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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 30, 2023

So now the Burning Man turned into a situation where the desert turned to acidic mud and the airport and roads were closed. I can't make any connection why the airport and roads would be closed so over 70000 people cannot egress. Why? [and from another] Burning Man 2023: With no Estimate of Reopening Time, Burners Party in the Rain and Mud September 2, 2023 Burning Man has closed its entrance and exits gates and told its approximately 73,000 attendees to conserve food, fuel and water as continuing rains make driving off the Black Rock Desert near-impossible and authorities investigated a death at the event. Rain over the last 24 hours has created a situation that required a full stop of vehicle movement on the playa. All vehicle traffic within the encampment has been halted, including servicing for the thousands of portable toilets that make the event possible. Even walking was treacherous as thick, slimy mud clung to shoes and anything else it touched. [and from another] Roads out of Burning Man may Reopen Today for the Tens of Thousands still Trapped there after Rain Deluged the Area with Mud September 4, 2023 Roads out of the Burning Man festival may reopen Monday for the tens of thousands of people trapped for a third day in the Nevada desert after heavy rains covered the grounds with ankle-deep mud too thick to drive on and forced organizers to impose shelter-in-place orders. As roads in and out remain closed, attendees were stepping up and offering food and shelter to those who need it. Burning Man also described high morale among attendees who were sharing resources. [and from another] Revelers are Catching HYPOTHERMIA and Fleeing to Local Bars for Warmth as Torrential Rain and Biting Winds cause Havoc at Nevada Hippie Festival September 2, 2023 Normally a sun-soaked extravaganza of art and self-expression, Burning Man 2023 has instead been hampered by freezing sleet, dust clouds and swamp-like conditions. Sources told unexpected issues have seen organizers urge attendees with RVs and large vehicles to offer shelter to tent campers, and have advised people to conserve food and water. [and from another] Wicker Man A wicker man was purportedly a large wicker statue in which the druids (priests of Celtic paganism) sacrificed humans and animals by burning. There is some archaeological evidence of human sacrifice among Celtic peoples, although it is rare. In the mid-1st century BC, Caesar wrote in his Commentary on the Gallic War that a large wickerwork figure with limbs was filled with living men and set on fire. He says that criminals were the preferred victims, but that innocent people might also be burned if there were no criminals. [and from another] Grinch He then realizes that the holiday has a deeper meaning that he never considered. Inspired, he stops the Whos' belongings from falling off the edge of the mountain, and in the process, his heart grows "three sizes". He returns all the gifts he stole and gladly takes part in the Whos' Christmas celebration.

Despite its ghoulish origins, the Burning Man celebration is just a big party. Of course the Drought and deluge we predicted in 1995 does not honor celebration dates, so the desert became a mud hole. The lesson to be learned here is that sharing resources and caring for others who are wet and shivering is a reward on its own. Forget the party, love and empathy bloomed. This is lasting and this is what grows the soul, as the Grinch story states. That night his heart grew to be 3 times larger.

My cousin in Sumbawa, Indonesia recorded this video of three UFOs performing an aerial display over her town last night (they appeared green in color). Can you please ask the Zetas what does it mean? I know that Sumbawa which is just East of Bali is on the southern boundary of the Sunda plate and that this plate is currently undergoing adjustments as mentioned on ZetaTalk and seen on the news in China. Will this area experience an earthquake in the near future?

This is a tsunami warning. While Aceh is fresh in memory for the devastating tsunami that occurred there in 2004, this part of Indonesia has an unfortunate placement. As the Indo-Australian Plate tilts and rises on its eastern end, Indonesia subducts. There is a China blowout in process and Pacific compression too. The UFO orbs show the tide on the left hand side, from the West, as approaching land on the right hand side, then the tide rises above as tidal bore will do, and then the tide washes back out. Listen to the animals, as during Aceh the elephants ran for the hills carrying their riders with them. They knew.  

