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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 24, 2016

I would like to ask what's behind the compelling speeches of President Obama and Michelle Obama in rescue of Hillary's campaign despite the many efforts to stop her. [and from another] [and from another] First lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, delivers an impassioned speech backing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. [and from another] Philadelphia (CNN)President Barack Obama made a fervent plea for Hillary Clinton, casting the Democratic nominee as a custodian of his legacy while rejecting Republicans' message as fostering anger and hate. [and from another] An angry Obama puts himself on the ballot. Declaring he would consider it “a personal insult, an insult to my legacy” if black turnout falters for Hillary Clinton, Obama did what he got reamed for doing almost exactly two years ago, in the heat of midterm elections where disdain for him was the defining force: Yes, he said, he is pretty much on the ballot in November.

At this volatile and uncertain time in the US 2016 elections, what is Obama’s role? We have explained that his reference to a Third Term, made on the Jon Steward show in mid-2015, was due to the expectation that the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru would be made during the Jade Helm exercises and would require the 2016 elections to be halted. Then Obama lacked courage and Dunford took over. Now we have the announcement about to complete via the Prongs. But the savage and criminal ambitions of the Bush/Clinton crime family have if anything increased, with both the Democrats and GOP lining up behind Hillary.

As we have repeatedly and very recently stated, the forces for good, the White Hats working with the Council of Worlds, will not let this extended criminal network take over the White House, where they can influence how the powerful US military is used around the world. This is of course the prize, the goal, and election fraud and murder are just two of the weapons they have used in this election cycle. The Earth is in a Transformation, with those of good heart and those who are self-centered increasingly polarized. The Element of Doubt, necessary to subdue panic over the alien presence during the gradual Awakening, is increasingly being dropped, as occurred during the obvious shootdown of the FaceBook satellite recently.

The options for halting the Hillary push include her criminal network pulling support from her, such that Trump is allowed to show his true support in the polls and election fraud is countered sufficiently to allow a valid election putting Trump into the presidency. Where this is in process, it is shaky, not a certain solution. Then there is Hillary’s criminal network assassinating Hillary, a situation that would end Hillary’s bid for the White House even if a double were to be used during the debates. But this would still allow the criminal network, such as Soros, to operate using Kaine as a puppet. Then there is the DNC somehow managing to put in a replacement for Hillary, such as Biden or Sanders. No matter how this is played, the Democratic Party would have a splintered vote, and would lose to Trump.

Another option is for the Council of Worlds to create cover for Dunford, by allowing a Severe Wobble or the start of the New Madrid adjustment. Both these Earth changes have been due and pending for the Earth, but have been held back by the Council of Worlds to allow the common man to become aware of the presence of Nibiru and the pending passage. No one knows what the Council of Worlds will decide, and they have many options. Meanwhile, Obama is aware that the need to delay the 2016 elections is very probable, and is inserting himself into the election cycle accordingly. His Third Term, thus, becoming a reality.

This gas pipeline leak happened in Alabama just 2 days after the 9.5 quake in Oklahoma and I imagine it was related.  How bad is it really and is it going to cause any significant shortage in gas or spikes in price as Howard showed in the price of gas futures? [and from another] Gasoline prices are set to jump across the eastern U.S. after a spill from the country’s largest fuel pipeline choked off supplies. A leak in Alabama September 9 shut the main gasoline pipeline delivering fuel from refineries along the Gulf Coast to 50 million Americans in states from Mississippi to New Jersey. Suppliers are moving gasoline and diesel by sea and sending trucks to distant terminals to bring fuel to consumers, but it won’t come close to the 1.3 million barrels a day that the shuttered line normally carries. [and from another] Colonial Pipeline announced Saturday it is beginning construction of a temporary pipeline that will bypass a leaking section of its main gasoline pipeline in Shelby County, Alabama. [and from another] State of Emergency in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. The purpose of the SOE's was to allow the Governors to temporarily lift tanker restrictions. There is no State of Emergency perse, but by lifting restrictions re: size/weight/registration they are preventing one. [and from another] Governor Nathan Deal is declaring a state of emergency to keep the gas flowing. The biggest comes in the form of an executive order that allowed the state to suspend limitations on trucking hours allowing drivers to stay on the road longer to bring fuel into the state.

Shelby County, Alabama is located just below the hard rock of the Appalachian Mountains, and along the curve outlining this hard rock that stretches from Memphis through Alabama and on up along the East Coast. If the 5.6 quake in Oklahoma caused shaking along a 1,255 line from N Dakota to Houston that outlined hard rock just to the east of this line, then the Shelby County, Alabama gas line break was again showing that the rock strata surrounding the New Madrid Fault line is in the process of shifting. First soft rock shifts, then soft rock rips, then hard rock rips – that is the process during the New Madrid adjustments.  

