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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 27, 2011

Will Ireland be dragged down during the land stretch that precedes the pole shift by exactly the same amount (75 feet) as the UK or will it be more as it is further to the west of the UK? I know you have advised all in Ireland to move to mainland Europe but would the Wicklow/Dublin mountains area be safe in light of the above drop in level especially as it will help in picking a safe location in this Wicklow/Dublin mountains area for those who fail to escape Ireland in time (Plan B)? This area certainly has the correct height above sea level including after the sea level rises two years after the poleshift, assuming Ireland drops by the same level as the UK. [and from another] Last week the Zetas mentioned that Wales would be pulled down during the shift to a greater degree than the rest of England. Would they be able to tell us how much they expect Wales to be pulled down during the shift, and also whether the North and SW of England will be pulled down to a greater degree as they are also near Ireland and Scotland. Previously, the large amount of high ground in Wales seemed an attractive proposition for a safe location, but if it's going to sink anything like Ireland and Scotland, that might not be the case.

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Just what part of the western UK will be permanently pulled down 150 feet during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage is not clear. We have predicted the UK in general to anticipate a drop of 75 feet, with Ireland, Scotland and Wales pulled down potentially by 150 feet, as will the East Coast of the US. This occurs as the land east of the Atlantic Rift attempts to pull eastward, wanting to rotate, while the Atlantic Rift is held firmly in the magnetic grip of Planet X, held back. This stretches the land masses along the rift, which has already ripped open at the time of the European tsunami, so the land essentially flattens between the East Coast of the US and the islands of the UK, or attempts to do so. This deforming seldom returns to a pre-deforming state, and after the pole shift even less support along the rift edges exists, so the land is also drooping for this reason.

Ireland, Scotland, and Wales face the Atlantic Rift more than the east coast of England, and thus take the brunt of the droop. One can see from the underwater shelf that lies to the west of these islands that this has happened before. One could prorate the droop from London, which we anticipate losing only 25 feet in elevation due to the pole shift, through to the west coast of Ireland, which could lose up to 150 feet in elevation. Beyond this we could not be more accurate. Surviving the pole shift means surviving the sloshing Atlantic during the pole shift. Surviving in the Aftertime means determining what land will be above the waves, and establishing ocean fishing to supply protein to those communities huddled on high points in what used to be the UK.

I read an article today about a secret North Korean president's visit to Russia. He visits the Amur hydroelectric power station, several regions in Siberia and the Far East. Question: Is it related to the upcoming visit of the Earth changes due to the presence of PX and whether he would discuss with President Medvedev of Russia on the possibility of relocation part of the population of North Korea in the Far East or of himself and the elite? Why it is surrounded by a visit to a secret / by his version of the security considerations for? I do not believe the official version. [and from another] During his visit to Russia, North Korean leader took unprecedented security measures. Extravagant severokoreets forbidden to shoot his visit to Russia in the photo and video, even for the protocol. NTV has to show footage of his previous trip. Kim Jong Il, arrived this morning to meet with President Dmitry Medvedev. In the Kremlin press service reported that the head of the DPRK will visit several regions of the Far East and Siberia. But the main purpose of the trip - the negotiations with the Russian leader.

We have previously stated that discussions about the pending passage and the current cover-up are always done in face-to-face meetings, to eliminate the danger of electronic conversations being captured and decoded. Why else did the dying Kim Jong Il want this meeting with the Russian president, when a phone call would have sufficed? N Korea has few friends in the region, having sustained a cold war with S Korea for decades. They have failed to cooperate with China on negotiation over their nuclear arms race, and many of the starving in N Korea crawl over the border to beg for food from the Chinese, who are scarcely better off. They are seeking not only a protector, when the Earth changes bring panic to the region, but also an invitation for their elite, an escape to eastern Russia. Neither request was granted.

