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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 31, 2023

It looks like it's part of the New Madrid could it be methane? It begs the question what will happen when buildings etc collapse during the New Madrid - with sparks flying everywhere? [and from another] The air is being poisoned. Not from wildfires Climate change false flags happening as stated a few days ago. How to survive a climate change false flag? [and from another] Massive Fire Engulfs Residential High-Rise in UAE's Ajman June 27, 2023 The fire broke out in Tower 02 of the Ajman One complex and engulfed multiple floors within minutes. [and from another] Cincinnati [and from another] Formaldehyde [and from another] Partial oxidation of methane to formaldehyde and methanol using molecular oxygen over Fe-ZSM-5 Partial oxidation of methane to formaldehyde and methanol with molecular oxygen has been investigated.

For most of the past year the region under the Seaway where the New Madrid Fault Line runs has been red hot with SO2 Methane emissions. The Fault Line is pulling apart, separating the Mainland and SE Portions from each other, but the tearing open of the Seaway is part of the daily scenario. Michigan is ripping apart as the Seaway opens. Methane rises as it is lighter than air, but where socked in and trapped by city buildings will linger and mingle with other chemicals. It is a component of Formaldehyde, which has emerged in Michigan.

Heat from New Madrid Adjustment hovering over Lousianna. The pace is gaining. [and from another] Readings of a key indicator of heat exposure danger have reached the highest possible threat level in multiple southern states, as well as in a few states in the Midwest. [and from another] Heat Wave in Mexico leaves at least 100 Dead June 29, 2023 At least 100 people have died over the past two weeks in Mexico due to heat-related causes as temperatures climbed close to 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in parts of the country.

There is no explanation given by the authorities for this Heat Dome except for “rain” and normal Summer “heat”. Did Mexico have this rain, as well as Texas and now states up along the New Madrid? This heat is clearly coming from the continuing separation of the Portions. Where they had been separating all along, the separation is now more aggressive as the S Atlantic has pulled apart, allowing Africa to bend its foot into the void provided, and S America has waggled too, bending both into the Pacific and back into the S Atlantic to likewise move into the void provided. Thus, the SE Portion is loosening its footing at the Isthmus.   

Meanwhile the snap at the Sunda Plate is showing intense activity, with Internet outages all along the China eastern seaboard and at the snap point in Thailand. Quakes are clustered along the eastern edge of the Sunda Plate where it is being pushed eastward along with the Eurasian Plate hosting China. When the Sunda Plate cannot move eastward, it will snap off, allowing China to suddenly lurch into the Pacific and set in motion the New Madrid finale. S America will waggle, the SE Portion of N America will free its foot from the Isthmus, and the SE Portion will move with Africa as Africa rolls further.

Nancy, what are these strange waves in sky, people are speaking Arabic "Allah Akbar" [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] The sun dog is a member of the family of halos caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. The crystals act as prisms, bending the light rays passing through them with a minimum deflection of 22°. As the crystals gently float downwards with their large hexagonal faces almost horizontal, sunlight is refracted horizontally, and sun dogs are seen to the left and right of the Sun. [and from another]

What appear to be cloud waves rising through a Sun Halo is a lower atmosphere phenomena caused by the dual effect of light rays coming both from the Sun and from Nibiru.  The familiar Sundogs are reflected light from the Sun bouncing off ice crystals. Now we have a mix with reflected light from Nibiru, which perhaps should be called NibDogs or a NibHalo. Since Nibiru rotates counterclockwise in a retrograde manner, this reflected NibLight is rolling upward and to the left. This phenomena has been noted in antiquity too, during the last passage of Nibiru.

There are rumors on the Internet Joe Biden has died. Is the White House being evacuated to avoid the tsunami? Maybe Trump reinstatement before New Madrid rip? What could it be? [and from another] [and from another] Rumor is JOE BIDEN DIED. [and from another] White House on High Alert! Secret Service Investigates Hazmat Incident! Cocaine Hydrochloride! July 3, 2023 The White House was temporarily evacuated on Monday after a suspicious package containing a white powder was found on the premises. The powder tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride, a highly addictive and illegal drug. [and from another] Hazmat Incident at White House: US Secret Service, Washington DC Fire Department Investigate Security Incident After Cocaine Hydrochloride Allegedly Found Near White House July 3, 2023 There is a hazmat issue at the White House in Washington, DC.

