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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 31, 2021

There was apparently a rumor posted on ZT followers, about pilots dropping dead from the vaccine and the airlines- British Airlines, was not going to hire vaccinated pilots. It was debunked by other media. [and from another] Fact check: UK not in 'crisis talks' with British Airways over safety of vaccinated pilots June 22, 2021 “British Airways now in crisis talks w/ govt about whether to allow vaccinated pilots to fly,” claims a June 17 Instagram post. It connected this with a claim that three pilots died after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. [and from another] British Airways: 3rd pilot dead in a week after taking the unapproved experimental covid19 shot. All 3 perfectly fit. British Airways now in crisis talks w/ govt about whether to allow vaccinated pilots to fly. [and from another] Airlines Facing Massive Problems After Vaxxed Pilots Go Down; Mass Shut Downs Coming? June 27, 2021 The airline industry faces a pilots deficit because people are dying due to getting the covid-19 vaccine. Besides the pilots’ deaths, accidents occur, and maybe the airlines will shut down for lack of staff. [and from another] Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week – Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine June 17, 2021 Four young and healthy British Airways pilots recently passed away and the airline is claiming there is no link to the Covid-19 vaccine. The photo of the four books of condolence sitting next to framed pictures of the pilots was posted to Twitter and authenticated by Reuters. The first two guys were in their forties and fifties; this guy, mid-thirties, perfectly fit, no underlying conditions. He gets his second jab and he’s dead within days, exactly the same with the first two. [and from another] Fact Check-British Airways is not in ‘crisis talks’ with the government over vaccinated pilots June 17, 2021 Claims that British Airways is in “crisis talks” with the British government due to the deaths of three pilots who received COVID-19 shots are unfounded, a company representative and British medicines regulator spokesperson has told Reuters. [and from another] Covid vaccine: How many people in the UK have been vaccinated so far? June 29, 2021 The UK has four vaccines approved for use: Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen; three of which require two doses for maximum protection.

Did British Airways cancel flights on June 17 because their pilots were suddenly dropping dead from various vaccinations mandated by the UK? Yes. After a quick cost benefit analysis the upper management decided the cost of insurance and loss of a plane if the pilots died mid-flight would be more than cancelled flights, so they took the cancellation route. Of course this is being denied and the media instructed to bury the story, but the story had already spread.

The annual flu vaccines are produced over many years, so that adjusting for a year ahead is merely a tweak of the year past. But Covid-19, though just another variant of the flu and no worse than the annual flu in death rate, was different in enough aspects that new vaccines were developed. This rush job, in most cases, resulted in mutations and variants, blood clots, nerve damage, and heart inflammation. Young people were dropping dead right after the vaccination, and health exams prior to taking the jab were no insurance against this. Perfectly healthy, then dropped dead.

What was the airline company to do? The UK, their home base, insisted that every person in the country must be vaccinated. A compromise was reached with the UK government rules, so that unvaccinated pilots could wait. The airline company also scheduled safe pilots that had been vaccinated months ago without ill effect. All this will be kept from the public as airline profits are deemed the primary goal.  The truth about vaccines deaths is to be kept from the public.

I'm wondering whether there's anything significant about the underwater pipeline fire in the Gulf of Mexico today. Could it be related to the New Madrid adjustment? Perhaps the start of a new wave? [and from another] Fire Breaks Out Near Pemex Offshore Platform July 2, 2021 A fire has broken out near Pemex’s Ku Maloob Zaap offshore platform complex after a submarine pipeline valve broke, leaking oil into the country’s Gulf Coast. [and from another] Video shows Flames Boiling in Gulf of Mexico after huge Pemex Gas Pipeline Rupture July 2, 2021 Mexico’s state-owned oil company said Friday it suffered a rupture in an undersea gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, sending flames boiling to the surface in the Gulf waters. [and from another] July 26, 2020 Thus in looking at a relief map of the Gulf, we can see that the rip point from the tip of Mexico to the mouth of the Mississippi will follow along the deep Gulf waters that run above the Yucatan Peninsula. There is much speculation about fault lines in the Gulf, but if the New Madrid adjustment started at New Orleans in October, 2019 and the tip of Mexico is having massive quake hammering, this is the most logical route.

We have alluded to Mexico’s role during the New Madrid adjustment in process. The tip of Mexico is pulled West while the SE portion of the US is held in place by a snag point East of the Caribbean. It is in the process of being ripped from the remainder of the N American Plate at present, which the DC pedestrian bridge and the SurfSide collapse show. There is a known fault line that runs from Mexico City along the west side of the Gulf, and a suspected platelet in the Gulf spanning from New Orleans to Houston and beyond.

If one examines the subterranean relief map of the Gulf one can envision the next step as the N American Continent is torn apart. The Yucatan Peninsula will side with the Caribbean Plate and Florida and Alabama. Solid rock all around. There is a ridge under the Gulf, with the deepest parts of the Gulf on either side of this ridge. Note that the Mexican fault line running up from Mexico City has a nexus at the Ku Maloob Zaap pipelines. The N American Continent is being torn apart there, parts going East, and parts going West.

