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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 28, 2022

New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811–12 Ground shaking was felt as far away as Canada in the north and the Gulf Coast in the south. Eyewitness accounts noted that the shaking rang church bells as far away as Boston, Massachusetts, and brought down chimneys in Cincinnati, Ohio [and from another] Summary of 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes Sequence They were by far the largest east of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and Canada. The area of strong shaking associated with these shocks is two to three times as large as that of the 1964 Alaska earthquake and 10 times as large as that of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. [and from another] The Great Midwest Earthquake of 1811 Tuttle’s team excavated potsherds, spear points and corn kernels and realized that many of the sand blows were more than 200 years old. “Some had archaeological sites on top of them with 2,000-year-old artifacts,”?Tuttle says. “There’s no way the New Madrid earthquakes were a one-time freak event.” The Midwest had been slammed by violent quakes around A.D. 1450 and 900 and 2350 B.C.—and probably more often. [and from another]

We predicted that the New Madrid rupture will be “a huge jolt, with little warning”. History shows that the last adjustment in 1811 had a similar arrival. There was no warning. It was sudden. What would cause the Mainland Portion to suddenly slide to the SW, tearing the New Madrid Fault Line from the tip of Mexico to the mouth of the Seaway? This process is clearly blocked from happening by the solid Cocos Plate, which must likewise move aside or rupture for the Mainland Portion to drop. This rupture point is at the triple juncture where the Tehuantepec Isthmus is located.

To the East of this point the SE Portion of the N American Plate is calm, wrapped around and hooked by the Caribbean Plate, glued to the Africa Plate at the eastern side, and just not inclined to move to the West. To the West of this triple juncture point the Mainland Portion is restless, as the seismographs show. The history of this triple juncture point shows repeated trauma. The Tehuantepec Isthmus shows a mountain range pulled apart, land on both sides eroded so that only a narrow waist remains. History repeats, and 1811 shows that the rupture will likely occur suddenly, with little warning.

Justin Trudeau and his Family Flee Canadian Capital Ottawa as up to 50,000 'Freedom Convoy' Anti-vaccine Mandate Truckers arrive at his Office - Days after he Dismissed them as a 'Small Fringe Minority' January 30, 2022 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home in the national's capital Ottawa for a secret location as up to 50,000 truckers gather to protest against the country's vaccine mandate and Covid lockdowns. Hundreds of truckers drove their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled 'Freedom Convoy' which started as a protest against vaccine mandates required to cross the US border.  The truckers were joined by thousands of other protesters angered not only by Covid-19 restrictions but by broader discontent with the government. There was an enormous clamor as hundreds of big trucks, their engines rumbling, sounded their air horns non-stop. Estimates of the number of truckers range from 10-20,000. [and from another] Thousands in Ottawa Protest COVID Mandates, many Rebuked January 30, 2022 Thousands of protesters gathered in Canada’s capital on Saturday to protest vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns. The protest has also attracted support from former U.S. President Donald Trump and some Fox News personalities. “We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way,” Trump said at a rally in Conroe, Texas. “They are doing more to defend American freedom than our leaders by far.” [and from another] The Globalists have Awoken the Sleeping Giant January 29, 2022 The story that the mainstream media is trying their very best not to report upon, but has taken Canada and the world by storm, and will surely reverberate across America as it is already doing in the independent media, is Canada's Freedom Convoy which had recently arrived in Ottawa in what will be an entire weekend of protests in Canada's capitol. Continually growing in numbers and Canadian citizen participants despite the obviously terrified Canadian leader Justin Trudeau calling the group a 'fringe minority', American truckers are joining the rally of truckers consisting of both 'the vaxxed' and 'pure bloods'. [and from another] Trucker Convoy against Vaccine Mandates rolls through Ontario en route to Ottawa January 27, 2022 The protest is being organized by Canada Unity, a group that opposes COVID-19-related measures. Its organizers want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government to drop the vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the Canada-U.S. border, and do away with other public health protections. [and from another]

Who is actually mandating the vaccines in Canada? As can be seen from photo analysis done in 2019, the real Trudeau was arrested for misuse and theft of public funds. He is still on the docket, under arrest by the White Hat alliance. In that Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth, they are also controlled by the elite in the UK, and this is the origin of the self-serving mandates. The UK has suddenly dropped their mandates, as we noted recently, because the predicted European tsunami seemed poised to occur.

So with a Trudeau Double in Ottawa controlled by the White Hat Alliance, and wrestling with an elected Parliament and Commonwealth edicts – who is it that is in control and able to change the mandates?  Since the Double would be the mouthpiece for any resolution of this convoluted political mess, the Double has not fled the country and is still under the control of the White Hats. At the brink of rebellion, the politicians in Canada do not want to see the Trucker’s protest catch fire. Revolutions begin in just such a manner.

Following Europe’s lead, Canada and we predict Australia will find the vaccine mandates are no longer required. They will claim those forcing mandates and lockdowns and passports had been working with old data, and newer statistics show that Herd Immunity is preventing transmission. Variants are traditionally weaker than the original strain, and Omicron has proven to be no worse than a bad head cold.  Pfizer and those profiting from endless vaccines will sputter into silence.

Why do TX and OK have so many quake swarms? It’s every day, and endless but the rest of the country does not have this.

We have often addressed stretch zones and why they are considered silent. A crevasse may open up, or a bridge or structure pull apart and drop, but these events are not accompanied by earthquakes. It is where rock masses are asked to make room for other rock masses that earthquakes occur. During all the predecessor events that have preceded the big New Madrid rupture, a drop to the SW of the Mainland Portion does not seem to have happened. Or did it?

The Mainland Portion includes the mountains in the west, which stretch along the Continental Divide from Canada down to the tip of Mexico. When these are asked to adjust, whether via a slip-slide or subduction or rock shattering clash, they complain with jolting earthquakes. This can be seen on the earthquake charts. The expanding Seaway likewise records quakes in the rock on either side, though the record shows destruction occurs primarily in the soft rock that is amenable to a stretch.

