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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 26, 2011

ZT has addressed many times the characteristics involving soul ascension from one density to another, even speaking to issues such as 'backsliding' from a higher soul density to a lower density. These descriptions beg an intriguing question. Is there such a thing as a constant soul, a soul that, for some reason or another, stays at a certain density or soul level during every incarnation, and even during intra-carnation epochs, and does not progress to the next soul level, neither regresses to a lower level?

Soul growth varies widely. Physical growth, where an organism grows to adulthood over a set period of time, is affected by factors inhibiting or stunting growth such as lack of food or innate genetics or disease. Soul growth is not affected by such factors and can be amazingly fast or sink into a type of stagnation where no growth proceeds regardless of how many incarnations or the variety of settings presented to the soul. This is, thus, not something affected by outside forces, but is caused by something in the soul itself. Rapidly evolving souls embrace the settings they find themselves within. They are spiritually action oriented, adventurous and exploratory. This does not mean the incarnation, the physical vehicle for the soul, is athletic or taking risks! This is a spiritual attitude, and can be present in a cripple unable to move about at all.

A soul trapped in a cripple may reach out to assist others in the nursing home, attempting to interact in small ways, brightening the lives of others. This would require creativity, as well as perseverance. Yet a nurse leaning to the Service-to-Self in this facility may be stagnant, taking only those steps traditionally appropriate for a nurse, regardless of need or opportunity for interaction with others. The stagnant soul is too cautious. It fears rejection or pain or being criticized, and thus takes a narrow path, a safe path. We have mentioned that those who take the Service-to-Self path are basically immature. Just as a newborn baby focuses on itself, its needs, and only develops empathy as it experiences pain during its childhood, souls can remain stunted at the newborn level too. They refuse to give up their self-focus, and resist empathy as a distraction in this matter. There is no limit on how long a stunted or stagnant soul can sit in such a situation. It can be forever.

Why is sinking irregular on the plate tongue holding Indonesia? Java has been very heavily affected. At first it was the northern coast, then the southern, and now it is crumbling as well. Yet Timur seemed relatively unaffected. The east coast of the Malay peninsula was affected, then the east coast of Sumatra, then the west coast of the Malay peninsula and Sumatra. Why that order? The center of the Philippines was early affected, and has follow-on sinking, but Manila and the island of Luzon almost entirely unaffected. The upper west coast of the island of Borneo, primarily in Malaysia, has had reports, but southern Borneo seemed exempt. The Indonesian islands on the Banda sub-plate were early affected, but the islands just north of this sub-plate on the Molucca sub-plate only lately starting to sink. The airports in Jakarta, where the elevation is 34 feet is still in operation. Yet in Java, there are continuing reports of sinking in the region, on all sides of Jakarta. Singapore airport is approximately 20 feet above sea level, and still in business. On March 5 you stated we were 10 weeks of perhaps 15 weeks of sinking for the region. Are we to expect a rush toward the end, or will the sinking end up being erratic as to what areas it affects?
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As can be seen, the plate tongue holding Indonesia, often called the Sunda Plate, is considered to have many micro-plates as part of its structure. This stands as evidence of the beating this region has taken, regularly, during prior pole shifts. Just as the Coral Sea region of the Indo-Australian Plate flexes, and the center of Australia is expected to flex, rock strata forming a plate may flex, while not entirely breaking away. This part may push up, that tilt, and another sink during any adjustments, but in the end, all hold together. Thus, as Nancy has noted, and as her newsletter reports with attendant articles have shown, sinking occurred early on the Banda sub-plate, while Timor and the Molucca Sea sub-plates were resilient until very recently.

Like the head of a hammer being brought down, Java takes the brunt of the push under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate. The degree of crumbling this island is experiencing during the past couple weeks shows the pressure, as more than the intrusion of sea water is being experienced. Crushing is being experienced. The southern portion of Borneo has been holding because it is housed on a very solid part of the plate tongue, like the handle of the hammer. Java is not only being pushed down, it is bending down. The Philippines are at a place on the tongue where the plate is trying to deal with the pressure from the Pacific by sagging down in the center of the Philippines. This particular sag also affects the northwestern portion of the island of Borneo, which has experienced early sinking.

Our early predictions for the sinking of the tongue were for a sinking that would occur suddenly, accompanied by tsunami heading north toward the Philippines and the south China coastline. This may still occur! We described the sinking of the tongue as a process that would start out slowly, then pick up the pace. The sinking is less than half what would be expected, at the date of this writing on March 20, 2011 which is equivalent to week 12. And where the sinking has not been uniform, it will continue to show discrepancies. When we gave estimates of 80, 60, 40, and 20 feet we were certainly not being precise for any given location. Some places will be to that level, and others where buckling has occurred will have less sinking. This is still coming, and has not been canceled!