Massive explosion from a mud volcano? In the Caspian sea. [and from another] Is this explosion somehow related to the African plate roll? [and from another] Video: Massive Explosion Seen in Caspian Sea, Linked to 'Volcano Eruption' July 4, 20021 While the official cause of the explosion remains to be determined, Azerbaijan's Ecology Ministry said that the blast may have been caused by a volcanic eruption. A massive explosion was spotted in the Caspian Sea on Sunday, with some reports initially suggesting that it could have been connected with a nearby coastal oil platform. This, however, was later debunked by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), which released a statement saying that there had been no accidents registered on offshore platforms. [and from another] Romanian Black Sea Refinery Blast kills One, Injures Five July 2, 2021 A blast and fire at Romania's biggest crude oil refinery killed one person and injured five others. Rompetrol Rafinare (RORRC.BX), part of KMG International Group, said the explosion was inside the diesel hydrotreating unit. [and from another] xxx

Mexico’s Pemex offshore gas field erupted with a subaquatic fire on July 2. A day later on July 3 Romania had an unexplained refinery explosion. And this was followed yet another day later on July 4 with another subaquatic gas explosion in the Caspian Sea. All three explosions are either in a stretch zone or on a plate border on the move. Pemex is just to the East of the New Madrid Fault Line, and the Caspian Sea and Romania are in the Eurasian Plate stretch zone. In addition, the dropping of the Africa Plate has started to pull open a void in Eurasia above the drop point.

Exploding refineries are nothing new, but gas fields exploding and burning under the water are unusual. Under normal circumstances, gas or methane merely rises to the surface and drifts off. Where is the spark that causes such an explosion?  Pemex had a pipeline explosion so metal being pulled apart could spark. Even though under water, the spark has a life that lives long enough to start combustion, and oxygen is available in water molecules. And the Caspian Sea mud volcano had sufficient volcanic heat coming up from below.

Many of our song birds here in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky are dying. The DNR are telling people to take down their bird feeders until they can figure out what is going on. Can you please ask the Zeta's why our song birds are dying? [and from another] Unexplained Deaths of Zombie Birds in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia Concern Scientists June 21, 2021 In late May, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources began receiving reports of sick and dying birds with symptoms of eye swelling and crusty discharge, as well as signs of neurological problems. Wildlife biologists in Indiana, Ohio, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia have documented similar cases. [and from another] Panic among Wildlife Experts as unusual Number of Birds are suddenly going Blind and Dying around Washington DC June 6, 2021 An unusual number of birds are suddenly going blind and dying in the area around Washington DC, puzzling wildlife experts.

There is an overlap between the states where birds are dying and going blind and the Sulfur Dioxide emissions from the Ohio River and fault lines associated with the New Madrid path. There is also an association with sudden and unexplained disasters along this path, including the Ohio River headlands refinery explosion and the DC pedestrian bridge collapse. Birds and fish are sensitive to methane gas, and thus the use of canaries in the mine to warn of the presence of Carbon Monoxide. These dying and blinded birds are warning the people in the SE United States that disaster is coming, and soon.

The Genetic Creation of Hybrid Creatures Are Taking Place and They Are Scary! Feb 12, 2021 Throughout his career within the secret space program, Jason Rice had direct encounters with seven different extraterrestrial species. He details the physical appearance, behaviors and strengths attributed to each of these beings. [and from another] September 25, 2018 For the first time ever, he divulges events from his childhood that led to his induction into a recruiting arm of the MILAB programs, where he was identified as an intuitive-empath. The training he received was merely preparation for the true ordeal to come, serving in a 20 & Back program which took him to distant worlds. [and from another] February 2019 Jason Rice was recruited into unacknowledged classified programs at a very early age. After graduating in 1996 with a bachelor of science in engineering, he served as a ground forces officer in the Interplanetary Defense and Reaction Forces (IDARF) fleet. His career in that unit took him to distant planets, training and serving alongside indigenous populations defending their home-worlds against false-flag interstellar invasions.

Jason Rice, who comes before the public with zero evidence to support his claims, is a colossal hoaxer and doing this for personal gain. Beyond the false claims made in previous interviews with Gaia, his latest is fraught with obvious falsehoods. Evolution is not slipshod, but structured on the survival of the fittest to provide for a successful outcome. We have stated that Earth’s creatures having two eyes, two ears, two brain halves, two kidneys, two testicles or ovaries is not a mistake. This is to allow the creature to live despite the loss of one. Thus the Jason Rice claim that the “Cyclopeans” had only one eye is absurd. Evolution would have eliminated this mutation.

Likewise the conflict with the dominant species theory. Jason Rice has one of his planets having three dominant species – an “insectoid” a “Cyclopean” and a hominoid.  It is no accident that genetic engineering assists are only allowed on a planet such that a single species is allowed to become dominant at a given time. The reason for this is obvious. To allow for multiple dominant species would allow for the hunting and enslavement of one species over another.

Yet another clue to the hoax is Jason’s description of communications between the dominant species – via telepathy. This suggests that insects and humans can communicate via telepathy. They cannot. Telepathy is based on brain wave activity, such that the brain waves become synchronized. The message sender and the message receiver are both experiencing the same brain wave pattern, thus the same brain wave thought. Insects have an entirely different brain wave structure from humans. Jason Rice fail.

The sun is already set behind the mountain yet still flashing. Notice the clouds are shown blinking as well. [and from another] [and from another] Solar pulsation has been observed by man and being studied. The GONG project records a daily pulse from the Sun. Saturn’s rings have been noted to have what is called a magnetosphere pulse, which can occur every 10.7 hours.  But the video recently taken by Alberto seems to show a more rapid pulse, within a minute or within seconds. We recently reported the Moon Swirls presenting a waffle appearance, which the Zetas describe as being magnetic field lines around the Moon Swirl. The pulsing is yet another new phenomena.

