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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 22, 2017

Did the Council of Worlds intervene? This look suspiciously like the FaceBook launch of an Internet satellite over Africa, and other such events which were blown up by the Council. [and from another] "The missile blew up almost instantly," U.S. Pacific Command says. The missile, launched from the country’s east coast, came only one day after the rogue nation had its annual military parade through the city of Pyongyang.[and from another] It is thought to be one of the country's new 'game-changer' intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) which was revealed to the world in a display of military might yesterday. China's foreign minister Wang Yi said today there would be 'no winner' in any war, as tensions mount with the US. [and from another] To military analysts scrutinizing North Korea’s broadcast of the parade, the most noteworthy element seemed to be three types of long-range ballistic missiles, one of them apparently new. While the North has repeatedly claimed that it can strike the United States with a nuclear warhead, it has never flight-tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of crossing the Pacific. In addition, some analysts doubt that the country has mastered the skills to build a warhead that can survive re-entry from space, or one small enough to mount on a long-range missile. They said the intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBMs, that had been displayed in recent North Korean military parades might have been mock-ups of systems still under development.

Despite Kim’s bragging, N Korea does not yet have the capability to strike the US mainland or Hawaii via an InterContinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) tipped with a nuclear warhead. Nevertheless, given the tense situation, where neighbors in Japan, China, Russia, and S Korea would be affected by a fight breaking out between N Korea and the US, having Kim fail, dramatically, is the best outcome. The Council of Worlds does step in to make a point, as they did with the FaceBook launch, but in the case of Korea, the emphasis was on demonstrating to the world Kim’s incompetence. Temper tantrums will result, with the potential that those around this overgrown child will finally assassinate him.

Interesting anomaly! Could this have anything to do with PX pulling at the N pole in retrograde motion? [and from another] [and from another] A strong negative thickness anomaly is present along the Siberian coast of the Chukchi Sea.  Some of the sea ice thickness anomalies seem to be associated with ice motion anomalies showing a counter clockwise pattern centered on the North Pole.

The ice flow in the Arctic traditionally flows in a clockwise manner as the Earth turns East, turning under the ice. The ice stands still, relative to the Earth rotation, so the ice takes on the appearance of a clockwise flow. The ice stands still, the Earth moves under it, thus. What has happened to change the direction of the ice flow in 2017? Clearly this is a result of the increasing violence and swath of the daily Earth wobble. During the Polar Push, when the Sun and Nibiru are along a line between New Zealand and the Bering Strait, the geographic N Pole of Earth is pushed up so it is centered over land rather than the waters of the Arctic.

At this time, the globe has been pushed under all the Arctic ice, so it has heaped up just above the Bering Strait. This creates a pressure difference between the Arctic water above the Bering Strait and the water closer to Greenland, and since water wants to equalize pressure, the flow to do that assumes a counterclockwise flow. Such flow directions tend to be self-perpetuating, as water swirls around trying to equalize the pressure, but soon another daily Polar Push occurs and the cycle starts all over again.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the outcome of the Turkish Referendum? Was the result a true reflection of the Turkish people's wishes? Does a more authoritarian Turkish state have any implications for the stability of the Middle East prior to the Announcement? [and from another] A slim majority of Turkish voters agreed to grant sweeping powers to their president, in a watershed moment that the country’s opposition fears may cement a system of authoritarian rule within one of the critical power brokers of the Middle East. With nearly 99 percent of votes in a referendum counted on Sunday night, supporters of the proposal had 51.3 percent of votes cast, and opponents had 48.7 percent, the country’s electoral commission announced. The constitutional change will allow the winner of the 2019 presidential election to assume full control of the government, ending the current parliamentary political system. The result tightens Mr. Erdogan’s grip on the country, which is one of the leading external actors in the Syrian civil war, a major way station along the migration routes to Europe and a crucial Middle Eastern partner of the United States and Russia. [and from another] After claiming victory in a referendum that greatly expands his powers, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strongly hinted that the time has come for Turkey to consider reinstating the death penalty. With most of the ballots counted, over 51 percent of the electorate have voted in favor of handing Erdogan greater powers. The president called the ‘yes’ vote a historic decision by the Turkish people, expressing hope that it will benefit the country. [and from another] When the European Parliament passed a resolution concerning his plans to revive the death penalty for drug convicts, Duterte was so angered that he decided to speak in English, presumably to make sure his message was heard loud and clear. “Do not impose your culture or your belief in what would be a government in this planet. The controversial leader made clear his distaste for Barack Obama, calling the former president and his entire administration "idiots." Duterte didn't take kindly to the Catholic Church criticizing his 'war on drugs,' so he lashed out, saying he may even pen his own book about the Church – titled 'Hypocrisy.' [and from another] Oct 17, 2016. The Supreme Court has allowed President Nicolás Maduro to rule by decree, to extend the state of emergency he brought into effect last May, and to single-handedly approve his own national budget. The court’s Constitutional Chamber has made the country’s legislative power practically inexistent.