Beijing Bay and Evansville Indiana both reversed directions? Same day same time? What caused this? [and from another] Sept 5: Shandong China: 3.69km S <0.1km E : Sept 6: Shandong, China: 6.47km S 166.5km E : Sept 7: Shandong, China: 167.4 km N 1.1km E : Sept 2: Evansville, Indiana 1.85km N 2.15km W -36' elev. loss : Sept 5: Evansville, Indiana: <0.1km S 1.84km W : Sept 7: Evansville, Indiana: 1.85km S 2.8km E [and from another] Space Segment The GPS space segment consists of a constellation of satellites transmitting radio signals to users. The United States is committed to maintaining the availability of at least 24 operational GPS satellites, 95% of the time. To ensure this commitment, the U.S. Space Force has been flying 31 operational GPS satellites for well over a decade. GPS satellites fly in medium Earth orbit (MEO) at an altitude of approximately 20,200 km (12,550 miles). Each satellite circles the Earth twice a day. [and from another] Then it was reported that during that same period - from June 10 to June 20 - the GPS map returned from GPS satellites down to the Sinai likewise had a scrambled appearance. [and from another] Global Positioning System A GPS receiver calculates its position by precisely timing the signals sent by the GPS satellites high above the Earth. Each satellite continually transmits messages containing the time the message was sent, precise orbital information (the ephemeris), and the general system health and rough orbits of all GPS satellites (the almanac). The receiver measures the transit time of each message and computes the distance to each satellite. Geometric trilateration is used to combine these distances with the location of the satellites to determine the receiver's location.

We predicted that the GPS Satellites would falter back in 2009 when many people reported false readings. The wobble has a slight influence on GPS readings day to day but the extreme change from S to N etc in both China and Evansville indicates something else going on. The GPS satellites, which Google Earth uses, are geostationary, a network that is positioned over set spots on Earth below. If the wobble pushes the globe outside of the expected locations, then such readings would occur. Thus, these readings, happening in both China and N America, show the globe being pushed beyond what has been happening. The Severe Wobble in process.

Can the Zetas explain why the Dark Twin is looming this close and large in this capture? [and from another] Don't know if you have seen this one yet. I think there was a similar video a while back showing the planet, I think the twin planet, rotating. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Now a recent video has again captured the Dark Twin as a Monster. This is taken on August 8, 2017 from a cam called Misty Fjords on an island in Canada’s British Columbia, which has a South facing cam that can capture a view of the Dark Twin behind the Earth in their shared orbit on the right hand side of the view. [and from another]

The Dark Twin has come up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, but cannot pass until the gyrations of the Last Weeks gives it opportunity to move on along their shared orbit. Prior to that time the Dark Twin attempts to slip behind the Earth. Thus it could be found in various locations and captured on film. Most often these captures are of a Monster Persona where the light reflected off its surface fans out but is then bent back toward the Earth, thus displaying what appears to be a large object.

It is coming closer. What are the big holes seen in the cloud cover in the 2023 image captures? This is once again a Monster Persona so the size and features can be distorted. The Dark Twin does not have atmosphere as it has no water, but its black surface can capture light rays thus giving the impression of holes. Has it grown larger since 2010? The Monster Persona can appear huge but by comparing those images with those of similar definition, one can see that it has come closer.

Is the severe wobble, now initiated by the Council of Worlds, causing all these storms and massive flooding in Libya? [and from another]10,000 People are Missing and Thousands are Feared Dead as Eastern Libya is Devastated by Floods September 12, 2023 As the storm pounded the coast, Derna residents said they heard loud explosions and realized that dams outside the city had collapsed. Flash floods were unleashed down Wadi Derna, a river running from the mountains through the city and into the sea. Videos posted online by residents showed large swaths of mud and wreckage where the raging waters had swept away neighborhoods on both banks of the river. Multi-story apartment buildings that once were well back from the river had facades ripped away and concrete floors collapsed. Cars lifted by the flood were left dumped on top of each other.