Pulsing is caused by the throbbing of magnetospheres, which occurs due to the crowding and rebound of magnetic particles. All particles, as we have explained, have this inherent behavior, part of God’s plan, so that the dynamic Universe is always in motion, else would stagnate. Light particles are affected by the increasing activity in the various magnetospheres between the Sun and Earth. The Sun and the Earth have a magnetosphere, as does Nibiru and many of its organized Moon Swirls. In that Nibiru is positioned more directly in front of the Sun, their throbbing affects the view of the Sun.

Is this really Nibiru or something else? [and from another] [and from another] July 8th 2021 SE Idaho 7:20PM Now this caught me by surprise and it may very well be a monster persona coming from the horizon of Nibiru . I will start off with the original capture and then add light as we go. [and from another] July 5,2021 Sarasota, FL 12:02 PM, PX in it's double helix form.Finally could get a decent shot in just before the storms came in. [and from another] The chemicals inside the plastic tube are a mixture of the dye, the base catalyst, and diphenyl oxalate. The chemical in the glass vial is hydrogen peroxide.

What would cause a Petrol Monster in space to start burning? Petrol does not burn in space unless a spark or heat source starts the process, just as gasoline spilled on the ground does not burn unless a match is tossed. Where oxygen is plentiful, such as in the atmosphere of Nibiru or Earth’s atmosphere or one of the dominant Moons in the Double Helix, spontaneous burning can readily start. One can see this process surrounding Nibiru and its dominant Helix Moon, and even on other water bearing moons of Nibiru within Moon Swirls on occasion.

But can a Petrol Monster in space, between Nibiru and the Earth, alight? The components of such a burn exist within the Petrol, in that there is always some oxygen captured in various compounds. Once alit by the heat of the Sun or perhaps an interplanetary lightning flash, a slow smoldering burn can start and proceed until free oxygen is no longer released. Oxygen can in fact be passed around, from first one burn to another, if the result of the first burn is fragile. What would the people of Earth conclude, seeing the sky on fire? 

There is a buoy active in the Gulf of Mexico. [and from another] Humm, another bridge collapse. [and from another] Bridge Collapse leaves Jackson Residents without Water July 8, 2021 People living at Pebble Creek Apartments say they have been without water nearly three days after a bridge collapse.

As was noted when the Pemex gas field exploded in an underwater eruption, and as we have stated since the start of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, the New Madrid Adjustment will start its unzipping in Mexico. Draw a line from the Mexico City/Pemex region to New Orleans and this line passes through the current active buoy location. This is very significant as this will soon destabilize the continental US near and above New Orleans. That the lowlands near Jackson, MS are shifting in step with the buoy warnings is not a surprise.

I have just seen a video of a dog-like creature killed somewhere in South Africa, which seems out of this world. The man speaking on the video says the creatures were two, a male and a female, and one of them was shot dead, and literally says they are not of our world, and that our world must be coming to an end. Are the creatures the same as the ones previously reported somewhere in South America? From a different density? Sent here by STS entities to lean more souls toward STS? [and from another]

The young Chupacabra bodies retrieved in Texas and Kentucky and South of the Border are hairless, with long fangs and large ears and long digits on its front claws. The S African variety appears to have these same features but differs in key aspects. Canines, such as coyote or wolf or dog, have a knee joint that bends backwards, as does the Chupa retrieved in the Americas. The S African Chupa has a knee joint that appears human, bending forward, with a long foot. The front claw also appears to have an opposable thumb. This is a human body.

Is this an elaborate hoax or a human/Chupacabra hybrid created to terrify mankind in Africa, the last continent those in the Service-to-Self hope to conquer?  Having been driven from the Americas, and leaving Antarctica in disgrace, the Service-to-Self aliens determined to conquer the Earth are making a last stand in Africa. Thus this hybrid, equivalent in size to a human, has been unleashed in Africa. Accustomed to large carnivores such as lions, crocs, and hyenas these hybrids will be killed off quickly and not have the effect those in the Service-to-Self desired.

You posted about the hybrid creature in South Africa and someone has said it was fake and they made it so is it actually fake or is the person trying to get clout for making it? [and from another] Iconic Wolfman Transformation Scene | An American Werewolf In London [and from another] Alleged Nigerian Sighting’s Bogus June 19, 2021 The clip that's got people buzzing surfaced seemingly out of nowhere this week, and it shows what appears to be the body of a lycan - subspecies of a werewolf in monster mythology - dead on the ground in the middle of the night, bleeding from its face, lying motionless. This alleged killing took place somewhere in Nigeria. The clip that everyone is seeing is dubbed over, as the original is actually part of what seems to be a short film from Portugal called "Lobisomem Morto a Tiros" which translates to "werewolf shot to death." It was thrown up on April 1 by a user named Cloud Wolf. Anyway, nothing to see here, people -- back to Bigfoot and Loch Ness sightings, please. [and from another] Cloud Wolf channel [and from another] Lobisomem Morto a Tiros - na Estrada do Curtume April 1, 2021 [and from another] Joseph-Rob Cobasky, Freelance sculpture artist. SFX.

Of course there is a coverup over the release of any video material showing the Chupa/Human hybrid. Neither the indigenous governments nor those who would colonize Africa again want panic in the people. Claims that the video is a hoax despite its compelling nature are hollow, though back-dated materials will be brought forth and deliberate confusion over the country involved inserted. By the Council of Worlds rules, the Service-to-Self must not allow their imported creatures to harm humans, thus the Chupacabra could kill goats but not the populace. Those rules apply to the African variety.

