but I would rate it approx 80% reduction by my casual observation. Gwad - we have clear blue skies often now - it is AWESOME. [and from another] Escondido cleaning up. Much fewer chemtrails. Not completely gone, but much less. [and from another] Arizona, back to blue skies I remember from childhood, no chemtrails. Something has changed. If they were natural contrails wouldn't they still be around? [and from another] I can confirm Colorado. Hardly any compared to how it used to be since our POTUS took over! [and from another] Noticable increase over central Alabama the last few days. [and from another] The sky has been covered in them yesterday and today. I live in central Alabama. [and from another] Here in SE Georgia, we do still have some, but nothing like it used to be. There are now many clear blue days. When they are spraying, you can see the lines, but it doesn't completely cover the sky like it used to. [and from another] Completely gone for over a year now in Georgia. The sky has been clear and blue. Butterflies and bees are starting to return, they had been totally gone the year before. The sky no longer looks like a checker board of trails. I live in a very rural mountain area. [and from another] I'm in Atlanta area and they have been a staple of life for decade. I never see them anymore, ever. I’ve noticed more in the last few days here in a suburb north of Atlanta. [and from another] Spraying as been off the charts this week in Tennessee. Day and evening. Usually just the morning. It had really slacked off the last few months but the last two days it’s been off the charts. Now they are spraying in an actual grid pattern rather than a stray trail here and there. I wonder why the drastic change all of a sudden? [and from another] It has been terrible here the past two days in Nashville. Heavy, heavy chem trails in the early am. Since Trump, MAJOR reduction in East Tennessee. There have been a few days here and there, likely black ops $, deep state BS. Past 2 days, many trails. Under Obummer, there was rarely a day without trails, and the skies tended to remain hazy. [and from another] Here in the suburbs of Chicago it's decreased big time. I saw some last week, but for the most part the skies have been chemtrail free the past 6 months or so. [and from another] Chicago area, hardly any this past summer. It was amazing to see clear blue sky. Used to be any clear day was just destroyed by dozens of Chemtrails overhead. [and from another] Michigan: It’s been about a year here in Michigan, clear blue skies again. [and from another] I haven't seen any since being in Michigan, almost 5 weeks now. [and from another] NYC big decrease... now we have normal blue skys and puffy normal white clouds.... just like the old days of when I was a kid. [and from another] Major decrease, cept yesterday 75 miles north of NYC. [and from another] Almost 95% reduction past 9 months Delmarva peninsula East Coast of Delaware. In the past week and a half, there have been many. [and from another] The sky this morning in Cambs UK was like a shiny waffle. They've increased it here no doubt. [and from another] Heavy in southern Ireland last few days. [and from another] I'm in Sydney and haven't seen them for a good month now.

What has occurred in the Chemtrail pattern, where many locations in the US report a virtual absence for a year or more but then a sudden increase in late October.  The Chemtrail campaign is run by the wealthy, as the US military refused to have anything to do with it. Reports in the US that the Chemtrail onslaught seemed to almost disappear since Trump’s inauguration are not an accidental coincidence, as Trump did indeed write a sealed Executive Order threatening prosecution of those engaged in Chemtrailing the skies.

But where there are unlimited funds, workers can always be hired, and with the increasing threat of the public becoming aware of Nibiru, this activity began anew. Now many layers of personnel are between those funding the operation and the crews doing the deed. Nibiru’s visibility has become a threat, as have the erratic sunrise and sunset times due to the Daily Earth Wobble. But the switch between Chemtrailed skies to clear skies and now back to the fog and obvious Chemtrail activity is a clue to many that they are indeed being denied the truth.  

