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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 31, 2023

How on Earth did they do the weaving in the outer circle? I don’t recall seeing that before? That is STUNNING. [and from another] Kitt's Lane, Nr West Meon, Hampshire. Reported 30th July. [and from another] [and from another] Combe Hill, Nr Bratton, Wiltshire. Reported 30th July 2023

Neither of these Crop Circle designs are legitimate but laid by those who would confuse the legitimate message. The 2023 season started out with only legitimate designs, so those who would confuse the message are rushing to catch up.  The Illuminati Eye design at KittsLane has notable grain crossing in an attempt to push past the grain weaving test, but the alternative direction of the wave is done by human hand swiping grain over that swept earlier. Broom sweeping is done in this manner, with the sweeper going side to side as they move along.

The Combehill hoax is attempting to discredit the legitimate 5 Day design, but Combehill has no compelling message and only seems to be saying that all 5 Day periods will be normal. Combehill also has no grain weaving or grain crossing sweeping.

I am no expert but I think this is fake. The same crop circle said to be 99% correct appears July 2023.  Some say it marks the end of the crop circle era. [and from another] [and from another] Crop Circle that Inspired Led Zeppelin Album Cover appears near Drummer’s Grave July 25, 2023 The famous Eastfield Pictogram was first spotted in July 1990 in Alton Barnes, Wilts., England. The image of the mysterious crop circle was used on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s "Remasters" album. Last week, a copy of the crop circle appeared in a field 90 miles away from the original in Rushock, Worcs. [and from another] [and from another]

Who do the Circle Makers speak to? All of mankind, but as with UFO displays and clear evidence of Nibiru’s presence, mankind presents a broad audience with varied interests. Both the original and redone Led Zeppelin designs are legitimate and are now getting lots of attention from the crowd that loves their compelling music. These are timeline designs, the first laid in 1990 before ZetaTalk was on the web.   

What is intuitively obvious in the design is that Nibiru is larger than the Earth, and its influence greater the closer it comes. Its influence will subsume the Earth to such a degree that by the time of the Pole Shift it will paralyze the Earth for a week for a complete rotation stop. Nibiru sweeps in a retrograde manner, which in the view from the Sun is clockwise. We suggest that those new to these concepts kick back and listen to some Zeppelin while they contemplate the Zeppelin design.

The entirety of the Northern Hemisphere's oceans are on fire right now. [and from another]

The current stretch of the Eurasian Plate, combined with a compression and overlap of the N Pacific plates and a ripping open of the Atlantic Rift is perfectly matched on this image from the Climate Change Institute in Maine. The Arctic border between the N American Plate and the Eurasian Plate is red hot as is the border that passes through the Far East. The New Madrid Fault Line at the Seaway outlet as it crosses over to the Azores is likewise red hot. The African Roll is ripping the Mediterranean border and the S American waggle is causing havoc on the Nazca Plate. 

What is the US Military looking for in Chicago? [and from another] [and from another]

Why is methane being released from the rock under Lake Michigan? The Great Lakes were formed in the past by the violent ripping apart of the Seaway, which follows weak points in the rock strata. There is a fault line just to the west of Chicago, running diagonally up from the Wabash zone toward the Wisconsin border. This follows the rock strata and passes over the Chicago River, which is the case with most rivers running along a thin spot in the crust. Thus a change in the tilt of tall buildings or a change in GPS location would indicate that this land is being destabilized.

We have predicted that the rock under Chicago will lose support due to pulling apart and dropping during the New Madrid adjustment. That said, what is the Junta looking for when Lake Michigan has underwater Methane burns near Chicago? We have stated that when the Bridge holding the hard rock of the Ozarks to the hard rock of the Appalachian Mountains snaps, that almost “instantaneously” the Azores will rip open, allowing the European tsunami to proceed.  How does one get an early warning that this is occurring?  

Tall buildings in a city are not constructed with a tilt, though tilts develop over time as the Leaning Tower of Pisa shows. Comparing videos taken day-to-day one can determine that distortion is in process. Particularly along the canals along the Chicago River, there would be changes in the GPS location. In that the New Madrid Fault Line comes up through the Wabash zone and makes a bend just under Lake Michigan to follow the Seaway, these Chicago measurements are a clue that the SE Portion is about to rip away from the Mainland, with a dramatic snap of the clasp at the Bridge.

