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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 25, 2010

"Venezuela's parliament has granted President Hugo Chavez special powers to deal with the aftermath of devastating floods". And "He had asked to able to rule by decree for a year to address the emergency caused by floods and landslides that have killed around 40 people and left 140,000 homeless." In Zetatalk I read that Hugo Chavez is highly Service to Others and a contactee, and my feeling is that he knows what is coming, the South America roll and that's why he asked for this. My question to the Zetas, is my feeling correct and did he ask for this because of what he knows?

Yes. Chavez is resented in the extreme by US corporate interests, as he expelled them and has refused to let them continue gouging his people while they rape the land of natural resources. Other recently democratic countries in S America have followed suit. Venezuela has oil, and has refused to let the corporate interests of the oil companies to have their way with him, which enraged the Bush crowd in the past. Thus, they would paint this move by Chavez as dictatorial, which he is not. He knows that the S America roll is pending, and what this will mean not only for his country but for many drowning souls in the Caribbean who will seek refuge in his country. Like Obama, whose plans are held close to the chest but which nonetheless exist, he is getting ready for these times, when strong and swift maneuvers may be needed.

With various members of governments and certain elite concerned about enhanced credibility of ZT after certain 7 of 10 events occur soon, and can be pointed to as having been predicted, it seems like increased awareness of PX is just one of their concerns. There is a great deal of information on ZT, and if one part is given enhanced credibility, the rest of the material by extension will tend to be taken more seriously as well. Is getting widespread exposure and validation of the body of the work that is ZT part of the awakening plan?

Indeed, the ZetaTalk message is complex. We bashed the George Bush crowd during their reign. Attacked the banking system as parasitic on the backs of workers truly producing products. Have a scathing opinion of those participating in the cover-up, including the cover-up over the alien presence. And express distain for organized religion in the main, as rule oriented and designed to maintain the religious hierarchy. Will the fact that we have expressed our opinion on these subjects in the past, at a time when our message is given a boost by the accuracy of our predictions on geological changes, distress the establishment? To some degree this will occur, but in the main our opinion on these subjects is shared by the populace and is nothing new! The common man thinks the US government is lying about Roswell and the alien presence. Membership in the Catholic church has been declining for some years, at an alarming rate to those at the helm of the church. And the US voters expressed their opinion on the Bush administration during the last presidential election.

There is a question about gold. Regarding Soros and his bought gold, Zetas said that in case if not everything is destroyed, it's possible that gold will preserve its value. But I really do not understand how can gold be worth of anything at all, it has no practical implications in the aftertime! Or am I wrong? How can gold be used after the PS? Why would it have any price at all? During World War 2, a piece of bread was easiily exchanged to the piece of gold. PS is much a greater catastrophe than even war. So why to store any gold at all? Please ask Zetas to explain more deeply about the practical implications of gold.

You are confusing the opinion of Soros, which we were asked to address, and our opinion. Our opinion is that gold will be worthless, as will paper money and stocks and bonds and art work and jewelry. You cannot eat these things. These items are used as a medium of exchange at present, when starvation is held at bay, in the main, and commerce perking along. We have predicted that the barter system will replace such items as paper money as being closer to the issues that each bartering individual cares about. The apple grower wants goat cheese, and the goat herder wants apples. The price of each is instantly set, and no need for a monetary interface. But when goods are being imported from China, a medium of exchange has value as it is just a convenient entry on a log, not stuff being hauled around. Items such as gold and jewelry or stocks and bonds have traditionally been used as a medium of exchange also, because they have high value, and are easily transported and do not spoil. Soros, as we explained, is betting that the pole shift will not be as severe as we predicted, and thus he will have worth in the future. He's wrong.

Looks like we may have the 1st 'without warning' sinking. Waves 3.5 meters high, then 4.5, then 5.5! High tidal waves blamed for this, and note how wave height is up up and up. [and from another] Strong Northeasterly winds of 40-50 kmph with waves up to 3.5 metres are expected to continue until Wednesday, 22 December 2010. [and from another] Strong Northeasterly winds over 60 kmph with waves up to 5.5 metres are expected to continue until Wednesday, 22 December 2010. [and from another] Australia: Monster tide closes CityCat terminals [Dec 22] Low-lying areas have been flooded this morning due to an extremely high tide in the already swollen Brisbane River. [and from another] Extreme Weather in New Zealand [Dec 21] Strong winds buffeted Wellington, bringing down trees, trolleybus wires and lifting a trampoline.
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There was clearly a storm, as high winds accompanied the high tides and high waves. But is there more to the story? Nancy has done some research and concluded that there seemed to be no warning for the storm. It did not seem to be documented as a cyclone nor tropical storm, even after it occurred. We stated that sinking in Indonesia would be covered by claims of high tides and storms, and this is an example though scant additional sinking occurred on this day. But more occurred. The Pacific plates, which are, as we explained, not just one but four, compressed, acting as the trigger for the 7.4 quake in Japan. These compressing plates, one plate sliding under another, force an adjustment in the water above, which disburses. Thus Australia at Brisbane experienced a high tide, and lands from the Philippines through Indonesia experienced high waves and choppy water.