Remnants of a multi-room building were recently found submerged off the Bahamas coast, they think it dates to some time between the 21,520 BCE and 20,610 BCE range. Were these structures built by humans or some other being predating humans? [and from another] Pre-Ice Age Complex Found Off Bahamas Coast [Aug 17] Researchers for the Association for Research and Enlightenment have investigated an underwater site with what appears to be the remains of a collapsed multi-room building. The building foundation has manmade mitered limestone corners and other debris inside the outer walls. A sample of beach rock from a long, straight foundation wall was carbon dated to between 21,520 BCE and 20,610 BCE. These dates are astonishing, because prior to this discovery most researchers considered the oldest dates for humans in this area to be 1000 BCE. A highly developed culture once lived off the coast of the Bahamas and operated throughout the region.
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It is known that land off the East Coast of the US, and in the Caribbean, was once above the waves. The remains of forests can be seen beneath the waves, roads paved with carefully cut stones, and the clear outline of where rivers cut through the previous coastal area. That buildings are now discovered should be no surprise, except to arrogant man who once again must adjust their pronouncements on history. The Earth is not flat, despite what the Church decreed in the past. It is clear from the ruins in Central and S America that civilizations existed in the past, and for reasons mankind cannot fathom, disappeared. The reason man struggles with this is that denial is much more comfortable. To imaging cataclysms that could drop the land beneath civilizations is too horrific to contemplate. Where the Annunaki were influential in these regions in the past, abandoned structures are almost exclusively manmade, and were inhabited by man in the past.

I understand that when planet X becomes visible that the earth responds with elaborate wobbling for 9 days. At this time there will be a tidal slosh of 200 - 300 feet. In some areas this tidal slosh will immediately be heading in as a high tide for several hours and in other parts of the world the tidal slosh will be heading out as in a low tide with the ocean disappearing beyond sight before returning several hours later. It would be useful to know which parts of the world will experience the initial tidal slosh as a high tide. It would be particularly useful to me to know the effects on the east coast of Australia.

The severe wobble that starts the Last Weeks is a flinging back and forth of the N Pole of Earth. Planet X is approaching mainly from the right, in its retrograde orbit, though also somewhat Sunside on its way outbound from the Sun. Planet X is pointing its N Pole at the Earth, almost directly, at this time, and close enough that Earth, as a magnet, is trying to line up end-to-end with Planet X, as magnets do. The N Pole of Earth thus flings away when the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon, and then rebounds back 12 hours later when the magnetic N Pole of Earth disappears again over the horizon at dusk. The severe wobble, thus, will merely be an exaggeration of the existing wobble, where the magnetic N Pole is pushed as its current location in the Arctic near Siberia rolls over the horizon.

Thus as the globe is pushed violently northward, the waters in the Pacific will slosh southward, and waters in the Atlantic will slosh in the opposite direction, northward. Hold a globe in your hands with the Pacific Ocean facing you, and push the N Pole forcefully away to see how the land will move under the ocean. It is essentially that for the Pacific, the northern coastlines will be pushed under the ocean, and for the Atlantic, the southern coastlines will be pushed under the ocean. Then, 12 hours later, this reverses. The sloshing will be in a N/S direction, back and froth, with the Moon's influence, as we have stated, still trying to pull the waters toward it, creating its normal tide on top of the severe wobble slosh. In that the severe wobble slosh will be 200-300 feet high, this will scarcely be noted.

On the body of some contactees appear strange symbols, similar to tattoos. They come in different shapes - for example in the form of a flower, reminiscent a crop circles, or in the form of a letter or a maple leaf. Over time they slowly disappear. Could our friends answer what the meaning of these symbols? Maybe - this is a way of transmit information for contactee? What may mean these messages and whether they relate to the poleshift of the earth? I asked this question at the request of a man, on whose body appear these symbols. But I forgot to specify that they are pink colour. My friend is looked for an explanation on the internet and found an article about similar cases, but it is in Russian. [and from another] Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Especially a lot of messages about labels on the body occurred in 1989-1990, from the Baltic, where dozens of people fell victim to them prior to the unknown and unpleasant affliction. The form of images - very different. Here and drawings of unknown leaves with teeth and veins, fir branches, and various geometric shapes (squares, triangles), stylized figures and some cabalistic symbols, arrows, fluttering butterflies, little men with antennae on his head, the letters W, bucket, various curved and straight lines and so on. Age of victims - from adolescence to retirement. Place of appearance marks - arms, legs, back (usually the right shoulder blade). Color labels - red, bright red, hot pink, orange, etc. In some cases, the label in white, in others - they were white with time, or dimmed. And with regard to the circumstances with which people associate the appearance of labels, this is very interesting. Most often they committed a UFO.