What is causing the continuous delays in the New Madrid Rupture? This is in the hands of the Council of Worlds, but we seem to be having endless delays. We had the Humming Boxes and the Monoliths holding things back. [and from another] [and from another] Flooding in China Worsens as Rescues, Evacuations Intensify August 4, 2023 Thousands of people threatened by storm-swollen rivers were evacuated in China's northeast on Friday while areas on the outskirts of Beijing cleared debris from flooding that wrecked roads, knocked out power and left neighborhoods in shambles. China is struggling with record-breaking rains in some areas while others suffer scorching summer heat and drought that threatens crops. Flooding near Beijing and in neighboring Hebei province this week killed at least 22 people [and from another] Experts warn 400 Million Lives are at Risk as Catastrophic Flooding Threatens Three Gorges Dam June 23, 2020 As many as 400 million lives may be at risk as torrential rain in China threatens the world’s largest dam.The Chinese government has moved to defend the structural integrity of the massive Three Gorges Dam, as a hydrology expert took to international media over the weekend to warn it could collapse at any moment. [and from another] Anger Builds in Towns Deliberately Flooded, in Part, to Save Beijing August 4, 2023 A provincial leader set off an outcry by urging cities to serve as a “moat” for the capital, as diverted floodwaters sent scores of residents fleeing. The crisis in Zhuozhou has set off widespread anger, in part because help was initially slow to arrive in some areas, leaving many stranded. Survivors have also complained that they were not given ample warning about the discharge of floodwaters, and questioned if they would be compensated for their losses. In particular, people have denounced what they perceive as a Hebei leadership that has been more interested in appeasing national leaders in Beijing than in safeguarding millions of Chinese citizens. Mr. Ni’s “moat” comment, seemingly insensitive to the losses endured by his residents, became a hashtag that quickly amassed more than 60 million views before censors began suppressing the online discussion.

Is the Council of Worlds causing yet another delay in the timing of the New Madrid Rupture? Yes, though this is expected to be brief. We have confirmed in the past that the Council of Worlds allowed benign aliens under their direction to install Humming Boxes along fault lines and Monoliths too, to delay plate and fault line movements. Obama was on the verge of announcing Nibiru’s presence and this truth would have made an immense difference in mankind’s spiritual growth. But Obama “lacked courage” and the soul of Lincoln which was incarnated in Obama at the time left in disgrace.

The Council of Worlds have their own superiors and came under pressure to put the Earth back on schedule, as these delays were impacting other programs. They determined to trigger the New Madrid Rupture with a Severe Wobble, which is now in process. But once again the Council of Worlds got into debates about the best environment for spiritual growth on Earth, which is a school house where young souls are to have opportunities to grow in empathy and take action accordingly.

Enter the China deluge in the Spring of 2023. Just when the path to a New Madrid Rupture was established, as in the recent Run documented by Nancy on the Pole Shift Ning, opportunities in China arose. The CCP in China would let up to 400 million of their citizens drown rather than give them an opportunity to evacuate from lands below the 3 Gorges Dam. A final blowout in China would likely force the 3 Gorges Dam to falter.

From the perspective of the Council of Worlds, more spiritual growth would happen if these 400 million were helping each other, growing in empathy, rather than just drowning quickly. In that the CCP has been exposed and embarrassed by their actions, diverting flood waters from the elite in Beijing rather than warning and evacuating those at risk. With this new media coverage the spiritual battle between Good and Evil, the Service-to-Other orientation of empathy or the self-centered focus on self which is Service-to-Self, can now begin.

Few days ago the FIRMS chart showed fires up along the Eastern side of the New Madrid Fault Line, from the Gulf to the Bridge. Now today we see these fires gone but more fires top to bottom on the Western side of the Mississippi River. What has caused this? [and from another];@-81.7,27.6,4z [and from another] An enterprising gent has figured out how he can use Google Earth Pro (which is live data) to determine if the Toe of the SE Portion is moving. The Zetas stated that the Yucatan Peninsula would move East, as it rides on the SE Portion. He reports: On August 5: The Vista Tower in Chicago- on the river, has sunk 1 foot And the Lafayette Museum in Lafayette, La, on the west side of the Mississippi, has sank 7 feet?! The Yucatan has moved one degree N since yesterday. On August 6: The Yucatan is really moving' big time- a total of 17ft, 5.5 "S and 29" East since yesterday!  I target a Landmark with a smallish footprint for more accuracy. Yucatan has actually gained 67' of elevation, since yesterday! It's pulling to the S/ SE.

