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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 13, 2011

A strange substance is showing up in Alaska and at this point nobody knows what it could be. What is the Zeta view on this substance, is it normal or in connection to some form of earth changes from Planet X? [and from another] Authorities say a mysterious orange-colored substance has washed up on the shores of a remote village in northwest Alaska. Tests have been conducted on the substance on the surface of the water in Kivalina (KIV'-uh-LEE'-nuh). City Administrator Janet Mitchell told The Associated Press that the substance has also shown up in some residents' rain buckets. Coast Guard Petty Officer David Mosely tells KTUU that it's not a petroleum substance and it's not man-made. Mitchell says the village is requesting that an algae expert from the University of Alaska Fairbanks investigate. [and from another] Chrysophyta (golden-brown algae): The Chrysophyta are the golden-brown algae and diatoms, which respectively account for 1,100 and 40,000-100,000 species of unicellular algae. These algae occur in both marine and fresh waters, although most species are marine. The photosynthetic pigments of these algae are chlorophylls a and c, and the accessory pigments are carotenoids.
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This is clearly an algae bloom, in a concentration and location not normally seen. The increasingly violent Earth wobble has pushed tides up and down the coast so that substances normally not along the coastline of the Bearing Straits are being deposited there. Chrysophyta are described as "golden-brown" with a "carotenoid" pigment, thus orange is quite native to this marine algae. The only surprise is its location and abundance. The wobble has been delivering debris to the shores of Alaska, unnoticed in the clear water but not unnoticed by the algae, which is now gobbling it up. This bloom will pass as the food is eaten, but may return on occasion along with other surprises that the wobble delivers.

I am sensing that with the 7 of 10 progress slowing/slowed due to unpredictable plate dynamicst, that the 8 of 10 may be on us soon. It appears that while 8 of 10 may involve plate dynamics as well, it seems that human issues will be a significant part of this period. I have never thought of these steps as purely incremental or distinctly separated that as 7 of 10 ends then 8 of 10 begins. It is more likely that they are concurrent and that 8 of 10 human elements may be quickly upon us. As a result we should all be prepared more certainly to address living in a barter economy and an economic environment that is increasingly volatile, hostile and challenging. Can you or the Zetas comment on this concurrent progression and its likely outcomes?

Of course the move from paper or electronic money to the barter system will not be straightforward or painless, as change is never that. Default or a falling value is nothing new. Real estate or corporate stock can fall in value, essentially falling out the bottom if a fire takes an uninsured building or a corporation declares bankruptcy with more bills than credit. This happens today. Loss of a job, foreclosure on a home, being thrown onto welfare or the good graces of others by an expensive illness - all these are with you today, and on the increase. Families downgrade, reducing their style of living, although most often only after resisting the downgrade and thus running themselves into extreme debt and disaster due to clinging to their prior way of life.

Thus the first step in moving to a barter system is increasing bankruptcy, on all fronts. More houses vacant due to foreclosure. More families crowding in together or living in their cars. More city services reduced due to lack of a tax base. More countries defaulting on their loan obligations or plunging deeper into debt as the US recently has. What does this do to the people involved? Depression and suicide of course increase, especially in those who have had their life styles radically changed and see no other outcome looming on the horizon. Relationships change, the former head of household now a dependent on his wife or cousin, yet still trying to be in charge. Fights break out. Drinking and drugs becomes prevalent. And for some, turning to a life of crime looks increasingly inviting.

As the quake in Haiti showed, an increase in homelessness due either to a disaster or due to a stagnant economy will result in two paths being taken. The first is a type of bonding, reaching out to each other and sharing what little is available. For some, this is a relief of sorts, that matters have fallen to this level. No need to worry about the cost of this or that, or to worry about protecting some possession. Down to the basics of what there is to eat, how to get it or prepare it, and the sharing process. Clothing is passed along to those who need it, shelters given first to the weakest and most vulnerable, and spontaneous music and song filling the air. The second path is looting and rape, which are only reduced when the larger populace takes matters into their own hands and eliminates the people doing these crimes. They are found dead, and no investigation follows.