How was the Chupa/Human hybrid made? This is not a true hybrid as the DNA is not consistent throughout the body. It thus should be called a Chimera. The perpetrators wanted a human form as they wanted the terrified humans to become afraid of other humans as a result of their encounter, thus being pushed into alienation and abandonment and toward Service-to-Self allegiances. At a young age, a wolf head and brain were attached to the spinal cord, thus the instincts of the Chimera were of a wolf, a hunter.

Alert: Pilot/Flying J and Cenex tell Gas Station owners “Next Delivery is your Last” July 8, 2021 Reports have been coming in that Pilot/Flying J and CenEx corporations have both told their gas station franchisees/operators that "your next fuel delivery will be your last.  When your tanks reach ten percent, shut down." [and from another] [and from another] Confirmed expected gas delivery issue SE Michigan. Employees of Flying J Truck stop were also told to stop their pumps when they get to 10 percent capacity.

Why are some filling station chains suddenly getting a notice that gasoline delivery to them will soon stop? Their primary suppliers are getting a confidential notice from the US Military that there could be a gasoline shortage pending if the New Madrid Fault Line ruptures. Sworn to silence to prevent panic if the public were to learn of this, these suppliers could not stop themselves from issuing what they thought was a confidential message to their clients. Their concern is that true emergencies would arise and leave the public without any means to escape a catastrophe. Thus, the 10% rule.

Can you ask the Zetas if they can share anything of substance on the senseless murder–assassination of Haiti acting President Moise, and has Amerikka or the demonic usurious Clintons have anything to do with it?? [and from another] July 13, 2021 The former DEA informant who was arrested is Joseph Vincent of Florida. Vincent along with fellow Haitian-American and Florida resident James Solages were arrested by Haitian officials and charged with taking part in the assassination. [and from another] Haitian authorities said President Jovenel Moise was murdered by foreign, trained assassins: 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans. Eighteen of the men have been captured, while three others were killed. [and from another] Haitian-born Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, entered the country on a private jet in June. Sanon hired the Florida-based company CTU Security, which they alleged recruited men initially to provide security for Sanon, though their mission appears to have changed thereafter. He came with the intention to take over as President of the Republic. Two Colombian suspects who were killed in Haiti by police also had links to CTU Security, which is owned by a Venezuelan national. It's not clear that the men who worked as US law enforcement informants wittingly participated in the assassination plot or were aware of the mission. [and from another] There is no functioning Haitian legislature at the moment. Lawmakers’ terms of office ended in January 2020 and President Moïse never held legislative elections to elect new lawmakers, as called for by statute. So the country has been operating without a parliament for the past 18 months. Moïse ruled by decrees – “decret-lois” – that did not require legislative approval. In the U.S., executive orders would be a close parallel.  After his 2016 election, Moïse quickly lost all credibility because of a corruption scandal.

Who killed Moise - the acting President of Haiti – in an obvious assassination? A huge clue is that a contingent of mercenaries from Colombia and Venezuela were hired to protect Moise. Were they intent on protecting the man, or the figurehead that allowed their drug shipments to be staged in Haiti ports. Moise was corrupt, as was known, and did nothing to further democracy in Haiti. He was assassinated by the mercenaries because they feared the US DEA had flipped Moise. Fingers point in all directions but once again, Haiti loses.

Speculation about assassination of Haitian president linking CIA and FBI operative at the behest of those who benefit from tightening Covid controls. I am always suspicion when the debunkers spend their time debunking co-called conspiracy theories. Smoke does not necessarily indicate fire, but it gets my attention. The muscle for the drug trade would be the same muscle used for the Covid handlers, given that they one and the same. [and from another] The assassination of Haiti’s president may worsen its response to COVID-19 July 9, 2021 Haiti is the only country in the western hemisphere that has not vaccinated a single person against COVID-19. [and from another] Days after Haiti President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated by a group of gunmen in an ambush at his home, conspiratorial posts spread online that claim his death, along with the deaths of other political leaders, came about because their countries "refused" the COVID-19 vaccines. Magufuli, one of Africa’s most prominent COVID-19 skeptics, mocked the effectiveness of masks, banned COVID-19 testing, prohibited doctors from diagnosing, and announced in June 2020 that the country had defeated the pandemic through prayer. Doctors were barred from wearing face masks. [and from another] July 15, 2021 Tanzania Coronavirus Cases: 509 Deaths: 21 [and from another] Haiti Coronavirus Cases: 19,374 Deaths: 487 Recovered: 12,977

Moise - the Haiti President - was assassinated by the drug cartels of Colombia and Venezuela because he had begun to work with the DEA. But was his death also the result of his disdain of the Covid-19 vaccinations and refusal to allow this to be forced on the Haitian people? Magufuli, the president of Tanzania was also a fierce anti-vaccination proponent. Those who desire to use the Covid-19 flu virus and its variants hardly wanted two such strong Negro men, Presidents of their respective countries, to hold the position that the vaccinations are not necessary.

Indeed, this was a factor in the death of Moise, who was under extreme pressure by the DEA and Biden Administration to turn against the drug cartel’s use of Haiti as a transshipment port for their drugs. This ultimately led to his assassination. Did the DEA understand that they were being used to rid the world of Moise? Not directly, as drugs is always an excuse in and of itself. Magufuli had heart disease but while in hospital was assisted to die promptly. The death rate from Covid-19 in Tanzania was a thorn in the side of the Covid-19 dictators, who could not wait for Magufuli’s removal.

