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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2011

My question is focused on counting time during the last 7 weeks prior to the pole shift as described in "The Last Trimester Event Timeline"( On day 25 it is described as slowing rotation for 18 days followed by rotation stopped for 6 days and immediately followed by the hour of the pole shift. There are two common ways to count time, utilizing a watch or counting the Sun ups and downs. During the 18 days of slowing rotation one can imagine the days and nights gradually getting longer and longer, meaning that counting a day as 24 hours becomes meaningless. Do we count the Sun rises and sets or is this time measured as 18 days at 24 hours a day? What is the best way to count time during these times particularly the 6 days of rotation stopped?

When we stated that rotation stoppage would occur for 5.9 days, we were not stating it would be 5.9 rotations of the Earth, as the Earth would be stopped in its rotation at that time. Clearly, we were referring to a 24 hour period. As we explained, folklore is not a good guide on how long the Earth is frozen in her rotation. Distressed, survivors were not measuring the time, which either seemed to quick or too long. We have given signs that those without mechanical clocks can use, such as rotation slowing significantly beyond the usual 24 hour day as a sign that no further delay should be allowed before rushing to safety. Another sign that the pole shift is only hours, not days, away is heavy red dust followed by hail and gravel. But the best method for planning is to have a mechanical clock, and a reliable clock watcher. When 5.9 turns of the 24 hour day have occurred, the shift is likely to be at hand.

A long time before finding the Zetas I had already read the Velikovsky and Hapgood books, studied metaphysical interpretations of transformational times and indigenous traditions about end times, and was always feeling driven to prepare for something coming but I never knew what. Then the Zetas brought everything into focus and for the last 9 yrs now I have dedicated all my resources to preparing, informing anyone who would listen and taking the resultant abuse (don't we all know about that!). Even so, I've remained undetered and am so committed to this path that I'm completely at peace even if I personally don't survive. I have never felt that I was doing this just for myself anyway.

So why describe all this? Because one would think from this description of such determination that not much could stop me. However, not too long ago (about 2 mos), something very distinctive happened. It was as if someone flipped a light switch and something just "quit" internally. It's like some small working part inside the machine gave out and I have become physically weak and am having difficulty focusing and functioning. This is most distressing! Especially because I have people still depending on me. And especially because my whole life I've been an upbeat, problem-solving, "can-do" type person. Instead, and seemingly all of a sudden, it's like I've become someone else - depressed, weepy and feeling defeated - and this condition has not lifted since (even though my group has made good progress and I would have said that we are in reasonably "good" shape, all things considered).

One of the others said that in spite of normally being a positive and optimistic person these last few weeks there's become a feeling of "pointlessness" to it all, and describes this as being a "very foreign emotion". Another said it was like something inside just "suddenly dropped", leaving behind a feeling of "heaviness, with difficulty getting motivated to do anything", and that this had never happened before. And then a friend, in a totally unforeseen and unexpected move, committed suicide 2 wks ago! No note, no foreshadowing, no visible depression, no nothing! The strangest part of all of this for me was the very sudden, almost instantaneous almost palpable from-one-moment-to-the-next "break", and this was mentioned by these other people as well (and demonstrated with the suicide).

While it "feels" like my spirits have "broken", a friend has suggested instead that a purely physical event may have taken place - like the adrenal or thyroid glands became exhausted, or the brain ran out of endorphins. Perhaps this was just a physical response to stress, from which a person can recover. Perhaps we should all be more on the lookout for this type of thing to occur, rest more and take whatever precautions we can to avoid it. I'm fully aware, still assessing problems, still even coming up with solutions, all other functions seem okay. I just can't execute the work or keep my attitude up like before. And I really want to keep going! Can the Zetas offer any insight as to what has happened to all of us? And more importantly, any suggestions on what we can do about it?

Telepathy bears with it more than information. It also carries emotion. Those who use telepathy to deliberately gain intelligence or to stay in communication with others know this well. If someone is nauseous with fear, this will come across along with any intellectual plans or knowledge. Experienced telepaths learn to disconnect, in such situations, and return later for communications. Even if you have not been aware of it, you have been in telepathic contact with many people. Group formation is not an accident. Beyond being guided by the visitors, contactees find each other's wave lengths from group meetings on space ships, and have many planning sessions ongoing even when not in physical contact with each other, thus. What such an open channel provides, beyond information, is stray emotion that is on the rise in the general public! Learn to differentiate this from your own thoughts, your own group's plans, as this will increasingly be a problem you encounter.

This is a new deformation of Earth's magnetosphere. Notice how the "ring" of blue lines from the N. Pole is angled. In the past, it looked more like an egg resting on a level table. Now it appears to be tipped. I have not observed this kind of deformation before.
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We have explained the twisting and deforming Earth magnetosphere as either:
1. an end-to-end alignment so that the Earth's S Pole seems to be missing altogether, only the blue outbound lines apparent in a compressed magnetosphere, or
2. the Earth's magnetosphere subsumed into the magnetosphere of Planet X so that the outbound magnetons from Earth go directly to Planet X, and those returning to the Earth's S Pole come directly from Planet X.