The Africa Roll has picked up the pace recently, as could be seen from the frequent squeeze in the Suez Canal and the pressure upon the foot of Africa where it is being forced into the void of the S Atlantic. Just as the waters of the Mediterranean suddenly went missing last February due to the sudden void in the Mediterranean Sea, this most recent drop along the northern border of Africa created a slosh. Water pours into the void and splashes back out, this time to bound toward the coastline of Libya. Rains or even a flood from a broken dam will not scour the coastline in this way. This was caused by aggressive tsunami waves.

I found out via downdetector that it was in various locations across the UK that there was an issue with YT/FB/Yahoo mail/nings/Gab/X etc. So it wasn't a local thing at all. [and from another] [and from another]

There is more than one way to disable an opponent. China fears the US will take advantage when the China blowout weakens her defenses. NATO in Europe wants the US to assist them in the Ukraine battles but the Junta has refused. Thus they are at war over this issue. NATO assumes that the US is about to get in bed with Russia, especially since President Trump is about to be reinstated. And internally within the US the Deep State among the leftists on the West Coast are trying to delay the exit of the Biden Administration. The sites under attack in the US are communication hubs in Chicago and Colorado.

I keep seeing this reduction in traffic through the Panama Canal, and now it has been stopped completely. They say low rainfall but seems to me the Canal gets it’s water from the ocean. I mean it is a canal. Is this the correct reason, or spin to cover the South American Wobble or NM Event? Would you or the Zeta’s please comment on this? [and from another] Hundreds of ships are piling up on each side of the Panama Canal, which 40% of all international cargo goes through A major drought has hit the fresh water lake fed locking system Canal which is fed by river Ships are being ordered to travel with 40% less weight to deal with less water The Panama government said these restrictions will last at least 10 MORE MONTHS. What is causing this major drought? [and from another] The Panama Canal Has Stopped! September 13, 2023 Forty percent (40%) of the Global Supply Chain came to a halt today as the Panama Canal shut down.  Ships are presently stuck on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sides of the canal because the FRESHWATER lake, which supplies the locks between the two oceans, has suffered a drought and can no longer fill the locks to allow ships to sail through the canal. Because of the severely reduced freshwater supply, Ships are being ordered to travel with 40% less weight to deal with less water.  The Panama government said these restrictions will last at least 10 MORE MONTHS. [and from another] [and from another] On August 26 we see evidence that S America is in a waggle, leaning backwards into the Atlantic. The clues are that quakes along the Andes are clustered at the armpit along the Nazca Plate, which it being pulled open. For the normal lean into the Pacific, quakes along the Andes range top to bottom. Then there is the Google Earth satellite reading, showing Venezuela far to the EAST from the previous day. Then there is the distress on the Heliplot charts for S America. And finally, the fact that the Panama platelet being snapped off is getting a rest, as the lean back relieves the pressure. The waggle allows the Toe to lift over the hump of the Caribbean Plate, expediting the New Madrid Rupture.

We have explained the S America waggle as occurring as the S Pacific compresses, forcing S America to lean back into the Atlantic rather than its normal lean into the Pacific. A waggle thus allows the SE Portion toe to escape over the hump of the Caribbean Plate, expediting the New Madrid Rupture process. S America is currently in a perpetual waggle. Meanwhile the waggle also allows the Mainland Portion of the US to drop down upon Mexico and the Cocos Plate, in essence trapping the Caribbean in a waggle state.

To ease the pressure on Central America, a hook of the Nazca Plate is preparing to snap off and become a platelet. What does this do to Panama? This trauma is directly below Panama and as platelets can shift around and be unpredictable this has an unknown effect on traffic through the Panama Canal. The Suez Canal has had to deal with tight scheduling and delays because of the African Roll. The Panama Canal will have to do likewise until the New Madrid Adjustment has completed.