But what about the daily swarms in Oklahoma and Texas where such hard rock strata is not a factor?  The Mainland Portion of N America has steadily been sliding to the SW, albeit silently. If one were to take a geological survey in the regions of Oklahoma and Texas where these swarms occur, one would find landmarks further apart or closer together, or roadways that skew where they are supposed to be straight. At what point will this silent shift to the SW affect the New Madrid rupture?

When the rock on either side of the fault at the town of New Madrid has been pulled apart such that the rock under New Madrid has become thin and lost its ability to hold the two sides together, it will rupture.  Thus the steady silent slide to the SW represented by these quake swarms in Oklahoma and Texas are key to the rupture to come!

Spiral in the sky, January 31, 2022 over head in Jane/Pineview, Missouri area. [and from another]

If the quakes in OK and TX indicate that the land there is being pulled down to the SW, then how does this affect the hard rock of the Ozarks? We have confirmed that when this slide to the SW pulls the hard rock on either side of the town of New Madrid apart, the rupture of the New Madrid fault line will occur. Meanwhile, the Ozarks are experiencing rock compression, and this results in electronic screech in the rock. This screech is an attractant for any charge in the atmosphere, which then wants to ground. This blue spiral is very similar to the Norway spiral in 2009.

Note the location of the Ozarks spiral. It stands between the OK quake swarms and the town of New Madrid. Rock strata maps show that the soft rock surrounding the Gulf of Mexico ends at the town of New Madrid, which stands like a sentinel at the gateway between East and West in the continental US. The exact date and time of the jolt that will start the final New Madrid Fault Line rupture is not yet established, but it is clearly close at hand. The Ozarks will not tear apart. The Appalachian Mountains will not tear apart. But the fault line will.

I came across this story about this embalmer who claims to have documented pulling enormous blood clots + unknown substance from corpses. Is for real? Is this due to the vaccines? Dr. Jane Ruby had him on her show on and Stew Peters also headlined this story. [and from another] Shocking Interview: Embalmers Finding “Strange Clots” In Jabbed People January 28, 2022 Dr. Jane Ruby talked with longtime embalmer Richard Hirschman to get the word out about “strange clots” being found in the veins of dead Americans. Many of the deceased Hirschman has come across reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. The mortician says he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. The embalmer said a typical blood clot is “smooth” and falls apart easily when picked up or touched. “But this white fiber stuff is pretty strong. It’s not weak at all. You can manipulate it, it’s very pliable. It’s very hard. It is not normal.” The specific person with the clots seen in the photo above was vaccinated for Covid, and had also contracted Covid. “I contacted colleagues of mine, and they’re seeing the same thing,” the veteran embalmer told Dr. Ruby.

Clots are among the dozens of known side effects caused by the mRNA vaccine. That they cause heart attacks in the young is well documented.  The mRNA vaccine shrivels the placenta by attacking the syncytin-1 protein integral to the placenta. Abortions of even full-term babies resulted. Nerve damage was denied by the vaccine advocates but the statistics show Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Bell’s Palsy frequently resulted, as the paralysis of Governor Newsom following his vaccination shows. Exhausting the immune system is a result well documented by the UK health service, causing a type of temporary AIDS.  

Now yet another horror story has emerged from the testimony of morticians. Rubbery, snake-like clots pulled from the blood vessels of those who have recently been vaccinated. Heart attacks amid the young and healthy have been attributed to the Graphene Oxide morphing to Graphene Hydroxide   where it acts like tiny razor blades attacking the heart. But there is more to this process. Heart attacks are caused by clogged arteries, so the heart is starved of oxygen. As can be seen from the mortician’s photos, these rubbery clots completely block the flow of blood.

The history of the Covid-19 pandemic shows that the elite in the West have used this flu to lockdown and control the public. Covid-19 is just a bad flu, affecting primarily the aged. The very young do not even know they have it. Those countries like Sweden where lockdowns and masks were not imposed on the public quickly developed herd immunity and fared well. But the elite in the West instead imposed vax mandates and the use of vax passports. These orders were suddenly lifted, without explanation. Perhaps Martial Law in these western countries will manage more effectively.

Recently, the Zetas said the New Madrid fault line adjustment will be sudden.

Because the New Madrid rupture will be so devastating to the continental US and Europe, those who are trying to ascertain just when the rupture will occur are wanting a timeline or key signs of this pending rupture. We have stated that the rupture will be sudden, one large jolt followed almost instantly by a rupture in the central Atlantic. Meanwhile the process over the past decade has been for the continental US to be pulled into a bow shape, then within the past year when the Mainland Portion began its slide to the SW, for this bow to begin to relax.

We have stated that the final spasm leading to the sudden jolt we have predicted will come up from the Gulf, thence up the Mississippi River to the town of New Madrid. We have stated that the town of New Madrid is a key location because this is where soft rock meets hard rock reluctant to give. Thus, when this ruptures, there will be a jolt. This was also the epicenter of the great 1811-1812 quakes. Predecessor waves coming up from the Gulf have included Pemex gas field explosions. All eyes have thus been on the start of the New Madrid Fault Line, which is located at the tip of Mexico at the Tehuantepec Isthmus.

Signs that the time of the big New Madrid rupture are close at hand have included a push of the Mainland Portion to the SW. The almost constant quake swarms in Oklahoma and Texas indicate soft land shifting to the SW. Constant quakes along the Seaway in Canada indicate that Canada is being pulled to the West too, as does the press of the West Coast toward the Pacific. The SE Portion clings to its border with the African Plate, and this dither causes disasters along the seaboard and New England area.

Meanwhile the bridges over the Mississippi River remain intact but are now vulnerable because the land to the West is being pulled down and to the SW.