It seems likely that this is ploy to garner sympathy for these persons and the Dems in general, ahead of mid-term elections. [and from another] This so called bomb scare looks like a very poorly done hoax at best/ false flag attempt. Was this done by the deep state or Soros or some affiliated group or persons to create empathy for the democratic party and the pull their electoral base together just before the midterms? Also with the caravan rapidly moving toward the US border this also seems to be organized by Soros's NGO's and likely intended to erupt into some kind of conflict with US customs, military or national guard? [and from another] Can the Zetas say who or what is the source of these packages? [and from another] Several bombs were sent out to Democrat leaders – none of which detonated. The Secret Service announced that suspicious packages were sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. George Soros, former AG Eric Holder, Rep. Maxine Waters were also sent mail bombs. The return address name on the suspicious packages sent to Clinton, Obama, Holder and Maxine Waters belonged to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But now it appears this was all a hoax! The clocks taped to the “pipe bombs” do not have an alarm function. [and from another] #Anons were able to locate the actual make and model of the clock taped to one of the bombs. It doesn't even have an alarm function. In other words, it can't count down to anything. It's literally just to make a "scary-looking" bomb prop. [and from another] The New York Times reported that the device found inside Soros’ mailbox was “constructed from a length of pipe about six inches long filled with explosive powder” and that it was detonated by bomb squad technicians. The newspaper also reported that the device mailed to Soros was similar to those sent to the Obamas, Clintons and to CNN. Each package was affixed with computer-printed address labels and six “Forever” stamps and had a return address of “DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ,” misspelling the congresswoman’s name. [and from another] The envelope sent to former CIA Director John Brennan at CNN offices in Manhattan also had his name misspelled, as was Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s home state. The first one discovered — in a mailbox outside the Katonah home of billionaire George Soros Monday — had black powder on it. But a source briefed on that device and the one sent to CNN told The Post on Wednesday that they couldn’t actually have blown up because neither was equipped with a blasting cap or other means of detonating explosive material. [and from another] The one addressed to Brennan, now a senior analyst with NBC News and MSNBC, arrived at CNN instead. That bomb had a parody ISIS flag with silhouettes of women and sex toys above the words “Get ‘Er Done” [and from another] The package was addressed to De Niro and that it had the same stamps and return address, that of ex-Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The onslaught of supposed pipe bombs mailed to Democrats on October 24 is a hoax, as is known. It was at first presumed to be an attack by an ultra-right maniac, but no harm came to the Democrats receiving these packages. The story dominated the news cycle for the entire day. It was then assumed that the Democrats themselves sent these packages in order to garner sympathy. But as the evidence quickly pointed to a hoax these theories fell apart. Highly visible clues were designed to mislead the public - ISIS lettering and misspelled names and addresses on the packages – as though someone from the Middle East might have sent the packages.

The Soros bomb exploded so the authorities would take the others seriously. But they were duds, filled with glass shards, with an electronic clock that was incapable of triggering a device. It had no alarm function. Since it is apparent that the anticipated Blue Wave is going to be a Red Wave, the Democrats are desperate. False accusations against Kavanaugh, the Warren DNA blunder, and the Soros funded Caravan marching to the Mexican border have not succeeded in turning that tide. The Democrats have no message to counter Trump’s booming economy and jobs reports.

Despite Democratic blunders, they are not the perpetrators, though the agenda behind these hoax mail bombs is intended to stop the Democrats from blundering on. Hillary is even allowing hints of another run in 2020, despite her failing health and lack of popularity. Those who received packages have a common nexus in past criminal conduct to protect and promote Hillary or, in the case of Waters and Holder and De Niro, openly suggesting violence against Republicans. The perpetrator was not hoping to garner sympathy for the Democrats, but rather to remind the public of their crimes.

An inherent message in the bomb packages was to send a warning to the recipients. Stop doing what you are doing to thwart the Trump administration, as you are only turning people to vote for Trump. The perpetrators want Democrats in charge, want them to win the Mid-Terms, and want Trump blocked in the House and deposed in 2020. The New World Order crowd is desperate to block Trump and his Junta. Private messages to the blundering Democrats have not succeeded, and they are too well known to just be gunned down, so the message is “Stop what you’re doing. We know where you live!”