What are we seeing here? Wolf Creek, CO. Bottom looks like DT, dramatic top is a lens flare, or something else? 4:21 pm in the afternoon. [and from another]

By looking to the right of the setting Sun at 4:21 pm, the camera is capturing the image of the Dark Twin as a direct reflection of an object to the left - approaching from the West along the orbit shared with the Earth. There are two objects to be captured thus – the Monster Persona which is enlarged to appear larger than it is in reality, and the real object larger than Venus but smaller than the Earth’s Moon. The Dark Twin is Earth sized, and if seen without size adjustments would be this large. As was known from the start when the Dark Twin was first sighted, it is a black hulk and reflects only blue and yellow light. Thus in this capture it appears blue.

What is this Tripledemic all about? A trick to get the Covid boosters forced on people? [and from another] CDC recommends updated Covid-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older September 12, 2023 Everyone ages 6 months and older should get an updated Covid-19 vaccine, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, to help lower the risk of severe illness, hospitalization or death from the coronavirus. [and from another] How to Avoid the Tripledemic of Respiratory Diseases This Winter September 16, 2023 “Tripledemic“ jumped into our vocabulary and lives last year, referring to the winter surges of three respiratory viruses—RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), flu (influenza), and COVID-19. The tripledemic of 2022 infected millions, overwhelmed hospital systems, and killed more than 100,000 people in the U.S. over the 4-month peak span of these viruses. [and from another] US CDC Expects 'Tripledemic' Hospitalizations to Remain High this Year vs Pre-Pandemic Levels September 14, 2023 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it expects the total number of hospitalizations from COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus infections and flu this year to be similar to last year, higher than pre-pandemic levels. The government health agency also said it expects flu and RSV infections to increase over the fall and winter seasons. Vaccines for all three major respiratory viruses – COVID-19, flu, and RSV – will be available this fall. [and from another] CDC Warns of Another 'Tripledemic' this Winter: Agency says Covid, RSV and Flu could Overwhelm Hospitals again - after Mask-Wearing and Lockdowns Weakened People's Immune Systems September 15, 2023 A 'tripledemic' of Covid, flu and RSV this winter could be on the horizon. While the spread of the respiratory viruses is low at the moment, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has started to see an uptick in positive Covid tests and Covid-related emergency department visits. Covid hospitalizations are also rising.

The Fall of the year is traditionally when the annual flu shot is administered. This year, in the Fall of 2023, there is much reluctance in the populace to get a flu shot because of the Sudden Death syndrome that arrived with the Covid-19 vaccines, along with huge blood clots and nerve damage like Guillain-Barre paralysis. The WEF depopulation agenda was also assisted by the Pfizer vaccines by inducing abortions and even reducing sperm count. Yet Pfizer and other mRNA vaccines have never been called to account and the true statistics are hidden by the media and the Biden Administration.

The standard Fall shots will be included this year with Covid-19 boosters. Is this safe? No one trusts the CDC or the UN, who have yet to explain the high death rate and lingering immune system damage done by the Covid-19 vax and boosters. This places the common man in a quandary, as due to the lockdowns and masks during the pandemic, the normal immunity developed within the populace is now low. Fortunately for those in the US, the Junta is poised to return President Trump who is calling for the facts to be released by vaccine makers. The obvious solution is to drop the Covid-19 boosters.