Interesting because there are multiple sets of orbs [and from another] [and from another] Reported in Polish cc hot spot at Wrzesnia, Poland. Reported on the 13th of July, 2021 [and from another] [and from another]

This Crop Circle design is legitimate, as can be seen by the precision and the circle within a circle design. This is a timeline, showing four different scenarios of magnetic field influence. On the left is influence upon the Earth when Nibiru is at a distance, approaching from the South of the Ecliptic, nosing its N Pole into the Sun’s Magnetic S Pole. This is represented on the design as the Magnetic Core of Nibiru leaning to the North of center. This position destabilizes the Earth’s magnetic field slightly, represented in the diagram as a thin half loop to the North on the Earth orb.

During the 270° Roll that precedes the Pole Shift, Nibiru lays on its side and slings its S Pole outward toward the Earth and then as it crosses the Ecliptic does a 180° Roll to point its N Pole toward the Earth, eventually completing this roll to point its N Pole upward to align with the Sun. This is represented by the second grouping of orbs on the design, showing several steps but always resulting in the N Pole of a given orb pointing North. The circle within a circle represents the strong magnetic field of Nibiru, dominant and cohesive.

During the Last Weeks Nibiru prepares to zoom out of the Solar System so points its N Pole again at the Earth as it rises up past the Ecliptic. Nibiru is attempting to evade the Sun’s N Pole at this time. This results in Nibiru’s second 270° Roll, and is represented by the third orb cluster in the Wrzesnia design. During this confusing magnetic dance, Nibiru flips to point its N Pole down, temporarily. This design includes the Earth laying on its side, the 90° crustal shift, and confusion in the Earth as to where its magnetic N Pole should reside. The final orb grouping indicates a post-Passage alignment.

On July 1995, the Zetas said "The Earth, at close to 5 billion people, is approximately 25% Service-to-Other orientation, 7% Service-to- Self orientation, and 68% undecided. These percentages move about a bit." That was 26 years ago. The world's population has increased to nearly 8 billion people. The world is going through a lot of societal changes going into the pole shift and the transition to 4th Density. Can the Zetas give us an updated count on the souls of mankind? Are Unsparked souls sparking? Is the Star Child phenomenon on increase? Are there more advanced souls walk-ins? Are Undecided humans becoming Service-to-Others and are some becoming more selfish and leaning towards the Service-to-Self?

In both 1995 and 2007, when we last gave percentages, we stated that 7% of incarnating souls on Earth were firmly in the Service-to-Self. This percentage has significantly dropped to 4.6% because the population aged and died, and no new incarnations from the Service-to-Self pool have been allowed to occur as a rule. These souls have moved on to the prison planets that await them. There are few exceptions. Another incarnation might be allowed only to someone on the cusp, so they can make their final determination.

In 1995 we stated that 25% of the incarnated souls on Earth were firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation, but by 2007 this had grown to 33%. The Earth’s population had grown from 5 billion in 1995 to 6.5 billion in 2007. All in the Service-to-Other orientation who died and were allowed to reincarnate on Earth. But most of the increase was due to the presence of Star Children, who are either incarnating into newborns or stepping into the bodies of unsparked or undecided humans. At present the percentage of incarnating souls in the Service-to-Other orientation is 47%

For many reasons the population on Earth will change in percentage as a result of the Pole Shift. We and other alien groups communicating to mankind estimated that 90% of the worlds population would die as a result of the Pole Shift. Most live on the coastline or in river bottoms where fishing and boat transport is handy. Even if warned, they will not move to safety. Denial is in sway. Those that have or will move to safety are courageous Service-to-Other individuals. Thus, the population after the Pole Shift will be almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other.

German and China flooding at the same time, they both claim once thousand years flooding like this. Is it related to Nibiru? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Is your ARK ready? Floodings are Surging Around the World and Seem to become a New Normal July 20, 2021 Dramatic footage from central China reportedly captured the moment an aluminum alloy plant exploded in a giant fireball on Tuesday after severe flooding in the region caused a breach of the factory walls. Hundreds of people evacuated their homes after severe flooding in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand from 16 July 2021. At least 33 people were killed in different incidents as rain fury rocked Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region since midnight, hitting road, rail and air traffic for several hours. Several vehicles were submerged underwater in parks at the popular Marina axis of Lagos Island as heavy rainfall persisted for hours. Some 30 cities in 10 provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Alborz, Kerman, Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Mazandaran, Hormozgan and Kurdistan were affected by floods and inundations in the last four days. Days of heavy rains have triggered major floods across parts of the Netherlands. [and from another] Evacuation Underway in China’s Inner Mongolia after Torrential Rain Causes Two Dams to Collapse July 19, 2021 Two dams in Inner Mongolia’s Hulunbuir have collapsed following torrential rain, according to an announcement from China’s water ministry on Monday, citing concerns about the safety risks of aging infrastructure in the region. As one of the dams reached maximum capacity, water came over the top before the entire infrastructure was washed away in minutes, resulting in substantial damage.