Perfect rectangular monolith in Antarctic. [and from another] NASA spots a SECOND 'monolith' iceberg October 24, 2018 NASA has spotted a second perfectly rectangular iceberg in the Antarctic.   The second rectangular berg, known as a 'tabular' iceberg, was spotted off the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, near the Larsen C ice shelf and close to the first one.  It is part of a large 'field of bergs NASA experts may have recently broken off the shelf, and say the sharp angles and flat surfaces are evidence the break occurred very recently.

Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes, depending upon the thickness of ice and the pressure that can come from all sides. These rectangular icebergs have a uniform thickness. The clue to their rectangular shape is the melt around them. They are included in a field where the ice is breaking up, thus where the ice is held at land and where the ice is sagging at the water’s edge creating a snapping pressure. When a crack starts, it continues, a straight line is the most likely direction. A long strip of ice would then snap at right angles, given the logical pressure at the end of these vertical strips.

Can the ZETA's comment on this cloud appearing on Mars? Was it an dormaint volcano due to Nibiru's influence or just an ordinary developed cloud? [and from another] A Volcanic Eruption on Mars? Nope. October 26, 2018. It’s just a cloud. A very long cloud. A photograph from a spacecraft orbiting Mars shows a long, white wisp, close to a thousand miles long, spilling out of a giant volcano. Could the volcano, thought to be dormant for some 50 million years, be about to blow? Planetary scientists confidently say no. [and from another] Massive Cloud Forming Over One of Mars' Biggest Volcanoes Is Icy Water Vapor, Not Eruption October 27, 2018  When wind hitting a massive structure such as a mountain—Arsia Mons in this case—is forced upwards, cooling and expanding due to lower atmospheric pressure. As a result, water vapor contained within can condense and freeze into clouds. Scientists detected similar clouds in 2009, 2012, and 2015, all during the Martian winter season—which is also occurring right now, accompanied by recent dust storms that could have made the clouds more visible. (Those dust storms throw tiny grains far up into the atmosphere, providing an ideal anchor for freezing ice.) [and from another] Scientists have known since the Mariner 9 mission in 1972 that volcanic features cover large portions of the Martian surface. These features include extensive lava flows, vast lava plains, and the largest known volcanoes in the Solar System.

Having denied that Mars had any water, NASA is now being forced to admit that water vapor is rising in a massive stream from a dormant volcano on Mars. Pray tell, where did that water vapor come from? Of course it is rising from the underground chambers that holds most of Mars water, having been poured down into those chambers by the Annunaki when they washed their gold ore with this flow. Unless frozen solid, water will vaporize and find an outlet, which is what occurred recently. Were it not for the dust storms, the NASA lie would still be in vogue. 

The megalithic phenomenon developed at one time all over the world. It seems that the starting point is North West Europe, particularly the tip of Brittany (France) where we find the oldest monuments, including the famous alignments of Carnac. Some of these monuments can reach gigantic sizes, such as the large menhir of Er Groah in Locmariaquer which measured about 18 meters in height. At 4 km from Er Groah there was also a very particular cairn, unique of its kind: the cairn of Gavr'inis. All the parietal stones have been entirely engraved. Some structures of these engravings seem to be found in other traditions, and call upon universal symbols. Can the Zetas explain to us the origin of the megalithic phenomenon, the meaning of these erected stones, these alignments over kilometers or dolmens? How were these monuments erected? How to reconcile the apparent orientation of these monuments with stars, sun and moon, and the changes brought by the successive poleshifts? More specifically, what was the function of this magnificent and enigmatic monument of Gavr'inis? [and from another] The Carnac stones  are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites around the village of Carnac in Brittany, consisting of alignments, dolmens, tumuli and single menhirs. [and from another] The island is famous because of its important passage grave, a megalithic monument from the Neolithic period, belonging to the same broad context as the Breton megaliths of Carnac and Locmariaquer, and closely connected with the monuments at Brú na Boínne (Ireland) and Maes Howe (Orkney). At the time of its construction, c. 3500 BC, the island was still connected with the mainland.

