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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 17, 2014

Can you comment on this article where 9 Indian scientists working in Defense and Nuclear power are dead; cause of death is unexplained or suicide? Are these killing where the Indian government is doing or foreign gov/corporate doing? [and from another]  According to the Government of India, over just a three-year period, there have been at least nine unnatural deaths of scientists and engineers at just BARC as well as the Kaiga nuclear facility, of which two have been categorized as suicide, with the rest unexplained in terms of bringing to book those responsible.  The latest casualties were discovered on 7 October, when the bodies of K.K. Josh and Abhish Shivam were discovered near the railway tracks at Penduruthy near Vishakapatnam Naval Yard. The two were engineers connected with the building of India's indigenous nuclear-powered submarine, Arihant. They had apparently been poisoned and their bodies placed on the tracks to make it seem like an accident. However, they were discovered by a passer-by before a train could pass over the bodies. In any other country, the murder of two engineers connected to a crucial strategic program would have created a media storm. However, the deaths of the two were passed off both by the media as well as by the Ministry of Defence as a routine accident, with only the ordinary police officer tasked with investigations into the cause of death. The inquiries went nowhere. On 23 February 2010, M. Iyer, an engineer at BARC, was found dead in his residence. The killer had used a duplicate key to enter the house and strangle the engineer in his sleep. Interestingly, efforts were made by some of the investigating police officers to pass the death off as a suicide. Forensics experts say that in all such unexplained deaths of scientists and engineers involved in the nuclear program, fingerprints are absent, as also other telltale clues that would assist the police in identifying the culprit. These indicate a high degree of professionalism behind the murders, such as can be found in top-flight intelligence agencies of the type that have been so successful in killing Iranian scientists and engineers active in that country's nuclear program.

Speculation on the reason for the large number of assassinations among scientists working on India’s nuclear program includes outside influences such as the CIA wanting to slow down the India program. Since India is an ally of the US, and already possesses the bomb, and acts as a counterbalance to the Pakistan nuclear program, this explanation falters. Pakistan, on the other hand, has motive and access, being a neighboring country with a large and porous border with India. Pakistan is a regional competitor in the arms race, and the Pakistani ISI are often found to be in alliance with the Taliban.

Why does India not directly accuse the Pakistani of these assassinations? Face savings is a large part of the posture of silence, as to admit that these deaths are not suicides or accidents is to say that India cannot protect its highly valued scientists from harm. Such an admission would also be an accusation, and there is no solid proof that Pakistani is the perpetrator. Thus India instead tightens up security, sends out its own assassins on revenge missions, and suppresses media coverage of the incidents. Meanwhile, the smoldering confrontation between India and Pakistan continues.

Is Rand Paul trying to get ahead of the announcement? [and from another] Republican Rubio: I don't believe in climate change and I'm ready to be President  Part of Rubio's "clear vision" is to cut what he sees as wasteful spending on programs to combat and curb climate change. [and from another]  Despite the release of a White House report detailing the devastating effects of global warming already underway, many Republicans are unwavering in their belief that humans play no role in climate change. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), for instance, told ABC News on Sunday that he does not "believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it."  Former vice president Al Gore says he sees the true motivation behind these remarks: currying favor with Republican megadonors like Charles and David Koch. [and from another] Paul said the earth goes through periods of time when the climate changes, but he's "not sure anybody exactly knows why.  I'm not saying that theory is right or wrong. What I would say is there is something that all of us should be in favor of and that is we should minimize pollution.” Paul went on to blast the growing amount of "onerous regulations" on emissions. [and from another]  In the victory speech for the 2010 Senate primary, Dr. Paul spoke about his belief that the global warming scare is really about ending capitalism as Hugo Chavez and others have stated (about 3:30 into clip). He states that by going to Copenhagen to attend a climate change conference, President Obama lends credence to the idea of global warming. [and from another]   According to Paul, efforts to control climate change will destroy American jobs, ally us with capitalism-hating dictators and promote terrorism. Climate scientists are “making up their facts to make their conclusions,” he said in a speech right after winning in his Senate primary. He was referring to an incident last year when leaked emails from British scientists sparked suspicion that the numbers in major climate change studies were rigged.