There several plate boundaries converging at the southern edge of Chile and Argentina, and it seems that the southern edge of South America really rides on the Scotia Plate. Lately we have seen considerable seismic activity precisely on that red line, the recently active Chaiten volcano in Chile being very close to that border line, too. Would it be possible that South America eventually broke open, somewhere around the border line between the Scotia Plate and the South American plate, so creating a new oceanic way, or a new Straits, communicating the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans there?
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We have predicted new land to emerge when the Antarctic Plate tips up between the tip of S America and S Africa, due to pressure from the compressing Pacific plates. This of course would have consequences for the Scotia Plate, nearby. The Scotia Plate is rising at the Sandwich Islands, being pushed down on the other side of the plate. This trend will continue, and thus that tiny strip of land at the tip of S America that rides on the Scotia Plate will lose elevation and sink below the waves during the hour of the pole shift.

I am from Russia. From the city of Saratov. The pole shift will survive in Saratov, because no one believes me and is not going to move anywhere. I have a question - please explain how the water comes from glaciers in the Saratov after the pole shift? [and from another] By the 1800s, Saratov had grown to be an important shipping port on the Volga.

This is a question about the rising seas after the pole shift, to an average level of a 675 feet, worldwide. Since Saratov does not have glaciers, where would such water come from? Water seeks its level, and when there is an ocean rise anywhere, this eventually distributes to all shores. The sea level rise, as we have explained, is due to the heat of friction during the pole shift, which will heat the deep ocean bottoms. This heat warms the deep ocean water, icy cold, and thus it swells. Warm water takes up more room than cold, so the waters of the oceans rise. This flows everywhere that touches the oceans, and that includes the Volga River.

Can you tell us how much a rise the California coast will receive during the Pole Shift?
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The San Andreas Fault line runs up through California and thence out into the Pacific. This is a slip-slide zone through California, so that mountain building occurs on both sides of the San Andreas Fault. Why would this be so, when the Pacific compresses greatly? There are points out in the Pacific, which is not one plate but at least four, that give more readily, thus sparing California from immediate subduction trauma. Yet the plates pushing under the West Coast of N America do cause mountain building all the way to the Continental Divide. How can this seeming contradiction exist? Plates are composed of layers of rock, a fact to which we have often alluded. These layers can pull apart to create a thinner crust in those parts of the globe that are in the stretch zone, thus causing those regions to drop in elevation, to sag.

Where the various rock layers find they meet a barrier, but some of the rock layers (perhaps the surface layers) have more resistance than the deeper layers, sliding of these layers can occur. This is a deep adjustment within the plate, which like a stack of papers finds it is still just as thick, though parts of the stack have shifted to this or that side. This is occurring in California. The top layers of the Pacific Plate pushing under the West Coast scrape off and rumple, creating the coastal mountains while the deeper layers proceed to push under all the way to the Continental Divide. This process will continue to occur during the pole shift, and thus there will be rumpling along the coastal mountains from San Diego to Monterey, though this new rumpling will occur at a deep level and not likely toss those on the surface about. There will be an elevation increase of perhaps 57 feet for this region.

For northern California there is a similar rise in elevation but higher, perhaps to 92 feet. The San Francisco Bay area will notice this, as the rivers emptying into the Bay will become a waterfall at their joint outlet. However, as the oceans rise 675 feet within two years after the shift, this too will be covered in water. This rise in elevation does not continue beyond northern California, as the Juan de Fuca Plate absorbs any pressure from the push of the Pacific Plate. Thus the elevation rise for Oregon and Washington is not expected to be more than 25-30 feet. We have stated that Vancouver Island will get an increase of 100 feet and travel 100 miles further north from the Canadian coastline due to the fracturing of the Juan de Fuca and N American plates at this point. The tiny Explorer Plate is an indication of this. The San Andreas slip-slide will drag Vancouver Island along, and rumple this up to 100 feet above where it is today.

Recently one of these showed up in a Wall Mart parking lot in Hickory, North Carolina. Here is a video of it. Apparently placed there by the Hickory Police Department, this certainly smacks highly of after--time crowd control and perhaps pre pole-shift times as well. My instincts are telling me, as the video creator suggests, that this move is to desensitize the American population against this device. Would the Zetas care to comment on the timing of this kind of device and its placement in a suburban parking lot? [and from another] I saw two of these devices in a parking lot of Disney World in Orlando Florida this past October. Thought they were a little strange at the time. Just sitting there cordoned of with traffic cones.
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This is indeed a tool in the armory of crowd control devices. Were they in use at the time, or just out on display. Both, but displaying such devices is indeed deliberate. Studies have shown that the public will become desensitized, eventually, to almost any trend. If an elephant in the town square is not normal, but appears there every day without explanation, eventually the citizens will not find this strange. In fact, should the elephant disappear, it would be cause for concern and gossip!