These reports are similar to stigmata, where a strongly religious person bleeds at certain spots on their body, in a desire to be associated with the suffering of Jesus on the cross. Raised lettering also occurs during possession, as this is within the capability of the spirit inhabiting the body, by playing the body like a violin. Engorged capillaries, an inflamatory response, are all responses the body can sustain under psychological inducement. Contactees discuss issues that are of intense interest to them, during their meetings with the visitors - personal issues, their fears, their hopes and dreams - and come back with all this buried in their subconscious. A manifestation on the skin, that the contactee can thus interpret in accordance with their subconscious knowledge, is a type of recall.

Scientists and researchers claim unusual deep-sea cracks and fissures were definitely caused by the 9+ March 2011 earthquake off the coast of Japan. Articles featuring alleged scientific explanations for these fissures appeared all over the internet on the same day(s). Can the Zetas tell us what caused these cracks and fissures? Are human beings simply guessing, again? [and from another] New fissures found in seabed off Sanriku [Aug 17] A Japanese research vessel has discovered a new 80-meter long fissure beneath the sea at the focus of the massive 9.0 earthquake that hit northeastern Japan on March 11th. The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology's manned submarine, the Shinkai 6500, released on video and photos of the seabed off the Sanriku coast (near the Japan Trench) which were taken between July 30th and August 14th. Some of the footage, shot 150 kilometers north-northeast from the quakes epicenter at a depth of 5,350 meters below the ocean surface, shows a fissure about one meter wide and one meter deep, extending for 80 meters, north to south. A number of other new fissures and unleveled seafloors have also been discovered, including a 20-centimeter-wide fissure running for dozens of meters. It is located at a depth of 3,200 meters, about 90 kilometers north-northeast (off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture) of the quake's focus. Researchers say methane gas may be spewing out of the seafloor, as bacteria and other forms of life were found multiplying inside the fissures. A senior researcher at the agency, Katsunori Fujikura, says the latest data sheds light on the earthquake's giant energy. He said scientists will analyze the information further to learn about the various phenomena triggered by the jolt.
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Of course the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the great Eurasian Plate, which is ongoing along Japan's eastern side, will cause fracturing in the Pacific Plate. Subduction results in several dynamics. The plate being pushed up will rise, experience mountain building, crumble and fracture, and have an increased sea level elevation as a result. But the plate being shoved under will also have stress, will curl downward, and have fractures at the bend point. These fissures are simply showing that curling process. .

Today, 8/23/11, an earthquake centered in VA measuring a stated 5.9 on the Richter Scale, was felt by many in my area of Wilkes-Barre PA and as far north as Rhode Island. My question is, not to knock a 5.9, but it seems it was felt very far away for that magnitude. Is this another example of the USGS downgrading? Any official measurement that has a .9 at the end always makes me wonder. In addition to what I've asked below, very shortly after the quake this afternoon, this explanation is put out as to why the quake was felt all along the east coast. This statement seems unusual. Are TPTB feeling that the public is having a more and more difficult time swallowing their adjusted numbers? [and from another] The pentagon and the capital as well as part of the White House in Washington DC were evacuated today due to a "5.9" earthquake that had a depth of "0" (no depth - just on the surface). Can the Zetas comment on the cause of this, and is this a precursor to something bigger for this area? Also, there have been 2 earthquakes in Colorado over the last two days - very, very, unusual. [and from another] Although earthquakes in the central and eastern United States are less frequent than in the western United States, they affect much larger areas. This is shown by two areas affected by earthquakes of similar magnitude-the 1895 Charleston, Missouri, earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone and the 1994 Northridge, California, earthquake. Differences in geology east and west of the Rocky Mountains cause this strong contrast.
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These two quite minor quakes in the US - what has been called a 5.8 in DC and a 5.3 in Colorado - are merely a hint of what is to come for the US as the time of the New Madrid adjustment approaches. We have requested that we not be asked about every minor earthquake as this will soon become almost a daily affair for the North American continent. Have our predictions not been given? Have they changed, simply because the cups in your cupboard jiggled? Stretch zones are permeated with soft soil subject to liquefaction, as by their nature they are rock layers pulled apart, so must be filled with something. Water is most often the substance that fills the voids and thus liquefaction is facilitated. It is well known that quakes along the West Coast affect an area the fraction of the size of the area affected on the East Coast, due to liquefaction factors. Get used to the jiggle, and get some perspective! We are not here to hold your hand every time you feel a jiggle! The unmanned Russian cargo spaceship Progress has crashed in eastern Siberia after failing to reach its target orbit, has the council of worlds been involved like the Pentagon's HTV-2 or is this more in the hands of man making excuses and errors? [and from another] Air & Space International Space Station-Bound Supply Ship Explodes, Crashes in Siberia [Aug 24] An unmanned Russian supply ship bound for the International Space Station failed to reach its planned orbit Wednesday, and pieces of it fell in Siberia amid a thunderous explosion. The third stage of the rocket firing the ship into space failed a few minutes into the launch. The ship was carrying more than 2.5 tons of supplies, including oxygen, food and fuel. Since the ending of the U.S. space shuttle program this summer, Russian spaceships are a main supply link to the space station. It was the 44th Progress to launch to the International Space Station. NASA said the rocket appeared to function flawlessly at liftoff, which occurred right on time, but there was a loss of contact with the vehicle just over five minutes into the flight.