The Dolmens found in various locations, as we have stated, were crematoriums for the Annunaki. Stonehenge, which had massive rocks arranged in a circle, was older than man and designed to strike fear in early man, thus to drive them to the Service-to-Self orientation. Spirals were drawn by early man to record the spirals they saw in the skies ahead of a passage of Nibiru, ahead of the devastating storms and earthquakes that accompany a passage. Thus stone bunkers with such spirals can be assumed to be shelters built by early man.

But what of the long rows of stones, or the occasional standing stone that seems out of place for the geology? These do not bear the mark of the Annunaki, who preferred large carvings like the Easter Island heads or pyramids. They seem to serve no purpose other than to indicate a direction. But during a Pole Shift there are boulders that thud to Earth from the debris in the tail of Nibiru. Some of these lone stones can be those boulders, but others are erected by early man as a type of worship to the Gods whom they assumed sent the Pole Shift horrors their way.

What happened to this plane flight? EMP pulse from Planet X? Can the Zetas tell? [and from another] Lion Air said in a statement that the pilot and co-pilot had more than 11,000 flight hours between them. Established in 1999, Lion Air operates domestic flights as well as international routes to South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. It has had issues of safety and poor management in the past and was banned from flying into European airspace until 2016. In 2013, Lion Air flight 904 crashed into the sea on landing at Bali's International Airport. In 2004, flight 538 from Jakarta crashed and broke up on landing at Solo City, killing 25 people. [and from another] Data from flight tracking service FlightRadar24 shows the first sign that something was amiss came about two minutes into the flight when the plane had reached 2,000 feet. At that point, it descended more than 500 feet and veered to the left before climbing again to 5,000 feet, where it stayed during most of the rest of the flight. It began gaining speed in the final moments and reached 345 knots (397 mph) before data was lost when it was at 3,650 feet. [and from another] Flightaware data shows the plane did not stall. The maintenance records from the day before indicate a possible pitot or elevator problem. [and from another] Aircraft use pitot tubes to measure airspeed. [and from another] The elevator is used to control the position of the nose of the aircraft and the angle of attack of the wing. [and from another] The Mystery of the New Boeing Jet That Plunged Into the Sea, Killing 189 October 29, 2018 Investigators are beginning the grim task of determining why a brand-new Boeing Co. 737 Max jet flown by Indonesia’s Lion Air plunged into the Java Sea minutes after takeoff, killing all 189 people on board. There were already hints of possible causes: a request by pilots to return to the airport, a maintenance issue on a previous flight and erratic air speed tracked before the jet’s final dive.  The two-month-old 737 Max 8, operating as Flight 610, took off from the capital Jakarta headed for the island tourist destination of Pangkalpinang, at 6:20 a.m. local time Monday. Air-traffic controllers lost contact 13 minutes later when the plane was at an altitude of about 3,000 feet. [and from another]  The aircraft departed Jakarta at 23:20 UTC. Last data was received from the aircraft 11 minutes later at 23:31 UTC.

Where at first glance this sudden plunge of JT610 might have been caused by a faulty elevator, pointing the nose of the plane down to a rapid descent, there are other clues which must be taken into consideration. Air Traffic Control lost contact with the pilot when the plane was still at 3,000 feet. Lost contact. This was not the pilot distracted and not speaking, it was lost contact. Radio silence. Indonesia has had many problems with Electro-Magnetic Pulse because the Sunda Plate is being squeezed, and thus the rock has electronic screech. The water is also shallow in many places, facilitating a connection between the EMP blasts from Nibiru and the screech.

Thus caught between these two points, the electronics on a plane are zapped, failing. This happened to MH370 and MH066, both originating from Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and flying over shallow water. MH370 had massive electronic failure which caused the crew and passengers to die from lack of oxygen and the plane to fly on old auto-pilot instructions out over the Indian Ocean. MH066 had engine problems but survived. In these matters the EMP is denied. Blame is placed on the weather or pilot error or even suicidal impulses of the pilot. Airline profits are all that matter to the elite.