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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 11, 2013

What is the reason space ships sometimes spin? Neil de Grasse Tyson seems to think aliens are "stupid".

Space ships spin when entering the Earth’s gravity field from another dimension, temporarily. Though they create their own gravity field they are perturbed by the outside field and the spin stabilizes the ship, disbursing the exiting gravitons. This is the reason you swing your arms during your gait. Only the periphery of the ship spins.

It seems that astronomers are forecasting a potential view of the upcoming solar eclipse designed to disguise or explain away what could potentially be a good view of PX. Any comment? [and from another] Solar Eclipse Turns Sun Into 'Ring of Fire' This Week;_ylt=AwrNUbAcDIhRbkEAsefQtDMD  While nearly 95 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon at the eclipse's peak, the sky will not be noticeably darker to the naked eye at any point. The path of annularity passes through parts of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland in Australia. Other nearby parts of the world will be able to see a partial solar eclipse.

What has been learned from all previous eclipse dates since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003 is that steps are taken to disguise the presence of the Planet X complex. The eclipse may be broadcast to the public only during that portion where any evidence of Planet X may be seen. Thus the public gets to see the approaching eclipse for hours prior to the moment, and then suddenly the signal goes down. If any of the locations filming the eclipse start to show evidence of Planet X, they suddenly have network problems and start to replay prior footage, or a switch to one of the other locations is done, or clouds and bad weather is claimed.

During this eclipse, only part of the Sun will be blocked, allowing even more protection to those who are currently lying to you. They can claim solar ejections, or atmospheric phenomena around the partially dimmed Sun. Nevertheless, as during every eclipse, many will see signs that will cause them to wonder, and explore the internet. It has long been known that the Planet X complex can best be seen when the full glare of the Sun is blocked due to clouds or a finger or a filter. How is this Ring of Fire eclipse any different?

This is my first time submitting a question, so please bear with me.  I came across this article today, and I was hoping you could help shed some light on the subject. It has to do with a supposed alien transmission received from Ganymede, sometime in the 1980's.  The article was fairly brief, but raised many questions in my mind. Did we actually have contact with an alien species on Ganymede or was it a hoax?  Is it possible that the transmission may have come from Phobos instead?  If this transmission was not meant for us, who might it have been directed towards?  [and from another] Nasa and SETI Astronomers Detect Alien Signal From Jupiter's Moon Ganymede  NASA and SETI astronomers picked up on a radio signal that seemed to have a coded message sometime in the mid 1980's. The signal was coming from Jupiter's moon Ganymede and was definitely artificial in nature. The signal was run through multiple computers and no sense could be made as to the meaning of it. President Reagan was notified and an international conference was assembled to determine how to make an attempt to contact whatever beings were sending the message. Eventually it was decided to send a signal to the exact location that the message was coming from on Ganymede. This message would be sent in Morse Code which was considered to be the easiest for an alien civilization to decode. It would read "We have received your signal, but we do not understand it. Please resend your signal using this language and transmission code." Immediately after this message was sent, the mysterious signal from Ganymede ceased its transmission so everyone assumed that we would receive a new signal in Morse Code in a quick period of time. But day after day and then week after week no signal came and officials began to give up hope of actually receiving a response. Finally after more than a month, a signal was detected coming from the original radio source on Ganymede and incredibly it was in Morse Code. Eagerly NASA scientists translated our first direct contact with an alien civilization. And it said "We were not talking to you."

This hoax story, designed to pump up book sales, is entirely false. We have stated that aliens do not communicate with each other or with humans via radio signals, or any other means that humans could capture or record.  The reasons are many, but include the fact that radio or TV signals are unstable and therefore unreliable, and that the Council of Worlds has ruled that an Element of Doubt must exist during the rapid Awakening process, to reduce anxiety and fear among humans. SETI is a fraud, as we have long asserted, designed to give the populace the impression that aliens had not yet arrived and also that the human establishment was very much in control. All false. Both NASA and SETI are part of the big lie on the alien presence, and no surprise that they are in partnership on the Ganymede hoax.