We have stated that the New Madrid rupture will occur suddenly, with a jolt, and almost instantly a rupture in the Mid-Atlantic will occur, creating a void that will allow the Atlantic to rebound toward the European coast. The New Madrid Fault line is ready to rupture, and the weight of the Mainland Portion of the N American Continent is steadily dropping to the SW. This has accelerated since the Cocos Plate fractured in several places. The Mainland Portion slides to the SW in sections, as it is too large to move as a unit.

While the slide to the SW was blocked by the Cocos Plate, the pressure to slide was seen in the quake swarm in the states of Oklahoma and Texas, and above the Seaway in Canada. Within this past week the quakes in Oklahoma and Texas have eased while the land above the Seaway was tugged toward the West, creating a push toward the Pacific at Vancouver. Meanwhile the SE Portion of the N American Continent remains in place, glued to the Africa Plate and the Caribbean Plate, and snagged at the East end of the Caribbean Plate so it is not free to move.  

The SE Portion has dual loyalties - one to remain glued to the Caribbean and Africa Plates, and the other to remain attached to the Mainland Portion. When plates or fault lines pull apart, there is a pattern that emerges. One part of the attachment will release its hold, passing tension along to another rock holding point. This can go back and forth, as is seen here for the SE Portion. The Mid-Atlantic was the weak point, so snapped rock fingers. Now the tension can return to the New Madrid Fault line.

Rescue Team Enters Tunnel to Save Little Rayan February 5, 2022 Rescue teams have today confirmed they finally reached a five-year-old Moroccan boy who has been trapped more than 100ft underground for four days. The world watched on with bated breath as fears persisted that the cave could collapse at any moment. Medical teams were on standby after rescue crews finally reached the 'motionless' boy 96 hours after he became trapped. Moroccan media have reported that resuscitation specialists have entered the tunnel alongside rescue crews, fuelling fears that the five-year-old requires potentially life-saving medical care. But the final push to reach the boy who was just six feet away remained the most challenging because of the risk of landslides. [and from another] [and from another] Rescue of Jessica McClure The incident occurred in Midland, Texas, where firemen and police developed a plan to drill a parallel shaft to the well where Jessica was lodged—and drill another horizontal cross-tunnel to rescue her. Forty-five hours after Jessica fell into the well, the adjacent shaft and cross-tunnel were complete. During the drilling, rescuers could hear Jessica singing "Winnie the Pooh." Paramedic Robert O'Donnell (born 27 August 1957) committed suicide on 27 April 1995 at the age of 37 by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun due to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the rescue.

When is Intervention granted by the Council of Worlds during the dramatic rescue of trapped children? During the Baby Jessica rescue in 1987 from a well shaft, our ZetaTalk was not yet on the web. This rescue did receive Intervention in cooling the well pipe while it was being cut. And during the Thailand cave rescue in 2018 we have stated that the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand were assisted by intervention in the form of low rainfall, a weather event easily arranged by benign aliens. The rescue of 33 miners in Chile did not require an Intervention rescue. Why wasn’t a rescue for Rayan, trapped in a well in Morocco, assisted by an intervention?

Certainly one of the necessary ingredients – an outpouring of love and concern – was present, but a key ingredient was missing. The boy, Rayan, had been severely injured during the fall into the well. He had a broken neck and spinal injuries, and would have been permanently crippled for life. While it seemed he could not be rescued, his young soul was sustained by the outpouring of love from thousands around the world. But at the moment he was about to be rescued, he faced the likely outcome – permanent paralysis – and made the decision to let death overtake him. 

Why is the final rupture of the New Madrid Fault Lines described as ‘up from the Gulf.”

What is meant by the phrase “up from the Gulf”? Analysis of the geology of the Tehuantepec Isthmus  and the Tehuantepec  Ridge on the Cocos Plate shows that this is the start of the New Madrid Fault Line. One side pulls to the East  and the other side to the West.  The history of the 1811-1812 New Madrid quakes does not relay any clues leading up to the big quakes that shook the N American Continent at that time. There was a sudden jolt near the town of New Madrid, followed by devastation.

The periodic New Madrid adjustments occur as the Pacific compresses and the Atlantic widens, and in each instance the West Coast develops a bow and must relax during a slide of the Mainland Portion to the SW, fracturing the Cocos and associated plates to make room for the slide. The process is lost in the fog of history as much of the action took place afar from the Mississippi River, and in the past no one was able to follow action on the Fault Line as it crossed the Pemex gas fields and traversed the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

We have often stated that rivers flow through lowlands because they are thin spots in the crust, and sag for that reason – thus are lowlands. The Mississippi River is a case in point, running along the New Madrid Fault Line where it has been pulled apart repeatedly over the eons.  When a new rupture is in process, there will be an increase in fractures on or near the Cocos Plate, which has been happening. There will be hammering quakes on the Tehuantepec Isthmus , which have been happening. And there will be a silent tearing of the fault line deep in the Gulf, which will not be sensed until the rupture begins traveling up the Mississippi River. This is next.

If you're not too busy, could you confirm if this was upon order of the COW or was it really a geo-storm? [and from another] Elon Musk's SpaceX says a geomagnetic storm wiped out 40 of the 49 Starlink satellites it launched into orbit last week February 9, 2022 Elon Musk's SpaceX said it has lost up to 40 Starlink satellites that it launched into orbit last week because of a geomagnetic storm. The aerospace company sent 49 Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit via a Falcon 9 rocket. [and from another] Eruptions from Sun to hit Earth on Feb 9-10, trigger geomagnetic storms, auroras February 8, 2022 Just a week after Earth was hit by a moderate geomagnetic storm, the Sun once again hurtled powerful eruptions towards the planet. As activities continue to rise on the solar surface, the Sun blasted off a filament eruption that will hit Earth on February 9-10, triggering another geomagnetic storm. [and from another] 40 Starlink satellites doomed by geomagnetic storm February 9, 2022 The sun is currently in the rising part of its 11-year sunspot cycle (Solar Cycle 25). In other words, solar activity is on an upswing and can be expected to increase in the coming years. [and from another] Solar Cycle 25: Activity is Heating Up February 9, 2022 Solar Cycle 25 activity is heating up and surprisingly stronger than forecast! Will this new solar cycle be a wild one or a washout?  Solar Cycle 25 began in December 2019 and is expected to peak in mid-2025.

