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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 3, 2016

Why would China take these passports from this region? [and from another] November 25, 2016. Millions of residents in China's northwestern Xinjiang region have been ordered to surrender their passports to local police. Passports would be held by police after an "annual check." Residents wishing to travel abroad would have to seek permission from local authorities, the statement said. Those who refuse could be barred from leaving the country. Xinjiang is an ethnically divided and resource rich province that is home to around 10 million predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and around eight million Han Chinese. China has blamed Uyghur separatists for a number of attacks in recent years, including one on a coalmine in September 2015, in which 50 people were killed.

On its face, this looks like an attempt to keep Muslim unrest from moving into the China interior. Their Muslim population, the Uyghurs, have been implicated in terrorist attacks in China in the recent past. But there is more to this picture. The Xinjiang region lies near the border with India, which is already sinking, something that has been noted by the populace. There are few routes out of India for the poor, who cannot afford to immigrate legally to another country nor even purchase passage on a boat as an illegal. Thus they eye the border with Nepal and China to the North as their only route.

On November 11 the Indian government confiscated most of the cash held by the poor in India via a Rupee exchange maneuver. This was followed on November 24 by the China confiscation of passports in Xinjiang but what is notable is that earthquakes followed in the region on November 25 with a reported 6.6 which, as we have stated, is under reported as was likely a magnitude 9. China is aware that the rock is about to rupture, as they monitor, and called the passport confiscation in anticipation of quake damage in the region, and yet more panic in the people of India.

China anticipates an illegal migrant crush from India, with the people of Xinjiang having their passports stolen from them, by force if necessary, so that the illegals can move throughout China. Now there will be no passports to be stolen during the chaos after earthquakes. And any illegal from India trying to move into China’s interior will have to go to the authorities and prove their status. Will the fingerprints and photos match? Not hardly. Any such attempt will result in deportation back to India. Problem solved.

Wondering if this would be used to explain the sinking of Indonesia? [and from another] It is a terrifying abyss, 7km deep. Now, geologists have for the first time seen and documented the Banda Detachment fault in eastern Indonesia - and worked out how it formed. It is a terrifying abyss, 7km deep. Now, geologists have for the first time seen and documented the Banda Detachment fault in eastern Indonesia - and worked out how it formed. The abyss has been known for 90 years but until now no one has been able to explain how it got so deep. A 7 km-deep abyss beneath the Banda Sea off eastern Indonesia was formed by extension along what might be Earth's largest-identified exposed fault plane. These wounds show that a piece of crust bigger than Belgium or Tasmania must have been ripped apart by 120 km of extension along a low-angle crack, or detachment fault, to form the present-day ocean-floor depression. This fault, the Banda Detachment, represents a rip in the ocean floor exposed over 60,000 square kilometres.

What caused the Banda Detachment abyss to form? As the Indo-Australian Plate tilts, its upper portion sliding under the Himalayas, it torques, Australia moving slightly and slowly to the North. In the curve formed at New Guinea, which is attached to Australia, also moves North, there is a void. Rock with an attachment to New Guinea clings, and there is nothing to fill the void. Why is this Daily Mail article posing the question, as though this is a mystery? They are attempting to incite curiosity in the public mind, and to show that for every rise in land, such as the great Himalayas, there is elsewhere an abyss. During plate movement, there are winners and losers, and the losers should beware!

That is the story they are touting, that the plane had electronic failure. Sort of blaming the plane. Are we seeing a different trend now? Where gradually the earth changes are picking up and the media is saying something else other than human error is to blame? [and from another] The Avro RJ85 plane, which was carrying nine crew, suffered power failures while flying through the Antioquia Department on its way from Bolivia. The pilot is believed to have circled around before crash landing in a desperate bid to lose fuel and avoid an explosion on impact. Just 20 days ago, the same plane had transported the Argentinian football team, including megastars Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria, to Belo Horizonte in Brazil, where they played Brazil in a World Cup qualifier match. [and from another] Team changed flights at the last minute to board the doomed British-made plane.

The Avro RJ85 crashed due to electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), endured as it crossed over the plate border between the S American Plate and the North Andes Plate. Some assign the North Andes Plate to the S American Plate, and others assign it to the Caribbean Plate, as it has rock attachments to both. Though this region has not had heavy EMP before, the S American Roll is on the move, with an aggressive uptick. Pilots would be wise to avoid this plate border if possible, as it is subject to pressure from more than one source, and thus is likely to be under almost constant EMP in the future.