Was there any truth to the rumor on July 1 that Biden had “died”? In that he is a Double, one of many Doubles, and under the control of the Junta, many possible agendas exist. This could be a test, to see how the public and the Democratic leadership reacts. It could also be a delaying tactic, to clutter the path for a Trump reinstatement, as promoting VP Harris would be an alternative option the Democrats could cling to. It could also be impatient patriots wanting to hurry the announcement re SCOTUS and the Senate swearing in President Trump on Memorial Day weekend.

What is the relationship of the Hazmat visit to the White House on July 3? The nexus here is the Democrat wish to prevent a reinstatement of President Trump. Those in the Biden Administration who want their grip on power to continue are in a position to plant cocaine in the White House, and thus confuse the issue with a medical emergency. Moles in the Q and Anonymous channels with loyalties to the Biden Administration twisted the rumors to force a conflict with the Trump reinstatement. To clarify, no one died but the planted cocaine was found.

Is this a UFO?

This Brazilian UFO is warning those who see it of a coming S America waggle which will occur after the China lunge into the Pacific. The North Pacific will compress significantly, pushing the East Pacific portion of the Pacific Plate against the Cocos Plate and the bulbous top part of the S American Plate. S America temporarily lobs into the Atlantic, what we call a waggle, during which time the toe of the SE Portion of N America will find it can slide over the top of the Caribbean Plate. Thus free, the SE Portion can be pulled toward Africa, expediting the New Madrid Rupture within days.

The Brazil UFO is showing at first the normal lean of S America, which is to the West, lobbing its top part into the Pacific. Then the UFO halts and drops straight down, which is the push downward that S America will experience when the upper Pacific is suddenly and aggressively compressed by the China blowout. Then the bulbous top part of S America will attempt to return to its most comfortable position, a tilt to the West, but while the S Pacific adjusts to the new N Pacific will temporarily reverse direction and lob into the Atlantic, allowing the toe of the SE Portion of N America to escape.

What will happen when the Mew Madrid Fault Line starts to rupture? The Zetas have described this as unzipping up the Mississippi River,but being blocked by the hard rock Bridge between the Ozarks and the Appalachian mountains. Will there be a big quake when the Bridge snaps? The 5 spikes CC was stated by the Zetas to indicate 5 days from the snapping of the Sunda Plate, and that seems to have happened on July 4. Is the predicted sequence of events in process now? How will we know without a large quake at the Bridge?

The sequence in process now on July 6 is in accordance with our predictions and what the circle makers intended to relay on June 26 with their 5 spikes diagram. We have repeatedly relayed that we are not allowed to give a specific date, only a sequence of events. And the 5 days predicted by the circle makers in June included the presumption of a Severe Wobble, which is in the hands of the Council of Worlds. The Council of Worlds is balancing many factors, thousands in fact, and as of this writing has not made a decision. That said, what will those living along the New Madrid Fault Line experience when the Rupture happens?

For all the devastation the New Madrid Rupture will create, it is at base a stretch zone accident. Large quakes occur along plate borders or slip-slide fault lines, where a clash occurs. When rock is pulled apart, it is a stretch zone process, which is silent. Thus the SE Portion being pulled East and the Mainland Portion being dropped down upon Mexico have bridges dropping, trains derailing, buildings collapsing, and endless spontaneous fires from gas line leaks and underground fires from methane release. The Portions have separated all the way to the Bridge and beyond, along the Seaway, but are still holding in place due to the Bridge clasp.  As can be seen from earthquake maps, the toe of the SE Portion is tugging eastward too, with many deep quakes.