During a short period of time, half the world seemed afflicted with massive flooding. From Europe to New Zealand, through the Middle East and down into Africa, across Asia to inner Mongolia and dropping to New Zealand – record breaking flooding occurred. Was this a result of the severe wobbles we predicted? Such deluge has been predicted by ourselves from the start of the ZetaTalk saga. Snow in Summer or severe temperature swings have occurred this past year, but was a deluge simultaneously affecting half the world expected?

Until the seasons blend to where temperature differences are not extreme, such deluge can occur. Rain storms occur when hot humid air encounters cold air, thus causing rapid precipitation of moisture. The Arctic is melting and the wobble swings force the globe under this Arctic air. Temperature extremes are and have occurred, but a blending of the seasons presumes a median temperature reached. Given the pace of the wobble, with more extreme push/pull and tilt from side to side, this blending is in process.  But until that is reached, another deluge could occur.

What is this? It was about 20-30 feet overhead and got a little lower before “fizzling out”. This was located in Miami, fla. on 7/18/2021. [and from another] Bartow, Florida - that's not a rainbow. Could it be Fire in the Sky? Burning gases from released methane, or burning petrol elements from the tail of Nibiru? [and from another] [and from another]

Petrol has been landing on Earth’s atmosphere and burning for the past several months but such incidents have resulted in relatively small fires. But what happens when a large Petrol mass descends, and catches afire? Does the entire sky dome blaze? Yes, as can be seen in the Bartow image. This is not a lightning flash, nor is it an unusually large sundog caused by light rays refracting off ice crystals in the atmosphere. The Bartow image shows the size of the Petrol Monster, in various stages of consumption between the center and perimeter of the Monster. These incidents will become almost commonplace. 

Has the real Anthony Fauci been executed yet, or is he still being held as a witness to help prosecute other Globalists/Satanists . His Double is not very bright ! [and from another] [and from another] "House on July 29, 2020 Dr. Fauci looked different. The Zetas explain." [and from another] Fauci, Walensky COVID-19 Response Testimony Senate Hearing Transcript July 20 July 20, 2021 I’d like to close with just one or two comments that we’ve been hearing about regarding the situation of booster or an additional third dose superimposed upon the double doses of MRNA, and the single dose of the J&J. Right now we are doing studies to determine whether or not we will need boosters to increase the durability of protection. We don’t want people to believe that when you’re talking about boosters, that means that the vaccines are not effective. They are highly effective. We’re talking about the durability of that. And we’re doing studies now to determine that. [and from another]

If Dr. Fauci was taken to Gitmo to be a witness during the Tribunals in 2020, then why is he still there? His Double is in attendance at the hearings, where his words are not key. It is an opportunity for all the House members to strut their stuff, and they are scarcely interested in Dr. Fauci’s responses. During this time when the engineered Delta variant was released in India and the mRNA vaccines are being used as a lockdown mechanism by the elite who want to restrict migration, there are many criminal cases being brought before the Tribunals. Thus, as an expert witness, Dr. Fauci is busier than ever.

FEMA and FCC will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System in the US on Wednesday, August 11. Are they preparing for a subsequent emergency broadcast to reinstate Trump as president? [and from another] FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages June 11, 2021 The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests will begin at 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 11. The Wireless Emergency Alert portion of the test will be directed only to consumer cell phones where the subscriber has opted-in to receive test messages. This will be the second nationwide WEA test, but the first nationwide WEA test on a consumer opt-in basis. The test message will display in either English or in Spanish, depending on the language settings of the wireless handset. The Emergency Alert System portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. This will be the sixth nationwide EAS test. [and from another]  Mike Lindell set August 13 as the Date in his Bonkers Theory that Trump will be Reinstated as President July 6, 2021 MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he believed former President Donald Trump would take the impossible step of being reinstated as president on August 13. 

These rumors of President Trump’s reinstatement on August 13 are a test to see how the public reacts. Mike Lindell is a respected self-made businessman, and thus his prediction is taken seriously. This is being watched, with portions of the public reacting in riots, an essential civil war, or just reacting in lively discussion and debate. The EAS test on August 11 is to bolster Lindell’s prediction, with the implication that President Trump or the Junta would use the EAS to make their announcement.

I'd like to know where we stand on the Element of Doubt with many things coming out into the open (and no one jumping out of windows yet).

In December 2020 Nancy published an overview of the State of Disclosure on the Alien Presence. We stated at that time that the Junta did not want to rush Disclosure because they had so many issues on their plate. Nancy outlined this dilemma for the Junta in a Newsletter in June, describing the Silent Victories the Junta has achieved. It would seem that at this time in July 2021 that the Junta has only the 2020 election fraud remaining. The FBI has released a memo describing the presence of aliens at Roswell, and the Junta has released official photos of UFOs, all without panic in the people. Is it time for Disclosure to take the next step?

The problem the Junta faces is the interconnection between the Alien Presence and Nibiru. It is inevitable that any admission on the alien presence will lead to people seeking to hear from the Zetas of ZetaTalk, who are world renowned and respected for their accurate predictions. Surely this is real, as how would a woman with only a high school diploma be able to predict in this manner? This leads directly to the reality of Nibiru, and its approach. Thus, to admit one is to admit the other, potentially causing a double panic. Thus, it will need to be the Council of Worlds that leads, once again, for the truth to prevail.