I live in Istanbul. On the anatolian side of the city by the sea. Everyday there is a discussion on TV or on the newspapers about the earthquake that is expected to happen anytime soon which would probably kill thousands of people. Can you please tell us any information about this? Can you please advise us what to do in Istanbul and in Marmara Region where closest mountain ranges are Bolu and is on fault lines? Where would you choose to live in Istanbul? What feet high is ok? Can there be a tsunami in Marmara Sea? What will happen to the islands in Marmara Sea? In The Safe Location Part for Turkey: the advice is to go away from the coast to mountain ranges. On the north part of Turkey the mountains are parallel to the Black Sea. On the west part of Turkey the mountains are towards the Aegean Sea. On the South part they are parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. What is your advice for the people along the coast to go? What is beautiful Bodrum's destiny? When I look at eathquake map of Turkey there are earthquakes on the mountains too. As I am observing the sequences. Can Zetas comment on prior earthquake for Istanbul before number (6)? And tsunami occurance in Marmara Sea like in Japan? The Zeta sequence is as follows: (1) a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with (2) Indonesia sinking, (3) a folding Pacific allowing (4) S America to roll, (5) a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing (6) Africa to roll and (7) the floor of the Mediterranean to drop.
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Turkey is riddled with fault lines, as a quick glance at a map shows. Fortunately, Turkey is high ground, and anyone within the country can position themselves in the center of the country for the pole shift, 100 miles from shore and 200 feet above the current sea level. One should not be on the border with the Arabian Plate, as the Arabian Plate will roll its top part to the East, jumbling rock in its path. One should not be on the North Anatolian Fault Line, if one has their options, as like all fault lines there will be movement and tumbling rock. If forced to stay near the coastline of the Black Sea one should seek a point 400 or greater feet above sea level, while avoiding the tumbling rock in the higher mountains along the fault line.

When the 7 of 10 scenario for Africa occurs, dropping Africa and widening the Red Sea, the isthmus holding Istanbul will tear, dropping the city into rubble. During the hour of the pole shift, what is left of Istanbul will find water sloshing back and forth between the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and will be gravely affected by quakes along the various fault lines that traverse the area. Tsunami will not be the issue during the Earth changes affecting Turkey, as the fault lines move horizontally and will not raise or lower plates on either side to create a mass of water on the move.

I'm concerned that so many Japanese are "escaping" the devastation of the north from the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear radiation by heading to southern Japan. The Zetas have predicted that the major quakes in Japan will be in the south. Is this part of the drama playing out that so many of these brave kind people are actually heading into more danger rather than away from it?

During the increasingly severe Earth changes, will migrations desperate to escape a situation move in the wrong direction? Of course this can occur, especially during a cover-up over the real causes of the disaster and honesty about what the populace can expect in the future. In the main, the populace will be urged by the Earth changes to move away from danger and toward safety. Erupting volcanoes always encourage the populace living nearby to migrate to a non-volcanic zone. High and erratic tides likewise devastate coastal areas, which would theoretically encourage the populace to move inland, but as we have seen in Indonesia, this is more likely to result in plans to build seawalls and dykes. Just look at the Netherlands to see what such attitudes have produced in the past. Coastal areas offer more than pleasant living with moderate temperatures and beaches. They also offer access to fishing and transport on the ocean.

Increasingly severe earthquakes along fault lines will likely find many former residents moving, simply because their former homes are rubble. They will go to stay with relatives, or take any compensation checks from the government or their insurance company and go elsewhere, particularly if the devastation is severe enough. This is very dependent upon jobs. If the earthquake has wiped out former employers, then migrations off the fault line are more likely. If not, employees will setup again in the area, wanting their former employment to continue. Those being relocated by their government into tent cities are often forced to go where directed, regardless of their inclination. Governments will often locate tent cities in undesirable locations, away from wealthy enclaves, and thus this migration to be toward safe locations and away from danger is entirely depending upon the inclination of that particular government. An example of a good plan is the ghost cities of China which have been constructed in the hinterlands, desert areas at present.

Beyond consideration of migration from volcanic zones, fault lines, and tsunami dangers, the public is unlikely to consider our larger warnings about climate change or the rising seas to 675 feet above the current sea level. This is because the larger message has not been allowed to be disseminated due to the cover-up. This could change, but is in the hands of man. Thus a large city on a fault line could migrate to tent cities in a region that will become flooded by 500 foot high tidal waves and a rise to a 675 foot level within two years after the pole shift. They have moved away from earthquake damage to being drown. This will occur primarily because of ignorance, due to the cover-up suppressing our predictions.