Where Musk and others in the establishment are blaming the Sun, these magnetic storms are not coming from the Sun. We have long predicted that the establishment will blame the Sun for any electromagnetic disturbances. The current Solar Cycle is such that the Solar Minimum is still in process, nor are there any sunspots or Solar Flares visible on the Sun. The Schumann Resonance charts also show little solar activity for the present day. So what caused Musk’s Starlink satellites to fail to launch?  

Last June 2021 we predicted a Severe Wobble, approved by the Council of Worlds to force awareness of Nibiru. The cover-up over Nibiru serves only the elite, who want the public restrained and entrapped in their homes so the fear of riot or migration is reduced for the elite. They have been pushing Covid-19 mandates and passports to this end. They want the public trapped in debt slavery so they cannot move to safety, and so the banking system does not fail. The elite are making preparations for survival during a Nibiru passage but deny this opportunity to the common man.

Musk and his SpaceX operation and Starlink operation are tools of the elite, whom he panders to. His satellite network cannot be expected to report the truth, and certainly has not provided proof of Nibiru to the public. Instead, Musk has collected funds from the elite for his Mars colonization plans, which we have called hucksterism. Financial loss has been used by the Council of Worlds to accent the Council’s message to the elite, as was done when Zuckerberg’s plans to establish Internet access in Africa were trashed.

Will the unzipping take 8 weeks as it did in 1811-1812?

Historical documents show that the unzipping of the New Madrid Fault Line in 1811-1812 took 8 weeks to complete. We are not allowed to give a specific timeline, other than our statement that the unzipping would start during a 3 week period that would spread from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022. This happened, and our statement that this unzipping process would not stop has been confirmed by the constant, almost daily process. The Isthmus is snapping, the Cocos Plate fracturing, and the entire Mainland Portion of the N American Continent pulled into a diagonal.  

The New Madrid Fault Line periodically has adjusted, but this time it is within the context of the Nibiru passage. The Daily Earth Wobble has all the Earth plates moving. The African Roll in particular will affect the Fault Line rupture in process, tearing open the mid-Atlantic while it aggressively tugs on the SE Portion. We are not allowed to give specific dates, but can address a sequence of events, which we have done re the unzipping coming “up from the Gulf” and thence up the Mississippi River. This will be sudden, but we can confirm there may be pause points during this process.

Now there are reports of HIV variants emerging from Covid 19 injections; well, they told us 2 yrs ago that HIV, in low doses was in the vaccine. The UN is linking Covid testing and vaccines to this HIV announcement. And suddenly Luc Montagnier is dead. [and from another] Fast-Spreading HIV Variant Doubles Rate of Immune System Decline February 7, 2022 Newly published research from the Netherlands has revealed the existence of a more transmissible and damaging variant of HIV, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) said. People living with the newly revealed subtype, experience double the rate of immune system decline (measured by the CD4 count level of infection-busting T cells) and have higher viral loads. They are also vulnerable to developing AIDS two to three times faster after diagnosis, than if they were living with other strains of the virus. The research also revealed that the variant has been circulating in the Netherlands for years and remains receptive to treatment. According to UNAIDS in press statement, the discovery highlights the urgency to “halt the pandemic and reach all and reach all with testing and treatment” [and from another] Moderna Launches Clinical Trial for HIV mRNA Vaccine like in Covid Shot January 28, 2022 The biotechnology company has teamed up with the nonprofit International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to develop the shot, which uses the same technology as Moderna’s successful COVID-19 vaccine. [and from another] The MSM Prepares the Public for Incoming AIDS Outbreak – COVID Vaccine Link? February 10, 2022 Pr. Montagnier, Nobel prize who discovered the HIV, passed away on February 8, 2022. Almost nothing has been written about his death! This guy was one of the first (feb 2020) who said that COVID19 was a man-made virus with sequences from HIV. Rest in peace professor. Seems like a solid tinfoil theory right? But the thing is, I remember when vaccinated people were showing up as false positives for HIV 2 years ago. I also remember the virus containing HIV inserts that really dumbfounded the science world [and from another] Luc Montagnier, Co-Discoverer of HIV, Dies Aged 89 February 10, 2022  Luc Montagnier, the French virologist credited as a co-discoverer of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has died aged 89. Montagnier was jointly awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for his work in isolating the virus that causes Aids. [and from another] Fact Check: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier didn’t say Covid Vaccine Recipients will Die in Two Years May 26, 2021 A viral statement attributed to French virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has left netizens startled and scared. As per this statement, all those who have vaccinated themselves for Covid-19 will die within two years. A clip of Luc’s interview is being circulated on social media in which he’s seen questioning the idea of vaccinating people during the pandemic. “It’s unthinkable to vaccinate during a pandemic. They’re silent. It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable the infection to become stronger. It is what we call antibody-dependent enhancement, which means antibodies favour a certain infection. It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination,” Luc says.

Luc Montagnier was a threat on several fronts. He was a Nobel Laureate virologist. He was familiar with HIV, having discovered the virus responsible for HIV and its result – AIDS. He understood the immune system and could explain how exhausted immune systems develop, a process called antibody-dependent enhancement. Thus, Luc represented a person who could identify any HIV variants embedded within select Covid-19 vaccine batches. Thus, as this gambit by the elite to reduce certain population segments is close to being exposed, Luc Montagnier was killed to silence his voice.  

