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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 31, 2013

A video about Carlos Muñoz Ferrada prediction and prophecy.  This is a Herculobus prophet but is 90 years old at the time, the video apparently from 1999 as he died in 2001 at the age of 92. An astronomer of record located objects before others, predicted Haley's orbit change which others had not forseen, predicted earthquakes, several of them, with great accuracy. Seems to be a genuine prophet. The Zetas  have already spoken about Herculobus and many others who are NOT a valid prophet claim that prediction. Just like the ZetaTalk ripoff artists who plagarize. This guy is the origin, I think. [and from another]  The star Hercólubus already been detected by the Earth Science, although almost all scientists have hidden. In the Channel 4 television Puerto Rico, on June 28, 1999, Mr. Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, renowned astronomer, scientist seismologist and Chile, announced the features of this "Comet Planet":
1st. - It elliptical orbit as comet mass as a planet, or a planet with a tail.
2nd. - Is about cosmic energy loaded.
3rd. - Does not meet established celestial laws.
4th. - Travel between our Sun and a Sun Black that is 32 trillion kilometers
5th. - Will pass 14 million kilometers from Earth.
6th. - Will end by entering our solar system and can be seen with the naked eye and photographed.
7th. - His arrival will cause a human and geophysical change, bringing change and destruction (it is said that only 10% of humanity will survive).
[and from another]  The famous astronomer, scientist and self-taught seismologist, died in October 2001 in Villa Alemana tranquilla of Vina del Mar in Chile, at age 92, following a lung disease. [and from another]  In our country there have been only three people who have the privilege of having announced the accurate prediction of large earthquakes and destructive earthquakes with numerous casualties and damage: they are the Captain Middleton and Officer Nuño, the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy of Chile, for the great earthquake of 1906, and the scholar Carlos Muñoz Ferrada for Chillán earthquake of 1939, with 40 000 deaths. [and from another]  March 23, 2012 The first news of the approchement an intruder planet in our solar system, from the self Chilean astronomer Ferrada Carlos Muñoz (who died in October 2001 at the age of 92 years). On 11 June 1940 he announced to the world the existence of this planet he called "Planet-Comet" because it has the mass of a planet with the orbit of a comet. His astronomical and geophysical predictions made ??him famous. Later he predicted other earthquakes such as the 1945 Ligua and the 1985 Santiago, Chile. He also announced the trajectory and suffer disruption of Halley's comet, changing its speed, which occurred when the Halley walked 36 hours of its orbital period, to 85 kilometers of the Sun, the distance the shortest in history. To explain their observations and predictions, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada developed the theory of geodynamics, which is based on the attractions of the heavenly bodies, large explosions in the Sun and the cycles of geophysical disturbances. With this method he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate change, he discovered new planets and comets, deciphering their trajectories and other features. He had a special gift: the gift to enter into a trance when he was researching and that, in this state, he wrote and drew what he received, and that it gave him much success as enemies throughout his life. He provided us with other data in the television and multiple media. These data are as follows:
- 92 km / s = speed of the planet Hercolubus turning around the Black Sun.
- 76 km / s = speed of the planet Hercolubus when it revolves around the Sun in the solar system.
- 300 km / s = speed of the planet Hercolubus halfway two suns.
- 14,000,000 km = closest to the Earth in the path of the planet Hercolubus Point.
- 32 billion km = distance from the Sun Black Earth.
- 300,000 km / s = speed of light. 9 460 800 000 000 m = distance traveled by light in one year.
This star pass inside the orbit of the Earth with a satellite speed of 66 kilometers per second, and at the same time, on that date, its perihelion only 139,100,000 km from the Sun. In addition, the undersigned, it is also in the scope of probabilities, determining that this new and attractive gigantic cosmic body can get to straighten the axis of the Earth with great gravity and geophysical disturbances and even it may affect the attraction field of our satellite Moon. Elliptical Earth's orbit would be parallel to the celestial Equator. Both poles removed at the same time, as in the days of the equinoxes in spring and autumn.
[and from another]  Ramatis delivered lectures to standing room only crowds through human instruments like Brazil's Chico Xavier and Luis Muzio. Ramatis discussed the imminent destruction of Earth by an orphan planet named Hercolubus, orbiting an invisible sun named Tila, whose trajectory brought it through the solar system every 6,666 years. [and from another]  In 1950 a celebrated Brazilian medium named Hercilio Maes channeled a prophecy from his guide Ramatis. Maes predicts that the earth's axis will change through ninety degrees due to the gravitational pull of an enormous new planet which will enter our solar system soon.

We were asked to address the prophecies on Hercolubus, directed through several channels by the entity Ramatis. These individuals, who received the messages at various times over the past century, gave various interpretations which are notable more by their consistency than differences. We have stressed, when asked about valid prophecies that seem to differ on some points, to focus on the similarities, as no communication vehicle is perfect. Chico Xavier, Hercilio Maes, and Carlos Muñoz Ferrada all have channeled Ramatis on Hercolubus, aka Planet X, aka Nibiru. Many other authors and frauds have  also attempted to attach themselves to these channeled works.