The pole shift will bring most of humanity, those who survive, to this point, but what of the time prior to the Last Weeks? We have stated that the establishment will stumble forward, maintaining the status quo as they see no alternative. Steps are taken to maintain the status quo, such as freezing prices on goods or limiting banking hours or limiting the amounts that can be withdrawn. Food shortages may be controlled by price fixing but the shelves will still be empty. And the banks may be protected from failure by limited hours and services but the worth of the currency will still plummet. Tent cities will be on the increase, branching out into gardening and eventually into small farming communities as chickens and pigs appear and tinkering with windmills brings lights to the tents in the evenings.

Those with paper money find this increasingly refused, and certainly what the rich have to sell will be considered worthless. Stocks and bonds and jewels and artwork, all worthless. The rich may sell to each other, talking up the day when these items will regain their worth, but those who have hit the bottom will only be interested in items of true worth. The farmer does not want worthless jewels or artwork, but will take a gallon of diesel or some seed for his apples. In barter, the rich will find they must give away land and housing in exchange for food, eventually. And in the tent cities, the skills to grow food or repair items is worth more than paper money. As this point is reached, many of man's laws will be breached. Idle land will be occupied as tent cities swell. Vacant housing will be filled by families seeking shelter from the snow and rain. Arrest warrants seeking those who owe the establishment funds, past taxes or payments in arrears, will find little assistance from the populace. And those who loot and rape will find themselves meeting with accidents.

There has been some strange activity in Boston that has gotten some attention and numerous questions arising. Navy SEALs were flying around downtown Boston skyscrapers in the middle of night.. flying in totally unlit and totally unmarked helicopters. Special forces have been conducting (so called) "urban environment training" exercises. During this "exercise" it was documented that a strange white ball of light descended down from one of Helicopters. Questions were being raised such as, why did they do this at night? how many FAA violations did these air crafts break? So my question and the real question at hand is was this just a "normal exercise" for "preparing forces for upcoming overseas deployments"? Or are these military exercises taking place to prepare not for overseas deployment but rather within US cities during civil unrest, economic meltdowns and the upcoming New Madrid adjustment? [and from another] Navy Seals Urban Warfare Exercise 'Sky Scare' in Boston Military personnel will conduct training exercises to ensure the military's ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements. Military personnel do not use ammunition, and instead use what is called "simunition," similar to paintballs, Tiscione said. [and from another]
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There is no question that such urban warfare exercises are to prepare the US military to invade cities in the homeland as much as to invade cities in foreign countries. There is a dulling of reluctance that occurs when the homeland is invaded, a desensitization process. Are they expecting riots and blackouts in Boston? Yes. Our warnings about the extent of the New Madrid adjustment, which will tear bridges crossing the Mississippi, devastate cities through the heartland and up along the East Coast to the New England area, and pull the Seaway apart have not fallen on deaf ears. What type of rioting and looting might occur in blackened cities, where escape over heaving roadways and twisted rail lines is not possible? Panic alone is anticipated to be a problem, but opportunistic looting and violence against trapped civilians is anticipated to be the larger issue. The US military is preparing.

Will the rioting in London and the UK spread, especially due to the financial squeeze so many countries are experiencing? [and from another] London Burns As Rioters And Looters Run Amok [Aug 11] Violence and looting breaks out across London - as unrest also hits Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. There have been disturbances in Hackney in east London, as well as Lewisham, Peckham, Croydon and Clapham Junction in the south, and Ealing in the west. Trouble was also reported in Camden in north London. More than 1,700 extra police officers were deployed across the capital overnight as violent scenes broke out. The unrest was said to have been sparked by the police shooting of local man Mark Duggan. The shooting is being investigated by the police watchdog and the rioting occurred after a peaceful protest was held in response to Mr Duggan's death.
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Riots have been attributed to an explosion of rage over intolerable living conditions, but more is afoot. Intolerable living conditions exist worldwide, but the populace living in some of the most repressed areas, and in the most egregious conditions, never riot. Rioting occurs because the mob anticipates succeeding, bettering themselves in some way. Rather than rioting where conditions are the worst, rioting is likely to occur where making demands and even crimes have been tolerated in the past. It is no secret that highly repressive regimes have quiet streets, low crime rates, and a compliant citizenry. China eliminated its opium addicts in the past by simply killing them off. Islam attempts to deal with adultery by stoning the participants and with theft by cutting off a hand.

