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ZetaTalk for July 16, 2011

It looks as though Obama has summoned the New Zealand Prime Minister to discuss friendship and partnership. Considering that New Zealand is a pretty small country in the world scale, what exactly does Obama wants to discuss? As per Zetas, New Zealand is on the Indo-Australian Plate which currently is rising and tilting. After the pole shift, both north and south islands in New Zealand will survive and it will end up somewhere pretty close to the equator. Is it possible that Obama wants to establish a military camp somewhere in New Zealand so that America can have certain controls in this part of the world and perhaps they could take advantage of our good climate after the pole shift? [and from another] Obama to meet New Zealand PM [July 8, 2011] US President Barack Obama will meet Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand in Washington on July 22, the White House has announced. Obama "looks forward to discussing with Prime Minister Key the close friendship and partnership between our two countries, our shared interest in stability, growth and effective regional institutions in the Asia Pacific, and our cooperation in addressing challenges like Afghanistan and Antarctica," the statement on Thursday said.

One should not assume that Obama has done the summoning, as this meeting was at the request of the New Zealand Prime Minister. New Zealand has traditionally been very gracious and helpful to refugees affected by climate change, rescuing South Sea islanders when their islands were disappearing under the waves. But tiny New Zealand cannot continue this tradition when Indonesia is clearly sinking. Their neighbor, Australia, has long shown its intention to turn away the drowning and starving, jailing refugees and sending them back. What to do? Obama has taken the stance that his country will not be taking in refugees, will not change the US immigration policy, and demonstrated that during the Haiti earthquake crisis. His advice to the New Zealand Prime Minister was to do the same.

His debut show was aired 07/07/11 in the UK on the Watch Channel. His act is categorised as 'street magic' which is free from studio trickery, but the things he does cannot possibly be mere illusion and defy explanation. You could say that he is no different to others such as David Blane, but his abilities leave people literally in shock and the reaction from those around him is as if someone has walked over their grave. Relatively unknown to date, his most notable public act so far has been walking on water across the Thames River in front of the Houses of Parliament: I just wondered if the show may demonstrate some sort of small step towards awakening the public to the idea of non human or ET existence, because I doubt even David Blane could say how Steven Frayne does the things he does. He has demonstrated the ability to read people's minds by looking into their eyes and telling them their Credit Card PIN numbers. Frayne is also quoted as saying he doesn't know how he does these things, he just does them. Perhaps he is unaware of his origins.
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Look closely at the photos. The water around this man has a different wave action that that several feet away. Why would this be? A buoy in the water does not produce this effect. There is clearly a platform just under the surface, which he is standing on. This platform is buoyant enough to remain a few inches under the surface, so never seen, and the same color as the Thames. Not all buoyant objects ride the surface, as the water pressure from above varies with water depth. This platform is magnetic, and his very large boots carry magnets that attach to this platform, so he does not lose it. He also has a trigger switch in his hand which allow this or that boot to release its magnetism, so the foot can be raised. Didn't the size of his boots and the odd appearance of the water around him raise any questions with the public? Gullible!

I noticed and can easily see in the distance from the populated areas of The City of San Diego California, several not active volcanoes in the distance of the greater San Diego County area, that have no recorded history per my research of being active. Per the web site provide below, that also provides additional web site links too on this issue, it is noted from these web links in their discussion concerning volcanoes they note over 500 volcanoes/vents exist in California, of which 76 had been active in the last 10,000 years, not giving specifics except map noted with below web link. Per my readings, I understand any volcano that has erupted in last 10,000 years has potential to erupt during the pole shift period. Except for the two volcanoes I note in next paragraph the other several old volcanoes in area I have no information about. San Diego greater area does have hot springs. Currently per the below web site per Volcanoes info USGS California, see map, "Amboy Crater" in San Bernardino County being almost due east of Los Angeles, and "Salton Buttes", actually within the Salton Sea, in Imperial County, is closer too and almost due east of The City of San Diego California. These two locations per my research are believed to have the current potential to be active again now. Additionally as I said, there are natural hot springs a lot closer within San Diego County area at Borrego Hot Springs, and I understand at a nearby Indian reservation has hot springs too. Can the Zetas comment, if the Zetas anticipate any of these several dormant volcanoes near and observable from within The City of San Diego becoming active again, along with the activity of the New Madrid fault line activity, long before or during the pole shift? This site also provide several other related web sites concerning California volcanoes that I got my information from, please see.

Many of the volcanoes in California are listed by the USGS to have been active approximately 10,000 years ago. Upon which side of our warning - to anticipate all volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years to erupt - does this fall?

