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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 3, 2017

Could the Zetas say what this latest Crop Circle is telling?. Alton Barnes, Wiltshire May 25, 2017. [and from another] [and from another]

This legitimate Crop Circle design is depicting the daily Earth wobble caused by the near presence of Nibiru. The Figure 8, well established in 2004 when the wobble first began, has changed. The Figure 8 originated with what we called the Polar Push, an increasingly violent push against the Earth’s magnetic N Pole. This occurred when the Sun was over the Pacific and the N Pole rose over the horizon to face the Sun and Nibiru. Then the Earth would recover by the N Pole twisting first to one side and then the other and finally a bounce back into position.

The four parts of the Figure 8 were considered a quadrant arrangement – the four positions of the axis during the day. We noted in November 2016 that the wobble had moved from this quadrant arrangement to a duality, a back and forth aggressive swing – the Polar Push and the bounce back. This WhiteHorse design is showing the quadrant arrangement of the original Figure 8 as well as how the daily wobble has changed. The axis tilt to this and then that side is now incorporated into the position of the N Pole when in the midst of a Polar Push.

In the past, prior to Nibiru’s entry into the Solar System, temperatures were determined by latitude, the distance from the Equator. During the Figure 8, Siberia and those parts around the Arctic pushed away from the warmth of the Sun during the Polar Push were colder. During the lean to the right and left, Alaska and Europe had unusually high temperatures. Now parts around the Arctic will remain in the Polar Push position, while waiting for the bounce back that occurs when the Sun is over the Atlantic. In the meantime, high temp spikes will result in Europe, Central Russia, and in Russia’s Far East.

Interesting trend on Nibiru. Is this a Prong 3 push twarads the announcement? Are we almost there? Are the talks how to break the truth about Nibiru intensifying? Zeta comment? [and from another] Senator Telmário Mota drew the attention of parliamentarians during the session on May 25, announcing in a speech in the Senate Plenary the collision of an X7 planet, known as "Nibirú", with Earth. "I have received the information from an elect who said NASA states that the planet Nibiru is coming towards Earth and the current cycle will be over soon," said the senator. According to Telmário, the NASA report says that the planet changes the gravitational field of the earth and, with that, two thirds of humanity will perish. "Two-thirds will die of hunger and disease. I passed this to my advisers to do a study to see if this planet Nibiru is really approaching Earth, "he announced. The video of the senator's speech quickly turned into social networks and was shared by thousands of Internet users, who criticized the senator's position, saying that the senator should bring more relevant issues to the Plenary. [and from another]

Just as awareness of the alien presence will vary by country and culture, likewise honesty about the nearby presence of Nibiru and the pending passage will vary. Where these concepts are aggressively denied and even punished, the public will be slow to openly discuss them. Because of the reach of the Internet, open discussion will spread like an infection, and eventually like an explosion. Meanwhile, the cover-up will increasingly feel under attack and try to counter-attack with disinformation. But the trend is not in their favor.