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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 17, 2013

Both Obama and Biden will be on vacation this weekend and out of Washington, D.C.  Obama's vacation starts today (8/9) and lasts 8 days and Biden's ends on 8/12.  With these high level meetings with Russia of late and now this, I figure everyone should keep an eye out for possible news this weekend! 
[and from another] Biden cancels his annual summer party for Journalists on June 3, 2013. Then Obama cancels his annual summer pool party for Congress, hoping to reschedule to September.  [and from another] Obama is not traveling outside the US! Sending others to do so. "Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain say they're traveling to Egypt next week at President Obama's request, in hopes of spurring the reconciliation process there." "President Obama is meeting Tuesday morning with the lead Israeli and Palestinian negotiators who began talks in Washington." "Former President Jimmy Carter's reported travels to North Korea aren't in cooperation with the Obama administration and would be a "private trip," the White House said Monday, following reports that he was headed there to negotiate for the release of a U.S. citizen." Numerous examples, but they come to the White House. Obama does not leave the country. [and from another] G20 meets in September 5-6 in St. Petersburg. China has Mid-Autumn holiday from Sep 19-21, and big National Day thingie from Oct 1-7. Russia is clear until Nov 4, their Unity Day holiday. USA has labor Day Sept 2 then clear to Holloween October 31. Late August is clear for all.

Interest in the pending announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar systems is intense. When will it be done? How will it be framed? How closely will it align with the facts of its arrival in 2003 and the halted Earth orbit? Will a virtual admission of the presence of aliens visiting Earth occur, simultaneously?

Could the Zetas say something about this latest  crop circle  [and from another]  Note that the trimester change for one of the trimesters is emphasized. Which one? In that the Zetas have given the dates of the trimesters as August 12, December 17 and then April 20, it would seem that there is a slightly shorter time between April and August (114 days ) and a slightly longer time between August and December (127 days more) with the last trimester to April 20 close behind (124 days). The spacing on the 12 month edging of the Monument Hill crop circle thus seems to indicate this crop circle is pointing to the August trimester change. Is this giving us a heads up?

This design is legitimate, as shown by the weaving of grain. It is also an obvious reference to the Magnetic Trimesters due to room for 12 evenly spaced scallops along the periphery of the circle and 3 points touching this periphery from the center. The trimesters, shown by what look like squashed rectangles, are not identical, as the touch points along the periphery are not even. The trimester dates have been given as August 12, December 17, and April 20. Thus it is clear that the August 12 trimester change is being emphasized in this design, and of course being laid on August 6 this is close in time to the August trimester change. The Magnetic Trimesters cause an adjustment in the Earth, and as with all such adjustments there are consequences. Major earthquakes tend to occur clustered around a trimester change. A trimester change will tend to exacerbate any magnetic instability the Earth might be experiencing, as a trimester change is by nature a magnetic influence. This crop circle is an explanation of the Magnetic Trimesters, and also a warning.

In my area (Inver Grove, MN) the talk radio station 107.1fm is now "officially" NASA radio as of 8-9-13. I noticed even after they announced that 107.1fm was "Official NASA radio" I haven't heard a thing that would pertain to anything NASA! What is this all about? Will this be a new trend taking over talk radio to continue with the lies? I almost feel like they're doing this to continue with the disinformation campaign right up until the very end! Or is this setting things up in order for the announcement to come? I've recently emailed the radio station but haven't gotten a response as of yet. [and from another]  The following radio stations broadcast on FM frequency 107.1 MHz: Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA. This page was last modified on 21 July 2013 at 20:05. [and from another]

This is a FM radio frequency assigned to the internet as well as local radio stations, and currently used in that capacity in N America and Australia. Why would NASA suddenly decide to have a presence there? The announcement will bring about many changes, one of which will be an almost constant stream of pertinent questions directed at NASA. Should they hold a perpetual press conference? NASA will promise, during the announcement, to keep the public informed of changes. After every earthquake or atmospheric display, there will be anxious questions. This will be an avenue to replay the last update, periodically, to the anxious public.