Major websites hit by global outage. Do I detect the hand of our friends behind this as previously mentioned? [and from another] [and from another] It was an DNS root server failure from akamai. They've made a workaround. Services now work properly again. [and from another] After Massive Web Outage, Akamai Implements "Fix", Says "Not Cyberattack" July 22, 2021 Websites worldwide are slowly coming back online as Akamai tweets the ongoing situation "was not a result of a cyberattack on the Akamai platform." At the peak of the disruption, at least 33,000 websites worldwide were offline due to Akamai experiencing DNS failures. Some of the major websites experiencing issues and outages include PlayStation Network, Fidelity, FedEx, Steam, UPS, Airbnb, Home Depot, and Amazon, according to Downdetector.

What would cause a trusted Domain Name Server to falter, creating a widespread outage across the Western world? The host, Akamai, was quick to discount hacking as the cause, and indeed it was not by human hand that this occurred. This breakdown did not affect the media but rather distribution facilities such as UPS, FedEx, Home Depot and Amazon. They are hardly players in the war for truth. Domain Name Servers connect a logical name ( to a physical address (TTP.IP), and indeed unless a request for a connection is made using only TCP.IP for the address, Domain Name Servers are a point of vulnerability, where the Internet can falter.

We have long warned that Satellites will be torn from the skies, and well before the hour of the Pole Shift. Debris in the tail of Nibiru will batter satellites faster than man can launch new ones, and the Petrol Masses now openly burning in the atmosphere will fry the electronics on them also. One solution is to avoid the necessity for a satellite boost and rely strictly on land lines or underwater cables for an Internet connection. But in mankind’s pampered world, such a switch is not an instant fix, and reluctant vendors would fuss over the expense.

We warned just over a month ago that to force an awareness of Nibiru’s presence, the Council of Worlds might take steps. The cover-up over Nibiru is primarily in place due to media reluctance and the silly excuses that NASA and the Global Warming advocates put forth for the Earth changes caused by Nibiru. We warned that in addition to Severe Wobble incidents, those media outlets spewing lies would be silenced. This Domain Name Server outage (which only affected package delivery and games) was an example of what is possible, and yes, it was a last message to the media liars to tell the truth, or else.

Would the Zs address the hot-topic of Transgender Agenda? Seems that Elite Gender Inversion goes back to ancient times and is a satanic Baphomet deception that is rampant in modern elite society, Royalty, Presidents, world leaders, all part of the Club. [and from another] [and from another] Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with the "Sabbatic Goat" image, which contains binary elements representing the "symbolization of the equilibrium of opposites" (e.g. half-human and half-animal, male and female, good and evil, etc.). On one hand, Lévi's intention was to symbolize his concept of balance that was essential to his magnetistic notion of the Astral Light; on the other hand, the Baphomet represents a tradition that should result in a perfect social order. [and from another] In the ancient and medieval worlds, androgynous people and/or hermaphrodites were represented in art by the caduceus, a wand of transformative power in ancient Greco-Roman mythology.  That sign is now sometimes used for transgender people. [and from another] Baal Arch Revivals [and from another] Moloch Worship [and from another]

Satanism in the western world has many tentacles that reach into the Catholic Church and the Illuminati, as can be seen by their symbolism. The related Moloch practice stems from the era of Christ when worship of the Golden Calf was banned. The Moloch worship incorporated the rape and murder of small children to drink their blood for the Adrenochrome high it brought. These practices worked their way into European royalty and the US political system. Is there a relationship between the push for transsexualism and Baphomet’s tenets?

Whether from Baal or the Golden Calf or Moloch, the entity known as Baphomet is at the heart of Satanism. The statue of Baphomet shows dualism in species identity as well as dualism in sexual identity. Why would this confusion be advantageous for the Satanists? Sexual and species identity aligns with Natural Law, which is God’s law. By seeding doubt, the Satanists are undermining God’s law. We are not talking here about homosexual choices, where love still reigns, but the push to have young children undergo hormone therapy and surgery and be taught at school that trans dressing is normal.

Since the Baal arches being erected by the Satanists in many cities have been taken down, and the Moloch child rapists and murders are being prosecuted, the Satanists are desperate to develop new ways to influence converts. It is not by accident that Obama’s wife Michelle was a man, evident to anyone who watched closely. This was subtle influence by the Satanists. In a state of confusion about Natural Law and God’s Law, the vulnerable can be confused by another tenet on God’s Earth – empathy. Thus those who follow Baphomet are often assumed to have sold their soul to the Devil. 

The Zetas have expressed their opinion regarding organized religion and those who are at the top of the rigid hierarchical religious structures are hardly in the Service-to-Other orientation. The Zetas predicted back in 1995 that going into the Transformation organized religion would be a major loser. Can the Zetas explain what is driving the decline of organized religion? Is it partly because contactees are on the rise and are learning the truth from the aliens? [and from another] U.S. Church Membership Falls Below Majority for First Time March 29, 2021 In 2020, 47% of Americans said they belonged to a church, synagogue or mosque, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999.

It should be no surprise that the statistics on church membership align with our percentages of those in the Service-to-Other orientation. In 1995 we stated that 25% were Service-to-Other, and church statistics showed that 70% were members in 1999. We stated in 2021 that 47% were now Service-to-Other and church statistics reported they had dropped to a membership of 47% in 2020. Why the remarkable correlation?  Empathy, and the basic message to love one another taught by Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha needs no edict or rule to be in effect. Yet the Church conducted the Inquisitions, and Islam the Jihads, and the hierarchy lives in an opulent manner. The populace is making a spiritual choice!

Something is strange in the sky in China. It's not UFO's. What are those strange lights? Are they earthquake lights related to Nibiru? [and from another] Magic! Zhengzhou Mysterious vision. The suspected giant ring is in the clouds, the ring flashes with blue light and rolls.