The State of Emergency declared by a number of governors along the broken gasoline line was to allow them to bypass regulations so that shippers and truckers could bring in enough gas. We have warned that when the New Madrid rips, tearing the bridges and pipelines crossing the Mississippi, that the entire heavily populated East Coast of the US will be similarly distressed. These governors were warned when FEMA moved the training for their civilian corps from June 2018 to June 2016 and cited it in Atlanta, the heart of the New Madrid impact zone. They get regular updates from FEMA. But civilians, harboring a sense of unease, will not get a warning until disasters begin to strike in earnest.  

What´s going on there? Was this a coordinated Assault as mentioned, and if, WHY? Why is the US still supporting ISIS with General Dunford in charge? I can´t understand the behavior of Samantha Powers as well. [and from another] ISIS launched attacks on Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzur only 7 minutes after the US-led coalition's airstrikes on Saturday, a military source said, adding that the air and ground assault were highly coordinated. The source said after the coalition's pounding of the Syrian army near Deir Ezzur airbase, the ISIS could take full control of al-Tharda mountain and then Deir Ezzur military base, adding that the army and national defense forces deployed near the airbase immediately won it back from the terrorists by launching a counterattack. Russia has demanded full and detailed explanation from Washington over the incident in Deir Ezzur, in which 62 Syrian troops were killed and over 100 injured. Instead of giving an explanation to the United Nations as reasonably sought by Syria and Russia, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers, WALKED OUT of the meeting!

We have addressed the Chain of Command concept that many in the public hold, to show how the top guy never has complete cooperation in the troops or personnel below him or her. Everyone has an agenda. If the agenda is not in agreement with the top guy, then resentment or conflicting agendas go underground. Those resentful can be passive aggressive, or can form cliques and plot to sabotage the top guy’s orders. This is common in the military, very common in corporate politics, common among organizations, common on football teams, and common in extended families.

Prior to Dunford assuming control a year ago, the US policy in the Middle East was a mess. As Trump is fond of saying, this created a void that allowed ISIS to emerge from the former Republican Guard of Saddam Hussein. Dunford forged a partnership with Russia, who were partners with the Kurds and Iran and Assad of Syria, providing air cover for others who were boots on the ground. When Turkey was found to be brokering oil for ISIS, this was put to a stop. When Turkey bombed the Kurds, this was scolded.

One of the sticking points for many in the US was that formerly Assad was being targeted for elimination by US support of the Syrian rebels. These rebels merged with ISIS and then ISIS was armed with US arms. The newest published agreement in Syria was that the Syrian civil war was to be set aside while ISIS was eliminated. Assad’s troops were fighting to eliminate ISIS, thus, at least temporarily, allies. For some in the US, this was a bitter pill to swallow, and they determined to kill Assad’s troops on the sly. Not so sly, they got caught, and rather than admit these internal conflicts and apologize, Samantha Power fled the meeting.

I have read several reports that Hillary is dead and actually died on 9/11.  Any real truth in this that the Zetas want to share? [and from another] MYSTERY: What Was Going On With Hillary’s Eyes During Philly Speech? September 20, 2016 Hillary’s eyes appeared not in-sync with one another, as the left eye looked to be cock-eyed and displaced, especially as she looked towards the left. A montage of Hillary’s eye-catching moments before a small group of Temple University students can be seen below in footage. [and from another]  [and from another] Hillary Clinton is dead, Bill on the run as Clinton Foundation scandals finish the DC crooks off. The Khazarian mafia is in a state of extreme panic following the death of their presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on September 11th. Below is a screenshot of the ABC Television announcement of her death that was deleted from the internet.

Hillary is not dead. She had a crisis on September 11, but recovered. As we stated, this crisis was due to her pushing herself too hard, too many days in a row without the treatments her many ailments require. The use of doubles to run stairs and appear at events has now increased, so that the Greensboro, SC rally on September 14 that was rolled out via TV channels was pretaped, with a double walking on and off the plane and appearing onstage at Greensboro.  Speeches are short, read off teleprompters or a notebook page, whether done by Hillary or the double.

As can be seen by a video capture of her September 19 speech at Temple U in Philadelphia, Hillary cannot control her eyes. These incidents have happened in the past, such as during the coffee shop seizure, but were very temporary. Double vision is a central symptom of MS, which Hillary has and tries to control via steroids. But these steroids tend to open the door to seizures, so now the choice is to let her eyes drift and dope her up with anti-seizure meds instead.

Fulford got it wrong, in calling her death too early, but this is likely to be the outcome shortly. Both Bill and Hillary are being hunted by their crime network, who want the Clinton Foundation investigations to stop and see the only way for this to happen is for them both to be dead. Fulford is correct that Bill is temporarily in hiding. But nothing will convince Hillary to withdraw, such is her ambition. Thus, the plea deal offered by Dunford, to end the Clinton Foundation investigations if she drops out, is not an option. Hillary is, by this, in essence signing a death warrant for she and likely for Bill too.