I was wondering, in the situation of a group of people who have prepared well for the pole shift and find that they are managing to create an excess of food, yet the group is located in an isolated location and not many others end up coming by, the question is: in this, I'm sure, rare situation (in that most groups will probably have no trouble finding orphans and most groups won't manage to create extra food), if the group was interested in caring for and feeding orphans, would it be necessary for the group to venture away from their area in search of orphans, or in this kind of situation would it be likely, or even possible, that the transport of orphans to the group in question would be facilitated?

The issue of who will be assisted during the pole shift and in the Aftertime, and to what degree, is a very complicated issue. There is the issue of spiritual orientation, where those who are highly Service-to-Other are given unhesitating assistance, whether this soul is incarnated into a child or an adult. But this is only true where the Service-to-Other individual is in an environment where those in the Service-to-Self cannot take advantage of the situation. The assistance must be delivered to a group under the unquestioned control of those in the Service-to-Other, takeover by the Service-to-Self not possible.

We have stated that polarization of the orientations increasingly occurs during the Transformation. The Service-to-Other choose to live with each other, with the undecided drifting to spend time with each other as they find those in the Service-to-Other too dedicated and serious. What happened to the constant focus on fun, fun, fun? The children go off to play with each other, in essence. Those in the Service-to-Self are expelled, and end up spending time with each other likewise as rejects, but also because they understand each other's needs. Rules and a strict pecking order are what they seek. But despite polarization, the Earth will have a mixed society when the pole shift hits.

Then there is the issue of who gets to live in our domed cities with ourselves and the hybrids. Where the Element of Doubt can be maintained, highly Service-to-Other children and adults about to die in disasters or during genocide attacks are rescued and taken to domed communities to live with us. This occurs whether these humans are acquainted with ourselves or the hybrids or not. In the grip of horror, and at the point of death, the shock of encountering a Zeta or a hybrid is the lesser issue, and they are rescued with relief, not an increase in anxiety, as the result. Eventually all these adults and children will be involved in outreach activites, after the pole shift, in essence no different than if they had remained in human society.

Where the Element of Doubt is not an issue, and the area is controlled by those in the Service-to-Other, alien assistance may be bold and wide spread, moving beyond the mere delivery of perpetual batteries and the like. It may approach the equivalent of life in our domed cities, with conscious contact and endless teamwork on the many problems survival communities inherit. When the region arrives at the point where only those in the Service-to-Other are living there, domed cities will be quickly constructed and the survivors invited to take residence. Aliens of all kinds, who have participated in the Transformation, will be present in these cities also, as becoming galactic citizens is part of the Awakening process.

In mixed settings, especially where dominated by Service-to-Self gangs or where survival possibilities are grim because of starvation and violence, those in the Service-to-Other will receive assistance in the form of rescue. Children will be rescued and taken to the domed cities, or will be rescued by humans who have chosen such a role for themselves. Adults may likewise be picked up and taken to the domed cities, but more than likely will be guided to meet up with other survivors, in communities leaning heavily toward the Service-to-Other. One form of assistance is to confuse those trying to locate these communities, a type of cloaking so discovery does not occur. In these matters, for Service-to-Other communities to locate in remote, rural areas is best, keeping a low profile, as cloaking is then facilitated.

In all of this, it is the essential spiritual orientation which is the determining factor. Those who do not qualify for assistance are endlessly trying to maneuver so they can benefit. They will try to capture and cling to Service-to-Other survivors, thinking this will force aliens to assist the whole community. In that those in the Service-to-Self do not judge Service-to-Other motives well, they are most likely to have captured bragging claimants instead, those who loudly proclaim themselves to be Service-to-Other when they are quite definitely undecided at best. They may also try to keep a watchful eye on developing Service-to-Other communities, thinking to invade them when alien assistance has arrived. None of these maneuvers will work, as their plans are not secret when telepathy tells us of the plans as they are hatched.

Can Zeta comment this new crop circle? Wayland Smithy, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 4th August.
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Depicting the merging magnetic fields of Earth and Planet X, the Wayland crop circle shows the area of turmoil where the fields overlap. Magnetic particles become confused, heading first one way and then another, in this zone. Where this confusion has been exhibited on the Magnetic Simulator in Japan for some months and years, it has only become increasingly obvious to the general public very recently.

