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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 26, 2014

What some comments please: NASA: Humans Will Prove ‘We Are Not Alone In The Universe’ Within 20 Years. [and from another]  NASA predicts that 100 million worlds in our own Milky Way galaxy may host alien life, and space program scientists estimate that humans will be able to find life within two decades.

Taking a page from SETI, NASA is implying that unless humans go looking out in space for intelligent life elsewhere, it will not be found. In other words, the alien presence on Earth is nonexistent! As we stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, SETI is taking their absurd posture so the truly anxious among the populace can having something to cling to, reassurance from officialdom. As the cover-up over Nibiru, aka Planet X, steadily erodes with announcements of Nibiru-like planets found roaming around afar from their stars, in odd orbits, and as disclosure on the alien presence looms closer with mass UFO sightings almost becoming the norm and even the Pope talking about little green men from Mars, those in the public who cannot handle this news are being given an out. Thus, the duality.

There was another botched execution in Arizona. It appears that drug companies have refused to provide the Thiopental Sodium for executions, as they have done for years. That drug is used in varying doses for things like inducing coma, euthanasia, truth serum, etc. Can the Zetas explain why drug companies are stockpiling this drug? It does not have a long shelf life either, just months. Also, they refuse to give the ingredients for the new lethal injections. Are they performing human experiments before the eyes of the public?  [and from another]  The key chemical in lethal injections is sodium thiopental, originally invented as an anesthetic. But US manufacturers of the drug have been increasingly refusing to sell it, either out of opposition to the death penalty or concern about association with executions. In 2011, the last US supplier, a company called Hospira, stopped making it. Later that year, the European Union announced an export ban on sodium thiopental, in pursuit of its official goal of "universal abolition" of the death penalty. [and from another]  An Arizona inmate gasped and snorted in an execution that lasted nearly two hours on Tuesday. Lawyers for Joseph Wood had filed an emergency motion to abort the execution because their client was still alive more than an hour after receiving a lethal injection that was intended to kill him quickly and peacefully.

The shortage of sodium thiopental is due, as is known, to opponents of the death penalty leaning on the phrama companies who produced it. Is there no substitute? Substitutes are being tried, with poor and even horrific results. The goal is a quick, painless death. As any emergency room physician will report, opiate overdose will result in a painless death, but it is not quick. In the past, hanging or gunshot or electrocution were used, which were quick but not considered painless. Given the profit motive, there will eventually be a chemical mix that works, to replace sodium thiopental. Meanwhile, the drama continues.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the following crop circles reported in Germany and England during July? Ammersee (Lake Ammer), Bavaria, Germany. Reported July 18th. Tetbury Lane, near Charlton, Wiltshire, England. Reported July 8th.

The August Magnetic Trimester is approaching, and it will be a doozy. The Magnetic Trimester, a time when earthquakes and plate movements increase, will compound the already increased wobble, magnifying both. The Earth wobble is at its core magnetic. The magnetic N Pole of Planet X pushes the Earth when the Earth’s magnetic N Pole comes up over the horizon to encounter the hose of magnetons from Planet X. The violent push away requires a violent adjustment later in the day, the polar push and pump that has been in place since 2004. Note how similar these two legitimate crop circle designs are to those that presented in 2004, a triad theme frequently repeated by the circle designers.

I know that being truthful and living from the heart, unconditional love are parts of the STO lifestyle. Could the Zetas say more about it. What will the future held in store for those being STO and highly STO besides living with the hybrids without going into detail about the time frame. My feeling is also that during the full blown 8 of 10 we will see way more of this.

We have mentioned that those who are truly Service-to-Other have been given the offer of a lift during the hour of the Pole Shift, so that they might survive to help others in the Aftertime. Almost all decline as they want to be with those who need them during this terrible hour, not absent. Are these individuals also extended an offer to live with ourselves and the hybrids in high tech cities? No, as these invitations are mission oriented, dependent upon whether loss of the individual, or distraction of the individual if forced to live in 3rd density, would impact the mission. Few qualify. Nancy does, as we have stated, due to the widespread respect and awareness of the ZetaTalk message, though she would not fuss about living her life out in 3rd density on Earth, should that be the situation.

As we have stated, polarization of the orientations will increasingly occur, so that Service-to-Other dominated communities emerge, often so gradually that one does not notice the change. The barter system in place, everyone volunteering to do what they can without expectation of payment, and those who are hopelessly sick or aged volunteering to go without food so the young can prosper. Those who are highly Service-to-Other are key during these transitions. At the same time, those leaning to the Service-to-Self will find themselves allies with others who are rule and control oriented, highly structured communities where power and might prevail and cruelty is allowed.