Some misinterpretations that emerged were an orbit period of 6,666, due to Biblical influences. Another is that Hercolubus must be larger than Jupiter, which was an attempt by some channels to explain the size being relayed during passage, when it will loom as large as the Sun in the swirling dust cloud.  Ramatis, using Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, attempted more precision due to Ferrada’s astronomical skills. Reknowned for his ability to predict a major earthquakes in Chile and for his ability to describe a change in the orbit of Haley’s Comet before it occurred, Ferrada got more specific. Nevertheless, his message as received is not 100% accurate.

ZetaTalk is a telepathic conversation. There is feedback where Nancy relays what she has understood, and we correct the interpretation. Material is repeatedly addressed, over the years, and the readership has noted a remarkable correlation from one piece of ZetaTalk material to another, years later. Consistency is a hallmark of ZetaTalk because of this feedback mechanism. The message is not scrambled. ZetaTalk was accurate enough to pinpoint in 1997 where Planet X, aka Nibiru, would appear in March, 2003 some 6 years later. This prediction was so close to that RA and Dec on arrival that it was astonishing.

Ferrada worked as a channel, as did others receiving the Ramatis information. A channel allows the entity to use the body and mind, and thus is limited by what the mind of the channel can encompass. Channeled work is thus often vague, or if precise, the precision is inserted later by the channel who is attempting to record the message received. How else to explain differences in channeled work from the same entity? That said, what are the similarities and differences between the Ferrada interpretation and the ZetaTalk message?

Earlier this year an alleged dying ex-CIA director was interviewed and claimed he was sent to Area 51 /  S4 by President Eisenhower to find out what was happening, Eisenhower apparently said he would send the first army to invade Area 51 if his officers were not provided with details of what was going on there.   He claims he saw the ships and a live alien which was reported back to Eisenhower.  Is this person legit and telling the truth?  We will see more of this as many of the people involved in the cover-up reach the end of their lives?  [and from another]  Eisenhower 1953-1961, Vice President Nixon [and from another] It is part of MJ12 lore that Presidents were NOT members of MJ12, but Vice Presidents were. I (Nancy) can attest that I saw Gore all the time during my engagement with MJ12, but Clinton not at all. My engagement went from 1992 to 2000, at which time Bush and Cheney stole the election and the Governing Boards of MJ12 "committed suicide" and ended it, officially. [and from another]  A President of the United States had to threaten a military base with a military invasion if that base did not reveal to him what was going on. Initially, the President was told that what was at the base was too important even for him to know about. It was only under that direct threat of an ordered invasion by the 101st Airborne by the President of the United States Area-51 complied and it’s unprecedented. [and from another]  NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were interpreted to mean that no one at the top wanted to know anything about it until it was over and successful. These actions established a buffer between the President and the information. It was intended that this buffer serve as a means for the President to deny knowledge if leaks divulged the true state of affairs. This buffer was used in later years for the purpose of effectively isolating succeeding Presidents from any knowledge of the alien presence other than what the Secret Government and the Intelligence Community wanted them to know.

This video is legitimate, the dying ex CIA agent telling the truth. As with Bill Cooper and Bob Dean and others who have broken with their code of silence to bring the truth to the public, the story is 100% true. Why would President Eisenhower be denied information on activities at Area 51? We mentioned at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that President, but not their Vice Presidents, were kept in the dark about MJ12 activities. Bill Cooper states this was to provide the president with deniability, but there were power games afoot.

Eisenhower heard rumors, and consulted his Vice President, Nixon. The rule that he was to be kept in the dark infuriated him, as Generals are not used to such treatment in the best of times. Area 51, and the CIA elements working with the DOD, were working hand in glove with the Service-to-Self aliens who had loaned them space ships and promised them technological rewards. This was all a lie, of course, but there were many in the CIA and DOD, members of MJ12, who saw themselves controlling the world. Eisenhower sensed this and demanded regular briefings thereafter. Neither he nor MJ12 wanted a public fight over the issue. Subsequently, any president challenging MJ12 self-determination was killed, ala JFK.

Syria using poisonous gas on it's own people makes no sense, especially from the oppressive regime's own point of view. They've murdered as many as 100,000 people without gas -- so why do it now, when using only gas is the thing that would draw Obama and the U.S. into the conflict. My question is 2-part: Is someone else with a particular motive behind this heinous act? And if so, does Obama know who is responsible?  [and from another]  [and from another]

The use of poison gas in Syria was arranged by Israel. Of course it wasn’t Israeli soldiers. Of course they were very much behind the scenes in supplying the rebels. Not just a hand away, but many hands away, so that it would be impossible, literally, to trace where the gas came from. This is arranged by killing those intermediaries. A passes to B and B passes to C and both A and B die, and it goes on like that through over a dozen now-dead intermediaries. And why did they do this? If the US gets involved in Syria, it will bleed over, they hope, into Iran. Iran has been backing Assad. The US will fight their war and they can go on taking land from the Palestinians. Everybody will look away and they will have the US as their own private army.