In southern California the Amboy and Salton volcanoes appear relatively inactive, with 10,000 and 14,000 years respectively since last activity per the USGS. But note their target="_top">close proximity to many fault lines and the San Andreas itself. Though the San Andreas is considered a slip-slide fault, devastating only on the fault line itself, the New Madrid adjustment will do more than move the land up or down along the San Andreas. It will create pressure in the region jumping west during the diagonal adjustment, and this includes all lands to the south of Mammoth Lake. Thus Amboy and Salton should be watched, during the New Madrid adjustment, with evacuation of the immediate area upon any signs of activity.

We have clearly indicated that Mammoth Lake in California will rupture during the New Madrid adjustment, with land south moving west with Mexico and land north of this point remaining in place. This caldera is estimated by man to have been active within the last 1,400 years, due to its placement on a fault line running from San Diego to Yellowstone. We have also stated that the Siskiyou Mountains in Washington State are hardened rumpling, unlike the ongoing rumpling in the Cascades nearby. Clear Lake and Shasta, with the USGS estimate of 10,000 and 9,500 years since activity, are showing this relative stability, but should still be watched. If the New Madrid adjustment occurs, get off the mountain!

It is the Cascades and to the north where certain and aggressive eruptions start, due to the subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate. We have stated that the West Coast will adjust shortly after the New Madrid adjusts, in step with the Hoover Dam shattering. Of the volcanoes listed by the USGS on their maps, when the New Madrid adjusts, one should be 100 miles from Lasson, Medicine Lake, Hood, Jefferson, Three Sisters, Newberry, Crater Lake in Oregon, and Baker, Glacier Peak, Rainier, St. Helens, and Adams in Washington State. Garibaldi in Canada bears close watching, as do the more active volcanoes up along the Canadian coastline.

Atlantis headed toward the International Space Station Saturday after it rocketed off the launch pad for a final time, marking the last-ever liftoff of the US space shuttle program. As much as the astronauts refused to participate in this last suicide mission amid the fast approaching Planet X and it's moon swirls and space junks, could this be truely the end of US space shuttle program? Alternatively, could this simply be a cover up of their secret space programs unknown to man, focusing their time and effort in tracking Planet X and its effects on Earth subject to the upcoming pole shift? [and from another] Of the six US space shuttles, the prototype Enterprise never flew in space, Challenger exploded after liftoff in 1986 and Columbia disintegrated on its return to Earth in 2003. Fourteen crew members died in the two disasters. NASA plans to send the remaining three shuttles in the fleet - Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis - to museums across the country to go on permanent display.

The aging shuttle fleet has been fraught with so many problem that it has been difficult to get a successful launch of late. Not all of these problems have been due to the aging fleet, as many were signals to NASA that their continuing role in the cover-up over the presence of Planet X was not appreciated. They are clearly using the ISS as a spy station, to triangulate the position of Planet X. Now that the shuttle program has been archived, will the Russian Soyuz shuttles begin to have the same grief? Yes. As long as NASA continues to lead the cover-up, this type of grief will follow their endeavors.

Re: How big is Venus going to look in relation to the moon or other sky objects? What color? and when in the last weeks time line?

We have implied that Venus will loom large during the last weeks, and then escape the cup. We have also stated that the Council of Worlds may, or may not allow more drama with respect to Venus, which is currently being held in what would appear from Earth to be a simulated orbit of Venus around the Sun. Thus just when a drama involving Venus emerges is not a settled issue. In any case, a timeline for such an event would not be given as we prefer to keep the establishment uninformed. They will, in any case, be inventing reasons for such a display, and trying to get ahead of the drama in this manner. Thus, the less they know, the more they look the fool. .

Recently, one of the South Indian temple got Worldwide exposure for its enormous wealth (5 Lakh Crores INR approx. 1.25 Trillion USD) hidden in underground vaults of the temple with a couple of vaults still unopened. Indian Supreme Court has ordered that those 2 vaults be not opened. Several rumors are floating around that the vault 'B' with a snake carving on the entrance is forbidden to open as it would lead to a huge disaster. "A faction that opposes the opening of the B vault said it would be dangerous to do so because a trapdoor inside swings open into the Arabian Sea, which is five km away. If the seal is broken, it would lead to massive disaster. Legend has it that in early 20th century, some royal officials tried to open the vault, but had to abandon the move when they heard the roar of surging waves from underneath. They pointed to the inscription of a cobra at the entrance, which, according to them, was a warning to all that it shouldn't be opened."
Would Zetas care to comment what exactly is hidden in vault 'B' ?
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The court order to delay the opening of vaults A and B are due to the size of the treasure expected to be there, in order to arrange for security before these vaults are opened. Why would there be a cobra curse associated with such great wealth, on a coastline we have predicted to go under the waves on the hour of the pole shift. It should be no surprise that the Hindu religion is aware of the coming pole shift, as their god Shiva represents Planet X, and Kali the Dark Twin. Many prophecies for this time are related to the expectation that starvation and plagues will afflict mankind, and thus it is logical to assume that a treasure set aside for these times would be utilized. The cobra curse is merely a warning that tragedy is to follow, and the Arabian Sea will indeed flood Kerala during the hour of the pole shift. .