Has anyone asked you about the UFO's over Turkey yet? I'm just curious what the message was. Tweets about this issue disappeared quickly. [and from another]

This is a legitimate UFO sighting, presented on a clear night when it would be seen by many. Of course there was a telepathic message to accompany the display, as minds are open and receptive when in awe of something so unusual. The display of 5 bright orbs changed, but central at all times was a triangle, pointing in this or that direction depending upon the vantage point. Turkey is in the middle of turmoil, caused almost exclusively by Erdogan’s ambitions. Ultimately, Erdogan will lose, and Turkey will be splintered into three groups or regions – Kurdistan to the Kurds, Armenia to Russia, and central Turkey near Ankara to the ethnic Turks.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin 'recovering well' after falling ill at the South Pole. Checkout the T shirts: "Get your a** on Mars" [and from another] What was a man his age doing at the S Pole? [and from another] Aldrin retired from NASA in 1971. In recent years, he has advocated for a manned mission to Mars. [and from another] He is currently has fluid in his lungs but is responding well to antibiotics and being kept in overnight for observation. [and from another] Aldrin, 86, is in stable condition after "his condition deteriorated" while visiting Antarctica, according to White Desert, which organizes luxury tourism trips to the icy continent.

Why was Buzz Aldrin so intent on getting to the S Pole, in a group of tourists seemingly so intent on getting to Mars? Of course he could be considered to be enthusiastic about travel to Mars, just as he was about travel to the Moon, being by nature a buoyant and enthusiastic person. To say the trip is ill advised for someone at 86 years of age is an understatement. The trip was being pushed by Elon Musk and other Mars opportunists, who are looking for a massive infusion of funds to their endeavors. As we have recently stated, these funds will not be used for the Mars endeavors, as Musk is aware the Council will stop him. These funds are to fund his kingdom on Earth. 

Would the Zetas care to comment regarding the Dec 1 Launch failure to resupply the ISS. This is the fourth failed resupply mission to ISS in the last 25 months. [and from another] Was this another attempt for the Elite to get the upper hand, or just a freak accident? [and from another] Are the Russians just be ignorant and trying to sneak something up to the Space Station or was it just an honest mistake? [and from another] I saw this report regarding the restocking of the ISS and wondered if the Zetas could comment on whether this is just an equipment glitch/failure or if there is something else going on. I do hope the crew will be ok if this shipment does not make it to them. [and from another] The next resupply mission, being launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is scheduled for Dec. 9. [and from another] The incident is the second time a Russian spacecraft has been lost in recent months. Last year, another Progress vehicle tumbled uncontrollably through space and failed to reach the station. In 2014, a rocket operated by a Dulles-based company now known as Orbital ATK blew up shortly after lifting from the launchpad at Wallops, Va. One of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets exploded a couple minutes into flight while headed to the station in 2015. [and from another] The Roscosmos press service stressed that the loss of the cargo ship will not affect the routine operations of the ISS and the crew. [and from another] It was the third Progress failure in station history after third-stage mishaps in 2011 and 2015. The unpiloted Soyuz booster lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 8:51 pm local time, climbing away through a cloudy sky directly into the plane of the International Space Station’s orbit. The initial phases of the flight appeared to go smoothly and the third stage engine ignited as planned to finish the boost to orbit. But six minutes and 22 seconds after launch -- a little more than two minutes before the engine’s expected shutdown -- telemetry from the vehicle was disrupted. [and from another] The transmission of data from the ship cut off 383 seconds after the launch. It added that experts are looking into the cause of the glitch. The ship's navigational antennas have apparently been deployed, but there has been no solid confirmation that the Progress' solar panels have fully unfolded. [and from another]  The Soyuz launch vehicle is the most frequently used and reliable launch vehicle in the world.

Is there a message in the fourth failure of a Progress re-supply mission to the ISS? Russian launch failures to re-supply the ISS occurred in 2011 and 2015 and now again in 2016. The pace has increased. But most Russian launch failures have occurred when the Council of Worlds was delivering a message about surveillance of Siberian survival camps and migration into Russia. These warnings occurred in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. As with Elon Musk’s Space X failures, which are mixed with success, the messages from the Council of Worlds are directed and obvious.

We have referred to the ISS as a suicide mission, as the astronauts and cosmonauts assigned must surely know the risks. Debris in the tail of Nibiru is increasingly wafting the Earth, and even a minor impact can create a life-threatening crisis. They are in harm’s way. Why delay evacuating the ISS? It would be an admission of defeat by arrogant man, just at a time when elite such as Elon Musk are claiming they are going to populate Mars.  The pace of ISS disasters is likely to increase now, to force an emergency evacuation. This would likely be in step with more visibility of Nibiru, and admissions, so the relationship to the evacuation is clear.