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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 9, 2013

What are the implications of Snowden’s revelations, and what will be the outcome?

The primary implication of the Snowden affair is that no secrets, no matter how well protected, are safe. Humans are involved in all national secrets, at some step, and humans have many agendas and are complicated creatures. Human error can also leave doors open, so that secrets can be tapped by the curious. In the Snowden affair, an analyst decided that the world needed to know what kind of information was being gathered, and the impact of his revelations has threatened the trust that existed between the US and its allies.

What kind of problems, beyond those already stirred up, can result from the collection of secrets? The largest likelihood is that someone not in the chain of command but within the bowels of the NSA or its equivalent in other countries would use the information for blackmail. What is to stop this? Has this happened in the past? Absolutely! Governments and individuals are offended when they realize their phones and private conversations are being recorded by others not because they are innocent, but because they doing something wrong and don’t want to be caught at it.

What is google hiding? They are keeping everyone guessing over mystery barge floating in San Francisco Bay. [and from another]  [and from another]  The mystery of exactly what Google is building on a barge close to San Francisco deepened today as a MailOnline investigation uncovered a second structure being built hastily at the top secret site. The huge structure, made up of specially modified shipping containers, looks set to be identical to the first. Another, identical barge has been spotted thousands of miles away on the East Coast in Portland, Maine. Speculation is rampant over what the barges will be used for - with the two most likely reasons being floating showroom 'party boats' to market Google Glass or data centers that can be cooled by sea water. Speculation at first focused on this Google patent from 2009 for a sea-cooled data farm. The project is said to be personally overseen by Google founder Sergey Brin and is being run by the Google X secret facility in Mountain View, California. [and from another]

There are two strong clues as to why these barges, stacked high with shipping containers, are being constructed. One clue is their 2009 patent showing an ocean cooled barge with electricity generated from wave action. Another clue is the close proximity to Mountain View in the San Francisco Bay, where the Google X facility overseeing the barge development lies. What about this screams “party boat” as some seem to think? Of all places to have a party, a shipping container with barely any windows and a lousy view is not the place. Nor would this be an attractive shopping mall, more likely to cause sea sick shopper than generate profits.

These barges are designed to cool electronics and generate electricity, inexpensively. The narrow windows are to allow some light in for workers to function when electricity generation is at a low ebb. The entire facility is a data center, but why the secrecy?  The issue of earthquakes and flooding is a repressed issue, due to the cover-up over the presence of Planet X. Data centers inland are subject to blackouts, and backup generators require fuel, which will become expensive and may even become unavailable. These barges are designed to be self-sufficient, flood and high tide proof, blackout proof, and earthquake proof. 

Here is an article on lights visible form space over hundreds of miles long.  The article explanation claims lots of fishing boats?  However fishing boats would have to be in the millions to be visible all the way from space.  Is there any other explanation for what this may be? [and from another]  The lights, which were spotted using Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite on the Suomi NPP satellite, are actually a large collection of fishermen.  NASA explains, "There are no human settlements there, nor fires or gas wells. But there are an awful lot of fishing boats."  Fishermen use the powerful lights, "generating as much as 300 kilowatts of light per boat," to draw the plankton and fish that the squid eat toward the surface. The squid then follow the food.

What you are seeing on the images from the NPP satellite are a panoramic view, curved around a central camera. Note that the land on the tip of S America is slightly curved, bend around the circle you discovered. Like the arm that blocks the view in SOHO images, this center in the NPP images is not part of the view, but part of the satellite. The fishing boats are clustered together so all can share the catch attracted to the light. In addition to high powered lights on the boats, there is the factor of the reflective surface of the ocean. On land, in cities and towns, everything surrounding lights absorbs light rays. But water reflects. 

What can we expect from the US government once the Announcement is complete?  That is, in terms of the Obama Administration helping/guiding people to safe areas/zones?  Should the people of this country expect the government to coordinate efforts so that communities could be formed for those that are trying to get to safer areas?  The Zetas have mentioned in the past about the likelihood of "rough elements" pretending to help people in need, only to have the innocent finding themselves in slave camps.  Wouldn't the current administration implement measures to stop or at least minimize such despicable possibilities from occurring?

We have addressed, in the past, the unrealistic expectations of some that their government will act like a perfect parent, taking care of them as the Earth changes become more severe and the Pole Shift turns their world upside down.  There are laws in place that must be followed, courts to back them, and becoming a dictator and confiscating lands and supplies is simply not an avenue open to an elected leader in the US. Should that be attempted, impeachment would quickly be arranged by the Republicans, who are yearning to remove Obama by whatever means. Millions go hungry in the US today yet Food Stamp programs are reduced, and Obama’s efforts to fund a jobs bill is blocked, routinely.

It is not just the corporate influence in Washington DC, funding and backing these Republican efforts. There simply isn’t enough food in the food banks, and the US is essentially bankrupt. The public would not tolerate Martial Law unless and until disaster were so horrific that its necessity is obvious. This would require tearing of the New Madrid, from Houston to Chicago and through Ohio, with a simultaneous adjustment along the San Andreas.  This setting has been envisioned by Obama, when he penned Executive Order 13575. We have continuously emphasized that citizens should not look to their governments, for rescue, but plan on being self-sufficient.