The hot spots in N America are reflecting what parts are being pulled and stretched as the dynamics of the New Madrid Adjustment proceed. The Africa Roll is pulling the SE Portion to the East and down, while at the same time the S American waggle is allowing the SE Portion to slide eastward across the Caribbean Plate. On August 2 there was a major Africa Roll, so the SE Portion was painfully stretched and the methane release in the rock to the east of the New Madrid Fault Line was apparent.

Then on August 3 a strong S America waggle occurred, as documented by Buoy 32402 when a sudden void was created in the waters along the Chile coastline. This waggle allowed the SE Portion to relieve the pressure it was imposing on the Caribbean Plate by shifting the Yucatan and other underwater parts about. It is notable that Florida has begun to complain about quake tremors. As the New Madrid Fault Line prepares to rupture, there will be other rapid shifts in the dynamics. Expect the Gulf and lower Mississippi River region to rupture next. Then the Bridge and EU tsunami.

Terrified Peruvian Villagers claim they are Under Attack from 7ft-Tall 'Aliens' dubbed 'Face Peelers' as they plead with Authorities to Send Backup August 8, 2023 Terrified villagers in a rural Peruvian district have claimed they have come under attack by 7ft-tall aliens they have dubbed Los Pelacaras, or The Face Peelers. Members of the Ikitu tribe from the San Antonio native community have reported mysterious figures in dark-coloured hoods attacking the villagers, who live in the rural district of Alto Nanay, north east of Lima, Peru. 'We have met almost face to face. His face is hardly visible. I have seen his whole body floating at a height of one meter,' he said, suggesting the being was hovering. He added: 'Their shoes are round-shaped, which they use to float. Their heads are long, they wear a mask and their eyes are yellowish. They are experts at escaping.'

Using drone platforms and changing the color of their eyes with colored lens, these attackers are not aliens but in the employ of drug lords who want to chase the villagers out of the area. Colombia is under surveillance and they want a new drug assembly and distribution site nearby. Relying on a local legend from the past where cannibals attacked, they are trying to simulate an alien attack. Iquitos is accessible from water as well as from the air.

At Least 6 Dead as Wildfire Razes Hawaiian Town on Island of Maui August 9, 2023 Desperate residents jumped into the ocean in a bid to escape the fast-moving flames. Emergency services were overwhelmed by a disaster that appeared to have erupted almost without warning. The hospital system on the island of Maui “was overburdened with burn patients, people suffering from inhalation. 911 is down. Cell service is down. Phone service is down.”

In 2010 we described the 4 plate sections that form the Pacific Plate, and in 1996 when the ZetaTalk saga began we predicted hot earth where rapid plate subduction might occur. 2023 is a time of rapid Plate Movement with the Eurasian Plate stretching into the Pacific while the Pacific compresses. Hawaii is at the juncture of 3 of the 4 Pacific Plate sections – the North, East, and West sections. That a sudden compression in the Pacific would cause spontaneous fires in Hawaii should therefore not be a surprise.  

On August 9 the Toe has had a big quake, showing that the SE Portion is on the move. Since the Yucatan Peninsula rides with the SE Portion, this gives us a clue as to the dynamics. As of August 8 the Yucatan had been moving to the South almost 4 feet. But after this large quake on the Toe, it reversed direction and went 1.5 foot North and shifted West by 3 feet. What would cause this? [and from another] On August 10: Big movement in the Yucatan. It moved 1degree, 36.76" W and 17'48" N. Also, 42 ft lower in elevation, as of 1:30 am

As can be seen, the Caribbean Plate has a hump, rising along its northern border and then dropping at the eastern border. The Toe of the SE Portion must slide over this hump, thus causing gyrations at the Yucatan. When S America is in a waggle into the Atlantic, it pulls the Caribbean hump to the East, allowing the Toe room to maneuver. But when the waggle returns, allowing the top part of S America to lean West, this pushes the Yucatan up again and to the West, riding with the Caribbean. In this iterative process, the Toe and Yucatan ultimately are shifted to the East and even into the Atlantic somewhat during the New Madrid Rupture finale.