Will this ever be proven? No. Will this be suspected? Yes. So therefore, a war will not be started here. Assad it not going to be pummeled by the US. It will be announced that it was a false flag, the rebels did it. This is nothing different than has already been announced in previous times. And meanwhile the announcement about the passage of Nibiru will happen and therefore everyone will be distracted and Syria will be treated like the civil war that it is. The cataclysmic changes caused by the Pole Shift are going to speed this up by forcing people to get along or die, and allowing retribution against those who have been trying to grab oil and grab land.

This year seems to be worst wildfire at many western states. There’s couple of things you might ask Zeta about those wildfires. One of them claim it is done by terrorists  Moreover, another caused by drought from spaying chemtrails.  Can these wildfires started by arsonists to create jobs?    What does Zeta say about worst firestorms. [and from another]  The numbers are staggering and the prospects are scary as a still-growing California wildfire menaces Yosemite National Park and San Francisco's water supply. [and from another]  In the summer of 2013, there were several major wildfires in Colorado in the United States. During June and July, record high temperatures and dry conditions fueled the fires all across the state. [and from another]  Firefighters, aided by subdued winds, pressed their tactical advantage for the second day of a major air and ground offensive against an Idaho wildfire that has forced the evacuation of more than 2,000 homes near the world-class ski resort of Sun Valley. [and from another]  There are 49 large fires burning in 11 western states. In the mountains of Utah, smoke still billowed nearly a week after a fire was set off by lightning. The smoke nearly almost blocked the sunrise in Idaho.

Wildfires are a direct result of several factors outside of man’s control. Drought, which has become more intractable and severe because of the weather wobbles caused by the presence of Planet X. One can see from maps of 2013 drought and low humidity levels that these areas directly correspond to the areas currently suffering wildfires. Heat lightning, which occurs without rain, can spark tinder dry scrub, and the atmospheric turmoil caused by the increasingly violent wobble drags air layers across one another, encouraging these lightning strikes. Since the Earth wobble has been a forbidden subject, conspiracy theorists have attempted to fill the void.

Today they announced element 115 for the periodic table. Zetatalk has discussed this previously after Bob Lazar talked about this element extensively following his employment at S4 (Area 51) whilst trying to reverse engineer STS alien craft. Is this just coincidence or was this news release planned?  It happens to fit quite nicely, just over a week after the existence of Area 51 being announced in the news as discussed in last weeks Zetatalk.  The news article even mentions UFO's. [and from another]
[and from another] 'Ununpentium' is a heavy man-made element and is currently 115th in the periodic table. Some people have claimed ununpentium is used by UFOs as a component in gravity wave generators.  However, due to its unstable nature, its uses in the real world are likely to be few and far between. [and from another] Bob Lazar
[and from another] All elements from atomic numbers 1 to 118 have been discovered or synthesized. The elements from 1 to 98 have been found to exist naturally, although some are found only in trace amounts and were initially discovered by synthesis in laboratories. The elements after 98 have only been synthesized in laboratories.

Element 115 is among the heavy metals that do not occur naturally, but are manufactured. It is one of the elements we use to force density shifting and faster-than-light space travel. Thus man, who does not have this ability, has been salivating over the possibility of manufacturing Element 115 since the early days of MJ12. Is man now on the verge of space flight and gravity control? Hardly. The element degrades the instant it is manufactured, nor is possession of Element 115 anything more than the first step in a long series of steps.

Why are matters such as the manufacture of Element 115 and the reality of Area 51 suddenly in the press at the current time? They relate to UFOs and the alien presence, which will become a white hot topic of discussion soon. The cover-up is currently unraveling, and the announcement over the nearby presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, will accelerate the process. It will be obvious that ZetaTalk, and only ZetaTalk was correct on dozens of topics, including mankind’s science misconceptions. It will be obvious that the ZetaTalk information is not and has not been coming from Nancy.

Last few days, there is a lot of weak and medium earthquakes and tremors here in Balcans, I presume it is the trimester end effect. Last two days, I can feel symmetric vibrations, in regular pattern. The vibrations are constant for two days now, they increase every 20 to 30 seconds in average, and then decrease after around 5-10 seconds. They seem to me they are too harmonic and too high in frequency to be of natural origin, rather it feels like some heavy machine is producing vibrations. Could Zetas explain the reason, are that humming boxes vibrating or is this something else? [and from another] I get mine here in Wisconsin between 2-3 am. The bed actually shakes. Last night our most sensitive kitty was crying for an hour at that time.

What is termed the “hum” is actually a vibration that is felt more than heard. The Earth wobble, which is caused by tugging or pushing by Planet X on magnetic points on the globe’s crust, creates the 7 of 10 plate movements, and of course these movements are preceded by tension and torquing in the rock. The rock can be compressed or stretched or twisted. Any of these maneuvers creates vibrations because rock layers are dragged across each other, snag, and when the snags release there is a jerk forward and a bounce back – in other words, a vibration. Steady state stretch zones will get these vibrations continuously. Where the zone is only subject to a daily wobble stress, the vibrations will come at a regular time of day or night.