Intelligence gathering about North Korea is extremely difficult, which must leave the United States and its allies frequently in the dark about Kim Jong-un and North Korea’s intentions.  The Zetas have stated North Korea’s repeated threats are about starvation and attempts to extort food. It appears that instead of escalating a troubling international situation, North Korea is backing off by removing medium-range ballistic missiles from their launch site. Could the Zetas provide an update about North Korea?  Has something changed to indicate there is hope North Korea will be able to feed its citizens and may, at least temporarily, cease sabre rattling? [and from another] Intelligence on North Korea, and Its New Leader, Remains Elusive  The most recent intelligence failures included what administration officials now acknowledge was the C.I.A.’s initial judgment — now reversed — that the North’s young new leader, Kim Jong-un, was probably more interested in economic reform than in following his father’s and grandfather’s “military first” policy of bolstering the North’s missile and nuclear arsenals, and threatening to use them unless the world came to its doo.  [and from another]  US: North Korea Pulled Missiles From Launch Site  U.S. officials say North Korea has taken a step back from its recent escalation of regional tensions by removing from their launch site a set of medium-range ballistic missiles that had been readied for possible test firing.

Why has N Korea suddenly stepped back from its previous stance? We mentioned barely a month ago that China would step in and rein N Korea back, as China does not want a mess on its border with renewed confrontations between S Korea and N Korea, or warfare from Japan and the US in response to any missiles launched by N Korea. China is technically a communist state, as was Russia in the past, and thus are presumed to back N Korea. But both these countries knows that N Korea’s bluster and posturing have no good outcome, and are counter-productive for the region. What punishments were quietly threatened, that N Korea listened? China would join the west in attacking N Korea if it did not back down, and withdraw any food stuffs currently being sent to the starving citizens of N Korea. Just as we predicted.

This article references a research project which is mapping the ocean floor off the east coast of the US. It states they have identified 40 previously unknown methane seeps so far, concentrated in 4 clusters. Whereas the Zetas have long predicted methane release as part of the 7 of 10, would they like to enlighten further on this phenomenon and what this seemingly large number of seeps off the coast of Massachusetts and Virginia may indicate? [and from another]  The seeps were found in four clusters, three of them about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of Nantucket, Mass. The other cluster, consisting of 17 of the seeps, was mapped about 90 miles (147 kilometers) east of Cape Henry, Va., according to a release from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which led the expedition. Methane seeps are important to find and study since they involve the transfer of carbon.  [and from another]  On May 8, the NOAA ship Ron Brown deployed an unmanned sub named Jason to the seafloor offshore Virginia. The sub came upon patches of white bacteria that can harness energy by breaking down methane and are a dead giveaway that leaking natural gas is likely to be found nearby. It encountered the seep at a depth of 1 mile (1.6 kilometers), the vehicle's deepest dive.

We have explained that when a continent is under a bow stress, as both the N American and S American continents are during the 7 of 10 plate movements, the far side of the bow is under an intense stretch. Stretched rock will have the rock layers slide, releasing trapped gasses from rotting vegetation, i.e. methane. The East Coast of the N American continent has pulled down during prior Pole Shifts, when the Atlantic suddenly pulled apart. If the New Madrid adjustments allows the N American bow to be relieved, during the hour of the Pole Shift the opposite occurs – the East Coast is pinched or puckered as it is drawn down under the waves. Thus vegetation was trapped, and is venting at the current time during the bowing phase.

An article talks about a huge research study involving subatomic particles called muons and how they interact with magnetic fields. My question is, so why are they now brushing off this 90s research and spending gobs of money on it? Would the Zetas care to comment on the significance of this and what is going on in the minds of the cover up scientists? [and from another]  Roberts is a spokesperson for the Muon g-2 experiment that's set to set to start in 2016 and will involve 26 institutions around the world. In experiments at Brookhaven in the 1990s, scientists found some evidence that muons were reacting differently than scientists expected them to when placed in a magnetic field. They couldn't definitively prove their findings at the time, but that could change with muons created in Fermilab's accelerators and stored in the Brookhaven-built ring.