These orbs in the sky over Zhengzhou are not UFOs. This is a complicated drama, as the clouds are heavy with rain, a flooded city below, and there are occasional lightning flashes behind the clouds. In the midst of the heavy rain, there are falling and burning Petrol orbs, which seem to have a fluctuating burn rate because of the heavy rain clouds. The swirling blue ring is an upper atmosphere tornado, visible because there is burning Petrol within that swirl also. This display is confusing because of the many components.

I tried different light exposures on some of these and magnetic looking lines showed up. [and from another] July 25,2021 4:34PM Sarasota, FL.

When magnetic lines were first captured by Alberto in 2017 we stated that this was a magnetic field formed around the dominant moon in a Moon Swirl. As the Nibiru complex came closer these fields inevitably began to be visible not only around Moon Swirls but around individual independent moons. This should not be a shock, as the magnets mankind manufactures and uses for their devices each have an independent magnetic field. What happens when magnetic fields merge?

Where the Passage of Nibiru is most often described by mankind’s scientists as a gravity influence, we have described it as a magnetic grip. Magnets like to go end-to-end or side-by-side, and in that Nibiru is the bully magnet, Nibiru pushes the Earth around. That Nibiru does dual 270° rolls during its passage is an indication that Nibiru also has a magnetic bully – the Sun. Dramas emerge when many smaller magnets, each with their magnetic fields, are forced together. When a 3D drama is seen on a 2D image, it can seem confusing, but this is just the clash of many magnetic fields.   

I live in South Africa and see the bad weather floods, etc. In the northern hemisphere we in the southern hemisphere do not seem so affected so badly. Why is this? [and from another]

The Daily Earth Wobble is caused by a push against the Earth’s Magnetic N Pole, causing the N Pole to tip away or bounce back in a rebound, or causing the Earth to tilt toward the East or West in the Figure 8 so well established by wobble watchers. During this action the globe tends to tilt its N Pole while leaving its S Pole firmly in place. It is not the S Pole that is being pushed about, it is the N Pole that is being pushed. The imagery of a spinning top - fixed at the point while able to move its top portion freely - is apt. Thus the Southern Hemisphere does not have the turmoil in its atmosphere that the Northern Hemisphere experiences.

Is this a real UFO? [and from another] July 25, 2021 [and from another] Columbian military try to take down a pyramid UFO craft. July 28, 2021

Magnetic Fields form around planets, and the Sun and Earth and Nibiru have such fields, as is known. The Moon Swirls that are formed from the many moons of Nibiru likewise have Magnetic Fields and these have been captured on film. Lately, as Nibiru and its vast tail have come closer to the Earth, even independent moons have been shown to have their own Magnetic Fields. Mario has recently discovered how to capture these Magnetic Fields on film, and one of his photos shows a Magnetic Field with four poles. This is a dual and overlapping Magnetic Field.

The video capture from Colombia, suspected of being a UFO, is in fact one of these overlapping Magnetic Fields. In the video it appears at first to be a triangle but the fourth point is facing the camera. As in Mario’s photo, it has four poles. The ingredient in this mix that allows such a field to develop is the Petrol in the air. Magnetic Fields normally flow from North to South.  But when charged iron oxide red dust and debris is trapped in a Petrol Mass, there are diversion points within the mass that pull the Magnetons to the side.  

The primary diversion point is in the center of the Petrol Mass. When any Magnetons enter the center, crowding occurs and as all particles have the dual attraction and repulsion from crowding that God has built into his Universe, they will seek to escape to a less crowded spot, thus divert to the side. A Magnetic Field that has developed around a Petrol Mass does not have a solid core like a magnetized planet or moon. Thus this Magnetic Field around a Petrol Mass is temporary, and dissipates along with the burning Petrol, which can be seen drifting below the descending Petrol Mass.

Can the Zetas comment on this video from Paul Begley and data from Mike Around the World regarding a massive gamma ray that is to hit earth in the next few days? Is this misleading information or should we prepare? [and from another] Massive gamma rays headed our way  [and from another] Paul Begley Pastor Paul hosts a weekly telecast of the "Coming Apocalypse" with Family Broadcasting Corporation. This reaches over 23 million homes. [and from another] Breaking: "Massive Gamma Ray Burst Headed to Earth" Mike from Around World [and from another] NASA’s Fermi Spots a Weird Pulse of High-Energy Radiation Racing Toward Earth July 26, 2021 On August 26, 2020, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected a pulse of high-energy radiation that had been racing toward Earth for nearly half the present age of the universe. Named GRB 200826A, after the date it occurred, the burst is the subject of two papers published in Nature Astronomy on July 26.  We think this event was effectively a fizzle, one that was close to not happening at all. Within a day of the burst, NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory discovered fading X-ray emission from this same location. A couple of days later, variable radio emission was detected by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Karl Jansky Very Large Array in New Mexico. The team then began observing the afterglow with a variety of ground-based facilities.

Begley is not an astronomer, nor does he have any prediction accuracy as a prophet. He is a preacher who earns his money by pounding the Bible and declaring that an Apocalypse is about to happen. Of course it is, but because he has been warned not to mention the word Nibiru, he ascribed it to anything but Nibiru. The articles he mentions counter his alarm. The Gamma Ray Burst is considered a fizzle, not a threat. But meanwhile Pastor Begley hopes to increase his membership.