Last Friday a Chinook helicopter was purportedly shot down with 38 UN/NATO troops on it including 30 members of what is known as Navy SEAL Team 6. Although details are never going to be forthcoming, it is said that the Seal team was the entire crew who supposedly attached the Bin Laden compound. Isn't that a little too convenient? A copter crashed in the Bin Laden compound yet there were no casualties, no body, no proof made public that Bin Laden was in the compound. Some say a helicopter, any helicopter, could not have flown Bin Laden's body to any aircraft carrier hundreds of miles away at sea. No one I know is satisfied with any part of this story. Then there is the question of whether in the supposed attempt to rescue Army Rangers, whether the copter blew up from within or was shot down. Would the Zetas care to separate the wheat from the chaff and revisit this matter? It is so sad when people join the service with the hope that they will be a constructive influence on the world and they find through no fault of their own that they are expendable. No witnesses left alive. That sounds like a cruel secret operation which could in no part stand the light of day. [and from another] Nato Chinook in crash-landing [Aug 8] Thirty Americans and eight Afghans - seven commandos and a civilian translator - were killed in the crash, making it the deadliest single loss for US forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. A current and a former US official said the Americans included 22 Seals, three Air Force members and a dog handler and his dog. All but two of the Seals were from Seal Team 6, the unit that killed Osama bin Laden, although none of the men took part in that mission. There were conflicting accounts late yesterday as to whether the Seal team had subdued the attackers who had pinned down the Rangers and were departing, or whether they were hit as they tried to land. One official said they had accomplished their mission, but another said it was hit as it approached.

Is there a relationship between the Seal Team 6 success in killing Bin Laden and the presence of Seal Team 6 members in a downed Chinook in Afghanistan? On the surface, it would seem like retaliation, but the truth is much more mundane. The Taliban was under attack, as reports state, had been routed and were being chased by the Chinook, which then took a missile from the fleeing Taliban and crashed. The irony is that the US, in the past, armed the Taliban with such weapons to shoot down Russian planes.

I know that the Zetas have been asked repeatedly about what ET equipment may be lost or abandoned on earth still to be found, and I recall that their answer is that there may yet be some bodies from previous adventures lost, but no equipment. That made me remember the gravity anomaly under Lake Vostok, in the Antarctic, said to be as large as London or Tokyo. There have been many rumors of secret missions to see what is on the shore of the lake, which has prehistoric free air for hundreds of feet before the ice cap begins and goes up for a thickness of two miles. What is the exact nature of the gravity anomaly under the ice on the shore of Lake Vostok and who has examined it, or plans to, if anyone? [and from another] It's similar in area size to Lake Ontario, but with over three times the volume. [and from another] But at the end of Lake Vostok is what's known as a gigantic masscon - a mass concentration of metal, very similar to the masscons they discovered on the Moon - a gigantic, circular-shaped, metallic object deep under the ice at the end of Lake Vostok. Highly classified. JPL had it. The National Security Agency took it away from JPL. It's one of the most sensitive things in the world now, as to what is the anomaly at the end of the lake
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Feeding conspiracy theories, the Lake Vostok magnetic anomaly remains unexplained. Is this a crashed ship, an ancient city such as the lost city of Atlantis, or is there a simple geological explanation for the anomaly? Because exploring the lake would ruin its pristine condition, the mystery remains. It is known that iron ore deposits and hardened lava from volcanoes or spreading plates will show up as magnetic anomalies. Cities likewise have this signature due to the bulk of metal in their interior. The interior of plates is often thick crust, which likewise can give this magnetic signature. Antarctica is old rock and Lake Vostok lies along a rift running deep through this rock, thus showing a pattern of volcanic rupture when the continent was pulled from its attachment to India in the past.

I would like to know more about the changes in Brazil, specifically the safe areas in Rio Grande do Sul, because the information seemed a bit confused. On the map safe locations in ZetaTalk, appear high areas flooded (north of Rio Grande do Sul) and the lower parts near the Uruguay dry.
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The wave that will rear up from the new land rising between the tip of S America and Africa will create a huge amount of water seeking to find its level. This is not the pole shift tide of 500-600 feet, caused by sloshing. This is a displacement of water caused by the edge of the Antarctic Plate rising up at this point, to create new land. This will affect coastal areas all the way to Rio de Janeiro. Rio Grande do Sul has highlands aplenty, but at least 1,000 feet should be sought during the hour of the pole shift. Stay out of ravines, where tidal bore will occur, and do not leave your high perch for at least a day as the water that poured inland will be looking for an outlet back to the sea.