Rand Paul has taken a stance against the Global Warming premise that human emission are causing climate change for years, well before Obama’s decision in June, 2012 to admit the presence and pending passage of Nibiru. Rand Paul is a Republican, which presses for fewer taxes for the rich and for easing any legislation oppressive to corporations. He also represents a coal producing state - Kentucky. The Global Warming premise that carbon emissions are creating rising seas and record breaking storms have incited laws and regulations requiring corporations to pay fines and fees, to reduce their carbon footprint. But, as we have stated, this will never be officially admitted for several reasons.

Where admitting the existence of Nibiru was deemed a National Security issue in the past, thus Reagan’s Executive Order requiring a denial by observatories and astronomers and NASA, what the Global Warming crowd did was beyond denial. If NASA invented a blame-the-Sun scenario, this at most was just an alternative perpetrator – blaming the Sun rather than Planet X. But the Global Warming explanation resulted in regulations and laws, and thus lawsuits demanding compensation to corporations can be expected. Al Gore, as a private individual, and the UN and British scientists participated. Assassinations in the UK have resulted, as the guilty anticipate this pointed rage.  

What is the likely outcome? After the announcement those scientists who have contested the basis for the Global Warming theory from the start will announce that they have been vindicated. The loudest howls will come from corporations who have been required to reduce their carbon footprint or pay fines. Since government entities cannot ordinarily be sued unless neglect or malfeasance can be proven, these lawsuits will be turned toward the fraudsters instead. The UN and Al Gore can claim they were misled by the British scientists, who have already been shown to have manipulated the data. Regulations requiring corporate fees and fines will likely be reversed. But since the actual effect of carbon emissions cannot be established, the debate will not be allowed to end.  A hybrid remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dubbed Nereus was lost while diving 6.2 miles (10 km) beneath the sea surface in a deep trench northeast of New Zealand on Saturday (May 10), representatives for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have confirmed. The trench runs northeast from the North Island of New Zealand to the Louisville Seamount Chain and was formed by a process called subduction, in which the Pacific (tectonic) Plate dives beneath the Indo-Australian Plate. This isn't Nereus' first gig, either. The ROV is one of just four submersibles ever to reach the ocean's deepest spot within the Mariana Trench, and had also explored the world's deepest known hydrothermal vents in the Caribbean Sea.

The Kermadec Trench is located just off the edge of the rising Indo-Australian Plate. This edge rises while the other end, holding India, sinks, pushed under the Himalayas. These plate dynamics force the Pacific Plate in that region to dive or subduct under the plate holding New Zealand. Though the Indo-Australian Plate rises there, this rise does not bring along the Pacific Plate, which overall loses elevation as the edge of the rising Indo-Australian Plate gains mass from hardening magma encountering seawater. But man, seeking a better look at the plate dynamics in this location and sending down a ROV, assumed a fixed depth for the Kermadec Trench, and thus sending its probe to the bottom, encountered a greater depth, a greater pressure, than expected. Thus, the ROV imploded!

Hey Nancy would the Zetas are to comment? [and from another]  State Department buying massive cache of explosives, journalists claim. That first invitation for bids acknowledges that the Department of State requires boxes of military grade blasting caps, at least 1,000 feet of detonating cord and inert TNT. Others posted that same week include requests for fuse igniters and blocks of Comp C-4 Explosive. Also among the items the State Dept. expressed an interest in buying are detonating chords “designed to maximize explosive efficiency [and] provide the operator with a variety of options for external and close quarter breaching,” and a “Water charge used to defeat inward and outward opening metal doors, rollup garage doors, dry walls, and hollow block walls.”

All issues similar to the attack at the embassy in Benghazi aside, why might the State Department need explosives suitable for blasting away roadway blockades and/or repelling an armed invasion. We have addressed what the US government might do in a world where the Earth changes have created chaos everywhere, and disasters at home require the US military to be on the home front, assisting with emergency response. Wars can be ended, as has occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the troops brought home. Bases can be emptied of troops, during sequester reductions in troop force. But the State Department embassies will remain staffed. Thus, they must prepare for the need to rescue themselves, potentially, from an embassy under attack!