When the sequence of events rolls to the point where a S American waggle allows the SE Portion to slide over the Caribbean Plate the Isthmus will have a significant breach, Gulf of Mexico will deepen, and the Yucatan will move eastward. As we have stated, all the bridges on the Mississippi River will be useless, and land to the West of the Mississippi will drop, widening the river up to 50 miles in some places. The US and EU military are watching for all the signs, to alert the public, as the EU tsunami is expected within hours of the Bridge clasp break. 

Norton Plantation, Nr Norton Bavant, Wiltshire. Reported 7th July 8, 2023

This design is in reference to the 5 Spikes design laid on June 26, which included a Severe Wobble warning and a clue that as a the result of this wobble it would take 5 Days for the sequence of events to move from the China blowout into the Pacific to the Finale European tsunami. This matter of when the Finale will be enforced by the Council of Worlds with a Severe Wobble has not yet been decided by the Council, and thus there could be many practice runs. The sequence of events that was started on July 4 has set the stage, but like a ring of daisies one practice run can merge into the next, going round and round, until the Council is ready.

Are these legit? [and from another] Lane End Down, Nr Beauworth, Hampshire. Reported 9th July [and from another] Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire. Reported 9th July.

There are a number of characteristics that define a legitimate Crop Circle design and can be used to identify a fraud. One is grain being laid down by a sudden growth spurt at a node, wherein the node bends. A fraud needs to cut the grain down, trammel or break it, to create the design. The second characteristic is grain weaving, wherein swept grain coming from multiple directions is interwoven rather than swaths laid on top of one another in chunks. Crushing the grain to force it down or a continuous sweep in one direction are techniques that fraudsters use to simulate legitimate designs.

At the start of the Crop Circle season we were delighted to find that legitimate designs were being presented and fraudsters absent. Now they have returned in force. Land End Down, a series of circles, is built from the center circle which was accessible from the field lanes, thus showing no footprints.  This design has no message. Standing in the center circle the fraudsters can lay iterative circles geometrically arranged, using the continuous grain sweep technique. The field owner was bribed to give them time to do this.

The Barton Stacey Belt design likewise has no meaning except to discredit the legitimate design laid on June 18 at Eastleigh Court. Here the challenge for the fraudsters was to create diamond shapes of mashed grain, which they accomplished by using metal box frames so the swirl in the center of each diamond did not tear away the gain along the edges. Eastleigh Court did have grain weaving, and a message.

At least this article points to a surge in seismic activity for ocean warming- which flies in the face of the GW myth; only problems are it doesn't mention Nibiru or celestial perturbations for the activity and also mentions sunspots as a cause! [and from another] [and from another] The Earth Is Being Cooked from Above by Our Erratic Sun and from Below by Seismic Activity in The Oceans July 6, 2023 There is a rational explanation for the crazy things that we are witnessing.  Over the past few years, weather patterns have gone completely nuts all over the globe, and the mainstream media insists that they can explain exactly why this is happening.  But the truth is that they can’t.  When you take a close look at the models they are using, you quickly discover that they are fundamentally flawed. [and from another] Sable Bank buoy is in event mode.

The SE Portion is white hot in the Gulf of Mexico because the SE Portion is pulling away from its attachments to the Caribbean Plate to the South, to the Cocos Plate at the Isthmus, to the S American Plate where it touches in the Atlantic, and to the Mainland Portion to the West. That’s a lot of ripping rock, and ripping rock is compressed during the tug and creates an electronic screech as well as heat. That the SE Portion is pulling away with Africa during its roll can also be seen in the throbbing buoy near the Seaway exit.

I'm feeling a very strong energy! My whole body is shaking. My stomach is riding a crazy rollercoaster. Greets from Germany. [and from another] And there was a large quake in the Atlantic and severe flooding in Vermont/NY state. They say some bridges are down.
Sable Bank buoy is still in event mode.

A distinctive and obvious waggle of the S American Plate occurred on July 10 shown on the quake maps.  The SE Portion is separating from the Caribbean. Repeated major quakes off the coast of Antigua and Barbuda in the N Atlantic were not on a fault line or a plate border, but within the rock of the SE Portion itself, showing the stress it is enduring. Simultaneously the foot of S America is pushing westward into the Pacific, as is shown by a major quake along the Nazca border.