There have been rumors that mRNA vaccine batches differ, with saline water for demonstrations by politicians or the elite and more deadly batches targeting people the elite want to eliminate. This is true, although the vast majority of vaccines delivered to the public are consistent with the published recipe. As can be seen by the nexus between the announcement from the elite in Europe re the discovery of a new HIV variant  and the announcement by Moderna re a new vaccine for HIV using the mRNA route – this was the plan.

Here are some links that show activity on the seaway [and from another] Lake Erie is Shaking – Is this Enhanced Geological Activity in the area Responsible for mysterious Deep Water Temperature Rising in the Great Lakes? February 11, 2022 Nine weak, shallow earthquakes have already struck central Lake Erie in the first weeks of 2022, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The quake epicenters are clustered about two miles offshore of Lake County east of Cleveland. [and from another] Earthquake Detected near Lake Erie Shoreline; 7th Reported in 2022 February 5, 2022 This earthquake marks the seventh reported in the same area since the start of 2022.
Jan. 4, 8:20 a.m. - 2.8 magnitude (northwest of Timberlake)
Jan. 5, 5:25 a.m. - 1.9 magnitude (north of Timberlake)
Jan. 27, 3:53 a.m. - 2.1 magnitude (northwest of Lakeline)
Jan. 27, 1:10 p.m. - 2.5 magnitude (north-northwest of Lakeline)
Jan. 29, 1:23 p.m. - 2.0 magnitude (west-northwest of Willowick)
Feb. 1, 8:37 p.m. - 1.6 magnitude (northwest of Timberlake)
Feb. 4, 4:14 p.m. - 2.4 magnitude (northwest of Timberlake)

We stated that the New Madrid rupture was in process by the end of 2021 and the quake swarms in Lake Erie off Cleveland certainly confirm that process. The New Madrid Fault Line passes beneath Cleveland, and thus our prediction that both Cleveland and Toledo will be devastated by the 2022 rupture. The Seaway is also spreading, and this is not a gentle process, resulting in warming water above the fault line activity. Where the authorities are clucking and pretending to scratch their heads, they know full well what is coming.

I feel that ML will be in effect within a week. This way they get the folk to follow rules/restrictions/rationing. Easily done when folk think a war is looming. [and from another] Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Biden, Putin to Speak as White House says 'Credible Prospect' of Imminent Russian Invasion February 11, 2022 A Russian military invasion of Ukraine could happen before the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics, prompting a stark warning from the White House that Americans still in Ukraine should leave in the next 24 to 48 hours. And Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday ordered the deployment of 3,000 additional troops to Poland as the crisis over Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine deepened. [and from another] US to Evacuate Ukraine Embassy amid Russian Invasion Fears February 11, 2022 The US is preparing to evacuate its embassy in Kyiv amid fears of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. An announcement for all staff at the embassy to leave the country is expected early Saturday from the State Department. [and from another] Russia-Ukraine Crisis: UK Nationals told to leave Ukraine February 12, 2022 British nationals in Ukraine are being told to leave the country now while commercial means are still available. The UK Foreign Office's warning came as the US said that Russia could invade "any day now" and told its own citizens to leave in the next 48 hours.

The elite in Europe lust after Russian territory, particularly the oil and gas fields just over the border in Russia. This is denied of course, with claims that it is Russia who wants to invade Europe. Russia is braced for an invasion of drowning or starving European citizens, as they know that Europe will flood during the Pole Shift and well ahead of time too during the New Madrid rupture. European elite have thus attempted to start a war with Russia in 2014 by shooting down the MH 17 and trying to frame Russia. By these means the elite hope to expand their territory, and Russia plans to block them.

Why is Russia now beefing up its defenses along the Ukraine/Russia border?  It is not just our highly accurate predictions, which over the years have predicted the New Madrid Fault Line rupture toward the end of 2021 and into early 2022. This is in process now, an undeniable fact as the US monitors the ground movement and shares this information with their allies elsewhere. We are not allowed to provide the exact date or time of such events, but Britain and the US are certainly revealing their expectations. The rupture is very soon, within days, by their calculations.

Petroleum falling from the skies? [and from another] No Explanation for 'Mystery Liquid' Falling from Sky over Neighborhood February 9, 2022 People in one Eastern Las Vegas neighborhood near Hollywood Blvd. and Charleston Ave. have been completely perplexed for weeks as mysterious brown or black droplets have fallen on their properties. The Nevada Department of Conservation referred a KTNV request to the Division of Environmental Protection and the DEP hadn't responded to inquiry by publication.

The ominous purple blob that appeared in the photo captures by the ZetaTalk Team by January 2022 was bound to arrive in the Earth’s atmosphere. Purple rain had arrived by October 2021 looking like tadpoles on the streets of France. Now we have oily droplets in Las Vegas. Purple or oily rain is caused by the Petrol in the tail of Nibiru combined with the magnetized iron oxide dust. This will increase to be an Internet sensation without explanation until the authorities admit the presence of Nibiru.

Just wanted to share this video of birds falling out of the sky in Mexico. The excuses they muster up are beyond pathetic. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Dozens of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds Mysteriously Drop Dead in Mexico February 12, 2022 Social media sleuths are trying to solve the mystery of why dozens of birds crashed to their deaths in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The migratory fowl arrived from northern Canada and had been wintering in Mexico. The cause of the mass death remains unclear, but some speculated the birds may have been suffering from the effects of high pollution, which has plagued the region lately. [and from another] Sinkhole Forms in Joplin’s Landreth Park February 10, 2022 The hole appears to be about 25 feet deep at this time. Water is in the bottom of the hole.  It is about 8-10 feet across.

The Mainland Portion of the N American Continent slides to the SW in waves. Of course it does not drop as a unit, but rather that the lower portion slides down, creating a void where the portion above that lower portion can now fill. It is a stepped operation. When Mexico moves, this allows Texas and Oklahoma and the Midwest above it to move. When this shifts, the land above the Seaway finds it can shift over to the West. At a certain point, a threshold is reached where the hard rock on either side of the town of New Madrid snaps, releasing the full rupture of the New Madrid Fault Line.