In newsletter 397, there is a statement that says Pope Francis said, “We Are Not Alone in the Universe.” I enjoy research so I checked the statement within quotation marks on Google and found multiple sites with the statement. Many of the sites were of a questionable nature so I checked with all 31 official Vatican sites and none of them confirm this statement. The original source of the article is attributed to an Italian news site similar to the Onion which is satirical in nature. [and from another] My newsletter points to this article:  But I also found this (hardly the Onion)
[and from another]   I’ve checked out Mr Saraceno who is the owner of the site Mr Joseph B. D. Saraceno of 17024 S. Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90247-5215 is mostly self-taught Catholic scholar on Eschatology. He holds no recognized degrees on the subject. He’s not recognized as a spokesman for the Vatican. [and from another] Ah yes, all one big conspiracy, or is it hoax.

How have the statements by Pope Francis embracing intelligent alien life from other worlds been received by traditional Catholics? Of course this is an individual matter, and the reactions would be presumed to range from delight to horror. Some Catholics, having drifted away, will find the church more attractive and open minded. Those offended by the Pope’s comments will be faced with a struggle as the Pope is considered the leader of the church. The traditional view has been that man, and man alone is made in God’s image, and thus man alone is worthy of conversation with God.

The Catholic Church relies with great rigidity on edicts made in the past, thus for centuries enforced the flat Earth theory. For the insecure, there is comfort in rigidity, and having the Pope openly embrace alien life in different forms as being man’s equal is too much of a shock. Their choices are few, but those clinging to denial usually use tunnel vision to exclude facts. Here, in this insistent email Nancy received, are two such arguments framed in tunnel vision. First, the argument that the Pope never made these statements, as it is just a media hoax. Second, that unless the Vatican makes a statement, it has no validity. Neither are true.

There were 3 reports that came out the past couple days about Ice in Antarctic.  One report on MSM states the western side Ice Sheet is breaking apart and it's due to global warming:  The other one posted on the Ning that ice is actually increasing:  Another had the discovery of a Volcano underneath the ice:  My question is, is the wobble plus volcanic activity responsible for the ice sheet to break off on the western side of Antarctica? 

The wobble is not a static thing. As Planet X draws closer, the daily push against the Earth’s magnetic N Pole becomes more violent, and the swing to the right and left that the geographic N Pole then takes during its daily Figure 8 likewise becomes more eccentric. We have explained that the daily polar pump forces warm Pacific water up through the Bering Straits into the Arctic and then later forces the Antarctic Plate under the warm Pacific. During the tilt to the right and left that the N Pole takes, some parts of Antarctic also receive less sunlight.  This paints a confusing picture, with Antarctica both melting on one side and accumulating extra ice on the other.

Looks like the establishment is getting nervous! [and from another]  French Foreign Minister Lauren Fabius started the countdown to climate change disaster, speaking in Washington before a meeting with American counterpart Secretary of State John Kerry. And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos, and I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject. [and from another]  New research indicates that climate change has already triggered an unstoppable decay of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The projected decay will lead to at least 4 feet of accelerating global sea level rise within the next two-plus centuries, and at least 10 feet of rise in the end. What does the U.S. look like with an ocean that is 10 feet higher? The radically transformed map would lose 28,800 square miles of land, home today to 12.3 million people.

Heads of State have known about the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, since the Fall of 2003 when Bush informed them at an international conference in France. Officially, this was about mending fences on the Iraq issue, but the shocked faces revealed otherwise.  Reassured that the worst would be high tides and erratic weather, they were either bribed or intimidated into silence. Now that ZetaTalk has gained validity and the Earth changes have worsened, most Heads of State have made personal plans and depending upon their personal integrity and ability to influence their countrymen, have made plans for their country.
Heading into the announcement, many have likewise braced for a reaction in the public, which at a minimum is expected to be demands from tax payers for rescue. The most typical plan is to reassure the public that change will be slow, and with minimal impact. Mankind will have time to adjust. Thus all should stay in their jobs, stay in their homes, and society should continue as before. Nervous Heads of State with access to official reports on the pace of change, such as from NASA and NOAA, are only human and thus the 500 days comment nervously blurted by Minister Fabius.  Is the establishment expecting “climate chaos” in 500 days, and what might this chaos entail?

500 days will mean two growing seasons for the Northern Hemisphere, where most of the world’s population lives. Rampant starvation may be in process by that time. 500 days will mean more polar melt such that all the cities at sea level will begin being inundated. Make a list of the cities that would be affected by only a slight increase in sea level to see what Heads of State might be in a panic – Paris, London, St. Petersburg, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Hong Kong to name just a few. Mankind has estimated that sea level will rise 200 feet if the ice on the poles and Greenland melt, and this appears to be in process!