As we have repeatedly emphasized, a S American waggle will allow the SE Portion to free its attachment at the Isthmus, allowing the New Madrid Rupture to proceed without impedance. The sequence started on July 4 is occurring in iterative runs, such that the Pacific compresses during a China blowout, which then puts pressure on the bulbous top of S America. The bulbous top is then pushed East into the Atlantic which tilts the S America foot into the Pacific – the waggle. Each run will be stronger than the last. 

Can you say European tsunami? [and from another] People are Wondering what this Biden Order of Military Reserves to Europe is all about July 13, 2023  Yeah, you'd think this might be a bigger deal, right? But then again, the mainstream media just trusts the process nowadays. Here's the presidential order, published on the White House website. “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 121 and 12304 of title 10, United States Code, I hereby determine that it is necessary to augment the active Armed Forces of the United States for the effective conduct of Operation Atlantic Resolve in and around the United States European Command’s area of responsibility.  In furtherance of this operation, under the stated authority, I hereby authorize the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard when it is not operating as a service in the Navy, under their respective jurisdictions, to order to active duty any units, and any individual members not assigned to a unit organized to serve as a unit of the Selected Reserve, or any member in the Individual Ready Reserve mobilization category and designated as essential under regulations prescribed by the Secretary concerned, not to exceed 3,000 total members at any one time, of whom not more than 450 may be members of the Individual Ready Reserve, as they deem necessary, and to terminate the service of those units and members ordered to active duty.” [and from another] Biden Oders 3,000 Reservists to be Ready for Europe Deployments July 13, 2023 It's not clear whether the troops will actually be deployed, but it suggests the U.S. military presence in Europe is under strain. Although it is not clear whether Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin plans to actually deploy these reservists anytime soon, the move suggests that the U.S. military’s training mission in Europe, along with the deployment of several new brigades after the invasion, has stretched active-duty forces. [and from another]

Of course these reservists are not being activated for a European theatre. They will be deployed within the US which is expected to have a New Madrid Rupture at any moment, accompanied by a 50 foot tsunami along the East Coast. The entire SE Portion of the US has been under surveillance by US airplanes for some time, and Military equipment has been on the move to position it for this coming Rupture. The Junta fears riots so is withholding this information until Martial Law is officially declared. Meanwhile, the Ukraine issue is being used as an excuse for the Deployment. Coincidentally, the toe of the SE Portion is ripping from its attachment to the Isthmus on the same day the Reservist Deployment hit the press.

Why is the Sun in the NE? [and from another] Earth Has Tilted 31.5 Inches July 13, 2023 Thanks to a new study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters we can see that, in less than two decades, Earth has tilted 31.5 inches as a result of pumping groundwater.   Like adding a tiny bit of weight to a spinning top,  authors say,  the Earth spins a little differently as water is moved around.  Thanks to a study from NASA published in 2016, we were alerted to the fact that the distribution of water can change the Earth’s rotation.  The study included data from 1993 through 2010, and showed that the pumping of as much as 2,150 gigatons of groundwater has caused a change in the Earth’s tilt of roughly 31.5 inches. [and from another] Has Earth’s Inner Core stopped its Strange Spin? January 23, 2023 Thousands of kilometres beneath your feet, Earth’s interior might be doing something very weird. Many scientists think that the inner core spins faster than the rest of the planet   but sometime in the past decade, according to a study, it apparently stopped doing so. Differential rotation of Earth’s inner core relative to the mantle is thought to occur under the effects of the geodynamo on core dynamics and gravitational core mantle coupling. This rotation has been inferred from temporal changes between repeated seismic waves that should traverse the same path through the inner core. Here we analyse repeated seismic waves from the early 1990s and show that all of the paths that previously showed significant temporal changes have exhibited little change over the past decade. This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused. [and from another] Making Heads Spin: Scientists say Earth’s Inner Core has Changed its Rotation Feb 10, 2023 It is generally believed that the core rotates counter-clockwise when viewed from the North Pole, like the rest of planet Earth. But a study analysing seismic wave data over the past 60 years by researchers at Peking University in China has concluded that the core’s rotation stopped around the year 2009, and then restarted in the opposite direction.

