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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 15, 2012

There's been a lot of talk about the recent murder in France of a satellite engineer and his family. The "incident" bears all the hallmarks of a professional hit-job. The words "satellite engineer" light some bulbs and raise questions immediately. Is this an attempt of TPTB to silence someone who was in the know about PX (especially since some eyewitnesses testified that the engineer was stating to be "scared for his life" before departing for France) or is there something else afoot? [and from another] I am wondering about the killing in France. It turns out the father worked for "Surrey Satellites Technology Limited (SSTL) near Guildford, and detectives are expected to ask colleagues about whether his work may have made him a target for assassination. Mr Al-Hilli was part of a team involved in an undisclosed project linked to European Aeronautic Defence and Space. The company designs and launches satellites for clients who want an "eye in the sky" for commercial, civil or security purposes". Was this in some way a professional hit due to the nature of his work? PX related? [and from another] The company designs and launches satellites for clients who want an "eye in the sky" for commercial, civil or security purposes. [and from another] Mr Al-Hilli was part of a team involved in an undisclosed project linked to European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) – a pan-European defense giant which has contracts with Russia, China and the Foreign Office. 'Competition in a corporate sense is intense, as there is the potential to make a lot of money with each development ahead of your rivals. 'Mr Al-Hilli's company was also a renowned leader in satellite mapping, and if it was secretly doing this in countries which would not welcome such an intrusion, then we have a possible motive.' He said another area French police may explore is whether a Middle Eastern group may have been involved. 'The Iranians, for example, are desperate to acquire cutting-edge technology which they cannot legally obtain. If somehow they were either getting it from Mr Al-Hilli, or hoped to get it from him and he refused, they would not think twice about killing him. 'Also bear in mind that the Iranian intelligence service works in tandem with many private companies and this is a very lucrative market.' None of Mr Al-Hilli's businesses appear to have been making much money, something which has raised questions about how he financed his lifestyle.

Who would kill a satellite mechanic? What would the motives be? Clearly, looking at the difference between the man’s lifestyle and income, extra income had come from somewhere. The Israelis are concerned about Iran obtaining technology, and concerned enough to send their black ops into Iran to blow up facilities. These were missions they did not publically claim, but let it be known privately that their hand was on the operation. Technology, sold to Iran and likely to allow the Iranians to put up their own satellites to spy on Israel, signed the death certificate on Al-Hilli and his family, who were killed, execution style, as an example to others. The guilty will never be prosecuted, though scapegoats may be prosecuted to clear the case from the police rosters.

Residents of southern California, USA, have been reporting a foul-smelling odour assaulting their nostrils, for a number of days, such reports coming from a wide area, separated by 100 miles or more:

San Diego is the center of the bow stress on the N American continent, as we have so often mentioned. San Diego early on had bursting water mains and other signs of the bowing and bending that has since come to afflict the rest of the continent, from Alaska to the tip of Mexico. The establishment struggles to explain such stretch stench occurrences in terms other than the bow stress with consequent rock movement, but fails. They are citing here a combination of heat, low oxygen in the water, and winds that just happen to stir up water at the bottom of the sea! Admitting the truth would be so much easier!

Looks like something hit Jupiter on September 10, 2012.  Could the Zetas tell us what happened? [and from another] Apparently, something hit Jupiter during the early hours of Sept. 10th (11:35 UT), igniting a ferocious fireball in the giant planet's cloudtops. Amateur astronomer Dan Peterson Racine, Wisconsin, saw it first through his Meade 12" LX200 telescope. "It was a bright white flash that lasted only 1.5 - 2 seconds," he reports. Another amateur astronomer, George Hall of Dallas, Texas, was video-recording Jupiter at the time, and he confirmed the fireball with this video screenshot.  When fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter in 1994, each major flash observed by NASA's Galileo spacecraft produced a "bruise," a murky mixture of incinerated comet dust and chemically altered Jovian gas twisting and swirling among the clouds. In July 2009, amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley discovered a similar mark thought to be debris from a rogue asteroid crashing into the planet. [and from another]

Jupiter rides his orbit close to the trashy Asteroid Belt, which is littered with red iron oxide dust from the destruction of many small life bearing planets in the past. Planet X passed through that region on its regular passages in the past, which is why these planets became trash and iron laden dust. Just as the red dust in the tail of Planet X is charged, the dust in the Asteroid Belt can become charged, and the influence of Planet X, pointing its magnetic N Pole outward from the Sun, can accomplish this. Thus, more asteroids go on the move, and since they carry the petrochemicals that are the residual of organic life on the former planets, explosions can occur.