Mankind seems to be frantically trying to learn scientific details that can help them understand how and why the Earth might undergo a crustal shift. Scientists announced in March that they studied slippery magma, in April that they studied the pock marked Chathan Rise, in May that they studied the composition of the Earth’s core, and now we hear they are going to study the muon’s reaction to magnetic fields. What these studies have in common is the coming Pole Shift, the crustal shift we predicted will shift the crust of the Earth a quarter turn.

What is the point? Do they hope to put up a magnetic shield, so the passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, does not force a shift? Do they hope to simply gain more information so when explaining the likelihood of a crustal shift to the public, they can sound intelligent? Do they hope to garner enough information that they can argue against the chance of a crustal shift, thereby placating a public that might otherwise panic and leave the coastlines and their jobs? Do they hope to learn how to measure the threshold of a crustal shift, the point where the elite should duck into their bunkers? All of these motives and more are involved.

The geological history of the Earth, and the written and oral record from past passages shows that these crustal shifts do occur. Velikovsky’s book Earth in Upheaval did a superb job of documenting this record, and is likely to be suddenly reprinted in e-book form when the truth about Planet X, aka Nibiru is finally admitted. Hapgood’s theory of a shifting crust will likewise be much under discussion. Scientists will be challenged. How can the Earth slurp on its side in this manner? They feel they need to at least be able to say that the matter is under study. But the truth is that there is nothing they can do, and no better means of sounding the alarm when the hour of the shift has started than the advice we, the Zetas, have already given. 

Would the Zetas comment on this news of a long term (or short?) issue on the ISS?  I know they have said in the past that dealing with the ISS could go either way in a final evacuation or allowing it to its own fate.  This article seems to give NASA an excuse for a possible exodus with a large time-frame and vague unknown problem with many possible outcomes implied.  [and from another]  A minor leak of this ammonia was first noticed in 2007, and NASA has been studying the issue ever since. In November 2012 two astronauts took a spacewalk to fix the problem, rewiring some coolant lines and installing a spare radiator due to fears the original radiator was damaged by a micrometeorite impact. At the time, those measures appeared to fix the problem, but today astronauts on the football field-size space station noticed a steady stream of frozen ammonia flakes leaking from the area of the suspect coolant loop in the Photovoltaic Thermal Control System (PVTCS). It is in the same area, but we don't know whether it's the same leak. [and from another]  Russian and US space experts were scrambling to address a “very serious” ammonia leak outside the International Space Station that may require astronauts to perform an emergency spacewalk. Russia has suffered several recent setbacks in its space programme, notably losing expensive satellites and an unmanned supply ship to the ISS but the manned missions have been flawless.

At what point will the ISS be evacuated? Will there be a sudden catastrophe where it is destroyed by flinging debris to the extent that all on the station are killed? Or will it be, as they say, death by a thousand paper cuts, cumulative problems that reach a threshold where it is clear that the struggle to maintain astronauts aboard cannot be won.  When the Planet X complex entered the inner solar system in 2003, putting on its brakes so that the vast tail wafted past the Sun to engulf the Earth in debris, there was talk of closing the ISS and some astronauts were returned to Earth. There was a repeat of this panic in 2009, also blamed on space debris.

Nothing has changed for the ISS, which continues to live under the dread of increasing debris from the tail of Planet X, knowing that this situation will not ease but will only exacerbate. Are the renewed ammonia leaks the chosen excuse? If the ship loses its ammonia, the electrical system will falter, preventing life on the ISS and even preventing repair of the leak or evacuation from proceeding. There is a history established, in 2007 and 2012, of prior leaks, all in the same region of the ISS. If this is to be used as the excuse for an evacuation, then crew members would steadily be removed from the station until the last members leave, admitting they were unable to repair the ISS. This would likely occur during turmoil and distraction on Earth, to be used as cover for the final evacuation.