The Earth is currently being subjected to an increased Daily Wobble, as the Council of Worlds will use a Severe Wobble thrust to trigger the New Madrid Rupture which was delayed when they installed the Humming Boxes and Monoliths along fault lines. These delays impacted other programs in the Universe so the Council was ordered to return to the original schedule. This is in process. Like a pitcher winding up to make a pitch, the Wobble is increasing in its range and tilt. The establishment, frantic to deny that Nibiru exists, continues to come up with yet more bizarre excuses to explain the wobble. 

As Zeta Talk has reported some time ago, the Ukraine had lost almost from the beginning. But the MSM propaganda pushed a narrative in opposition to this. Also, the MSM was the last front for the White Hats in their war against the Satanists/NWO Globalist crowd. This article from Hal Turner indicates a major turning point has occurred. Do you or the Zetas care to comment on the current status and why the sudden reversal in the narrative from the MSM? [and from another] Hal Turner Radio Show - WHOA! Mass-Media Begins Telling Public "Ukraine is Losing; Territorial Concessions to Russia" and "The West Can Do No More!" July 20, 2023 Washington Post Newspaper: "Washington No Longer Believes in Ukraine's ability to Break Through Russian Defenses". In Germany, BILD Headline:  "The Losses are Colossal". The German Magazine BILD published a report in which it emphasized that the losses of the Ukrainian Army "are colossal; there is not enough equipment, and a counter-attack is not possible." The fact that ALL of these reports came out today indicates (to me) that the mass-media has been specifically instructed to start an effort to change the narrative on Ukraine, and to change it fast. [and from another] It's Over... Now, Stop Crying and Find Yourself a New Friend... July 12, 2023 When your best friend leaves you by yourself at a party… Narrator: "It was at that moment, he realized he was being used and would soon be thrown away like every other ravaged war torn country 'helped' by NATO before him…" It seems that Zelensky's whole closet is olive drab… Yep! That's the thing with camouflage, the others just don't see you… Let's hope this awful war and bloodshed ends soon.

In remarkable lock-step, the Main Stream Media in Europe and the US suddenly decided that Zelensky had failed and his efforts to retake Ukraine were hopeless. What changed? As is known, NATO did not have the reserves to push back against Russia, and Biden stated from the start that the US would not join the NATO battle. Still, minimal aging weapons left over from World War II were sent to the Ukraine, to show support. Why have the Ukraine backers suddenly admitted defeat? Because President Trump will soon be reinstated and the Biden crowd will lose control of the narrative.

Dramatic Moment Entire Road Explodes in Mystery Blast leaving one person Dead and Dozens Hurt as it Sends Buses Flying July 20, 2023 An explosion from a so far unknown origin ripped through a street in Johannesburg on Wednesday July 19, killing one person and injuring dozens. Egoli Gas which manages the pipeline under the street, denied the blast was a result of their network and said that investigations had not uncovered any sign of a leak. It pointed to the fact that its gas pipes run at extremely low pressure to the side of the road, and were left intact when the tarmac split from the centre. In a tweet, it said: "It is unlikely that the explosion in Johannesbury CBD, Bree Street, was caused by a gas pipeline or leak. "Our network has experienced no pressure loss which indicates the gas pipelines are intact. Our customers in the area continue to receive gas uninterrupted."

Our predicted African Roll is in process, dropping the NE corner of the Africa Plate so that squeezed container ships in the Suez Canal have become a regular headache. As the Atlantic widens and the Pacific compresses, the foot of Africa slides into the void that has opened up in the S Atlantic. The foot is forced into a bend during this process, as can be seen in the CO maps of underground burning from the Methane released during this crunch. Weak rock connections snap during such times, as was shown in the Johannesburg rupture.