This Maui dog looks petrified! [and from another] the dog [and from another] The Casts A high-temperature pyroclastic flow hit the city at high speed and filled all the spots not yet engulfed by other volcanic materials, so that anybody still in the city died at once of thermal shock. The bodies of these victims remained in the same position as when the pyroclastic flow hit them and, being covered by calcified layers of ash, the form of their bodies was preserved even after the biological material decomposed. [and from another] Revealed - What's Inside the Pompeii Mummies After being entombed in ash for more than 1,900 years, the victims of the devastating eruption in Pompeii are being brought to life using modern-day imaging technology. [and from another] Excerpts from Worlds in Collision, Boiling Earth and Sea The traditions of the Indians (also) retain the memory of this boiling of the water in river and sea. The tribes of British Columbia tell: "Great clouds appeared .. and such a great heat came, that finally the water boiled. People jumped into the streams and lakes to cool themselves, and died". On the North Pacific coast of America the tribes insist that the ocean boiled: "It grew very hot .. many animals jumped into the water to save themselves, but the water began to boil". The Indians of the Southern Ute tribe in Colorado record in their legends that the rivers boiled. Jewish tradition, as preserved in the rabbinical sources, declares that the mire at the bottom of the Sea of Passage was heated. Hesiod in his Theogony, relating the upheaval caused by a celestial collision, says: "The huge earth groaned .. A great part of the huge earth was scorched by the terrible vapor and melted as tin melts when heated by man's art .. or as iron, which is hardest of all things, is softened by glowing fire in mountain glens".

The fires in Maui, as we explained, were caused by sudden plate subduction because Hawaii lies on a spot in the Pacific where 3 of the 4 Pacific Plate subsections touch. At a time when the Nibiru cover-up is still going strong, the common man is told anything but the truth. The ground was hot enough to burn tires and the seats of cars, but the treetops were left intact. Such fires also occurred in California and Greece with the same signature. A petrified dog amid the burned out cars on Maui died suddenly from heat shock and became a statue as did the bodies of Pompeii by glassification of ash on its body.

Another Maui? The trees are not burning. [and from another] Level 2 and Level 1 Evacuation Notices Ordered for Areas West of Bedrock Fire August 13, 2023  A new Level 1 (BE READY) notice is in place for residents on the north and south of Fall Creek lake. Level 2 means people must prepare to leave at a moment's notice, and this may be the only notice that they receive. Public safety personnel cannot guarantee they will be able to notify people if conditions rapidly deteriorate. As of the morning of August 13, the Bedrock Fire has burned 16,396 acres and is at 20% containment. [and from another] Oregon wildfires: Level 3 Go Now Order Issued for Areas Near Lookout Fire August 13, 2023 A level 3 Go Now evacuation order was issued Sunday night in Lane County. [and from another]

Taking a page from the Maui fires - which sprang up quickly from the ground to melt metal and burn tires and consume anything at ground level where the heat was equivalent to the heart of a volcano -  Bedrock quickly issued evacuation orders. As can be seen from the video of Bedrock, it is the rock that is burning, not the pine trees above.  Oregon is subject to the subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate, causing heat from friction. These are not normal fires that can be doused, but rather ground fires that must be avoided.

SHENYANG, CHINA: Strange light phenomenon caught on video. [and from another] On September 21, 1987 at the United Nations General Assembly President Ronald Reagan said to the world leaders that "Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien threat from outside this world." Former CIA Agent foretold years ago that in 2024 a global event will alter the course of mankind. The world will stand witness to a massive Alien invasion. Thousands of projected holographic Alien warships will blanket the skies. Real military crafts within the holograms will inflict actual damage. [and from another]

This reflection of sunlight bouncing down through a break in the clouds in Shenyang is reminiscent of the String of Pearls shining through a break in the clouds in Missouri in 2017. In the Shenyang photo the Sun is clearly to the back of the photographers, as the shadows on the cars there show. The objects casting light through a break in the clouds is shining light directly down, but the light is reflected sunlight. The two streams of light cast down upon the clouds and fog below is from a String of Pearls, as we predicted in 2017.

