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ZetaTalk: Renewed Activity
Note: written during the Mar 16, 2002 IRC Session

Lately contrail activity has picked up, and not without reason. We stated recently that the ulterior motive was to poison the masses, when the time came, not simply make them ill with flu. Frantic to seem on top of matters with a failing economy and failure to capture Bin Laden after the 911 disasters and making one mistake after another, the Bush Administration went too far in revealing their plans among themselves to insiders not completely on board. Distracted with anger, and casting about, words were said in meetings that would have been kept close in more controlled and confident times. Horrified attendees, who were under the impression that flu and temporary illness only was to be the result of spraying the masses on the move toward carry-on government enclaves or those of the wealthy elite, realized that murder of citizens, of all ages, was the intent. Babies, women with small children in their arms, struggling toward what they assumed were the government camps, to be poisoned!

Arguments broke out, and with the lack of MJ12 use of Zeta travel services, cloaking and the perfect intel that our telepathy affords, they could not be sure who knew, and who did not. Sputtering apologizes, excuses that misunderstandings had occurred, that this was not the intent, were made. Because the Bush Administration and their allies could not be sure how far the truth had spread, they felt they would not succeed in their ultimate plan, to poison the public should they threaten to rush the camps with demands that food stuff and shelter be shared. They fell back to the stated plan, to sicken, not poison, and went over this plan as to practicality. Of course, desperate people will struggle on, even if sickened, as they are already sickened with starvation and injury and driven by great fear. Thus, new spraying methods are being tested, now in early 2002, more heavy coverage, different chemicals as vehicles, and eventually, different flu bugs.

Expect this, and also slips and leaks as to the campaign, who is conducting it, and why. As the campaign heats up, and word of the real agenda of the perpetrators, countering maneuvers will occur among those horrified and disgusted at the Bush Administration leadership. Since the blanketing is not intended to spread over wide areas, the wind eventually dispels the fog and sunlight and oxygen destroy germs. Thus, one must be misted, fogged, walking under the dropping droplets, so to speak, or not affected. Something as simple as staying indoors, in your car with the vent closed, will protect you. Certainly, when the shift approaches, to be in heavily populated areas targeted by the Bush Administration should be avoided. No point in getting sick, and since this campaign is in the hands of man, and the Rule of Non-Interference prevails, it is possible that poisons, not flu germs, will be used.

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