Extremely dangerous situation in Sicily — Wildfire burning meters away from cars driving on Italy highway [and from another] Massive smoke from wildfires engulf residential area in Palermo, Sicily. [and from another] Man burnt to death by forest fire on Greek island: police [and from another]  Clip from a livestream of Rhodes Island wildfires in Greece [and from another] Greece fires in maps and satellite images show extent of damage
July 26, 2023 Tens of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and abandon holidays on Greek islands including Rhodes and Corfu as fires spread across the region. In Rhodes a black scar has been scorched across the middle of the island to the southern town of Kiotari.

The recent Greek Island fires are most intense in Rhodes and Sicily, where the plate border between Africa and Eurasia gives these islands a glancing blow. Just as Canada was a holocaust due to stretched and ripping rock releasing Methane that burned underground, this region is reacting to a void being created above the NE corner of Africa as Africa rolls. There have been fires inland in Turkey and Europe, but only the island fires seem out of control. Why are the islands most affected by the sudden drooping of the Eurasian Plate on the edge of the border with the Africa Plate.

If a plate suddenly loses support on one edge, it is more than a loss of elevation that afflicts the plate edge. Lava emerges in the void that is suddenly opened between the plates. Normally, a spreading plate border will fill with lava which then quickly hardens, similar to a volcano flow. One could equate the hot lava that emerges and rushes to fill the void to having these islands on the brink of a volcano, exposed to the heat. For those who claim arson was in volved, we would point to the plate border that runs along these Greece islands.

US recovered non-human biological pilots from crashed crafts, UFO whistleblower says in hearing. Is this going to turn into a full disclosure under the directions of the Junta? [and from another] Whistleblower Tells Congress the US is Concealing ‘Multi-Decade’ Program that Captures UFOs
July 26, 2023 The U.S. is concealing a longstanding program that retrieves and reverse engineers unidentified flying objects, a former Air Force intelligence officer testified to Congress. The Pentagon has denied his claims. Retired Maj. David Grusch’s highly anticipated testimony before a House Oversight subcommittee was Congress’ latest foray into the world of UAPs — or “unidentified aerial phenomena,” which is the official term the U.S. government uses instead of UFOs.
[and from another] Pentagon has Received ‘Several Hundreds’ of New UFO Reports December 16, 2022 A new Pentagon office set up to track reports of unidentified flying objects has received “several hundreds” of new reports, but no evidence so far of alien life. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Shawn Ryan @ShawnRyan762 Today history was made as the first public congressional subcommittee hearing took place covering the subject of UAPs/UFOs and if they are a threat to national security. It was a lot to soak in but after a few hours to digest what I heard, this is what stood out to me from the 3 whistle blowers. The US has recovered a “foreign craft” of some kind and recovered biometrics of an unknown species from that craft. Military industrial complex companies are grossly overcharging the government on projects and weapons to fund black budget projects to produce their own technologies to engineer their own UAPs. Several congressmen/women with Top Secret clearances have been denied access at military bases that have information on UAP/UFOs We have known about non-human intelligence since the 1930’s. Modern day physics tells us no human could survive the acceleration / gforce these crafts are capable of. There are active misinformation agents. (We don’t know who) I found the whistleblowers to be very well spoken and as credible as it gets on this particular subject. I hope to have them all on my show. The congressmen/women who put this together did an incredible job and had terrific questions. They put some real time into this. As they find out more being briefed by David Grusch behind closed doors I will invite them on my show to tell us what they’ve learned. Thank you congressman @timburchett  of Tennessee for the hospitality and invitation to today’s hearing. To wrap this all up in a nutshell… We are not alone. [and from another] Pilot on Alleged UAP: ‘Completely Stationary in Cat 4 Hurricane Winds’ July 26, 2023 Former US Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves on UFOs: “These objects were staying completely stationary in Category 4 hurricane winds. These same objects would then accelerate to supersonic speeds.” [and from another] Ex-Intel Officer Says US Hiding Info on Alien Craft July 26, 2023 Pressed for details in the course of the hearing, Grusch repeatedly said he could not comment in a public setting because the information is classified. Asked if there may be life beyond Earth, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said he does not have a position on the issue one way or another. “What we believe is that there are unexplained aerial phenomena that have been cited and reported by pilots — Navy and Air Force,” he said, adding: “We don’t have the answers about what these phenomena are.” The head of the Pentagon office set up to identify UAPs that pose a potential threat also told lawmakers earlier this year that it had not identified signs of alien activity. The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office “has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics,” Sean Kirkpatrick testified in April. [and from another] [and from another] Shadow of Ezra @ShadowofEzra Extraterrestrial or Extradimensional? You may want to revisit those Wikileak emails again.