Birds in Chihuahua dropped en masse from the sky because of a massive methane release. Birds and fish are sensitive to methane, and die quickly, thus the canary in the coal mine used by miners. This occurred on the same day that yet another quake along the fault line at the Pemex gas fields occurred -  the unzipping up from the Gulf. None of this is a coincidence. This occurred just a day or so after Joplin had a shifting rock incident, and Oklahoma and Texas are again having daily quakes along the Mainland Portion path.

Our "Emergencies Act" seems to be a form of Martial Law.    The Covid restrictions protests aren't that big or out of control, so I think they're using them as an excuse to invoke the Emergencies Act ahead of New Madrid events.   In fact, the protests may have allowed the protests to occur or even secretly promoted for that reason. [and from another] In Canada Justin Trudeau just invoked the Emergencies Act to deal with the Truckers … this doesn’t seem to fall within how the Zetas predicted this would go.  Could the Zetas explain how this will play out?  Also if Trudeau is supposedly a white hat, why is there no hint of him being a white hat?  He seems to be playing this as a true black hat. [and from another] Can the Zeta's say anything about "Trudeau" invoking the Emergencies Act to deal with the peaceful and joyful protests that have been going on in Ottawa? This would give the government  dictatorial powers to imprison people, seize assets and funds, military involvement, compel business cooperation etc. This seems like such a dramatic step I'm once again at a loss considering what is going on around the world. Is there some remnant Kazarian Mafia trying to make a last stand in Canada? [and from another] [and from another]

Is there a nexus between the claims in Europe that Russia is about to invade Ukraine and the sudden use of the Emergencies Act in Canada because of the Truckers protests? They seem to have disparate causes but at base both are official attempts to establish Martial Law. Martial Law cannot be casually called without the citizens becoming alarmed. Thus, a reason must be established to gain the cooperation of the citizenry. For Europe the reason is imminent war with Russia because the elite in Europe are claiming that Russia wants to invade Ukraine. For Canada it is the Trucker Convoy assembled in Ottawa.

Calling Martial Law in a timely manner allows the establishment time to activate and assemble soldiers, relocate the military to various locations, and ensure supply chains are under control. Citizens will often rush to stock up, creating shortages, but during Martial Law this can be controlled to prevent hoarding. Both Europe and Canada will be affected by the New Madrid rupture. The US Junta will likewise call Martial Law at the first sign of a serious rupture. White Hats are in control throughout these maneuvers.

I recently watched a new Ghostbusters movie and came across some CIA propaganda. The scene takes place in Oklahoma where mysterious earthquakes occur, which is a reference to the real situation. In addition, there are many references to the end of the world and so on. To be honest, this idiocy is already tired. Putting shit in movies and like, we did the best we could. My question is this: is it possible that people will literally go after and kill the elite when the truth comes out? They lie literally about everything and always. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Hollywood taps University of Calgary seismologist’s expertise for Ghostbusters movie December 8, 2022 Eaton also told Reitman that the real Oklahoma had actually seen a big surge in human-caused earthquakes, or induced seismicity, in the last decade. Oil and gas operations, especially underground disposal of wastewater, in the state have triggered minor earthquakes. Eaton, who is internationally renowned for his cutting-edge research on earthquakes induced by hydraulic fracturing, chuckles and says: “In the movie, they actually ruled out hydraulic fracturing specifically as a cause of the earthquakes.”

The quake swarms in Oklahoma have been ongoing for over a year. They are located between the thick rock of the mountains to the West and the hard rock of the Ozarks. The relatively thin crust in this quake zone therefore takes the brunt of the diagonal tugging on the N American Continent. But this is all denied by the establishment as there is a cover-up over the near presence of Nibiru and the pending passage of Nibiru. Such quakes are blamed on fracking, which is a lie.

As the reality of the pending passage of Nibiru becomes more and more obvious, the elite of the world become more and more nervous. How will the common man react when they realize they have been lied to by the elite – politicians and royalty and those in the hierarchy of the world’s religions? In smoke filled rooms these matters are discussed endlessly. Banking systems, healthy and vibrant economic development, and the safety of the elite themselves would be under threat. Even the military elite hesitate to inform the public, fearing that their soldiers might become overwhelmed.

We have long predicted that the elite will run to their bunkers and refuse to answer the door or the phone. Meetings will be unattended. This status will not occur all at once, but gradually as Nibiru makes its presence known. The scientific community is already hiding. The USGS refuses to post the truth about the size of earthquakes, now closing down for days at a time. Martial Law solves many of these problems, as they are not required to respond to public demands. They will toss the issue into our and Nancy’s laps, and let us explain.

The buoys show the portions have separated!

The Mainland and SE Portions of the N American Continent have separated at the tip of Mexico through the Gulf of Mexico. This can be seen in the buoy recordings, which show the SE Portion with a heaving Gulf floor while the Buoy off the West Coast of Mexico is showing a normal wave height throughout. Previously, they rose and fell together. The extreme quake activity over the past few days from the Tehuantepec Ridge and down along the coast to Guatemala, combined with a very deep quake on the Isthmus itself, shows that a likely Cocos Plate snap was at this location.

Internal dynamics of the Cocos Plate shows that the Tehuantepec Ridge is riding over the section just to the SE, creating a distinct platelet candidate there that has been pushed down in the past. What will this separation of parts to the East and West of the New Madrid Fault Line where it begins at the tip of Mexico mean? As the N American bow relaxes the Mainland Portion will find it can slide to the SW with less resistance. This will inevitably pull apart the hard rock at New Madrid, creating the anticipated rupture of the New Madrid Fault Line.

Tiksi, Siberia moved its jitter to Greenland! What can this mean?