Giorgia Meloni the Prime Minister of Italy was far right radical Regarding the refugee policy. She didn't want Italy to be overrun by refugees or immigrants. She won the elections in Italy 2022 and became their prime minister. But today she looks much younger than she did while she was campaigning. She was far more serious during her campaign in 2023. Did the dark side replace her?  The Brussels mafia obviously didn't like her. She seemed to have enemies regarding her refugee policy. I also think she made some strange comments not too long ago where she was not as tough on immigration policy as she used to be while she campaigned during the Italian election. Or is it just simple cosmetic surgery? It seems the body doubles always look younger than the original ones do so I'm suspicious. And if she has been replaced What is the cause of this? To make her more obedient to Italy's migration policy? [and from another] Giorgia Meloni: Italian PM who Broke the Internet after G20, Everything you Must Know about Giorgia Meloni September 14, 2023 The Italian prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has sent the netizens on a meltdown after her candid rendezvous with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 Summit in New Delhi. Her glaring camaraderie was also highly watched with other Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden and UK PM Rishi Sunak. But Who is Giorgia Meloni? What is her political history? Why is she compared to fascist dictator Mussolini? [and from another] EU Pledges Crackdown on Brutal Migrant Smuggling during Visit to Overwhelmed Italian Island September 17, 2023 EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pledged the swift return of irregular migrants to their home countries and a crackdown on the brutal business of migrant smuggling Sunday during a visit with Italy's premier to a tiny fishing island overwhelmed with nearly 7,000 arrivals in a single day this week. Tensions have spiked on the island, which is closer to Tunisia than the Italian mainland, with residents expressing impatience with the constant flow of migrants trying to reach Europe from North Africa arriving on their shores not just this week but for decades. [and from another] Italy Works to Transfer Thousands of Migrants who Reached a Tiny Island in a Day September 14, 2023 The Red Cross said there were still 4,200 migrants at the center out of the 6,800 who reached the tiny tourist and fishing island in a flotilla of some 120 boats that set out from Tunisia. Commercial ferries and Italian military vessels were taking newcomers from Lampedusa to mainland Italy. [and from another] A Flotilla of Migrant Boats from Tunisia Overwhelms an Italian Island and Tests Meloni's Policy September 13, 2023 A flotilla of flimsy boats, crowded with migrants and launched from Tunisia, overwhelmed a tiny southern Italian island on Wednesday, taxing the coast guard's capability to intercept the smugglers  vessels and testing Premier Giorgia Meloni's pledge to thwart irregular migration. Compounding the political pressure on Italy's first post-war far-right leader were vows by France and Germany to rebuff migrants who arrive by sea on Italian shores, and, in defiance of European Union asylum system rules, head northward to try to find jobs or relatives.

Has the newly elected PM of Italy - Giorgia Meloni - been replaced by a Double? She took a hard line against immigrants prior to her election and seems to have softened her policy since. She also looks younger. As we stated in 2016 when a dying German engineer reported he worked on bunkers under Germany, equipped for Muslim immigrants instead of for the citizenry of Germany, the EU elite wants the young immigrants to be their militia in future. They are doing double speak re immigration thus. Yes, Meloni was replaced as her view was not in line with the EU elite.

I have to ask. The 'lost' F-35 fighter jet is a victim to Nibiru's tail or is there something else going on? [and from another] As Marines Continue to Search for F-35 after 'Mishap,' Officials Order 2-Day Stand-Down for all Jets September 18, 2023 No Marine Corps units are allowed to fly until they have a two-day discussion about safety measures and procedures. The missing F-35's pilot "safely ejected from the aircraft. The jet was left on autopilot when the pilot ejected. [and from another] [and from another] Debris field found in search for missing F-35 in South Carolina, officials say September 18, 2023 A debris field has been found in South Carolina during the search for a F-35 fighter jet that had gone missing after a "mishap" on Sunday, military officials confirmed in a statement. Officials said the debris was found in Williamsburg County some two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston, which is now handing off command to the Marine Corps. [and from another] That Jet the Marines Lost? Taxpayers will Pay $1.7 Trillion for the F-35 Program September 18, 2023 The exact amount of money for a single aircraft like the one that went missing is somewhere around $100 million. The entire F-35 program is on track to cost $1.7 trillion over the lifetime of the plane. The F-35 is what’s known as a “stealth” fighter, which means it is supposed to be able to avoid detection by enemies. Maybe a little too stealth. Many US allies – Canada, Germany, Japan and others – also buy F-35s from Lockheed. The F-35, as developed by Lockheed at the request of the US military, was supposed to be the jack-of-all-jets, with versions to do different jobs for the Air Force, the Navy and the Marines.