The image in question, dated Christmas day December 25, 2011, is a version of the compressed magnetosphere, but under pressure from a Planet X that is coming ever closer. This is the reason for the increased violence of the wobble, as the push away of the Earth's N Pole is stronger. This is the reason for the Sun appearing so far to the south at this time, as the Earth is leaning its N Pole away from the N Pole of Planet X. A quick and violent lean into opposition could also occur, due to this increased pressure.

Is that a mothership sighting? Mexico City December 25, 2011 and Russia December 22, 2011. [and from another] Is this Planet X debris? Germany December 24, 2011
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A Russian satellite broke up and parts were seen in the sky as flaming bolides, entering the atmosphere as it did recently over Germany and Russia. Debris from the tail of Planet X is also increasingly seen as meteors or fireballs, flaming out as it enters Earth's atmosphere. Tail debris occurs most often in spates, in various parts of the globe, where space junk is a singular occurrence, but they have a similar appearance. And then there are deliberate UFO sightings. How to tell them apart? Incoming debris takes a straight line, where UFO displays are deliberately moving in patterns that carry a message. For Mexico City, where the bright light seemed to explode, the warning of course was about the nearby Popo volcano, which will not be quiescent during the increasing bow tension the N American continent is currently enduring. Most of Russia is in a stretch tension, which can cause collapsing buildings and bridges.

These are some incredible clouds over central Texas per a GLP member. I certainly don't want this to be an "copyright infringement". I found the original post here, and the pictures here: It would seem that these type of strange cloud formations will become as common as the strange weather patterns increasing the world over. Is the consciousness of our race picking up on these obvious, increasing signs? I would think that even those in denial would have to revisit the possibility or at least demand more answers. Could this (increased consciousness) be a possibility the elite didn't anticipate and cannot control?
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As documented in one of Nancy's newsletters, halo clouds are a recent phenomena and can be caused by a mothership leaving the area, or by an incomplete tornado, or when glowing neon can be caused by the greasy chemicals from the tail of Planet X. This recent recorded incident over Texas is clearly another example of an incomplete tornado, as the tornado can be clearly seen. This particular incident was undoubtedly caused by the increased wobble, which has caused an almost vertical weather pattern over the US. Turmoil in the upper atmosphere was not necessarily reflected in the atmosphere close to the ground, as the top layer was dragged quickly over the bottom layer, so they did not act as one. .

Seems that most of the Northern Hemisphere is dealing with unusual warm weather. For Sunday they expect some 13 degrees Celsius over here in the Netherlands and other countries are dealing with warm weather too. The new ZetaTalk about the magnetosphere says "This is the reason for the increased violence of the wobble, as the push away of the Earth's N Pole is stronger." And also that the sun is setting to south. I am sure this is related to the warm weather, but with a more violent wobble and air masses clashing I would think that there is more going on now. Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another] At least 128 people have died during a two-week-long cold spell sweeping across northern and eastern India, news reports said.
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An apparent contradiction is that while the Sun has been located too far to the south at sunrise in N America and setting too far to the south in Europe, implying that less sunlight should be reaching these areas, while much of the Northern Hemisphere has had warmer than usual temps for December. The Earth wobble primarily pushes the Earth's magnetic N Pole away when the Sun is over the Pacific and the N Pole currently off coast of Siberia in the Arctic comes up over the horizon. This great push puts the Pacific under the Arctic air, while giving India cold spells. N America is to the side during this push while Europe finds itself pushed under tropical air as a result.

By the time the globe turns so that the Sun is coming up over Europe, the globe has bounced back, rebounded from the push and in fact over compensated. Where Europe was pushed south during the polar push, it now bounces up northward, so the Sun seems too far south. But the warming influence of the tropical air lingers. For N America, which lies to the side on this push/rebound, the effect is a pumping action. The jet stream is disrupted, and the air mixed. While the south may be having cool spells, the north may be virtually roasting, the opposite of what is expected.

Is the trench collapsing? Buoy 52402 shows that something dramatic occurred on December 13, 2011. Buoy 52405 is at Lat 11.74N Lon 154E out in the Pacific, just east of the trench and approximately 1/3 of the way to Hawaii from the Philippine Islands. What would cause this buoy to show a sudden drop of 15 meters (45 feet) on December 13! The Buoy 52403 has a heap about that time, as though water were flooding the area.

When the trench collapses, the Pacific Plate suddenly takes a sharper angle when subducting under the Mariana Plate, pushing the Mariana Plate to accelerate its tilt and fold, which then accelerates the Philippine Plate's tilt and fold. At the point of collapse there is suddenly more water just above the trench, moving in all directions. But such an adjustment is seldom smooth. Waves themselves have heaps and troughs as there is a tendency for water to move as a mass, cohesive. When the trench collapsed, it created a heap, but for buoy 52402 there was a trough reaction, the 15 meter drop on December 13, 2011. The water also moved south, along the deep trench, like along a funnel. Thus the high water shown by buoy 52403.