Since the Cocos Plate has fractured, allowing the Mainland Portion of the N American Continent to shift South and West without being blocked by the Cocos Plate, the pace has picked up. Within a day of the February 19 fracture that Nancy detected via the buoys, there is reaction at the top of the N American Plate. On February 20, another clue is being presented via the Heliplots, which show the constant intense jitter at Tiksi, Siberia moving to Greenland.  Tiksi has had black Heliplots for months while the Mainland was being tugged down, but now has a normal Heliplot, while the tug has moved to Greenland.

We have consistently predicted that the tear of the Atlantic at the tri-plate Azores juncture would happen “almost instantly” when the jolt at the town of New Madrid occurred, signaling that the rupture of the great New Madrid Fault Line had begun.  The SE Portion clings to the plate borders to the SE – the Caribbean, African, and S American Plates. But what of the long border between the Mainland Portion and the Eurasian Plate? This envelops the Mainland Portion from the far East across the Arctic over to Greenland and thence down between Canada and Europe.

The N American Plate border through the Arctic is held in a rigid stance because the N American Continent cannot roll, having a flat top. The New Madrid rupture may emerge from the Gulf, thence outlining the SE Portion along the Fault Line and across the Atlantic to the Azores tri-plate juncture, but the script has been written such that the Azores plays a part. The SE Portion and its attachments hold firm, but the N Atlantic is already rupturing along the mid-Atlantic rift. The switch of the tug from Tiksi to Greenland is preparing the way. 

Tehuantepec Isthmus train derailment, exactly where ZetaTalk predicted NMA unzipping would occur. Train pictures posted by Centro Noticias Oaxaca [and from another] People are reporting booms in central Florida. It shook houses and rattled windows. Surely, New Madrid related. [and from another] 2:05pm HUGE boom in Central Florida. I don't know what it was, but it shook my house and rattled the windows. VERY low frequency. Did anyone else hear it? All the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. It sounded more like an impact than an explosion. [and from another] Isthmus of Tehuantepec Although the isthmus has been considered a favourable transportation route since the early 16th century, it was rejected as an interoceanic canal site because construction of the canal would have been too costly. Instead, a railroad extending 192 miles (310 km) from Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Campeche to Salina Cruz on the Gulf of Tehuantepec was opened in 1907.

If the Mainland and SE Portions of the N American Plate have separated at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, then each portion can act on its own. This is true of the lower portion as the separation travels up from the start of the fault line at Tehuantepec and then through the Pemex gas fields and the deep waters of the Gulf to New Orleans. Until the separation arrives at the hard rock barrier at the town of New Madrid, which resists pulling apart, the serious rupture we have predicted will not occur.

In the meantime, life in the lower part of the N American Continent will be changing. While the Mainland Portion drops slowly, relieving the bow stress that had been imposed upon it for over a decade, the SE Portion continues to find itself in a tug-of-war between its attachments to the African and Caribbean Plates and its deteriorating attachment to the Mainland Portion. The Cocos Plate has fractured at several points to allow the Mainland Portion to drop but must fracture further below Central America.

Meanwhile the Isthmus itself will pull apart, in two different directions, a trauma already displayed by the train derailment on February 19. The dance that will occur between the Mainland and SE Portions before the rupture reaches the town of New Madrid will be more violent than has been the case. This dance will reverberate throughout the SE Portion, but the path of the rupture will come up the Mississippi River from the Gulf. Monitoring this path will provide the best clues as to progress and timing.

Train derailments: 20 car train derailment in Arizona and in Denison, north of Dallas. [and from another] No Injuries after Train Derails in Denison February 22, 2022 Crews with the Dallas Garland and Northeastern Railroad are still working to clear a train derailment near West Morton St., in Denison. It happened just after 4 pm, on Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses say at least six cars overturned and the track separated. It is still unclear what caused the derailment and no injuries have been reported. [and from another] Freight Train Derails in Arizona; Crews Contain Solvent Leak February 21, 2022 The derailment happened east of Highway 87, at Storey Road. The cause of the derailment was being investigated.

What is the nexus between multiple pressure points on the Cocos Plate border and two train derailments in the southcentral US? With the SE and Mainland Portions separating at the Tehuantepec Isthmus they can both operate independently. The Mainland Portion continues its slide to the SW, thus signs the Rivera Platelet is now fracturing its connection to the Cocos Plate and more hammering quakes along the Albatross Plateau. The Cocos Plate fractured at the Guatemala Basin and this break is still continuing, with the Cocos Plate now pushing against Central America.

The separation is predicted to run through the Gulf and up past New Orleans along the Mississippi River. Sinking land along the Mississippi River Embayment, with consequent breaks in the bridges over the Mississippi River there, would be expected. Note that two sudden and unexplained trail derailments in Phoenix and Dallas are lateral to the Embayment. The pressure is rising, though not yet along the fault line running under the Mississippi River. Watching the Embayment for flooding and the bridges there for closures would be clues to progress of the New Madrid Fault Line separation.

World’s first Scan of Dying Brain Reveals Final Moments February 22, 2022 For the first time ever, scientists have recorded the activity of a dying human brain, discovering that it showed the same patterns as seen during dreaming, memory recall and meditation. Findings published in journal Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience showed the recording of the activity in an 87-year-old patient who had been connected to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine to detect seizures and treat the patient, when he suddenly had a heart attack and passed away. The 900 seconds of brain activity that were measured around the time of the patient’s death were described as being similar to “life recall.” The experience, which has been likened to what happens around a near-death experience. [and from another] Frontiers Journal Ranking Analysis: Human Neuroscience June 28, 2017 In summary, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: Is the 1st most-cited journal in Psychology, and 8th most cited in Neurosciences, with 4,864 citations. Ranks at the 78th percentile of Journal Impact Factors in the category of Psychology, and in the 58th percentile in Neurosciences. [and from another] A Replay of Life: What Happens in our Brain when we Die? February 22, 2022 Imagine reliving your entire life in the space of seconds. Like a flash of lightning, you are outside of your body, watching memorable moments you lived through. This process, known as ‘life recall’, can be similar to what it’s like to have a near-death experience. What happens inside your brain during these experiences and after death are questions that have puzzled neuroscientists for centuries. However, a new study published to Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience suggests that your brain may remain active and coordinated during and even after the transition to death, and be programmed to orchestrate the whole ordeal.