I think I understand what geological/atmospheric changes I might expect in the Calgary/Edmonton, Alberta region. However, would it be wise to expect a large military/STS elite presence in the area since it will be a relatively unscathed portion of this planet until the upcoming PS?
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Alberta is one of the Canadian provinces that will fare well during the coming pole shift, and be positioned for a temperate climate in the Aftertime, as will Sasketchewan. When the bow afflicting the N American continent finally relaxes, following the New Madrid adjustment, it will not affect these Canadian provinces as much as it affects those West Coast regions crossed by the San Andreas and abutting the Juan de Fuca Plate. Mountain building and volcanic eruptions will occur closer to the coast, in British Columbia, than inland. The land is high land, above the waves in the Aftertime, and established agriculture that will support survivors. This said, are these provinces attractive to the elite, and likely to be taken as enclaves of the elite prior to the pole shift?

This has proved to be the case in the past, when the elite thought the pole shift would occur in 2003. Alberta and Sasketchewan will prove to be attractive to the elite, in that these provinces are not heavily populated nor afflicted with a rioting underclass nor a rioting migrant labor class. The people are viewed as stable, hard working, and civilized. But the elite cannot hide from the local people, and though their dollars and presence may be welcomed at first, any attempts to dominate the populace will be fiercely resisted in the Aftertime. Canada has its own factions, which will battle with each other for political control going into and after the pole shift. But as elsewhere, political control of survivor communities must be an earned privilege not a carryover from the past.

My question refers to the percentages of STO's on Earth, where they reside and what effect their presence has on their individual countries. We know that all Star Children are STO's and approximately 30% of the re-incarnating terran-borns are STO's. We also know that the STO's are more likely to live in populated areas of developed countries ("where the action is"). Does this world-wide average of 30% STO's hold evenly across the board (amongst the developed countries), or is it an end result of variations from country to country? In other words, is the situation such that countries A, B, and C may have only 20% STO's, while countries X, Y and Z have 40% STO's, resulting in a 30% average overall? If so, might these varying percentages be responsible for the notable differences in governmental attention to social welfare? For example, do those countries with well established national health care systems, old-age care, disability and retirement benefits, worker's rights and conditions, housing subsidies, etc. (ie. the caring for each other now raised to the national level) actually also have a higher % of STO's in their populations which would explain this? Would it then follow that those countries who have placed social welfare programs lower down on their priorities list have a lower-than-average % of STO's in their general populations?

This is not just an idle curiosity question. If among the countries considered to be in the geographic "safe zones" there are some that have a lower-than-the-world-average of STO's in their populations and others that have a higher-than-average STO percentage, might it be useful to add that criteria (if possible) to the decision-making process of where to go and where to avoid? While the death toll from the PS itself could alter these percentages, if one locates to a country that has always had the mind-set that resources are to be shared with those less fortunate, would this affect how people "automatically" respond in the first crucial weeks? Wouldn't those people have more of a tendency to band together right away and organize their resources amongst the survivors simply because they are accustomed to living in a national culture that has had this spirit of cooperation and sharing all along? And by the same token, would those who've been living in a country with a highly competitive society and a government that puts social welfare programs on a lower priority level then tend to split apart and go right into a "looking out for number one" stance, making survival just all that much harder?

Would the Zetas please tell us if some countries are indeed more STO than others? If so, what criteria can we use to recognize which are which? Does the level of social welfare programs actually reveal the % of STO's in the population of a country? The Zetas have stressed moving to remote rural areas, yet we know that the rural areas have a higher % of unsparked souls. Is it logical to presume that a country's previous "cultural mind-set" could appreciably affect how these undecided or unsparked survivors might behave immediately post PS?

Those wanting to better their changes of surviving in a region that will have conscious contact with benign aliens inviting survivors into their high tech dome cities understandably want to enter Service-to-Other percentages into their computations. If the rule is that a region must be under the control of those in the Service-to-Other in order to receive aid such as the perpetual batteries, then countries that are social democracies now would be more likely candidates, or so goes the logic. Likewise, if we have stated that reincarnating souls are more likely to be found in cities than in rural areas, then the long time span it takes for a soul to reach Service-to-Other status would not apply for most residents in rural areas. Would alien assistance in these areas then be dearth?

