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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 2, 2013

In September of 1989 A UFO was witnessed by dozens of people in Voronezh, Russia which had landed in a park. 3 Beings 9-10 feet tall were said to have emerged from the craft. This story was given rare credence and global attention, including a short documentary. Two years later the USSR crumbled into 16 independent nations.  This event bares a striking resemblance to the Ruwa South Africa incident. I am curious if the Zeta's would care to comment on if this was also designed to stimulate social and spiritual progression within the USSR. [and from another] U.F.O. Landing Is Fact, Not Fantasy, the Russians Insist October 11, 1989  Residents of the city of Voronezh insisted today that lanky, three-eyed extraterrestrial creatures had indeed landed in a local park and gone for a stroll and that a seemingly fantastic report about the event carried by the official press agency Tass was absolutely true. [and from another] UFO with giant Aliens landing in Voronezh, Russia - 1989

This report, which involved children as did the Brazilian Roswell incident, is a true report. What was the purpose of the contact, and why were the children and adults allowed to have conscious recall of the incident? This is an exception to the rule that all contact is to be recorded only in the subconscious. The visitation was not perceived as threatening, as the exception to the rule was granted by the Council of Worlds to Service-to-Other aliens to counter a Service-to-Self influence in the region. Gaining media attention, and being reported by children, the incident had the ring of truth and its influence spread beyond those at the park at the time. Were the beings robots, or life forms with three eyes as reported? They were both, as the actual life forms were riding at the head, and the body was robotic. The life form was not hominoid.

My question concerns Louis Farrakhan and his recent recruitment of gang members into an "army of Islam". Also in the article it speaks about how he is suggesting African Americans should be purchasing land etc. My question is this, obviously Mr. Farrakhan knows what is taking place and about to happen, so is this a STO move, suggesting people buy land and provide for themselves, or is he possibly preparing to rule over a great many people, using his newfound army? And why gang members, that hardly seems like a logical idea? [and from another]  Farrakhan, 79, renewed the call for African Americans to pool money and buy as much land as possible, in order to "control means of production" and produce food and other goods, such as clothing. Farrakhan said collectively owning land is a way for black people in America to prosper economically.

Farrakhan’s claim to fame is being a champion of the underdog – the black man in the US and Islam, which has been demonized for political purposes. We stated over a decade ago that the world would slip into a second Great Depression, which it did, and will not recover. It is being reported that the wealth gap between the black man in the US and the white man widened during this time. Crop shortages are increasing, reports of horsemeat and rat meat slipped in to replace beef, and the need to food stamps to feed the common man at an all-time high. Is Farrakhan in the know, aware of the coming Pole Shift, and thus advising his followers to become survivalists? He is ensuring his followers do not disappear into poverty, living on the streets. His interests, at base, are a self interest.

Before 1995, the Zetas predicted the phenomenon of "gigantic lightning bolts" ( in the "upper atmosphere" at the time of the passage of Planet X; and today, using some identical verbiage, we read about something which sounds very similar: “Gigantic Jet Lightning” was first observed "in the upper atmosphere" by man in 2001 and this news article is about a Chinese observation of the phenomenon in 2010 being the farthest from the equator ever seen (a wobble signature?) Is this just normal news filler or is there more to the timing of this? What is the relationship to this and the timing of the passage? Is this type of lightning specific to the passage or is it a normal phenomenon? Can we chalk this up to Zeta predictive accuracy once again?  [and from another]  A rare glimpse of a "gigantic jet" — a huge and mysterious burst of lightning that connects a thunderstorm with the upper atmosphere — was made over China in 2010 and was recently described by scientists. The gigantic jet took place in eastern China on Aug. 12, 2010 — the farthest a ground-based one has ever been observed from the equator, according to the research team. Previous jets were mainly seen in tropical or subtropical regions, but this one took place around 35 degrees latitude, about the same as the southern part of Tennessee in the United States.

