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Zeta Rules that Apply

  1. Don't attach Graphics or Photos or long dissertations or your life history. They will not be reviewed.
  2. Don't ask the Zetas, via Nancy, to respond to personal problems or questions. No Personal Counseling is done.
  3. Coordination of survival groups or introductions between interested parties is not done.
  4. Questions posed to the Zetas are not generally answered unless of broad interest or for a broad public audience, and can be posted on the weekly Q&A conducted on the Pole Shift ning. Because posting membership there is very restricted, questions can be posted by the general public to a Q&A email account provided for this purpose. Note your question may be ignored if inappropriate.
  5. Guided Tours of the ZetaTalk information are not done.
  6. Correlation or resolution of ZetaTalk with the work of other channels or authors is not done unless they predict and have a prediction accuracy track record, as otherwise they are not a peer of ZetaTalk which does so.
  7. Please use the dedicated Search Engine for the site to locate your subject within ZetaTalk.
  8. Research the archives of the Q&A Chats for your subject also, including prior GLP chats.
  9. The date of the pole shift will not be given, but the Last Weeks Signs leading up to the shift have been outlined.
  10. Please review the safe locations information for your locale and surrounding areas before asking additional questions and follow these 7 Steps to determine the adequacy of your Safe Location.
  11. Nancy does not have Time to Chat or respond to personal stories or comment on the news.