China's Vice President Xi Jinping has not been seen in public since September 1. He is expected to assume the role of the presidency of China within the next few weeks, but his mysterious disappearance has raised questions. He has also cancelled many meetings with former officials within the upcoming weeks, such as the meeting with the Danish prime minister, a meeting with the communist party of China, and a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton amongst others. There are numerous rumors that attempt to explain all of this, such as power struggles within the party or a car accident resulting in a back injury, but no concrete answers have been told by the Chinese authorities. Searching for Xi's name on Chinese blogging sites have been blocked within the country as well. This is a sensitive issue, but if it is possible, could the Zeta's explain the reason why Xi Jinping is absent from public life? Is there a political struggle apparent within the party on the eve of Hu Jintao's resignation? Does this have anything to do with Clinton being stood up in China recently by Xi? If so, is this simply more sabre rattling between the U.S and China or is it something more? [and from another] Mr Xi is expected to be appointed China's president at a party congress next month that will see major changes in the top echelons of leadership. However, no date has been set for the meeting, fuelling reports that power struggles in the leadership have yet to be resolved, says the BBC's Asia analyst Charles Scanlon. [and from another] Chinese government spokesmen offered no explanation for the latest cancellation or why Xi, who is vice president, has not appeared in public since Sept. 1. Last week, Xi canceled a scheduled meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and another planned meeting with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. [and from another] But her overnight stay in Beijing began with vicious personal attacks against her in the government-run media and continued with sharp disagreements with China’s top leaders. Then Clinton was mysteriously stood up by the future leader of the country. China has expressed increasing suspicion and resentment at the growing U.S. involvement in the Asia-Pacific region and has taken issue with Clinton and others who have pushed on behalf of smaller Asian nations for peaceful, collaborative negotiations. [and from another] Details of the crash on a Beijing street remain murky, but according to some accounts it involved the son of Ling Jihua, an ally of President Hu Jintao who was moved Saturday from his post as head of the Communist Party’s General Office of the Central Committee — the rough equivalent of the U.S. president’s chief of staff — to a less powerful job handling relationships with those outside the party. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post had forced them into the purview of party officials, publishing a front-page story alleging that the crash involved a sleek Ferrari, two naked or semi-naked women and a half-clothed man the paper identified as Ling’s son.

China is in transition, with dissention among the top party leadership. Communism asserts party leadership, which becomes problematic when a broad range of options become available. When there is extreme poverty or threats from outside the country, getting consensus is easy – the way forward is clear. But during a time when China’s wealth is increasing, their public having access to information and amenities, indulgencies create divisions. If they allow a marked class system to develop, then the people will become resentful and rebel. Those who have lived a monastic lifestyle cannot always be trusted to continue their restrained lifestyle when opportunity opens doors, and the party leaders have begun to distrust each other in this regard.

Then there is the matter of the looming Pole Shift, which is expected to create intense border tensions between China and her neighbors. Immigration will be blocked, at gunpoint, with the inevitable flareups expected. The US has announced a new base in eastern Australia, as they hope to jump to the newly habitable lands of Antarctica quickly after the Pole Shift, partnering with Australia and Britain in this regard. Just what China’s stance should be on all these issues is not clear among the party leadership, so consensus has not yet been reached. If it is unclear what the leader should say, the obvious solution is to say nothing until clarity has been reached.  

Today we witness how the release of the anti-Islam film "innocence of Islam" directed by a so called "Sam Bacile" in July 2012, has resulted in widespread unrest in middle east and the death of American ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. the fact that such types of portrayals is widely known to cause violent backlashes as was the case with the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad some time ago, perhaps the creators of the video knew what the response would be. My question: is there a greater purpose behind this film, since the American ambassador got killed? Or was that just collateral damage? Any insight would be appreciated. [and from another] Netanyahu’s goal is one of two things: to get Iran to stop enriching, or to get the U.S. to help strike Iran. He’s not trying to get the green light to strike Iran on his own.  Netanyahu is growing increasingly nervous, in part because Obama seems more likely to win reelection now than before the conventions. Iran continues to pursue its program at secret locations, according to international inspectors who say sanctions and a cyber-attacks on nuclear facilities have slowed but not stopped the Islamic state’s bid to join Israel as a Mideast nuclear power. [and from another]
A man who claimed he’s the creator of an anti-Muslim film that’s sparked violent protests in Libya and Egypt may not be who he says he is. The mysterious “Sam Bacile” claiming to be a California real estate developer and an Israeli Jew who raised $5 million for the film from 100 other nameless Jewish donors.
[and from another] The search for those behind the provocative, anti-Muslim film implicated in violent protests in Egypt and Libya led Wednesday to a California Coptic Christian convicted of financial crimes who acknowledged his role in managing and providing logistics for the production. Nakoula denied he directed the film and said he knew the self-described filmmaker, Sam Bacile. Federal court papers said Nakoula's aliases included Nicola Bacily, Erwin Salameh and others.

Who was behind the low-budget film so insulting to Mohammed that it spurred the embassy riots? It is indirectly the producer, Nakoula, who bears a grudge against Muslims and is a shady character convicted of numerous financial crimes. But the funds reportedly came from scores of Jews, and the pseudonym used, Sam Bacile, was described as as an “Israeli Jew”. Is Israel’s hand in this spurt to violence? Without doubt, and the almost simultaneous flap over Netanyahu’s incessant demands on Obama is not a coincidence. Netanyahu wants the US to go to war with Iran, so that Israel can continue to snatch land from the Palestinians.

This has been a long-running argument, reaching back into the Bush administration, when the hawks in the Israeli government saw an opportunity to invade Iran as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. The US Defense Department refused Bush’s orders in this regard. With the US now having exited Iraq and rapidly leaving Afghanistan, they saw Romney’s alliance with the Jewish community, and their money, as a last hope. Seeking to create a crisis to shake up the race in Romney’s favor, Netanyahu and his cronies at the helm in Israel fomented attacks against the US in the Middle East. What better way to do this than have a Hollywood producer make a film depicting Mohammed as a homosexual child molester?

This has backfired on Netanyahu, as initial reports were that “Sam Bacile” developed the film with millions from Jewish investors, and is himself an “Israeli Jew”. Now linked to a debacle that killed a US ambassador and having encouraged Romney to make a foreign policy blunder, Netanyahu is further behind than ever. The US is bankrupt, and cannot continue to fund Israel as before, particularly when they continue their bully stance. War with Iran is completely out of the question, even if they become a nuclear power, as no country casually starts a nuclear war, as Obama knows. Nor will Obama be goaded into such a war.