A scandal in the UK caused by Rupert Murdoch, and a newspaper he owned. This guy is also the owner of Fox and several other networks. "The phone-hacking scandal in Britain is turning out to become the country's Watergate, a spreading scandal that will endanger all including politicians, the media and police." Source: Phone-hacking becomes UK's Watergate: My feeling is that there is more to come. And that this will have dire consequences. Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another]

Murdoch runs a huge and very powerful empire, well connected to ultra-right interests around the world. This minor scandal will hardly bring him down. He will wash his hands of those who are tainted and life in his empire will go on as before. Will this change the way scandal rags operate in the future? Not at all, though they will be more cautious. What this episode in Murdoch's life exposes, however, is the close nexus between media empires and political interests. The media serves the interests of the politicians, and this absolutely includes maintaining a cover-up over the presence of Planet X and the alien presence. The politicians want the public kept dumb and content, unaware. In exchange, the media is allowed to break the law.

Mount Adams, Washington seems to be a hotbed of activity with UFOs and orbs putting on shows for observers. This has been going on for a number of years now. A number of investigators have visited the area and seem to be in concurrence that the activity is not fake. Would the zetas care to comment on what is going on there? [and from another] Mount Adams is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range and the second-highest mountain in the U.S. state of Washington. Adams is a member of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, and is one of the arc's largest volcanoes. [and from another], [and from another] A new study has shown that Yakima in washington state in the USA has the most reported ufo sightings per person of any spot in the USA ... so its no co-incidence to find out that Yakima is directly opposite Mt Adams - the most active Ufo Hotpot in the USA at the moment: "YAKIMA, Wash-- A new study finds Yakima has one of the highest UFO reporting rates per capita. Popular Mechanics released the study, it shows by county the number of UFO sightings reported from 1947 to 2005."

Mt. Adams is part of the Cascade range which has many active volcanoes, all of which will explode during the coming pole shift. Located in the most heavily populated region of Washington State, and accessible by the population as well as tourists, UFO displays at Mt. Adams have been used as a means of relaying a warning. Were these warning to be distributed throughout the region, the message would be lost. That an active volcano is the site is a correlation that hopefully cannot be lost on those receiving the telepathic message. Despite commercial attempt by the fraud James Gilliland to capitalize on these genuine UFO displays, the mystique of Mt. Adams continues to attract local residents and tourists alike, thus the subconscious of many is receiving the warning. .

Is there something peculiar about human beings or human nature that causes so many to accept the most absurd theories and cover-up excuses for what is causing earth changes? (It appears anything is better than the truth for many, just as long as Planet X is not mentioned.) The Comet Elenin hoax/scare is a good example of an Establishment Lie designed to get people to believe an icy comet could cause a pole shift or other catastrophic events in 2011, but nearby Planet X which can sometimes be seen is almost constantly debunked. Can the Zetas comment or expand on this mystery of human psychology?

This is a type of denial. Denial takes many forms and can exist in degrees, and even reside side-by-side with acceptance of reality. People who are distressed by reality will grasp at anything that removes the discomfort and returns them to their former comfort level. They may dither, and vacillate between denial and acceptance, and this is quite common. Someone on the verge of accepting the reality of Planet X nearby, the logic of the ZetaTalk message explaining the Earth changes and the signs in the skies, can flip in and out of acceptance even during a single conversation. One minute they are saying yes, it must be true and the next repeating some disinformation line, clinging to this in fact. So much better for all the rumors about a coming cataclysm to be related to a mere dirty snowball, a common comet! All this hype about looking at the sky, anticipation of doom, and the suspicion that myths about past cataclysms were connected to something passing in the sky is merely confusion about comets. Ah, one can go back to live as normal again. That is, until reality starts to intrude. This UFO or whatever it is has made the papers and recently showed up again in Roseville Michigan. My question is to the Zetas is this related to the new Madrid adjustment
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Roseville lies on a line between the two Great Lakes, where St. Clair lake lies. This will split open as the Seaway splits open, at some point, but likely during the New Madrid adjustment. Tearing open creates crevasses, dropping bridges, heaving roadways, collapsing homes and buildings, exploding gas and water mains, and often lots of terrifying rumbling noises. Tearing open can occur suddenly and all at once or in stages over time, the more likely scenario. As always, those under a UFO display are receiving a telepathic message, while entranced with the display, focused on this and in wonderment. There are few competing distractions during such times, so the message gets center stage in the subconscious.

Do the Zetas care to comment on the seeming exodus or transitions of so many high-profile network anchors and media personalities in recent months? Retirements, resignations or changes have occurred or are pending for Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer, Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, Oprah, Jim Lehrer, Larry King, and possibly others. Are any of these related to concerns about Planet X and the coming changes? I know the Zetas have said previously that media personalities are under tight restrictions about what they can say, and also that many are not aware of specifics.