We have addressed what the soul experiences at death – being greeted in a tunnel of light by souls they knew during the incarnation and being ushered to a critique by the Birthing Guides. But what does the human brain experience at the moment of death? There is a common report that one’s life flashes before one at the moment of death, and this is true. The human brain simultaneously supports many functions, but during death many portions of the brain lack blood and oxygen while other parts continue to be supported. As is known, short and long term memory are separate functions of the brain, so short term memories must be integrated into long term memory banks during sleep. Long term memory is one of the last parts of the brain to die, thus the “life recall” reported. 

There have been reports of thousands of lightning strikes in Australia, especially in the waters off Australia over the last day or two. People in the beach have been reporting their hair standing on end. Some people are talking about a 'plasma reset' Can you please explain the reasons behind  this? [and from another] Para Kas-Vetter: Over 35,819 Lightning Strikes in Australia within the Past 24 Hours February 22, 2022 Over 35,819 Lightning Strikes in Australia within the past 24hrs and that number is rising! [and from another] [and from another]

We have described the path of the Antarctica Plate during the 7 of 10 Plate Movements as being shoved down by the Pacific compression while emerging between the tips of S America and Africa. Eventually, this process produces new land in the South Atlantic. It is evident that this pressure and process was ongoing on February 22. Earthquake data from the USGS shows this to be the case at the Scotia Plate and also south of Tasmania where the Magnetic S Pole rides.

Serious Plate Movement involves the movement of electrons within the plates, as Earthquake Lights demonstrate. And as is commonly known, lightning is a flow of electrons arcing from the atmosphere to the ground. Combine several factors – quakes on both sides of the Antarctica Plate and the intake of magnetons at the Magnetic S Pole of Earth just south of Tasmania – and it should not be surprising that the charged tail of Nibiru joined the dance in Australia on February 22.

What’s behind the mysterious booms heard around East Texas? January 5, 2022 Houses shaking and loud explosions are what people in several East Texas towns say they experienced this last week.  Now East Texans want to know who and what is to blame. No one is positive about what could be causing the heavy noises and shaking. [and from another] 5.2 Earthquake Dead Center in Gulf of Mexico February 10, 2006 A retired geologist, Mr. Jack M. Reed, theorized there has to be a hidden tectonic plate segment in this spot and it is not only geologically active but is responsible for triggering the New Madrid Quakes.

Why would Kingsville, TX suddenly go black on the USGS Heliplots? Ostensibly this is not on a fault line or plate border, though reports of unexplained booms have occurred there as recently as January 5. What is significant is a platelet in the Gulf, seldom active but under great pressure at present because the Mainland and SE Portions of the N America Continent are in the process of separating. The Isthmus has separated and now this separation is moving through the Gulf. New Orleans will separate next.

Any comments? [and from another] Russia says it Captured Airfield Outside Kiev February 25, 2022 The Russian military announced that its forces have “successfully” captured the Hostomel airfield near Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. Russia launched an attack against Ukraine, arguing that the move was necessary to protect the people of the two Donbass republics against the Ukrainian Army. The Russian Defense Ministry said that, using more than 200 helicopters, its troops seized the airfield the same day. [and from another] Panicked Ukrainians and Russians Rush to ATMs February 25, 2022 Ukrainian citizens flooded the country's ATMs in an attempt to withdraw their money as the military conflict with Russia intensified. Russians have also been queuing at the banks. Images taken in the country’s capital Kiev and other major cities showed long lines forming at ATMs after the central bank, the NBU, enacted a temporary cash withdrawal limit of 100,000 Ukrainian hryvnia per day (about $3,353). [and from another] Russian Military Attack on Ukraine: How We Got There February 24, 2022 Russia began striking military targets in Ukraine days after recognizing the independence of the two breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. Moscow insists it is protecting the people of the Donbass from Kiev’s aggression. The escalation follows years of unsuccessful talks, broken ceasefire agreements, and a standoff between Russia and the West linked to the 2014 coup that overthrew the government in Kiev. The leaders of the DPR and LPR appealed to the Kremlin to recognize the two republics as independent states. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a short statement that it was carrying out “precision strikes” against Ukrainian military targets, without specifying their location. Kiev has declared martial law and closed its airspace for civilian flights. Moscow had earlier cited NATO’s eastward expansion and Ukraine’s potential membership as a key reason for launching its military operation.

The West has traditionally blamed Russia for their own aggression and crimes, regardless of what the evidence has shown. From shooting down the MH17 in 2014 (clearly done by a fighter jet from Kiev) to the Skripal poisoning in the UK in 2018 (clearly done by the UK) the West has chosen to ignore the facts. Referendums in Ukraine and Crimea show that the people of eastern Ukraine consider themselves to be Russian. Thus, Russia was justified in its takeover of Crimea, which the West sought to control, and Russia is justified in assisting the people of Donetsk and Lugansk now, honoring their request.  

Why are these steps being taken now? As we have repeatedly explained, Russia anticipates an invasion into its territories after the New Madrid rupture causes tsunami flooding in Europe. The European Union has not prepared to house and shelter its people. In fact the elite in Europe have taken steps via the Covid lockdowns to ensure a large percentage of its citizens simply drown. The elite in Europe are trying to start a war with Russia over Ukraine so that NATO will get assistance from the US, and thus can push into the oil and gas rich lands in Russia just over the border. Anticipating an invasion of Ukraine from Britain and NATO forces, Russia has taken the assertive.