Why did the F-35 jet falter and go rogue into a crash? The crash will be examined with cause of death determined, but meanwhile all jets are grounded so more such accidents do not occur. The pilot is alive and can give a report. This is unlikely to be a faulty part as the F-35 has been in operation for years in a number of countries. This F-35 encountered a new electronic maze due to the magnetic storms that Nibiru is increasingly sending to the Earth, combined with the rock ripping emissions that are rising underwater off the East Coast of the US.

MH370 went rogue when it flew over water that had land below the water under a ripping stress due to the start of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements. This attracted an EMP storm which killed the crew and passengers from lack of oxygen and put MH370 into auto-pilot. This same scenario affected the F-35 off coast of S Carolina. The combination of water and electronic screech under the water when Nibiru is wafting his charged tail about is deadly for planes. AF447 also went over a plate border mid-Atlantic and suffered the same fate.

Sikhs are numerous in Canada (over 2% of our population) and quite militant, and Trudeau wouldn't say what he did without a directive from his White Hat handlers. [and from another] What is Khalistan: The Sikh Separatist Movement behind Tensions between Canada and India September 19, 2023 The diplomatic relationship between Canada and India exploded this week when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau levelled the accusation that India had been involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen at a Sikh temple in British Columbia in June. Hardeep Singh Nijjar, 45, was shot dead outside a gurdwara in Surrey, B.C., on June 18. A leader among the Sikh diaspora in Canada, Nijjar had been active with a group supporting the push for an independent Sikh homeland in northern India called Khalistan. [and from another] India Suspends Visa Services in Canada as Diplomatic Fight Grows September 21, 2023 Trudeau told Parliament that there were "credible allegations" of Indian involvement in the assassination of Sikh independence activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who had been wanted by India for years and was gunned down outside a Sikh temple in Surrey, B.C., on June 18. India continued to call the allegations being investigated in Canada absurd and an attempt to shift attention from the presence of Nijjar and other wanted suspects in Canada.

Why should it be surprising that India special forces might kill a militant Sikh who happens to be a Canadian citizen living on Canadian soil? The Mossad and CIA assassinate whom they please all over the world, overturning lawful elections or just eliminating opponents, and this is accepted as normal behavior. The reason India and Canada are getting into a fuss over this is because both India and Canada are considered benign and friendly countries. This is akin to having your grandma revealed as Genghis Khan. A shock.

If Nijjar was a pest the Indian government would like to see eliminated, one trying to hide out in Canada for his own protection, he was likewise a worry for Canada who saw Nijjar trying to build a new empire in British Colombia. Why then is Trudeau raising a fuss? Canada wants to discourage the influx of Indian citizens, whether tourists or immigrants, due to their constant terrorist worries. Thus Canada needs an excuse to shut down Visas. Did Canada kill Nijjar for these reasons? Yes, upon the White Hats’ directives.

Would the Zetas care to comment on New Orleans saltwater intrusion? [and from another] Google Earth readings for September 9: “Everyplace else lost elevation from Aug: Merida, Yucatan -38', Chicago -587, 'Thebes. Ill. -418', Pine Bluff, Ark -216', Lafayette, La -29', Evansville, Ind -373', New Madrid, Mo -297' “ [and from another] Saltwater Intrusion in Mississippi River could Impact Drinking Water in Louisiana September 23, 2023 New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has signed an emergency declaration over an intrusion of saltwater into the Mississippi River that officials say could impact the water supply in the region. [and from another] Water Levels on the Mississippi River are Plummeting for the Second Year in a Row September 21, 2023 The low water levels have made a unique rock formation in the Mississippi River, usually surrounded by water, accessible by foot, and the Army Corps of Engineers is increasing the size of a levee in Louisiana to prevent saltwater from surging into drinking water in New Orleans.