For those too naïve to understand the web of restrictions preventing mass rescue, especially given that no massive disasters have occurred to justify this, follow these steps:

  1. Given that Obama survives the many assassination attempts trying to prevent him from making the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, Obama declares that the coastal areas in the US need to be evacuated, though only periodic flooding has occurred to date. He is either impeached or declared insane and removed without delay. The American people lose their best friend in the White House, because he allowed himself to be naïve.  
  2. Given Obama would survive such a move, all legal entities in such cities would rise up and pursue legal avenues in the courts.  Homeowners would demand to be bought out, since they would be required to pay their mortgages. The US would have no funds for this, and the banks would sue as their assets were threatened. Any corporation doing business on the coasts would likewise sue the already bankrupt US government for loss of profits. Go on down the chain of lawsuits that would hamper an evacuation.
  3. Given that Obama would manage to push past a billion lawsuits and injunctions and appeals so the coasts could be vacated, he would next have to house and feed those he is moving. Needing a place to place the majority of US citizens, who now live in cities which are primarily on the coastlines, he would have to confiscate land from farmers and/or open federal lands. A new set of lawsuits and injunctions would arise.
  4. Given that Obama managed to secure some land for the evacuees to sit upon, he next would have to house them and feed them while these former city dwellers learned how to garden and farm, get past their learning curve, save seed for the forthcoming year and preserve their harvests, and no longer need to rely upon government handouts from larders already barren. Half the US population sits in the cold rain, starving, as there is nothing to feed them nor tents to shelter them.
  5. Given that these evacuees somehow survive a year of starvation and exposure, next comes the struggle with rampant infections that would spread among those who are malnourished and have failing immune systems. Hospitals and doctors in the US are primarily private industry, for profit, and do not today take the indigent unless forced to do so. Slavery does not exist in the US, so an Executive Order demanding they leave their families to head to the cold rainy fields and serve without pay would be challenged in the courts. Meanwhile, the evacuees wonder whose bright idea it was for Obama to order an evacuation of the coastlines!

As usual on eclipse photos, the Sun's glare is reduced so much that the sky looks black in most photos. But of the slideshow only the first showed a rim of the Sun. What I note is the red color coming on the lower right side and bottom, the region where Planet X would be located. This does not line up with the Sun's flare at this time at all! Was this a slip?  [and from another]  Ben Cooper / [and from another]  Taken by Stephan Heinsius on November 3, 2013 @ Atlantic Ocean

These 2013 photos, taken over the Atlantic, had the vantage point of being north of the Ecliptic, and being close to a total eclipse. Thus, only the rim of the Sun is showing, and due to the glare of the Sun being naturally reduced by the Moon, light from the Planet X complex can be readily seen. It becomes dominant, though is taken by the ignorant public to be sunlight. During an eclipse the spot where the Sun returns becomes brilliant, like a diamond on a ring. This can be seen but why would there be two such locations, not aligned with flares or sunspots on the Sun? The reddish rim of the Sun is likewise not even, but showing a lit spot where no sunspot or flare exists.

Such nuances are lost on the general public, who assume if no fuss is made by professionals, then nothing is amiss. Compare the Solar Eclipse of 2000, when Planet X was not in the vicinity. No red glow appears along the rim. Only a single jewel appears when the Sun comes from behind the Moon. Where most eclipse photos employ an extensive sun shield, literally turning the sky black or so diminishing the light intake to the camera almost no distinguishing features can be discerned, a double jewel and a consistently dark red rim is a dead giveaway. The Sun may be eclipsed by the Moon, in 2013, but the Sun is not alone in the skies!

I live in Richmond, Va., which is on the east coast of the United States. Normally in the fall the Oak trees drop acorns. Depending on whether there has been a bad drought in the summer, or there is going to be a bad winter the trees develop their acorns to be large or small and abundant, or large and small and not abundant. There is always great speculation as to what the winter will be depending on the acorn crop. This year there are no acorns. The willow oaks that are dropping acorn shells are empty. In my 25 years of landscaping I have never seen this before. Normally there are acorns no matter what the weather is. They feed the deer, squirrels and birds through the winter. This year nothing. If plants are stressed, their normal reaction is to reproduce to preserve the species. This year I saw hedges of hollies produce berries, then drop them all before they started to grow and turn red, and then produced a new set of leaves. So my question is: Is the plant world choosing to not reproduce so that it can reserve their energy to feed themselves? Do they know that there will not be as many mouths to feed in the near future, so reserving their energy for the Aftertime? Or have they already ascended to a state that this is not an issue? And should we, if we are able supplement their food. (I have already started setting up a deer feeding station in my woods.) Is this wise, or should we just let nature take its course?

For there to be no acorns at all is unusual, but during the blending of the seasons we have predicted for the 8 of 10 phase, such astonishing fauna and flora behavior will become commonplace. Plants and animals are adaptable, and if failing to produce seed one year, there is seed from prior or future years. There are young trees barely sprouting that will bear in the future, and next year may be an astonishingly abundant acorn year. Signals that disasters are on the horizon will often cause species to be prolific, in anticipation of a die-off and hardship. But likewise, wildly swinging seasons will create confusion, starting and stopping a process. Rather than prolific reproduction, there can be aborted reproduction.

Look to the number of seeds or young that nature arranges for her species. Even those species that produced a single offspring, like elephants, live potentially for 100 years.  If all offspring survived, and no disease or mortality occurred, the world would be covered by elephants! Insects and mice and rabbits, species which get consumed by other species, are prolific. Plants likewise produce seed in abundance, and this seed lives for years and even in some recorded cases, millennia. Those species that are not adaptable may die out, but likewise mutations occur, producing new species. The Earth is abundant, and her fauna and flora have survived through these climate swings in the past.