Whatever the reason given for the resignation of a well-known talking head in the media, they all will be faced with a dilemma soon. Most have at least heard the rumors about a rogue planet in the inner solar system and many have been frankly informed about the cover-up and the need for their cooperation. Those who are brash, headstrong, and emotional have been encouraged to leave the stage in anticipation that they will have problems cooperating. Others resign because they see themselves forced to frankly lie, rather than merely ignore certain subjects.

Many shows are filmed and delivered live, and even with a 30 second delay awkward subjects can arise. Does one hit the kill button? How to explain that to the audience, when the fact that the broadcast was suddenly interrupted is clear? The audience gets the drift of the conversation, and senses a forbidden subject. This in essence leaks the truth. The talking head, the host, is required to make the transition then, so the obvious is obscured. This is a job responsibility that many feel is outside their contract, and could get them killed if the situation is mismanaged. Some talking heads fear they could not hide their feelings if they personally feel the public should be informed. For all those reasons, and more, many are simply resigning. .

How to change the position of the Earth to the sun? What we need to take into account, to know which orbit the Earth rotates? Where will "wake up" the sun? (I am assuming that you are referring to the moments after the pole shift. Will the Earth be in a slightly different orbit than today. So after the pole shift, will the Sun be overhead at noon at the Equator, or someplace else? Where will the Sun be on your sunrise, etc.) [and from another] Will the number of days in a year change after the PS

In the years before the pole shift the Earth will have been halted in her orbit, then pushed back from the December position to the August position in her orbit, and then pulled toward the Sun by the gravity of Planet X. The Dark Twin has come up from behind her in their shared orbit and recently fallen behind the Earth, outside of their shared orbit. The Dark Twin is likely to slip past the Earth and move along in their shared orbit, thus temporarily be ahead of the Earth and blocking her path. Venus has been known to be knocked out of her orbit during prior passages, thus the "52 year round" celebrations of yor, and might be erratic for a time after this passage too. Through all of this, where will the Earth end up?

Recall that planets are in their orbits for many reasons, all of which remain after Planet X moves along. Planet orbits are determined by particle flows in and out of the Sun, and they drift back into their orbits after a shakeup because the particle are too crowded here, or a void exists there, until eventually they are back where they started before Planet X came through. The Dark Twin likewise will position itself directly behind the Sun from the Earth, for these same reasons. Assuming the twin slips past the Earth as the Last Weeks commence, the Dark Twin will then be ahead of the Earth, perhaps encouraged to move a bit faster to escape the crowding. Likewise the Earth may linger somewhat, delayed in her first orbit slightly, for this same reason.

But essentially, the Earth will start her new year after the pole shift from the August position. Her new N Pole (Bulge of Brazil) will then be tilted toward the Sun, and her new S Pole (India) will be tilted away from the Sun because the Earth will align with the greater magnetic field that dominates the solar system. It will be Summer in the new Northern Hemisphere. The Sun may seem too close for a brief time until the Earth returns to her orbit. For a day or so after the passage, until the Earth's rotation returns to its normal pace, the days may seem a bit too long. Of course for everyone on Earth, their sunrise and sunset will be in a new place. The compass will be no help in this matter for perhaps months as the Earth's magnetosphere will take some time to re-establish.

For all this disruption, the Earth will pick herself up, dust off her skirts, and go on as though nothing much has happened! Rotation is likely to return to a 24 hour day, or close to this, and the Earth's orbit close to her prior period of 365 days in a year. All in all the year will remain the same, when computed as number of hours. Due to the influences in the solar system and from outside the solar system, the Earth will make her round trip once a year. If rotation is slightly faster than a 24 hour day, then more days will be packed into the year. If rotation is slower, then fewer days in a year. It is of record that after a previous pole shift, the Earth once had a 360 day year. We are telling you the time that passes in an Earth year will be the same, however distributed.

Can Zetas explain new crop formations ? What this spirals means?
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Both Chaddenwick and Windmill Hill are showing a switching back and forth between a counter clockwise and clockwise swirl. In Chaddenwick this occurs once, from counterclockwise (the normal rotation and orbit of Earth) to clockwise (the rotation and orbit direction of Planet X). Windmill Hill does this twice, from counterclockwise to clockwise and round again. This emphasis is demonstrating the dominant force that the Earth is encountering. Planet X is 23 times Earth's mass, 4 times her diameter, and is the bully without question. As Planet X approaches there is a clash in rotation direction, which ultimately brings the Earth to a stop in her rotation during the Last Weeks. Stonehenge is depicting the Earth wobble, once again. The sense of switching back and forth is unmistakable, and almost dizzying. .