In describing the 7 of 10 Plate Movements in 2010 we explained that the New Madrid Adjustment would result in the SE Portion of N America bouncing up and moving toward the Northeast, while the Mainland Portion pulls down and to the Southwest. As can be seen by the SO2 Methane emission maps, the SE Portion and Mainland Portion are being pulled apart. How does one confirm that elevations are dropping throughout the Mainland?  Satellite readings confirm the drop, and a lower elevation on the western side of the lower Mississippi River also confirms the drop. How else is seawater from the Gulf flowing North up the Mississippi River?

Coincidence they happened just before quakes? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]

As with earthquake clouds, which are adjustments in the clouds due to emissions from the ground, these odd clouds are due to emissions from the ground. The Petrol is normally orange-red but due to ground magnetic draw, the Iron Oxide is pulled to the lower part of the cloud. Thus, more visible from Earth. This is a type of earthquake cloud.

We have no debt anymore! [and from another] Jack Straw jumps in [and from another] 13 Families - Game over  [and from another] I trust this guy 100% [and from another] October 2015 Gen. Dunford takeover of Fed Indeed, as Fulford reported, the website was down, though the domain registration was effective until 2016. This represented the private management of the Federal Reserve. The US government management of the Federal Reserve, on was firmly in place. [and from another] The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 The Federal Reserve Act presented by Congressman Carter Glass and Senator Robert L. Owen incorporated modifications by Woodrow Wilson and allowed for a regional Federal Reserve System, operating under a supervisory board in Washington, D.C. Congress approved the Act, and President Wilson signed it into law on December 23, 1913. The Act, "Provided for the establishment of Federal Reserve Banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes.

As is known, western banks cannot compete with the BRICS network unless they are allowed to crash and be rebuilt from the ashes like a Phoenix. The 1913 contract with the Rothschild banks gave control of the US Dollar printing press to them, wherein they could print dollars on the US press, loan them back to the US, and charge interest on this loan. Not their presses, not their dollars, but they get the interest. Then this huge interest debt is claimed to be a stone around necks of the offspring of US citizens.

Now this banking arrangement is being allowed to die of insolvency. A US debt owed to the Rothschild banks dies because the debtor is insolvent and cannot make the payments. This is the first step to reorganizing the US banking system. Quietly behind the scenes banks within the US are being reorganized under new rules. Forgiveness of debts already paid by interest may be in the near future, and certainly refusing to pay interest on the supposed Nation Debt is included. The 1913 contract died on September 23, 2023.

Lots of normies seem to be talking about what happened in Maui, even though it's been over a month. Why did so many things that were blue survive the Lahaina fires? From cars to stacks of t-shirts, and then there's an article about the elite - and local govt - painting their homes blue last year, particularly the roofs. [and from another] Check Out the Things that Mysteriously Didn’t Burn in the Lahaina Disaster that Should have if it was Really just a Freak Wildfire. August 27, 2023 Why did seemingly everything blue, including houses, cars, umbrellas, and planters, remain unscathed while everything of all other colors turned into gray ash? [and from another] Greg Reese: Maui Fires and Directed Energy Weapons (from 2:12 - 2:41) [and from another]

As can be shown from the Microwave effect on various colors, the color blue is resistant to lasers. The color emits Photons in a faster wave length, but how would that block another particle flow such as Microwave? It is the crowding effect we have often mentioned whereby particles want to crowd together by attraction but also want to escape this crowding. We have explained this as God’s plan to create an active Universe, not stagnant. Blue is a high frequency and high energy wave length, which means the blue Photons are moving rapidly and intensely crowded.  

If this repels various lasers such as Microwave, then it would repel the blast from hot ground caused by friction during the Pacific Plate overlap that occurred during the Maui fire. Heat is a particle flow, as is Gravity from Gravitons and Magnetism from Magnetons and the well-known Electricity from Electrons. But the particle flow arising from hot ground at Maui was more than just the Heat particle flow, as mankind only knows a tiny percentage of the particles flowing in and around their Earth. Objects that avoided being incinerated at Maui include houses of the wealthy on high ground, which buffers the heat arising from the ground. Blue color or roof is also a technique to cool the house in hot weather.