These situations are fluid, as the percentage of Walk-ins can quickly change, for instance. The Arab Spring is an example, springing forth in repressive regimes due to walk-ins taking over bodies where an immature soul wished to opt out. Standing with great courage and determination, patient in the face of brutality, these Star Children effected great change and sparked such protests and revolution in other countries. Thus a country noted for its torture chambers and under the thumb of repression for 40 years changed, almost overnight. Fluidity is also caused by the many people wanting to cling to what appear to be Service-to-Other communities, moving into those countries that are social democracies and the like. This will pollute those areas. The Service-to-Self in particular, having acquired great wealth or power, may arrive with their associates and private militias, changing the nature of the region overnight.

But it is primarily migration of refugees, and the death rate in certain devastated areas, that will change the percentages. In those places where migration will clearly put the populace into a higher percentage of Service-to-Self, or certainly under the domination of those in the Service-to-Self, we have included that in our Safe Locations warnings. The Denver area, and Kokomo, due to US plans for a carryon government in those areas. North Carolina, where estates are already in place, attracting the very wealthy in the region. The Ural Mountains in Russia, the highlands near Beijing, and Australia where the elite and only the elite are being welcomed - all these have been noted as locations where the Service-to-Self are likely to be dominant.

The migration of refugees can change the character of a region dramatically. A poor rural area, scarcely populated and with few job opportunities, may find itself home to many in the last days. If the newcomers lean toward the Service-to-Other and are dominated by highly Service-to-Other individuals or Star Children arriving as walk-ins, this may be a site where open assistance from benign aliens arrives early. Conversely an area near a coastal city, where the wealthy congregated and their boy and girl toys proliferated, might have a different outcome. Heading in desperation to where rumors reported survival communities had been established, these newcomers likewise would pollute the spiritual realm, for their entire lifetimes.

I would like to ask such question. Our friends said that during the pole shift at the junction of plates earthquakes are much stronger and can happen mountain building. In eastern Russia there is a junction of the Eurasian plate and the North American plate (see picture). Can our friends to answer whether there will be in this area a mountain building and may be better for people to leave this area?
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We have described the plate tongue that holds Kamchatka and the part of the North Islands of Japan as being firmly part of the N American Plate, though this is often described as an independent platelet. It will remain so, throughout the Earth changes prior to the pole shift and the pole shift itself, though the Kamchatka peninsula suffers from the subduction of the north Pacific Plate, with many erupting volcanoes. The Eurasian and N American plates are locked against each other, neither allowing the other to roll as the edge is a virtual straight line from Japan to Iceland in the Atlantic.

What will happen to this plate border, cutting just to the west of the Verkhoyansk mountains and just to the south of the Kolyma mountains. Attempting to survive the pole shift along a river or in river bottom lands is never advised, as the pole shift sloshing can bore up a river and the torrential rains expected during the hour of the shift will make them flood beyond all memory in any case. Thus, we would advise the populace to clamor into the mountains, away from the rivers, thus avoiding any plate border grinding that might occur. Those who take refuge in the mountains to the east of the plate border will find themselves ideally situated in the Aftertime, with an excellent climate and access to ocean fishing.

The Mariana Plate and the Mariana Trench will cause Southern Island Big EQ M9+ in Japan? How much will this Southern Island Big EQ M9+ cause a damage to Japan? Nuclear power plant (Hamaoka plants), the skyscraper buildings, sky tree (634m), Tokyo tower (333m), coast tank (LP gas, gasoline, chemicals tank etc), big ships from world. Will these social infrastructure devastate by tsunami 45m?!
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We have predicted that the South Islands of Japan will be greatly affected as the 7 of 10 folding of the Mariana Trench and tilting and folding of the Mariana and Philippine plates finalizes. Tsunami as high as 135 feet will occur as the plates tilt during the folding, acting like a giant platter under the sea to lift the water and force it west. The Philippine Islands and the coast of China are likewise vulnerable to this tsunami. The size and force of this tsunami depends upon how rapidly the Mariana and Philippine plates tilt, and to date this has been a slow process. Where it appears that Taiwan and the island of Luzon in the Philippines might disappear when the Philippine Plate tips and folds, dropping its western parts, there is confusion about the exact plate boundary and these land masses are more firmly affixed to parts west than to the Philippine Plate.

