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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 18, 2012

The same week the Zetas revealed two Russian satellites were "taken out before they reached their orbit," a NASA moon lander prototype crashed and exploded during an engine test.  Is NASA's prototype failure a coincidence or are the Council of Worlds and service to other ETs maybe looking out for the interests of the common man, again? [and from another] Moon lander prototype blows up in NASA test An unmanned moon lander under development crashed and blew up during an engine test at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. There were no injuries in the failed test of the lander, dubbed "Morpheus." The craft had gone through several previous exercises in which it was hung from a crane, but Thursday was to have been its first free flight. Instead, the prototype rose a short distance, rolled over and slammed into the ground. The craft caught fire immediately and exploded about 30 seconds later. "From early indications, it seems to be within our guidance navigation control system, seems to point toward hardware," Olansen said. The space agency has spent about $7 million on the project over two and a half years, and the test lander lost was " in the $500,000 class." Another one is currently under construction at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and may be complete in two to three months.

Was a message given to NASA when Mars rover Curiosity made a perfect landing but the Moon lander Morpheus crashed and burned on its first free flight test? The message is loud and clear. Informing the public that life on Mars exists is something the Council of Worlds would encourage, especially in light of the constant denial and cover-up in the past by NASA. Helping the elite escape to the Moon to ride out the coming Pole Shift will not be allowed, as we have stated in ZetaTalk previously.

Will the Zetas elaborate on the dynamics of the Earth Wobble that create and sustain such a massive and enduring cyclone, as well as cause an increasing number of cyclones to appear in the Arctic during the summer months? [and from another] An unusually large, long-lasting, and powerful cyclone was churning over the Arctic in early August 2012. Two smaller systems merged on August 5 to form the storm, which at the time occupied much of the Beaufort-Chukchi Sea and Canadian Basin. On average, Arctic cyclones last about 40 hours; as of August 9, 2012, this storm had lasted more than five days. [and from another]

The Earth wobble is intrinsically connected to a churning atmosphere, and is one of the reasons ZetaTalk was able to go on record early in the ZetaTalk saga with predictions on weather irregularities and tornadoes and hurricanes occurring in atypical places. We knew that the Earth wobble would develop. The Earth wobble centers around the magnetic N Pole, forming a Figure 8. This means that the up/down and side-to-side motion of the wobble engages the Arctic region, daily. Where the complaint is that a normal 40 hour cyclone became a 5 day cyclone, this may in the near future be a minor complaint. It is likely to become a perpetual cyclone, or close to this scenario.

A recent discovery of a tiny seal, dug out of terrain layers allegedly dating to 1,100 BC (around or soon after the time of the last Passage of the Bully) and supporting biblical accounts of Samson, and his Slaying of the Lion. Was Samson of Annunaki stock? [and from another] Sampson is the third-to-last of the Judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) (Book of Judges chapters 13 to 16). Samson was granted supernatural strength by God in order to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats such as wrestling a lion, slaying an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass, and destroying a pagan temple. [and from another] Ancient Seal May Add Substance to the Legend of Samson. Aug. 13, 2012 Tel Aviv University researchers recently uncovered a seal, measuring 15 millimetres (about a half-inch) in diameter, which depicts a human figure next to a lion at the archaeological site of Beth Shemesh, located between the Biblical cities of Zorah and Eshtaol, where Samson was born, flourished, and finally buried, according to the book of Judges. The scene engraved on the seal, the time period, and the location of the discovery all point to a probable reference to the story of Samson, the legendary heroic figure whose adventures famously included a victory in hand-to-paw combat with a lion.

Was Samson Annunaki, or did he, like David in the David and Goliath saga, carry Annunaki genes? Where Samson is described as being of Hebrew stock, he was not.  Annunaki soldiers were stationed on Earth during the long 3,600 year period between the periodic passages of their home planet, and since they had a normal life span as do humans, reproduction had to occur. Annunaki women were thus stationed with the soldiers, to bear young. When one of them died in childbirth, the child was unwanted by the father as there had been a dispute over paternity, and the babe left to die. Adopted by a Hebrew couple, who lied about his origin, he had status in the community but was also highly resented because of his size and strength and fierce determination. Thus, he came under attack.

The Samson saga is a true story, although descriptions of his strength in some accounts are exaggerated. He could not move mountains, for instance. Fighting an army hand-to-hand and slaying thousands with the jawbone of an ass is describing what a fiercely angry Annunki would accomplish in hand-to-hand combat. Only so many soldiers can crowd around, and the long arms of an Annunaki would reach further than their arms, and thus his slashing landed where their swipes missed. Could an Annunaki push pillars apart, thereby tumbling a structure? Yes, as the pillars are just loosely placed, not secured, and rely upon gravity to hold the structure in place. Did cutting his hair debilitate him, as the legends suggest? This depressed him, as hair was a status symbol, and thus depressed he had less of a will to fight.