Officials hide behind coverups for many reasons.
* It could be that investigations are ongoing and to reveal any of these facts will alert the criminals to hide evidence or avoid a sting operation. This is what is going on with the Ukraine, where supposed funds are sent from the US but no actual cash moves. Instead, money laundering associates are snagged.
* It could be that the establishment fears panic in the people, rioting and looting and hospitals filled with heart attack victims. This is at base what the cover-up over the Alien Presence is about, locked in place by President Truman by Executive Order after the Roswell crash. MJ12 was formed and is still a big secret.
* It could be to protect the guilty. This was the case for the JFK assassination which was hardly done by Oswald but rather by the CIA as JFK threatened to tell the public about the Alien Presence. This is also the case over the real culprits in the 911 Twin Towers crash, which was hardly done by 19 Arabs bearing box cutters but rather at the hand of Bush insiders to gain an excuse to invade Iraq for the oil.
* It could be to protect assets of the banking industry, who would find the public refusing to pay their coastal mortgages if they learned that Nibiru was heading for a passage that will cause worldwide tides. The public would demand shelter and an evacuation plan from governments unable to provide that. The Nibiru coverup maintains the status quo.

So what does ZetaTalk provide, other than answers with a proven prediction accuracy? It is not by accident that a woman in central Wisconsin, who despite a high IQ and high SAT score that gained her a National Merit Scholarship offer, only has a high-school education but has been featured on TV around the world. ZetaTalk makes the clear statement that the Alien Presence is real, that contactees need not fear giving The Call for contact, and provides immense detail about the coming Pole Shift caused by the passage of Nibiru.

Cover-ups are protected by keeping the facts close, among few, on a need-to-know basis. Timely assassinations ensure many cover-ups are secure. But the cover-up over Nibiru has been shattered by its recent visibility, wherein the common man can just gaze at the sunrise or sunset to see a Second Sun. Then there is the Daily Wobble factor, where the Sun will rise or set far from where expected. Where an admission that Nibiru is a real and present danger is unlikely to happen, advising the public on Safe Locations and Self-Sufficiency has always been a staple in ZetaTalk.

The cover-up over the Alien Presence has been challenged numerous times by credible individuals, the recent Congressional hearings not the first. Why is there a press at this time for disclosure? We were asked in 2008 how many humans were contactees and reported at that time 20,000 and counting. Now over half the populace are contactees, chatting away with hundreds of different intelligent life forms who have come to assist Earth at this time. UFO displays are brazen and full of information for those who see them.

What is the downside of maintaining a cover-up when it is obviously not in accordance with the facts? The public loses faith in the establishment. Lacking facts the public can thus be misled so they are likely to follow disinformation, especially any disinformation that promises rescue. This is where pointing to ZetaTalk as a source of information on Nibiru and Safe Locations, and by its very track record a source of information on the Alien Presence, is pertinent.

At a time when the New Madrid Rupture is likely to be proving, once again, that ZetaTalk predictions are accurate, the Junta may decide that allowing the public to have access to full-throated ZetaTalk is an easy way to explain the shattering cover-ups over Nibiru and the Alien Presence. They will just step back and let the Zetas explain it all. While Martial Law is in effect to handle the New Madrid disaster, they can also publicly reinstate President Trump.