Nevertheless, the jolting that occurs when one plate slides under another, even though the slide is ameliorated by the underlying plate dropping at a radical angle, is a shock. We have predicted jolts as strong as a magnitude 8, though called magnitude 7 by the USGS, for Japan. Japan attempts to prepare for tsunami and quakes as much as any country in the world, and will likely survive the 7 of 10 plate folding going on nearby without undue disasters. It will be the next round of quakes that will cause devastation to Japan, when the Northern Hemisphere adjusts leading into the New Madrid and European tsunami. Japan's March 11, 2011 quake was deemed a 9 by the USGS though in truth it was a greater magnitude and created much devastation. This is an example of what to expect during the BIG quakes to afflict Japan preceding the New Madrid adjustment and of course during the hour of the pole shift itself. Yes, infrastructure will be shattered and ships capsized at that time.

There is some increased interest in how to prepare for the earth changes as the elders seem to know what is coming. I will be showing a few slides and giving a short talk and then fielding questions on family preparedness. The thrust of the flood recovery efforts here are based on the assumption that the high water is a 100 year occurrence and the homes should be rebuilt. This is what is going on after Katrina in New Orleans LA where the rebuilt houses are below ocean level now and can only loose the battle with rising sea level as the poles melt. Here in North Dakota we have some 4000 homes under water along the river. The Army Core of Engineers are adjusting the water release amounts to slowly lower the flood level. There are ground water saturation and river silting issues which have resulted in decreased down stream flow. Given the rain which will occur almost constantly in the near future after the shift, will this flooding become a constant condition? [and from another] Two dams have greatly affected the Missouri River in North Dakota since the expedition of Lewis and Clark. Those dams are Garrison Dam between Pick City and Riverdale, North Dakota, and Oahe Dam near Pierre, South Dakota.
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Both the Missouri and Red rivers have dams, which will all shatter during the hour of the pole shift. Despite this, extensive flooding will occur as the lakes and reservoirs they create will need to empty, and these will fill as fast as they empty due to the torrential rains that will develop during the pole shift. If these dams are released well ahead of time, the flooding could be countered, but in that denial will be in force up until the hour of the pole shift, this is unlikely to happen. The dams create recreational opportunities, tourism, and state and federal caretakers as likely to be stricken by blind denial as private citizens. Drought and deluge cycles are worsening, and it may be that prior to the pole shift the Dakotas will experience flooding that will force new rules, with the water levels lowered to prevent horrific floods. This is in the hands of man, so we cannot predict the outcome.

Except for the South American roll and the New Madrid rip, will North and South America retain their relative position to each other after the Pacific compresses and the Atlantic widens? Or might there be more movement that could affect the distance one might be from the new North Pole such that it matters when considering a safe location? After the Shift, as the earth rotates on its new polar axis, will land along the new equator have continuing earthquakes, stretch zones, and volcanic activity that should be considered as the earth begins to 'bulge' out at the equator?

Of course there will be aftershocks after the pole shift, as we have detailed. We have frankly stated that the earthquakes experienced since the last pole shift, the time of the Jewish Exodus, should be considered aftershocks from that passage. Of course the quakes now are a lead-in to the coming pole shift, but the point is - there will be plenty of aftershocks as the globe adjusts. We have likewise addressed the Equatorial Bulge, which will be re-established but be due to the Earth itself bulging at the Equator. The relationship of the plates to one another will not change because of the pole shift, as this is a Scripted Drama that does not change. Thus, volcanic activity can be presumed from today's record.

We have stated that the Caribbean and Central America can anticipate being crushed during the pole shift, as the giant S American Plate, on the move, slams into the great N American Plate. This is preceded during the 7 of 10 S American roll and subsequent New Madrid adjustment, which first finds Mexico pulled to the west during bow stress on the N American continent and then snapped into alignment again when the New Madrid adjustment occurs. But it is primarily the pole shift crush that alters the relationship of N and S America, which will move closer to each other over the crumble that was once the Caribbean and Central America.