I am sure that these are nothing new to the establishment but now they have chosen to release the facts that there are other unknown pyramids discovered in Egypt and they are much bigger than Great Pyramid at Giza. How significant is this finding?  Is this another question about Annunaki? Would zetas like to comment on this.
[and from another] Two previously unknown sets of heavily worn down pyramids discovered in Egypt by Google Earth. August 13, 2012. The first area sits alongside the Nile in Upper Egypt, 12 miles from the city of Abu Sidhum. If the plateau found there represents the remains of a genuine pyramid, it would be the largest ever discovered. Upon closer examination of the formation, this mound appears to have a very flat top and a curiously symmetrical triangular shape that has been heavily eroded with time. The second site, 90 miles north, contains a four-sided shape that's 140ft wide.

It should not be a surprise that various ancient structures such as pyramids and platforms have been discovered in the Egyptian desert. We have explained that the Great Pyramid was a navigational device whereby the Earthbound Annunaki could sight their inbound home planet with accuracy. Of course, each Pole Shift changed the orientation of the Earth, so a new sighting device would have to be constructed for the next passage. Likewise platforms were constructed so the gold they had mined could be easily loaded onto shuttles. If human airports have runways to guide landing planes, the Annunaki  had objects to assist their shuttles during landing. None of this should be a mystery, given prior ZetaTalk on the matter.

I have been studying along with Howard the LISS seismograms for several years. In the past years the LISS would go gravely "black" multiple times during a season. Since  the placement of the machines by the Zetas for many months the LISS has rarely achieved the same level of strength. Yet for several months the Zetas have warned that the wobble has increased severely. I am assuming that the machines that were placed near the fault lines were intended to mitigate the impact of the plates movement during this severe wobble period. I can only imagine the plate movements that would have occurred without the Zetas intervention. My question is this latest LISS going "black" indicate that the machines are being turned "off" and that we'll begin to feel the real impact of the wobble as never before? [and from another] Russian quake causes false temblor reports in California. A magnitude 7.7 earthquake in a sea off the coast of eastern Russia caused numerous "false positive" reports of earthquakes in California, a United States Geological Survey official said. the false reports of earthquakes in Gerber, the Monterey area and Gilroy were triggered by the Russian quake. Those reports were retracted within minutes, Gordon said. A couple of the reports were erroneously reissued, then retracted again. False reports occasionally are registered by USGS automatic earthquake sensors

Has the USGS adjusted their LISS charts to show more black, after having adjusted them repeatedly in the past to show less black? Hardly. They are of course under reporting magnitude, as the Russian quake was hardly a 7.7 when it created jolts in California! Magnitude takes into consideration both the force of a jolt and the area affected, which in this case was massive. The magnitude was hardly a 7.7 though the USGS would not admit this. The northern Pacific plates adjusted, and since both eastern Russia and California abut these plates, they registered a jolt. The USGS would rather have this be merely a plate border issue in Russia than explain why the Pacific is compressing. Thus they fall silent about their suddenly black charts.

There is a new Crop Circle at Wappenbury Warwickshire, UK in August 15th. I send some photos about this new Crop Circle here. If it's a legitimate design, what does it mean?

Though at first glance this design looks legitimate, at close inspection various irregularities emerge. The spaces between the circles are not regular, nor the angle of the bubbles from the joints. Why would this be the case when legitimate circles do not have such irregularities. Frauds and hoaxes are getting more sophisticated, using swirling machines and ropes to measure length and angle measuring devices to align at a long distance. But they make mistakes, though unaware when the design is in process. Why are such frauds produced? They do not relay the truth as legitimate designs do, so like the disinformation on the causes of the Earth changes - the erratic weather and tides and evidence of the wobble – they seek to mix truth with fiction. All to confuse the public.

Could the Zetas please give us an update on the current pace of the Awakening?  Are humans holding back the pace of the Awakening in any way?

The Awakening is absolutely paced to the attitudes and emotions of humans on Earth. The establishment, especially the CIA which in the early days of MJ12 was very much at the helm of MJ12, has tried to use fear and anxiety in the populace to slow the Awakening. They wish for mankind to cling to their human masters, the politically powerful and wealthy, and not get cozy with aliens. Thus so many movies and TV series depicting aliens as evil and intent on eating mankind or colonizing Earth. They have lost the battle, as the number of contactees has risen from approximately 12 thousand in 2008 to a billion just a few months ago and now climbing past the two billion mark.

The Awakening is proceeding where the CIA and other old men who wanted the cover-up over the alien presence to remain are not in control – on space ships, in living rooms, in meetings among contactees wherever convenient. It matters not whether disclosure is accomplished. The public knows the truth, and is proceeding with their lives as though the reluctant establishment had already admitted it. In this the establishment shoots themselves in the foot, once again, as the public also clearly knows that the establishment lies to them. Polls show this.