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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 14, 2013

Have the zetas addressed the grid going down drill? Hope it doesn't get crippled in the process! [and from another]  On November 13 – 14, 2013, the United States; Canada; and Mexico, along with more than 150 companies and organizations in all three countries, will take part in the GridEx 2013 Preparedness Drill [and from another]  Validate the current readiness of the electricity industry to respond to a security incident, incorporating lessons learned from GridEx 2011.

It should not be surprising that grid-down exercises are being conducted. What is surprising is that the world does not do more of them, and that they seem to be popular only lately. As the 7 of 10 plate movement predictions began unfolding as predicted, the ZetaTalk predictions on the coming earthquakes totally disabling the grid were taken more seriously. Why should such tests be considered necessary? Electric grids are designed to shut down whether either a surge or a brownout occur, as both can damage equipment. Then, either automatically or usually by manual intervention, they are restarted. Meanwhile, there is an outage. Facilities, such as hospitals, that need continuous service have backup generators.

How would this change if a broad area were shut down? The issue is primarily the sequence of steps needed to restart the grid. In a local outage, there is just one gateway that has been closed, with the area served having numerous switch points that also need to be reset. One starts at the gateway branching off the source of electrical flow, so that as each switch point affected finds it is neither in a brownout or surge situation, it allows the flow to go through. Current is also tested during this restart process to avoid an inadvertent brownout situation. Any switch or fuse damaged by the outage is identified and replaced.

Magnify this 1,000%. Every grid is down, and not just in a local area. It is almost unheard of that a power source is offline utterly, as there is no single source. There are multiple coal burning plants, or multiple nuclear power generators, in a row. One fails, the others increase production or demand is reduced somehow. It is a matter of scale, with the worst case outages considered a 10% of production concern, where these grid-down exercises are planning up to a temporary 100% production outage. Lessons will be learned on how to restart from this position. Is the establishment anticipating a 100% failure? In the case of nuclear plants, heavy earthquakes would indeed require a shutdown of the plants.

This journal (part of the largest publisher house in Switzerland and found as free daily newspaper at train and bus stations all over the country) has a public questionnaire asking people what they imagine stoppage of earth rotation would mean. A follow-up with answers shall be published later on. Why does a popular free magazine comes up right now with this topic, obviously out of the blue, without any connection to other content - so far - in any of the other newspapers or journals of this major media house of Switzerland, which by the way followed a stringent strategy (so far) of not presenting this sort of topic nor the extent of major catastrophes happening the last years around the world, thus being part of the whole cover up going on in western countries. Why ask the public to give own meanings or present theories before presenting their own medially prepared "facts" or an own story? To test to which extent the topic is already present amongst the "common people" despite the cover up? [and from another] What will happen if the earth stops rotating?  That the earth revolves around itself, not only provides day and night. What do you think we would flourish when the blue planet would no longer rotate at once?

One aspect of our description of the Pole Shift and Last Weeks that has been most aggressively attacked has been the week of rotation stoppage. Out of all the precursors to the Pole Shift, this is the sign that could not be disguised. A severe wobble could be light diffraction or deflection in the atmosphere, so the Sun was not as out of place as it appeared. Blaming the Sun or blaming Global Warming was to bear the burden for all other signs. Ridicule of the ZetaTalk message, and of Nancy and her fans, was to negate any other evidence, or so the cover-up crowd hoped.

Did the debunkers go too far in spreading the myth that a stopped rotation would eliminate gravity, thereby having all on Earth’s surface float out into space? This utterly ludicrous scenario, which flies in the face of the scientific facts as mankind knows them, has reached a remarkably large segment of the populace. Gravity if anything increases slightly, as it no longer has centrifugal force counteracting it. The goal was to make the ZetaTalk description seem impossible, so that even past mythology reporting a stopped rotation became suspect. The Swiss survey is being done in an effort to determine how much damage was done, and what emphasis on future reports from NASA are needed for clarification.

There may be other surveys to determine the cover-up’s damage in areas such as the passage itself creating a “collision” with Earth. This misconception, completely opposite what ZetaTalk has always described as a “passage”, was the heart of the Wiki slander against Nancy and ZetaTalk, and adopted often by NASA in the past which referenced Wiki extensively. What was the point? Once again, to make the ZetaTalk predictions seem impossible, and any talk of prior passage written in the geology of the Earth and in folk lore a misinterpretation. ZetaTalk was to seem ludicrous, but now the announcement will prove it correct! Time for the cover-up crowd to clean up their mess.