During times of turmoil and unease, the citizenry often longs for a strongman. He promises to keep the wheels of society turning, reduce crime and riots by a firm hand, prevent outsiders from infiltrating the country and taking advantage of the vulnerable, and thus is perceived as a guardian or the people. During such times, they do not see the dangers in giving the strongman such powers. Later, when trying to bring back civil liberties or rein in the strongman, they realize what they have done. History repeats itself in this regard. The desire for a strongman can be seen in the rise of Duterte, the Philippine strongman, and Maduro, the Chavez successor who has been granted dictator status in Venezuela.

The desire for a strongman can be seen in Turkey’s latest referendum, which was not stolen by election fraud but is a valid vote count. An attempted coup in July, 2016 showed Erdogan’s strength too. What does the citizenry see, that engenders such loyalty? They see Turmoil caused by ISIS, the danger that ISIS could invade their country just as the flow of refugees has, and thus they must ally with Russia and NATO partners, though both these allies make them uneasy. They see an increased threat from the Kurds, who seek the return of lands traditionally in Kurdistan. They are experiencing rejection from the European Union, where they are denied membership. Thus Erdogan, the strongman, benefits.

Could the Zetas comment? Is it really because of the glacier? In any case, strange. Satellite images seem to indicate that due to the retreat of the glacier. But it looks like it's because of the anomaly in the heating of the oceans (blob as they called). Or is the reason just in an abnormal temperature due to wobble? This happened at the end of May, and in May we observe an anomaly of sea surface temperature over Alaska. Nevertheless, in 2015-2014 it was much worse so it might not be clear. [and from another] The Blob was first detected in the autumn of 2013 and the early months of 2014 when a large circular body of sea-water did not cool as expected and remained much warmer than the average normal temperatures for that location and season A NOAA scientist noted in September 2014, based on ocean temperature records, that the North Pacific Ocean had not previously experienced temperatures so warm since climatologists began taking recordings. "Blobs" of warm water can be seen off the North American coast, ranging from Alaska to Mexico. [and from another] Operational SST Anomaly Charts for 2016 [and from another] The river piracy began last year at the edge of the massive Kaskawulsh Glacier, which spans some 15,000 square miles across Canada's Yukon territory. For hundreds of years, the glacier poured meltwater into river basins of the Slims, which ends in the Bering Sea, and the Kaskawulsh, which empties into the Gulf of Alaska.  Researchers found that a new, 100-foot canyon in the glacier's toe had abruptly rerouted meltwater away from a glacial lake that feeds the Slims River and instead delivered that water to the Kaskawulsh River, which feeds the Alsek River. [and from another] After glacial melt rerouted the river, it shifted from flowing northward into the Bering Sea to flowing southward into the Pacific Ocean. [and from another] Such dramatic changes are known in the geological record but this is believed to be the first time in 350 years that an entire river has vanished. [and from another] Previous studies by Steckler’s team have shown that the region was the site of major temblors and shifts in plates that caused major Himalayan rivers — Brahmaputra, Ganges and Meghna — to shift course suddenly, inundating vast areas. [and from another]

As anyone tracking meandering rivers knows, they shift course frequently. Silt builds up along this or that side, forcing the water to find a new path into lowlands nearby. Rivers also eat away at their banks, giving them access to nearby lowlands. Thus a meandering river begins to look like a writhing snake. That so much ado is being made over the course of a river changing direction due to increased water flow carving out a new path is positively silly. The fuss is being made by scientists who are reluctantly taking note of what the passage of Nibiru will do, the predictions made by ourselves, the Zetas, and what the history written in the geological record shows.

The wobble has increased in force and distance, and thus the cold waters in the north Pacific and Atlantic and in the south near Antarctica are warmer relative to their prior temperatures. The wobble sloshing has mixed in the warm waters normally found near the Equator. The cover-up over Nibiru will try to claim this as Global Warming, but why would such temperature changes only occur near the poles? Factor in melting ice at the poles and one would expect the waters there to be colder, not warmer.