Russia’s Luna-25 Space Craft ‘Ceased to Exist’ after Colliding with the Moon August 20, 2023 Luna-25 entered orbit around the Moon last week, and was meant to orbit for just five days before landing on August 21st, but over the weekend, Roscosmos said it was analyzing a “technical glitch” that occurred as it was preparing the craft to move to a pre-landing orbit. Now the organization says Luna-25 has been lost. Landing on the Moon is no mean feat, and efforts to do so are frequently met with failure and disappointment. [and from another] India Makes Historic Moon Landing Amid Global Race to the Lunar South Pole August 23, 2023 India made history as it became the first nation to successfully land a spacecraft near the moon’s South Pole [and from another] India Moon Landing Live News: Chandrayaan-3 first to Land on South Pole August 23, 2023 India successfully lands spacecraft near the moon’s south pole, making it the first country to do so. Indian PM Modi says mission’s success “belongs to all of humanity.” Chandrayaan-3 – “Mooncraft” in Sanskrit – took off from a launchpad in Sriharikota in southern India on July 14. Scientists believe the south pole’s unchartered territory could hold important reserves of frozen water and precious elements. [and from another] India becomes Fourth Country to Land on the Moon, First on the South Pole, with Chandrayaan-3 Spacecraft August 23, 2023 The feat makes India the fourth country – after the then-Soviet Union, the U.S. and China – to land on the moon, and the first to land on one of the moon’s lunar poles. Previously, Russia (then the Soviet Union), the U.S. and China landed spacecraft successfully on the moon. [and from another] China's Jade Rabbit Lunar Rover Ends Mission After 31 Months August 23, 2016 Only meant to operate for three months, China's little rover shattered the old record for longest time operating on the moon. [and from another] Communications between SpaceIL and Beresheet appeared intermittently disrupted, and at the last stage, when the probe was solely under computer control, the probe crashed. Per the Zetas, this crash was under the direction of the Council of Worlds. [and from another] Why Is the Moon’s South Pole So Important? It’s All About Water As NASA prepares to return to the Moon by 2024 as part of its Artemis program, the agency is focusing its efforts on exploring the Moon’s polar regions. These are areas of the Moon which seem to have a lot of water mixed in with the regolith. Some of these craters are permanently in shadow, and might still have large quantities of water, that’s accessible to human and robotic explorers. This is a critical resource, and the Moon might be just the place to help humanity as it pushes out to explore the rest of the Solar System.

Russia’s Luna25 was ambitious, as all other Moon lander failures have been to establish a surveillance site on the Moon that could track migration of survivors and equipment on Earth after disasters. This was of course what Israel under Bibi wanted when he launched the failed Beresheet. The S Pole of the Moon is difficult to image as it is in shadow, so the amount of frozen water there cannot be assessed, but why was India allowed to land on the S Pole while Russia was in essence shot down?

It has long been rumored that the dark side of the Moon is inhabited by aliens, and this is true. These are visitors from the Service-to-Self, who are forced to reside in 3rd Density because they tend to be clumsy and kill themselves and their team mates during density switching to 4th Density. Since the Council of Worlds operates with the Element of Doubt rule so that humans are not overwhelmed with absolute proof that aliens are indeed visiting Earth, allowing man to image their cities on the Dark Side of the Moon or within the S Pole shadows is not allowed.

The Russia launch was going to succeed, so the Service-to-Self aliens scampered to other quarters, deep underground. They knew this would be followed by more efforts as the S Pole water was considered key to establishing a surveillance base on the Moon. But they had time to hide themselves well after exterminating Russia’s Luna25. By allowing the India lander to succeed, they hoped that the water issue would be resolved. Yes the S Pole has water. But any future attempts to establish a base on the S Pole will be resisted.

What happened to Prigozhin's plane yesterday? Was this a dramatization of his death or were they deliberately killed? [and from another] The whole of Russia is disturbed by the news of the shooting down of a business jet carrying the leadership of the PMC "Wagner". Is the physical elimination of Yevgeny Prigozhin a criminal order of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense or something else? [and from another] Wagner Boss Yevgeniy Prigozhin believed to be on Crashed Russian Plane: Live Updates August 23, 2023 Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the Wagner mercenary group chief who led a short-lived mutiny against the Kremlin in June, was listed as a passenger on a plane that crashed in Russia. The crash killed all 10 people onboard, according to the agency. Russia’s emergency services did not immediately confirm whether Prigozhin had been onboard and died. [and from another] Germany says ‘no Accident’ Kremlin in Focus over Prigozhin Death August 24, 2023 It is no accident that the world immediately looks at the Kremlin when a disgraced former confidant of Putin suddenly, literally falls from the sky two months after he attempted a mutiny.