After 43 successful launches of the Progress, what went wrong on the 44th? Loss of contact was reported, after the rocket launched, which is indicative of an electrical problem. Did benign aliens interfere, in order to issue a message to those in the establishment that the Council of Worlds is not pleased with their continuing cover-up over the presence of Planet X? Do not the people of the world have the right to know what is in their future, if the elite know and are taking steps to ensure their own survival? Electrical failure is easy to arrange, and fatal for a rocket dependent upon electrical signals between launch stages. Those on the ISS should be brought home, and the cover-up put aside. To do otherwise is indicative of a highly Service-to-Self nature among the worlds elite, who are not likely to do otherwise without inducements.

In regards to the east coast upstate NY/Canada region after PS - As per the Zeta's this area is to be inundated with demanding people from the cities along the east, DC and NY. Is it in the best interests of the STO to move away when this occurs towards seclusion, or stick around and help organize? I am raised with these types and can deal with attitudes and brats but is this going to be a high STS area?
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We have warned that the former residents of flooded cities such as New York City and Washington DC will migrate as far as Quebec, due to the crowding that will occur in the Appalachian mountains and New England after the pole shift. Examine a relief map of the eastern half of the US and migration paths pop out. There will be cities in the flooded states surrounding the Appalachian mountains that will have no choice but to cling to these highlands. The flooded Mississippi Valley, all of Florida and the Gulf states bordering Appalachia, up the southern half of the East Coast where tides will drive the residents inland, and even cities in the Midwest situated along the Seaway. Except for those living near the Ozarks, heading to the hills means heading for the mountains.

The stereotype New Englander is polite, and Canada is seen as a relative wilderness, unpopulated. The stereotype for Appalachia is a hillbilly. By the time the pole shift hits, the news will be filled with reports of sloshing tides along the southeast coast and flooding along the Mississippi. Retirees from New York City living in Florida will have returned home, complaining about the alternative. Refugee cities in the highlands of Appalachia will have been in the news, and the noisy and demanding elite will not want to be among them. When they finally crowd into the hills, forced there by the pole shift tides, the direction of migration will already be toward New England, as the southeast will be flooding long before the hour of the pole shift. What will residents of New York City and DC do when faced with the migration crowd? Get ahead of them, flowing through New England and on to points north.

It is not the spiritual orientation alone that will make these crowds unwelcome. New York City and DC have a culture where a loud voice making demands gets attention. This is due to the voice most often belonging to someone of importance, a politician or executive or broker from Wall Street. Those who are not considered important in human society often take on the demeanor as they see, like little children emulating their parents, as such behavior brings attention and gets needs met. So it is not just the Service-to-Self, who have clawed their way into a position of importance and control, but also the undecided who will be loudly making demands. Habits run strong and deep, and usually do not change, if ever, unless all else has failed and failed repeatedly. What your chosen role may be, in this environment, is up to you.