Upper atmosphere lighting is traditionally found close to the Equator as this is where air turbulence is highest. The globe turns, with the air above the poles theoretically still, as the Earth does not move under the air mass there but slightly. But the air above the Equator is moving rapidly, as the Earth under the air masses there is moving rapidly. Why would the phenomena of upper atmosphere lightning now be moving to the northern latitudes? If rapidly moving air masses, one over the other, is the cause, then surely the wobble, which has been increasing would increase the incidence. And it has!

Given its vast worldwide audience, does the three hour interview of Gordon James Gianninoto on Coast to Coast Tuesday, Feb 26 signal a change in the establishment's cover-up of Planet X?  Nancy, ZetaTalk, the Ning and Nibiru were discussed in length and depth with extensive information pertaining to the upcoming event and its historical evidence. [and from another]  According to estimates by Talkers Magazine, Coast to Coast AM draws approximately 3 million listeners, making it the most listened-to program in its time slot, though its popularity has declined significantly since about 2005 due to Bell's retirement from full-time hosting duties. [and from another]  Premiere syndicates some of the most famous names and programs in American broadcasting, including Leo Laporte, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Jim Rome, Mario Lopez, Elvis Duran, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Randi Rhodes.

Coast to Coast has periodically featured Nancy, or Gordon as a substitute for Nancy, but dances lightly in this regard because the cover-up appears to be firmly in place. The owner of the Coast to Coast network is firmly in bed with the ultra-right establishment, who in the main hate Nancy and wish to see her eliminated permanently. George Noory is caught between the press from listeners to hear the latest ZetaTalk and those who pay his salary, so invites Gordon on to talk second hand about ZetaTalk.

The fact that an announcement is about to occur, via either the Emergency Broadcast System or some other such mechanism using TV network broadcasts, has been known since we reported it last September-October, 2012. Attempts to forestall the announcement have weakened and been eliminated steadily, and a rumor went out that it was to occur shortly, perhaps by the end of February. Wanting to be on record, Noory set a date for Gordon, who had been eager for a return appearance.  The rumor, however, was only part of the many bait and switch mechanisms that the announcement team uses to snare those trying to block the announcement. Thus the attempt by Coast to Coast to be the cutting edge of a breaking story failed. We have stated that the announcement will come as a surprise, at an unexpected moment and manner. This has not changed.

NASA allegedly discovers a temporary radiation belt around Earth, and they want the world to know too.  But the only way most of us will ever know the truth about this new radiation belt is ZetaTalk. Could the Zetas tell us if NASA is covering up something and/or preparing to blame this radiation belt for what Planet X is causing? [and from another] New, Temporary Radiation Belt Spotted Around Earth You may not have noticed it, but for several weeks last year, the Earth was surrounded by an extra ring of radiation. There are two doughnut-shaped rings of highly charged particles encircling the planet. Discovered in 1958, they're known as the Van Allen radiation belts. So it came as a surprise when NASA's recently launched twin satellites to the treacherous region discovered a third, temporary ring. It appeared for a month before a shock wave from the sun destroyed it. Scientists are still trying to figure out how often this happens. The twin spacecraft launched last year on a mission to explore the Van Allen belts. Solar storms can cause the rings to expand, posing a potential threat to satellites. The discovery was reported online in the journal Science. 

NASA is desperately trying to be inventive in their attempts to explain the Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X.

Stuck with an increasingly twisting magnetosphere, NASA has been forced to invent an imaginary second radiation belt. The public, who have been barraged by all these theories, is getting increasingly skeptical. They notice the Earth wobble, which causes the Sun to be rising and setting in the wrong place, and note how this and the errant Moon, which likewise is appearing where it ought not, are ignored by the media. Meanwhile the Planet X complex has become so visible it is seen naked eye, a Second Sun and the Sun surrounded by brilliant Moon Swirls. Expect an inventive excuse for this from NASA shortly. Perhaps this will be a result of the newly discovered and intermittent radiation belt!