Prigozhin’s death was staged, as many suspect. A small plane under remote guidance, empty body bags carried away, and no living witnesses to be pestered by the media. This all occurred within Russian territory so a closed group was involved. Why did Prigozhin wish to “die”? He was a hunted man, as he absconded with the six billion bribe he received and remained alive to covertly direct his Wagner troops. His staged “death” is unlikely to fool those salivating for revenge.

Please tell us this is somehow part of a bigger plan to prove his innocence because my heart is on the floor. [and from another] Trump's Surrender in the Georgia 2020 Election Subversion Case August 24, 2023 Donald Trump became the first former president with a mug shot when he was placed under arrest at the Fulton County jail. Trump was booked on 13 counts stemming from his efforts to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results — including racketeering, conspiracy charges and soliciting a public official to violate their oath of office. It is the fourth time this year the former president has faced criminal charges. [and from another] President Trump Arrested in Fulton County, Mugshot Released August 24, 2023 The highway in Atlanta was shut down on Thursday evening in Atlanta to make way for the presidential motorcade as it barreled to the Fulton County jail where President Donald Trump would be arrested, finger printed, and photographed, for the release of a mugshot. His bail has been set at $200,000. [and from another] Presidential immunity in the United States Article II, Section 4 provides for which crimes the President shall be removed from office by impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Article I, Section 3, Clause 7 specifies that only a President impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate is further subject to indictment, trial, judgement, and punishment "by law".

You are watching a Movie as Q warned in early 2020. You are also under Martial Law, and have been since the Fall of 2015 when Obama lacked the courage to admit the presence of Nibiru. Part of this Movie is the use of Doubles, to disguise the arrests and execution for Treason at Gitmo. As has been well documented in ZetaTalk newsletters, the CCP had one foot over the border in an invasion during the fraudulent 2020 election.

President Trump and his Junta decided to focus on the most important battles first, as they had multiple fronts to deal with. Antifa riots were in full swing and using the military to quell them would exhaust the Military. Now Antifa has been stopped, the CCP repelled, and the issue of reinstating President Trump can be addressed.  SCOTUS has ruled, and the Senate has impeached the false Biden and instated President Trump as the 2020 winner. This occurred last Memorial Day weekend via the use of Satellite Phones

Now the frantic beneficiaries of the fraudulent Biden Administration are thrashing about to keep President Trump from being returned to public duty. The Military considers him their Commander in Chief but the Main Stream Media is controlled by those who fear President Trump. The Constitution explicitly states that a sitting President cannot be harassed by lawsuits, so it is time for this Movie to end. We have suggested that when Martial Law is openly declared as a result of the pending New Madrid Rupture, that the Junta will casually state that Trump is and has always been President. That time is at hand.

Why is the EBS in US planned for Oct 4? [and from another] Massive emergency alert test will sound alarms on US cellphones, TVs and radios in October August 26, 2023 On Wednesday, October 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET, every TV, radio and cellphone in the United States should blare out the distinctive, jarring electronic warning tone of an emergency alert, accompanied by a notice. Federal emergency management coordinators need to make sure the national alert system is still an effective way to warn Americans about emergencies, natural catastrophes, attacks and accidents at the national level. [and from another] The Atlantic Ocean is getting Wider every Year. Researchers have Finally Figured out Why. August 24, 2023 The Atlantic Ocean grows 1.5 inches wider every year. The tectonic plates undergirding the Americas are separating from those beneath Europe and Africa. But precisely how and why that is happening was a mystery to scientists, since the Atlantic doesn't have the same dense, subducting plates that the Pacific does. [and from another] Why Is the Atlantic Ocean Widening While the Pacific Ocean Is Shrinking? July 8, 2023 Despite its massive size, the Pacific Ocean is actually shrinking. This is due to the Pacific plate, the Earth’s largest tectonic plate, being pushed beneath other plates in a process known as subduction.

The scientists who compute when the current Plate Movement process will result in a New Madrid Rupture do not see this happening before October 4. They are not relying upon ZetaTalk predictions but rather on the historical record of Pacific compression and Atlantic expansion. To take a Severe Wobble into consideration they would have to espouse ZetaTalk. They will not even espouse the possibility of Nibiru coming closer than it is at the moment. Thus the October 4 day is not valid, not based on all the data.