All this is overshadowed by the general trend, which we have predicted, for migrations to be resisted between and even within countries. The wealthy, landowners and corporations, will resist migrations within a country to their areas. Those countries that will be under water or in a polar zone will likewise find a deaf ear turned toward their pleas to allow their citizens to migrate to safer areas. Countries will be closing their borders, and be aggressive in defending them against a tide of desperate people. Those countries that are poor and have long and relatively indefensible borders may thus find themselves overrun. The tide of migrants will flow in any direction that does not resist. In all countries, the wealthy and politically powerful will have already arranged for their own safety. To the extent that arrangements have been made for a number of such moves, those with political connections will assume such a move for themselves also. All this is subject to change, as the sociological changes accompanying the 8 of 10 Earth changes play out. .

There was talk by the Zetas that Obama might come foward about PX after he was inaugurated. We know he has not and the many reasons why. We have not heard anything lately from the global Puppetmaster. Where does he stand now on the issue of "telling the people"? What moves for "telling the story", if any, is he doing? Is he still undecided on this?

We mentioned repeatedly during 2010 that Nancy would get media attention as a result of the 7 of 10 scenarios meeting our predictions. Many expected that due to our prediction that Indonesia would sink in 2-3 week, and start this process before the end of 2010, that the world would be shocked at that time, and Nancy propelled into the media as a result. As has been pointed out, shocking the world was predicted for the 7 of 10 scenarios, but just what point where this shock might arrive, unstated. The sinking in Indonesia has been delayed by plate undulation, which has momentum once it starts and thus can be expected to continue unless other factors jump-start the sinking process. This, combined with a tightly controlled media cover-up over the events in Indonesia, has prevented ZetaTalk and Nancy from getting the stage. When might this change, and how does this affect the Puppet Master's plans?

There is a saying that first impressions are important, for good reason. If the press to put Nancy and ZetaTalk into major media came too soon, the usual pack of japping dogs would mix the message so that it all became debatable. This would be the first impression. The Puppet Master is thus waiting for a time when it is undeniable that ZetaTalk predictions are astonishingly accurate. This would preferably include not only plate movements, but signs in the skies, proving the ZetaTalk statement that Planet X arrived in 2003 and is close to the Sun in the view from the Earth. Plate undulation, thus, has affected more than the pace in Indonesia, it has affected the timing of Nancy's media introduction. But just as the sinking of Indonesia will proceed to the degree we predicted, ZetaTalk via Nancy in the media will also arrive. This is inevitable!

Sometimes Nancy has difficulty understanding questions from non-native speakers of English. Given that the Zetas claim to be telepathic, can they not probe the minds of these questioners, and relay their meaning accurately to Nancy, so that she can answer? I have noted several instances in which a speaker of a Slavic language has put a question, and I, having some knowledge of Slavic languages, have understood their meaning, but Nancy has not, and a question has been refused, or misunderstood, and an answer to the misunderstood question has been given. Since the Zetas claim to have implanted genetic material into Nancy's brain in order to facilitate their communication with her, presumably there can be no question of her misunderstanding their meaning, and putting , with reasonable accuracy, their meaning into English. The Zetas, of course, would immediately recognize if Nancy had misunderstood their meaning, and move to correct the mistake, to maintain ZataTalk accuracy. So why do the Zetas only seem to accept questions in grammatically accurate English? Surely it would be possible for any person to put a question in any human language, the Zetas to telepathically understand their meaning, and relay their answer to Nancy? (She, understandably, would have to give the answer in English, her not having the ability to give the answer in any human language.) Can the Zetas give more information on the nature of the commuication exchange between themselves and humans? They have on occasion reported about the private opinions of various world leaders, or unnamed members of the elite. How is it then, that sometimes they appear unable to understand the questions of ordinary followers of ZetaTalk, who speak poor English?

Beyond our repeated explanations of the telepathic conversation we have with Nancy, wherein we emphasize that she is not passive in the exchange in this unique communication vehicle, is the issue of noise. Here it is being suggested that more noise could be injected, and that would improve the situation. Perhaps for every question posed by someone who struggles with English, numerous others could sit by her side and interpret, clarify, to ensure that Nancy understands the questioner's intent. Then we could have a series of translations involved - the questioner's intent, the language specialist's intent, the language specialist's interpretation of the questioner's intent, Nancy's understanding of the language specialist's interpretation and the original questioner's intent, and then, finally, our answer.

There is a class-room exercise done to show how such messages get scrambled. All sit around a circle, with a message whispered into the ear of the next person so the message travels, one-to-one, around the circle. At the end, the last person to receive the message speak it out loud and when this is compared to the original message first spoken, not even recognizable as the same message! Here Euan suggests that if he were involved, those of Slavic origin would not be misunderstood. Unless, of course, Euan's understanding of the original question were different than the intent. The intent is not always in print. Most often it is hidden, or at best a nuance among the words. We understand the intent and relay this to Nancy, and she understands the intent, whereas Euan, who hopes to be elevated to the new role of question translator would not understand our message at all.